July 2 2020

Briefs and Phrases From The Odd Couple Season 1, Episode 1

The Odd Couple Season 1 Episode 1

poker= POERK
Pigeons= PIJS
midnight= MAOID
babysitters= BAERBTS
how many= HOUM
Oscar= O*FRK
ramaki= RA/MAK/YI
what time= WHAMT
Monaco= MON/KO*E
allergies= LAOERJS
hypochondriac= HOIP/KHOND/YA*K
sinuses= SAO*INSZ
who cares= WHOKS
disgusting= SGUFGT
incubator= ING/BA*IRT
kitchen= KIFP
bedroom= BERM
bachelor= BLOR
huddle= HULD
you’re right= YOURT
to the hospital= THOPT
film= FIM
features= FAOEFPTS
laundry= LOIRND
dirty= DOIRT
alcohol= KHOL
tiny= TOIN
ceiling= KRAOELG
coasters= KO*EFRTS
Brighton= BRAOIT/O*N
London= LOND
what you are doing= WHAURGD
carpet= KARPT
starters= STRARTS
fancy= FAENS
filthy= FOILT
habits= HABTS
spaghetti= SPAEGT
tweezers= TWAOERSZ
Lawrence= LAURNS
passionately= PLARBT
silly= SLI
balloons= BLAONS
to us= TOUS
try it= TRAO*IT

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July 1 2020

Briefs and Phrases From The Blacklist: Season 7, Episode 11

The Blacklist Season 7 Episide 11
snowboarding= SNOEBGD
village= VIL
Lusail= LAOU/SA*IL
casket= KAFKT
island= AOINLD
Artemivsk= ART/M*IFK
obscene= OB/SAO*EN
flagrant= FLAIRNGT
vampire= VAM/PAO*IR
are these= R*Z
is for= SFOR
Byzantine= BIZ/TAO*EN
Turkey= T*UR/KAO*E
valuable= VABL
Cynthia= S*INT/YA*
appraise= PRAES
anticipation= PAEGS
politician= POLGS
etchings= EFPGS
authentic= AUNGT
counterfeits= KIFTS
expertise= SPAOERZ
counterfeiter= KIFRT
recover= ROFR
profit= PROFT
I wouldn’t say= YAOS
weaponize= WEPZ
classified= KLAFD
pharmacist= FARMT
AFib= A/F*IB
lilac= LAOI/LA*K
can I ask= KIFK
forger= FRORJ
Antiquities= AN/T*IKTS
engineers= GERS
technical= TEBLG
gallery= GLAER
museum= MAO*UFM
forgery= FOERJ
spectrometer= SPEK/TRO*RMT
evacuate= AOEFKT
acquired= KWIRD
structure= STRUR
boiler= BOIRL
to see= TOZ
seafood= SFAOD
allergic= LERJ
hobbies= HOIBS
awkward= AURKD
magnificent= MAFGNT
fiber= FAOIRB
heart attack= HAURK
footage= FAOJ
license plate= L-NLT
appraisal= PRAEFL
exquisite= SKWIFT
black market= BLARKT
Fabergè= FAB/JA*I
law firms= LAUFRMS
lawsuit= LAUT
football= FAOBL
painkiller= PAIRL
plaintiff= PL-F
accomplice= KPLIS
storage= STORJ
arteries= AERTS
outcome= OUK
portfolio= POFRLT
there it is= THR*TS
hungry= HOIRNG
precaution= PRAUGS
dismantling= SDMANLGT
mansion= MANGS
insists= KBIFTS
avarice= AF/R*IS
Grecian= GRAOEFN
syrup= SY-RP
drug dealer= DRURLG
authentication= AUNGS
Paris= PARZ
last thing= LAFNG
trespass= TREP
ventilator= VAERNLT

