November 30 2014

Steno Fitness: Jump, Jump

GNC Jump RopeAn inexpensive and highly effective conditioning tool, the jump rope is great for exercising and increasing coordination.

According to, your jump rope should be of a length that allows the handles to reach about armpit height. It is also recommended that you jump on shock absorbent surfaces, such as: a boxing ring, running track, wood floor, or gym mat.

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November 29 2014

Legal Vocabulary: Abstract Of Title

Investopedia states the following regarding an abstract of title: “A brief history of the titles for a piece of land. The abstract of title lists all of the legal actions that have been performed or used in conjunction with a piece of property. This is used to determine whether or not there is any kind of claim against a property.

The abstract of title includes transfers, grants, wills and conveyances, liens and encumbrances. It also provides any evidence or proof of satisfaction or other facts or information pertinent to a piece of property. All potential buyers of a property should request this to determine the status of the property.”

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November 28 2014

Friday Phrases

Friday Phrases Logo
think about= THIB
think about the= THIBT
think about it= TH*IBT
same side= SAIMDZ
other side= OERDZ
this side= THDZ
that side= THADZ
what side= WHADZ
which side= KHDZ
is that side= STHADZ
is this side= STHDZ

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November 20 2014

Steno Fitness: The Importance Of Taking Vacations

I Love Court Reporting Logo (Cropped)“In a 2013 Expedia survey, nearly 90% of vacationers reported feeling less stress after only a day or two away, and other research has found that failing to take a break from everyday stressors can speed up the aging process. Long-running studies of women and men have found significantly higher risk of coronary-related deaths among those who don’t take regular vacations.

So travel isn’t good for just your soul. It’s also good for your heart.” -Craig Matters (Money Magazine; October 2014)

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November 19 2014

Case CATalyst: The Orphan Control Format Symbol

I Love Stenography Logo (Cropped)The Orphan Control format symbol is inserted when you want to keep lines of text together and not have the lines of text separated by page breaks. When you use the Orphan Control format symbol, you will be asked to specify the number of lines you want to keep together.

The Orphan Control format symbol can be added to dictionary entries and include files. It can also be utilized when editing.

It should be noted that the Orphan Control format symbol’s options can also be set to insert text or characters on the blank lines. These characters or letters can be a way to show that the lines were left blank intentionally.

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November 18 2014

Legal Vocabulary: Aliunde

Aliunde is defined by Webster’s as: “From a source extrinsic to the principal matter; from elsewhere: Testimony to explain or contradict a written instrument from other sources than itself is evidence aliunde.”

Machine Briefs:
OPTIION #1: aliunde= A/LI/UN/D*I
OPTIION #2: aliunde= A/LI/UN/DAO*E
OPTIION #3: aliunde= A/LI/UND/YI

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