July 10 2018

Briefs And Phrases From Luke Cage- Season 1, Episode 2

Luke Cage Season 1 Episode 2
Chauncey= KHAUNZ
Horton= HOR/TO*N
Benjamin= BEN/JA/M*IN
Franklin= FRA*ING/LIN
Donald= DONLD
Goines= GO*INS
Walter= WAURLT
Mosley= MOES/LI
George= JORJ
Pelecanos= PEL/KA/NO*ES
Richard= RIFPD
Chester= KHEFRT
Himes= HAO*IMS
Genghis= GANG/G*IS or GAIN/G*IS
Mariah= MA/RAOI/A*
Fox= FO*X
Kenyatta= KEN/YA/TA*
Victor= V*IRKT
ask you= SKU
across the= KRAOTS
building= BL-G
greatest= GRAEFT
heroes= HOERS
photos= FOETS
no matter= NORMT
invites= VAOITS
stomach= STUM
for it= F*RT
I didn’t say= YAOIS
without= WOUT
question= QE
criminals= KRINLS
dishes= DIRBS
neighborhood= NAEBD
little bit= BLIT
related= RAOELTD
aunt= AUNT
nephew= NEF/AO*U
cousins= KUFNS
grandma= GRAND/MA*
Mabel= MA*IBL
sideways= SDWAIS
Switzerland= SWITS/LA*ND
Chicago= KHI/KHI
where are you= WR*UR
Savannah= SA/VAN/NA*
Georgia= GA/GA
fluffy= FLUF/YI
pillowcase= PIL/O*E/KA*IS
thunderstorm= THURND/STO*RM
Harlem= HAR/L*EM
razor= RAERZ
clippers= KLIRPS
detail= SDAIL
luxury= LUX
afford= FAURD
precious= PRERBS
vacation= VAIGS
incredible= KBREBL
advantage= VANG
youngsters= YUNGTS
they’ll= TH*EL
if you ask= FUFK
professional= PROEFL
guns= G-NS
seconds= SEKDZ
not yet= NYET
broom= BRAOM
college= KLEJ
this time= TH-MT
Seagate= SAE/GA*IT
Puerto Rican= P-RN/P-RN
Chico= KHAO*E/KO*E
it is= T-S
towels= TOULS
fresh= FRERB
dirty= DOIRT
if you want= FUPT
at all= TA*UL
Jamaican= JA/JA/A*N
what’s your name= WHA*URN
Jesus= JAOEZ
loyal= LOIL
Henry= H*EN/RAO*E
Corleone= KOR/LAOE/O*EN
Shameek= SHA/MAO*EK
personally= PLERNL
knuckles= NUBLGS
entirely= SBAOIRL
to find= TOFND
parley= PAR/LA*E
I don’t think so= YONGS
convict= VIKT
husband= HUS
questions= QES
refrigerators= FRIRS
cardboard= KARD/BAO*RD
did you tell= SDULT
secrets= SKRETS
that I= THAI
playground= PLAIGD
legends= LEJDZ
to you= TOU
Wilfredo= WIL/FRAI/DO*E
non-violent= NAUN/V-LT
felony= FLOIN
Cheryl= KHERL
Barney= BARN/YI
Miller= M*IRL
deposit= DPOFT
donation= DMAIGS
orders= ORDZ
partners= PARNS
do you really= DO*URL
politics= PLIKS
water= WAURT
tonight= TONT
you said= UDZ
music= MAOUK
resolved= ROFLD
