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Dec 29

Case CATalyst: Creating User-Defined Fields

Here are some useful shortcuts from the video: F4, F= Centered Paragraph F4, Shift+V= All Caps On F4, Shift, v= All Caps Off

Dec 28

Case CATalyst: Creating An Include File For Parentheticals

Here are some useful shortcuts from the video: Shift+F4= Opens the insert format symbol option box F4, F4= Opens the insert format symbol option box Ctrl+I= Opens the insert a conflict dialog box. [Type: ^ (Space)(Conflict#1)(Space) ^ (Space)(Conflict#2)] F4,O= Surrounds word with scan stop begin and scan stop end format symbols

Dec 27

Friday Phrases

disciplinary hearing= SPAIRG disinterested witness= DWNS FBI agent= TPWIGT federal grand jury= FR-J federal judge= FRUJ federal rule= FRAOUL federal rules= FRAOULS financial statement= F-NLT first-degree burn= F-BD second-degree burn= S-BD third-degree burn= THR-BD

Dec 26

Rules Of Grammar: Capitalizing Historical Events

The names of specific historical events, eras, and documents are capitalized. For example: the Civil War, the Renaissance, the Magna Carta.

Dec 26


“Success is a science; if you have the conditions, you get the result.” -Oscar Wilde Love, Speed & Accuracy, Elsie Villega

Dec 24

Dictionary Challenge: Brooklyn, New York Street Names

This week, I’m working on adding local street names into my dictionary, in addition to my regular medical d-defines. Here’s a link for a list of street names in Brooklyn: CLICK HERE FOR LIST. If you’re not a New Yorker or Brooklynite, you can Google a list of your city’s street names. Happy dictionary building! …

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Dec 23

Medical Monday: Gastr/o Words, Hepat/o Words, and More

This video is great for becoming familiar with the pronunciations and meanings of medical words and word parts. It is also great for dictionary building. Here are some briefs from the video: gastritis= SGRAOITS or GAS/TRAOITS gastromegaly= GAS/TROE/MEG/LI or GAS/TROE/MEG/L*I or GAS/TROE/MEG/LAOE or SGROE/MEG/LI or SGROE/MEG/L*I or SGROE/MEG/LAOE gastroma= GAS/TROEM or GAS/TROE/MA or SGROE/MA gastralgia= …

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Dec 23

Medical Monday: Medical Q & A Practice (Light/For Beginners)

I find these learn to speak English videos to be great practice. They are especially helpful for students who are new to speed and new to Q & A. Here’s a video that involves dialog between a doctor and a patient: Here are some briefs and phrases from the video: are you= RU tell me= …

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Dec 20

Friday Phrases

broken arm= BROERM broken leg= BROELG bank robber= BRORB bank robbery= BROERB carte blanche= KBLAFP case worker= KRAIRK driving on a revoked license= DRRL driving while impaired= DRIMD drugs, alcohol, and medication= DRAMGS drugs, alcohol, or medication= DROMGS

Dec 19

Rules Of Grammar: Capitonyms

A capitonym is a word that’s meaning, and sometimes pronunciation, changes when it is capitalized. Here are some examples: march= a manner of walking March= the month of the year may= can May= the month of the year Cuban= related to the country Cuba cuban= related to cubes Lent= the period between Ash Wednesday and …

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