April 10 2024

Briefs and Phrases From The Equalizer Season 1, Episode 2

Equalizer S1 Ep 2
bedtime= BOIM
decimals= SMALS
Jackson= JAFN
vision= VIGS
charity= KHAIRT
international= SBAL
to see= TOZ
theoretical= THAOERBLG
if I could= FIKD
that happen= THAP
freelance= FRAOENLS
Bronx= BRO*NGS
commune= KMAOUN
phone calls= FOENGS
software= SWA*ER
keypad= KAOEPD
mechanism= MEFM
whole thing= WHOELG
pressure= PRERB
vulnerability= VURBLT
backup= BUP
battery= BRAET
circuit board= SIRBD
athletes= TLAOETS
passports= PAFRPTS
Times Square= TAOIMS/SQA*IR
robbery= ROIB
assault= SAULT
attempted murder= TMURD
subway= SBAI
jurisdiction= JURD
African American= FRIM
ballistics= BLIFKTS
wallpaper= WLAIRP
asbestos= ABTS
Kandahar= KAN/DA/HA*R
downtown= DWOUN
politicians= POLGSZ
footage= FAOJ

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