yourself= YOURZ
I couldn’t= YU
will find= L-FND
survival= SWAOIFL
half= HAF
million= M-L
I see= IZ
rook= RAOK
rookie= RAOK/YI
catfish= KAT/F*IRB
calories= KAL/RAO*ES
would have happened= WOUFPD
in my= NAOI
angel= A*ENLG
crackle= KRABLG
what happened= WHAPD
popped= P*OPD
years= Y-RS
pregnant= PREG
thirteen= THRAOEN
nightmare= NAOIT/MA*IR
single= SINL
when I got= WH*IGT
I could= IKD
anymore= NIM
innocent= N-NT
Shawshank= SHAU/DL-S/SHA*ING
guilty= GELT
balance= BAL
knuckleheads= KUBLG/H*EDZ
fugitive= FAOUJT
who I am= WHOIM
maybe= MAEB
who I could= WHOIKD
empty= EMY
or not= ORNT
smock= SMOK
were you= PRU
thinking= THIG
restroom= STRAOM
of course,= -FX
barber= BAERB
give me= GIFM
punch= PUFP
uptown= AUPT
worldwide= WORLD/WAO*ID
downtown= DWOUN
checkmate= KHEK/MA*IT
understood= NAOND
loud= L*OUD
detective= DEFKT
bathroom= BARM
and hide= SKPHAOID
respect= R-PT
authority= THORT
temple= TEFRPL
Raphael= RAF/Y*EL
Diaz= DAO*EZ
junkyard= J*UNG/YA*RD
at the= TE
edge= EJ
shootout= SHAOT/O*UT
bloodbath= BLAOD/DL-S/BA*T
Smith= SM*IT
homeboy= HOEM/BO*I
last time= LAFMT
audit= AUTD
interest= TR-
pertinent= PERNT
information= N-FGS
they really= TH*ERL
useful= AOUF
booth= BAO*T
return= RURN
if you see= FUZ
otherwise= OERZ
coffee= KO*EF
you have= UF
reason= R-N
do this= DO*TS
I have= IF
blue= BLU
Hawaiian= HA*IN
over the= O*EFRT
suspense= SWENS
different= DIFRN
arranged= ARNGD
mutual= MAOUFP
passage= PAFJ
Chinese= KHAOINZ
conversation= K-FRGS
is to= STO
history= HIFT
to remember= TORM
barbershop= BAERB/SHO*P
you understand= UNDZ
haircut= HAIRKT
by the way= BAE
we got= W*EGT
where he was= WREFS
it go= T-G
in the morning= NORNG
gangster= GANGT
ancestors= AN/S*EFRTS
self-determination= SEF/DERMGS
Boriqua= BOR/RAOE/KWA*
boulevard= BL-FD
martyrdom= MAR/TER/DO*M
at the= TE-
outlasts= TLA*SZ
someplace= SPLAIS
mesmerized= MEZ/RAO*IDZ
hypnotized= HIP/TAO*IDZ
I will= IL
miracle= MIRBLG
shooter= SHAORT
paramedics= PARMDZ
how long= HOUNG
canvas= KWAS
Escalade= ES/KA/LA*ID
donate= DMAIT
downstairs= DOUNTS
believe it or not= BLORNT
Trigger= TRIRG
forward= FAORD
always= AULS
Crispus= KRIS/P*US
Attucks= AT/T*UKS
Brits= BR*ITS

