February 20 2020

Theory Thursday: Mark Kulek Learn English #41

in the afternoon= NAFRN
what are you doing= WHA*RGD
I’m going to the= AO*IMGTD
supermarket= SPR-RKT
at the= TE
I’m having= AO*IFMG
yes, I am= Y*IM
are you going to the= R*UGTD
are you= RU
ice cream= AOIFM
are you in= R*UN
show me to the= SHO*EMTD
show me= SHOEM
schedule= SKELD
can you tell me= KUMT
can you= KU
can I= KI
smaller= SMAURL
can I get= KIGT
check this= KHEKTS
phone number= FUB
how often= HOUFN
always= AULS
usually= AOURBL
sometimes= STAOIMS
hardly= HARLD
never= NEFR
camping= KAFRPG
do you= DOU
workout= WOURKT
exercise= XERS
telephone= TEFL
study= STOI
everyday= EFRD
at home= THOEM
what do you do= WHAO*U
early= ERL
bathroom= BARM
go to the= GO*TD
brush= BRURB
teeth= TAO*ET
make the= MAIKT
wash= WARB
washing= WARBG
dinner= DIRN
bedtime= BOIM
bread= BRAED
we’re having= WAO*EFRG
breakfast= BREFS
lunch= LUFP
homework= HOERK
I’m doing= AO*IMGD
picture= PIR
video games= VAOGS
restaurant= STRAUNT
coffee= KO*EF
amusement= MAOUFMT

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February 20 2020

Briefs and Phrases From The Blacklist: Season 4, Episode 11

Blacklist Season 4 Episode 11
Braxton-Hicks= BRAX/TO*N/HIKS
hackles= HABLGS
Phoenix= FAO*ENGS
browser= BROURZ
caffeinated= KAFNTD
Akhal-Teke= AK/HAL/TAO*EK
Tallahassee= TAL/HAS/YI
actuarial= TWAERL
adrenaline= DRENL
E. coli= AOE/KOE/LAO*I
causeway= KAUS/WA*E
Dubuque= DA/BAO*UK
Nevada= N-F/N-F
paranoid= POID
heartbeat= HARBT
about last night= BLAFNT
what about the= WHABT
Wisconsin= WIS/WIS
frigid= FRIJD

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February 17 2020

Briefs and Phrases From For Life: Season 1, Episode 1

For Life Season 1 Episode 1
search warrant= SWARNT
courthouse= KHOUS
now, remember= NOURM
State of New York= STAIFK
paralegal= PLAOEL
arbitrates= ARBTS
attempted murder= TMURD
between you and= TWUND
reforms= REFRMS
plummeting= PLUMGT
custody= KUD
warden= WAERND
prisoners= PRIRSZ
solitary= SORLT
high school= HAOL
soccer= SKER
Virginia= VA*
Texas= T*X
Arizona= A*Z
Florida= FLA*
Pennsylvania= PA*
Colorado= KO*L
statutory= STAOUFPT
sustained= STAEND
corroborating= KRO*K
ambulance= BLANS
text messages= TEFJS
let the record show= LORS
no further questions= NOFRGS
attorney general= TOERNG
Your Honor= URN
affidavit= AFD
handwriting= HARNG
precinct= PRAOENT
fingerprint= F-P
subpoena= SPAOEN
defendant= D-FT
context= KEGT
overdose= OEFRDZ or AUFRDZ
highlighted= HAOILTD
overruled= OEFRLD

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February 17 2020

Briefs and Phrases From The Blacklist: Season 4, Episode 10

Blacklist Season 4 Episode 10
ghoulish= GOUL/*IRB
crime scene= KRAOEN
federal judge= FRUJ
docket= DOKT
retaliation= TRAELGS
cobalt= KOEBLT
if you were= FURP
handrail= HAND/RA*IL
motorcycle= MOIK
congressman= KRA*M
duplicity= POLIFT
foie gras= FOI/GRA or FOI/GRAS
in my opinion= NAOIP
aconitine= A/KON/TAO*EN
premonition= PREM/N*IGS
diorama= DAOI/RA/MA*
rubella= RAOU/BEL/A*
nothing to say= NOBTS
Ukraine= AOU/KRA*IN
at the time= TET
verifiable= VOIFBL
Naples= NA*IPLS
what I mean= WHAIM
acolyte= AK/LAO*IT
atrocities= A/TROFT
cliché= KLAOERB
medical records= MORDZ
hearing aid= HAERGD
interference= SB-FRNS
appliances= PLAOINS
stick to the= ST*IKTD
munitions= MAOUNGSZ
Tshikapa= KHA/KA/PA*
catastrophe= STROEF
forecasted= FOERKTD
cassiterite= KA/SIT/RAO*IT
wolframite= WOLF/RA/MAO*IT
moonlight= MAONLT
matter of time= MAEFRMT
pyrrhic= PIR/*IK
bon appetit= BON/AP/TAO*ET
I don’t recognize= YORKZ

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