January 18 2021

Medical Monday: Tracheitis

Tracheitis is inflammation of the trachea (windpipe).


OPTION #1: tracheitis= TRAIK/AO*ITS
OPTION #2: tracheitis= TRAIK/YAO*ITS
OPTION #3: tracheitis= TRAIK/YI/AO*ITS
OPTION #4: tracheitis= TRAI/KAOE/AO*ITS
OPTION #5: tracheitis= TRAIK/YI/AOIT/*IS
OPTION #6: tracheitis= TRAIK/YI/AOIT/T*IS

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March 9 2020

Medical Monday: Anterior Cranial Fossa

anterior= AOR
cranial= KRAINL
cavity= KAEFT
posterior= PAO*R
fossa= FOS/A*
internal= SBERNL
surface= SFAS
brain= BRAIN
structures= STRURS
superior= SYOR
frontal= FRONLT
anteriorly= AORL
laterally= LAERL
olfactory= OL/FAO*KT
sphenoid= SFEND
sagittal= SAJT
orbit= ORBT
clinical= KLINL
falx= FAL/*X
nasal= NAIFL
meningoencephalitis= MA/NIN/JOE/SFLAO*ITS
cerebri= SA/RAOE/BRAO*E
foramen= FOR/M*EN
cecum= SAOE/K*UM
crista galli= KRIS/TA*/GAL/YI
tentorium= TEN/TOR/Y*UM
cerebelli= SER/BEL/YI
optic= OPKT
hemisphere= SFHAER
cribriform= KRIB/RAOE/FO*RM
dura mater= DAOUR/A*/MA/T*ER
orbital= ORBLT
clinoid= KLAOI/NO*ID
ophthalmic= OF/THAL/M*IK
artery= AERT
canal= KANL

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December 2 2019

Medical Monday: Stasis

Stasis is defined as follows: “(1) Stoppage of the blood in its circulation, especially in the small vessels and capillaries: caused by abnormal resistance of the capillary walls, rather than by any lessening of the heart’s action. (2) Retarded movement of the intestinal contents due to obstruction or muscular malfunction.”


OPTION #1: stasis= STAIZ
OPTION #2: stasis= STAI/S*IS
OPTION #3: stasis= STAIS/*IS
OPTION #4: stasis= STAIS/S*IS
OPTION #5: stasis= STAS/*IS
OPTION #6: stasis= STAS/S*IS

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