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June 22 2018

Briefs And Phrases From Luke Cage- Season 1, Episode 1

Luke Cage Season 1 Episode 1
Russian= RURB/YA*N
Latvian= LAT/VAOE/A*N
Jordan= JORND
haircut= HAIRKT
godfather= GOD/DL-S/FA*ER
Scarface= SKAR/FA*IS
Oakley= OEK/LI
Anthony= A*NT/NAO*E
Carlito= KAR/LAOE/TO*E
James= JAIMS
Lebron= LA/BRO*N
Instagramming= INTS/GRA*MG
Instagram= INTS/GRA*M
purpose= PURP
record= RORD
towels= TOULS
window= WID
spotless= SPOT/-LS
coaches= KOEFPS
Patiño= PA/TAOE/N*OE
Shameek= SHA/MAO*EK
counselor= KOURN
jinx= J*INGS
tonight= TONT
repeat= RAOEPT
coffee= KO*EF
lawyer= LAUR
I will= IL
briefcase= BRAOEFK
broom= BRAOM
I know= AOIN
on the= ONT
Reva= RAOE/VA*
cup= K*UP
bulletproof= BLAOF
nicknames= NIK/NA*IMS
shotgun= SG-N
headache= HAEK
occasional= KAEFNL
power= POUR
downtown= DWOUN
you could= UKD
ambitious= BIRBS
ambition= BIGS
beaten= BAENT
exotic= XOKT
fish= FIRB
fugitive= FAOUJT
forward= FAORD
backwards= BAURDZ
day-to-day= D-TD
watch= WAFP
Wilfredo= WIL/FRAID/O*E
money= MUN
gun= G-N
I don’t need= YOFRN
always= AULS
Blu-ray= BLU/RA*I
monster= MOFRNT
incident= DIN
footage= FAOJ
bleach= BLAOEFP
corner= KRORN
New York= NORK
Ollie= OL/YI
hundred= HUN
bartender= BAERND
standards= ST-DZ
excuse me= SKAOUM
Raphael= RAF/Y*EL
Saadiq= SA/DAO*EK
Harlem= HAR/L*EM
paradise= PAR/DAO*IS
councilwoman= KOUNL/W*OM
real estate= RAE
project= PROJ
politics= PLIKS
cosmo= KOZ/MO*E
jacket= JAKT
partnership= POIP
Salvador= SAL/VA/DO*R
album= AL/B*UM
touche= TAOU/SHA*I
contribution= KR-X
celebrate= SBRAIT
listen= L-N
Kool-Aid= KAOL/A*ID
something= S-G
otherwise= OERZ
legacy= LEGZ
legitimate= JIT
illegal= ILG
constitution= STAOUGS
Domingo= DOE/MING/GO*E
loud= LO*UD
permanently= PERM/LI
crème de la crème= KREM/DAI/LA/KREM
wholesale= WHOEL/SA*EL
serial= SAOERL
numbers= NUBS
inventory= VEN
easy= AOEZ
what happens= WHAPS
confirm= KWIRM
happy= HAEP
delivers= DLIFRS
confess= FES
angel= A*ENLG
million dollars= M-LDZ
snitched= SNIFPD
Dante= DON/TA*I
rich= RIFP
bench= BEFP
assume= SAOUM
ponder= PORND
another= NOER
promoted= PROEMTD
Candice= KAN/D*IS
Adam= AD/A*M
Clayton= KLAY/TO*N
Powell= POUL
Uber= AO*UB/*ER
Escalade= ES/KA/LA*ID
coffee= KO*EF
talk= TAUK
Comanche= KMAN/KHAO*E
phone number= FUB
financial= F-NL
auditor= AURTD
Dominicans= DOE/MIN/KA*NS
Cubans= KAOU/BA*NS
Puerto Ricans= P-RNS/P-RNS
Chapman= KHAP/MA*N
Cornell= KORNL
Seagate= SAE/GA*IT
Ray= RA*I/RA*I
Charles= KHARLS
Jedi= JED/AO*I
it happened= T-PD
follower= FORL
community= KMAOUNT
Marisol= MAr/SO*L
darling= DARLG
hamburgers= HAM/BR*URGS
welcomes= WEMS
at the same time= TAIMT
Langston= LAING/STO*N
Hughes= HAO*US
jewel= JAOUL
America= MERK
prosperity= PROFRPT
excellence= XLENS
Crispus= KRIS/P*US
Attucks= AT/T*UKS
Megan= MEG/A*N
tributes= TRIBTS
Jamaica= JA/JA
photographed= FOEFD
Mariah= MA/RAOI/A*
audit= AUTD
junkyard= J*UNG/YA*RD
sunglasses= SUN/GLA*SZ
behind= HIND
details= SDAILS
summer= SMER
league= LAOEG
Rucker= RUK/*ER
confirmation= KWIRMGS
circling= SL-G
wagons= WA*NGS
personally= PLERNL
Biggie= B*IG/YI
kind of= KAOIF
homeboy= HOEM/BO*I
we can= WEK
fetch= FEFP
loneliness= LOENL/-NS
attempts= TAEMTS
befriend= BAOE/FR*END
alive= LOIF
focused= FOEKS/-D
Smith= SM*IT
pockets= POKTS
dental= DENLT
somewhere else= SWR-LS
Benjamin= BEN/JA/M*IN
Franklin= FRA*ING/LIN
electrocute= TROE/KAO*UT
theories= THAOERS
president= PREZ
impressive= KBREFS
credit= KRED
did this= D-TS

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