July 30 2020

Theory Thursday: Mark Kulek Learn English- Describing People

she is= SHES or SHAOES
athletic= TLEKT
she likes= SHEBLGS
watches= WAFPS
mother= MOER
father= FA*ER
are also= R-LS
tall= TAUL
young= YUNG
she goes= SHEGS
overweight= AUFR/WAET
he is= ES or
everyday= EFRD
school= SKAOL
handsome= HAFND
football= FAOBL
he just= EJT or HEJT
heavy= HEF
tell me= TL-M
about him= BHIM
he’s= HAO*ES
muscular= MUFBLG
about her= BHER
tomboy= TBOI
she’s= SHAO*ES
appetite= AP/TAO*IT
cook= KAOK
fashionable= FAFBL
environmentally= VAOIRMT/LI
friendly= FRENLD
business= BIS
woman= WOM

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March 5 2020

Theory Thursday: Mark Kulek Learn English- Banking

this is= TH-S
automatic= AUMT
teller= TERL
machine= M-N
I need= IFRN
cash= KARB
personal= PERNL
can I= KI
credit card= KRERKD
credit cards= KRERKDZ
transaction= TR-X
do you= DOU
accept= SEP
mobile= MOEBL
is it alright= ST-RLT
bank= BA*ING
take the= TAIKT
next= NEGT
very= VE
convenient= KWAOENT
deposit= DPOFT
you can= UK
valuables= VABLS
who are= WHOR
they are= THER
what are= WHAR
what are these= WHARZ

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February 20 2020

Theory Thursday: Mark Kulek Learn English #41

in the afternoon= NAFRN
what are you doing= WHA*RGD
I’m going to the= AO*IMGTD
supermarket= SPR-RKT
at the= TE
I’m having= AO*IFMG
yes, I am= Y*IM
are you going to the= R*UGTD
are you= RU
ice cream= AOIFM
are you in= R*UN
show me to the= SHO*EMTD
show me= SHOEM
schedule= SKELD
can you tell me= KUMT
can you= KU
can I= KI
smaller= SMAURL
can I get= KIGT
check this= KHEKTS
phone number= FUB
how often= HOUFN
always= AULS
usually= AOURBL
sometimes= STAOIMS
hardly= HARLD
never= NEFR
camping= KAFRPG
do you= DOU
workout= WOURKT
exercise= XERS
telephone= TEFL
study= STOI
everyday= EFRD
at home= THOEM
what do you do= WHAO*U
early= ERL
bathroom= BARM
go to the= GO*TD
brush= BRURB
teeth= TAO*ET
make the= MAIKT
wash= WARB
washing= WARBG
dinner= DIRN
bedtime= BOIM
bread= BRAED
we’re having= WAO*EFRG
breakfast= BREFS
lunch= LUFP
homework= HOERK
I’m doing= AO*IMGD
picture= PIR
video games= VAOGS
restaurant= STRAUNT
coffee= KO*EF
amusement= MAOUFMT

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January 2 2020

Theory Thursday: Our Schedule Days Of The Week

[SIDEBAR: Learn English videos are great practice for court reporting students.]

what do you do= WAO*U
Sundays= SUNDZ
I go to the= *IGTD
Mondays= MONS
I go to= IGTD
Tuesdays= TAOUSZ
soccer= SKER
Wednesdays= WENSZ
Thursdays= THURS
Fridays= FRIS
laundry= LOIRND
Saturdays= SATDZ
watch the= WAFPT
at the= TE
in the morning= NORNG
in the afternoon= NAFRN
yoga= YOEG
in the evening= NAOENG

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December 19 2019

Theory Thursday: I Like To/Do You Like To Phrases

SIDEBAR: I think “Learn To Speak English” videos are AWESOME practice!!! I’ve been promoting this form of practice for years.


I like to= IBLGTD
early= ERL
shower= SHOUR
breakfast= BREFS
brush= BRURB
make the= MAIKT
lunch= LUFP
study= STOI
cook= KAOK
dinner= DIRN
exercise= XERS
go to= GOTD
do you like to= DOUBLGTD
yes, I do= YOID
no, I don’t= NYO

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October 31 2019

Theory Thursday: 2019′s Top 10 Halloween Candies

I Love Steno The Student Edition (Cropped)
According to The Daily Meal, these are this year’s top 10 Halloween candies:
1) Skittles= SKIT/*LS
2) Reese’s= RAOE/SAO*ES
3) M & M’s= M*P/M-PD/M*P/AES
4) Snickers= SN*IRKS
5) Starburst= STAR/DL-S/B*URS
6) Candy Corn= KAEND/KORN
7) Hot Tamales= HOT/TA/MAL/YIS
8) Tootsie Pops= TAOTS/YI/PO*PS
9) Sour Patch Kids= SOUR/PAFP/KIDZ
10) Hershey’s Kisses= HERS/YIS/KISZ

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