November 3 2019

Briefs and Phrases From Power: Season 6, Episode 10

Power Season 6 Episode 10

break the law= BRAEBLGT
out of your mind= OUFRMD
gubernatorial= GAOUB/TO*ERK
New York State= NORKT
constituents= STWENTS
exoneration= XONGS
FBI agent= FWIGT
bureaucracy= BRAOURKZ
this time= TH-MT
just a minute= JUFMT
nomination= NOMGS
counteract= KRAKT
preview= PRAOUF
reconciliation= SKRILGS
gentrified= JENT/FAO*ID
bankrupt= BRUP
awake= WOIK
Kool-Aid= KAOL/A*ID
search warrant= SWARNT
that morning= THARNG
aspirations= SPIRGS
defense attorney= D-RN
affidavit= AFD
perjury= PEJ
I would have= *IFLD
prospects= PR-PTS
emblem= KBLEM
testament= TEFMT
more time= MORMT
conclusive= KL*UFS
credenza= KRA/D*ENZ
background= BAUGD
when I’m= WHAOIM
Rikers Island= RAOIRBLGS
at the end of the day= TEFNTD
after all= AFRL
let me go= LEMG
multiple= MUPLT
make it= MA*IKT
Vincent= VIFNT
about her= BHER
I can’t tell you= YA*ULT
everything is= EFRGS
trust me= TRUFM
you’re going= YO*URG
and you go to= SKPUGTD
have told you= V*ULTD
should have known= SHUFN
you go to= UGTD
none of this= NOFNTS

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October 31 2019

Theory Thursday: 2019′s Top 10 Halloween Candies

I Love Steno The Student Edition (Cropped)
According to The Daily Meal, these are this year’s top 10 Halloween candies:
1) Skittles= SKIT/*LS
2) Reese’s= RAOE/SAO*ES
3) M & M’s= M*P/M-PD/M*P/AES
4) Snickers= SN*IRKS
5) Starburst= STAR/DL-S/B*URS
6) Candy Corn= KAEND/KORN
7) Hot Tamales= HOT/TA/MAL/YIS
8) Tootsie Pops= TAOTS/YI/PO*PS
9) Sour Patch Kids= SOUR/PAFP/KIDZ
10) Hershey’s Kisses= HERS/YIS/KISZ

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October 28 2019

Briefs and Phrases From Power: Season 6, Episode 9

Power Season 6 Episode 9
racketeering= RAK/TAO*ERG
emotional= MAOERBL
genius= GAOENZ or JAOENZ
expansion= XANGS
adaption= DAPGS
lieutenant= LAOUNT
governor= GOFR
your part= YOURPT
peace= PAES
if this= F-TS
emphasis= KBIS
and then= SKPHEN
scorched= SKOFRPD
severing= SWEFRG
babysitter= BAERBT
daycare= DAERK
supervisor= SPR-FR
boulevard= BLFD
narcotics= NARKTS
warehouse= WROUS
legit= LEJT
real estate= RAE
swivel= SWIFL
until the= N-LT
never told= NEFRLTD
just like= JUBLG
I can’t believe this= YABLTS
robbery= ROIRB
for a long time= F-RNGT
work for= WOFR
paella= PAOI/A/YA*
and these= SKP*Z
motivate= MOEFT
devastated= DWAEFTD
betrayal= BRAEL
humiliation= HULGS
I can’t say= YAS
LaGuardia= LA/GAURD/YA*
so let’s= SO*LTS

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