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Nov 02

Theory Thursday: Elsie Villega’s Audio Practice Briefs & Phrases Part 1

summit= SUMT garage= GRAJ garbage= GARJ accountability= KABLT accountable= KABL secondary= SERKD governance= GOFRNZ convene= KWAO*EN convenes= KWAO*ENZ queen= KWAOEN queens= KWAOENS (Note: Queens= KWAO*ENS; as in Queens, New York) He was accountable for the garbage in the garage. The queen called a summit for queens that will convene in Brooklyn. The governance of the …

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Jul 07

Steno Machine Repair: Screen Damage

Stentura Fusion Main Screen

I take very good care of my machine. However, I must have inadvertently hit the screen with something because when I turned my machine on a few days ago, it had the above-pictured damage to the screen. I’m really attached to this machine. It’s the first professional machine that I saw in person. That was …

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Oct 13

My New Mission In Life: To Be A BPL Power User


So, apparently, there’s a new thing going on at the Brooklyn Public Library where patrons who have more than 4,000 checkouts are awarded the designation of Power User. I WANT THIS TITLE!! Lol. I’m an avid reader, and I love the library! A librarian whom I queried about the Power User program told me that …

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Sep 26

2016 Dictionary Challenge Update (September 2016)

As of 12:57 AM yesterday, I finished d-defining all of the “E” words from The New International Webster’s Comprehensive Dictionary. I don’t know if I’m going to reach my goal of making it up to the “J” words by the end of the year, but I’m going to give it the ol’ college try. I’m …

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Jul 05

2016 Dictionary Challenge Update (July 2016)

My goal for 2016, in regards to my dictionary building, is to get through to the letter “J” in The New International Webster’s Comprehensive Dictionary by the end of the year. I’m currently still in the “E” section though. Smh. I’m going to have to step up my dictionary-building efforts expeditiously to meet this goal. …

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Mar 13

Steno Perfection

“Perfection is the ultimate addiction.” -Janice Dickinson I believe that most stenographers are perfectionists. After all, what other type of personality would dedicate so many hours to mastering a skill that requires so much precision. In our quest for flawless writing, we must remember not to be too hard on ourselves. The fun is in …

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Jan 03

Sticking The Landing

I feel like sticking the landing in gymnastics is akin to making sure that your fingers land properly on your machine’s keys, so as not to slide your fingers and cause misstrokes. The higher the speed, the more challenging/important it is to “stick the landing.” Here’s to “sticking the landing” in 2016. Love, Speed, and …

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Sep 03

I Love Steno: The Student Edition- Great Practice For Theory Students!

A great way for theory and low-speed students to practice is to write to “Learn to Speak English” audio recordings and videos. This is such a great way to practice because the speakers are usually speaking at a fairly slow and steady pace due to the fact that they are trying to teach someone to …

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Aug 04

Steno Confession: I Started Watching House M.D. To Practice Medical Terminology, But Now…

House MD

…I’m up on a very late night binge watching the show. Lol. That cynical, snarky, extra-sarcastic Dr. House is too cool! I like the dynamics between the characters too. I’m still on season 1, for now. Love, Speed and Accuracy, Elsie Villega

Jul 07

I Love Steno The Student Edition: Practice Your Read Back From A Tablet, Smart Phone, etc.

With computer-aided transcription, gone are the days when court reporters have to read back from paper notes. When I first started court reporting school, I used an Stentura Protégé. In transit, I would read back from my paper notes for practice. More than a couple of times I dropped my accordion-like arrangements of notes. I …

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