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Aug 25


“Everything comes on time and in time.” -Iyanla Vanzant Love, Speed & Accuracy, Elsie Villega

Aug 21

Random Briefs

northeast= NAO*EFT northwest= N*EFT southeast= SAOEFT southwest= SWEFT nest= N*ES north= NORT North= NO*RT South= SO*UT south= SOUT

Aug 21

Medical Monday: Hypobarism

Hypobarism is: “A condition brought about when the pressure of the gases within the body is in excess of the atmospheric pressure.” Machine Briefs: OPTION #1: hypobarism= HOIP/BAR/*IFM OPTION #2: hypobarism= HOIP/BAR/R*IFM OPTION #3: hypobarism= HAOI/POE/BAR/*IFM OPTION #4: hypobarism= HAOI/POE/BAR/IFM OPTION #5: hypobarism= HAOI/POE/BAR/R*IFM OPTION #6: hypobarism= HAOI/PA/BAR/*IFM OPTION #7: hypobarism= HAOI/PA/BAR/R*IFM OPTION #8: hypobarism= …

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Aug 16

Steno Style: Cat With Glasses

Steno Style Cat With Glasses

Aug 14

Medical Monday: Human Anatomy- Organs

Human Organs

Aug 10

Theory Thursday: Basic Body Parts Part 1

hand= HAND finger= FIRNG face= FAIS chin= KHIN forehead= FHED cheek= KHAOEK lip= LIP

Aug 04

Friday Phrases

compound fracture= KPRAUR compound fractures= KPRAURS debit card= DERKD debit cards= DERKDZ state your full name, please= STUFRNZ state your full name= STUFRN state your full name and address= STUFRNS

Aug 02

Legal Vocabulary: Hotchpot

Hotchpot is defined as: “A commixture of property made in order to secure an equable decision.” Machine Briefs: OPTION #1: hotchpot= HOFP/PO*T OPTION #2: hotchpot= HOFPT/PO*T

Jul 28

Friday Phrases

give me= GIFM stick shift= STHIFT no need= NOFRN jury trial= JIRLT between them= TWAOEMT is at the= STE did hear= DHAER did you hear= DHAEUR other than this= OERNTS form of the question= FOFRMGS think about this= THIBTS

Jul 27

The Rules Of Deliberate Practice

According to the book, “Grit,” written by, Angela Duckworth, there are four requirements for deliberate practice. They are as follows: 1) A clearly defined stretch goal. 2) Full concentration and effort. 3) Immediate and informative feedback. 4) Repetition with reflection and refinement.

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