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Apr 25

Should Every Deposition Be Videotaped?

We already know the importance of each deposition and legal proceeding having an associated transcript. However, should each deposition also be videotaped? Is it enough for the attorneys present to verbally clarify and describe what is going on in the room?

Sep 15

New York’s Deposition Rules

New York’s deposition rules can be found in Part 221 of the Uniform Rules for N.Y.S. Trial Courts. Part 221: Uniform Rules For The Conduct Of Depositions, contains the following sections: 221.1 Objections at Depositions, 221.2 Refusal to Answer When Objection is Made, and 221.3 Communication With the Deponent. These rules have been in effect …

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Dec 02

What Rules Govern Depositions?

Rules 26 through 30, 32, 37, and 45 of the FRCP are the main rules that govern depositions. CLICK HERE for an explanation of the FRCP.

Oct 16

Objections During Depositions

In the video below, two attorneys discuss and explain the basic objections that are raised during depositions.

Dec 11

How To Put Together A Depositon Transcript

I found this great video on You Tube showing how to put together a deposition transcript. This video explains the various parts of a transcript. It also includes great information about the procedures to follow during a deposition.

Nov 16

Practice Video: Michael Jackson Deposition

This is a video of a 1993 deposition of Michael Jackson regarding copyrights. I’ve practiced to this a couple of times before, and decided to revisit it again today. This video is especially good for practicing phrasing.

Oct 05

Practice Video: Bill Gates Deposition Part 2 (1998)

Here are some briefs and phrases from the video: may have been= MAIFB various= VAIRBS competitor= KPET/TOR or KPET/O*R platform= PLAFRM internet= SBET or SBNT union= AOUN e-mail= AOEM retail= TRAEL capabilities= KPABLTS I don’t think= YONG feature= FAOERT intension= SBENGS initial= NIRB package= PAJ in or about= NOERB series= SAOERS memorandum= MUMD memo= MOEM …

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Sep 14

Practice Video: Bill Gates Deposition Part 1 (1998)

Here are some briefs and phrases from the video: chairman= KHAIRM Microfoft= MAOIRK/SOFT or MAOIRKT computer= KPAOURT dictionary= DRAIRB edition= YIGS concept= SKEPT software= SWA*ER softball= SBAUL so many= SOM effective= FEF device= DWAOIS definition= DPINGS inventory= VEN accurate= KRAK inaccurate= NAEK browser= BROURS technology= TJ navigation= NAFGS internet= SBET context= KEGT e-mail= AOEM memorandum= …

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