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July 1 2020

Briefs and Phrases From The Office: Season 4, Episode 4

The Office Season 4 Episode 4
Prada= PRA/DA*
identified= AOIFD
Paris= PARZ
apology= GAOE
how much is= HOUFPS
yacht= YAUT
PowerPoint= POURPT
presentation= PRENGS
availability= VAIBLT
elderly= LERLD
TripAdvisor= TRIP/V*IRZ
apnea= AP/NAOE/A*
cherub= KHER/*UB
applause= PLAUS
applaud= PLAUD
borscht= BORBT
hobby= HOIB
dietary= DO*IRT
first night= FIFRNT
nightmare= NAOIRMT
satisfactory= SAEFT
captivating= KPAEFGT
yoga= YOEG
concentrate= SKRAENT
lottery= LOERT
register= REJ
update= PAIT
filming= FIMG
full time= FOIM
Lipophedrine= LIP/FED/DR*IN
moonwalk= MAON/WA*UK
gambler= GLER
Charlotte= KHARLT
how it is= HO*UTS
poorhouse= PAOR/HO*US
monopoly= MO*P
bankruptcy= BRUPZ
financial= F-NL
maneuvering= MAOUFRG
astounding= STOUNGD
irresponsible= IRBL
patios= PAT/YO*ES
seafood= SFAOD
vegetables= VEJS
fancy= FAENS
I didn’t think= YING
passionate= PARBT
according to= KWORGTD
implants= KBLANTS

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June 26 2020

Briefs and Phrases From Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse

Spider-Man Into The Spider-Verse
embarrassing= KBRAFG
expectations= XEXZ
engineering= GERG
Brooklyn= BLIN
on these= ONZ
let’s go= L*EGTS
African= FRIN
weirdo= WOERD
suggesting= S*UG
puberty= PAOUBT
Spiderman= SPAO*IRMD
spider= SPAO*IRD
portal= PORLT
dimension= DMENGS
this place= TH*PLS
multiple= MUPLT
collider= KLAOIRD
do you ever think= DOUFRNG
metaphor= MEFRT
champ= KHAFRP
zombie= SO*M.BAO*E
merch= MEFRP
are you okay= R*UK
break this= BRAEKTS
is it working= STWO*RK
cafeteria= KA*EFT
rupture= RURPT
schematics= SKEPBLGTS
proprietary= PROIRPT
Peter= PAO*ERT
haircut= HAIRKT
as you want= S*UPT
biscuit= BIFKT
do I know= DOIN
adorable= DORBL
Einstein= AOIFNT
I am so sorry= AO*IFMS
officer= OIFR

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June 26 2020

Friday Phrases

Friday Phrases Logo
and I know= SKPIN
and I know the= SKPINT
and I know it= SKP*INT
and I know this= SKPINTS
and I know it is= SKP*INTS
and I know to= SKPINTD
and I know to the= SKP*INTD
ever happened= -FRPD
ever happens= -FRPS
ever happening= -FRPG
every happening= EFRPG

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Category: Briefs | LEAVE A COMMENT
June 20 2020

Briefs and Phrases From The Blacklist: Season 7, Episode 10

The Blacklist Season 7 Episide 10
alias= AILZ
abducted= BAUKTD
foremost= FOERMT
FBI agent= TBIGT
like it-LAO*IKT
leverage= LEFRJ
identity= AOID
milk= M*IBLG
Hershey= HERS/YI
Nesquik= NES/KW*IK
brokers= BROERKS
why should I= Y*IRBD
I’m just= AOIJT
bumper= BRUFRP
reachable= RAOEFPBL
cortex= KORKTS
rhetorical= RA/TO*RBLG
Paris= PARZ
across the= KRAOTS
perimeter= PRIRMT
white male= WHAOIMT
white female= WHAOIFL
conspicuous= SKPIRBS

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June 20 2020

Briefs and Phrases From The Office: Season 4, Episode 3

The Office season 4 episode 3
quarter= KWAERT
graphic= GRAFK
imagination= MAJS
release= RAOES
sushi= SHAOURB
grandchild= GRAOILD
satellite= SAELT
webcam= WEB/KA*M
New York City= NORKS
in fact= N-FT
at the end of the day= TEFNTD
apple= AEPL
positive= POF
googled= GAOLGD
how do you feel= HAOUFL
booster= BAOFRT
budget= BUJT
alive= LOIF
one of those= WUFNS
what are you doing= WHA*URGD
November= NOEF
binary= BAOI/NA*ER
assorted= SAORTD
cutlery= KUT/RAO*E
online= AONL
multiple= MUPLT
souvenir= SAOUFRN
shotgun= SG-N
district court= DRORT
U.S. District Court= SDRORT
did you see= SDUZ
password= PAFRD
invitation= VAOIGS
withdrew= WRAOU
numerous= NAOURMS
projections= PROJSZ
what do you think= WHAIUNG
I didn’t ask= YIFK
notary= NOIRT
pizza= PIZ
escort= SKOERT
discount= SKOUNT
kidnapping= KIPG
accomplices= KPLISZ
jail time= JAILT
hemp= HEFRP
hostage= HOFJ
yogurt= YOERGT
painful= PAIFL
felony= FLOIN
calamari= KAL/MAR/YI

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