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Dec 28

Friday Phrases

arrest warrant= ARNT mandatory minimum= MAMD power of attorney= POERN police force= PLORS course of action= CORX cause of action= CAUX his or her= HIRZ his or hers= HIRSZ him or her= HIRMZ he or she= HAOERZ muscle spasm= MUFM neurological examination= NAOURLGS personal property= PORP

Dec 27

Practice Video: Quick Lit

Here are some briefs from the video: mayor= MAIR and a half= NAF years ago= YAOERGS hotel= HOELT meeting= MAOEGT Chinese= KHAOINS arbitrarily= AERBL resource= SRORS compatibility= KPABLT residential= REFNL chamber= KHAIM reduce= RAOUS area= AER acre= AIK designated= SDEGTD

Dec 27

Dictionary Builder: Analyte

Analyte means, “A chemical substance that is the subject of chemical analysis” Machine Brief: Option #1: analyte= AN/A/LAOIT

Dec 26

Practice Video: Q & A (100)

Here are some briefs from the video: state your full name for the record, please?= STUFRNDZ arbitration= AERBGS allegation= AELGS calculation= KLAIGS retainer= RE/TAIRN or TRAERN printout= PROUT settlement= ST-MT

Dec 26

Rules Of Grammar: Capital vs Capitol

Capital is used in reference to the following: 1) A city or town. 2) A capital letter. 3) Wealth, whether in money or in property. 4) Any type of a source of profit. 5) Capitalists as a group or a class. 6) Principal; something of the highest importance. 7) Excellence, or something that is first-rate. …

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Dec 24

Medical Monday: Biopsy

Biopsy is defined as, “the removal for diagnostic study of a piece of tissue from a living body.” Machine Briefs: Option #1: biopsy= BAOI/OP/S*I Option #2: biopsy= BOIPZ Option #3: biopsy= BAOIPZ

Dec 24


“Success will never be a big step in the future, success is a small step taken just now.” -Jonatan Martensson

Dec 21

Friday Phrases

grand larceny= GR-LS Hispanic female= HAIF Hispanic male= HAIM human being= HAOUB if the Court please= KLAOES involuntary manslaughter= VOIM justice of the peace= J-P malpractice insurance= M-PS malpractice lawsuit= M-PT we, the jury= WAOEJ

Dec 19

Legal Vocabulary: Voir Dire

A voir dire is the process by which the court examines prospective jurors to determine if they are appropriate to serve on the jury. Machine Briefs: Option #1: voir dire= VOIRD Option #2: voir dire= VOR/DAOER

Dec 17

Medical Monday: Osteitis

Osteitis is inflammation of the bone. Machine Briefs: Option #1: osteitis= OS/T*I/AOITS Option #2: osteitis= OS/TAOE/AOITS Option #3: osteitis= OFT/AOITS Option #4: osteitis= OFT/YI/AOITS

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