January 31 2013

Practice Video: What Is A Tort?

I found some short videos, that are less than 60 seconds, that discuss the law. These are great practice videos to get legal terms to become automatic in your typing. Because they are quick blurbs, they can be repeated several times and help to reinforce some legal briefs and phrases.

This video explains what a tort is:

Here are some briefs from the video:

tort= TORT
wrongdoing= WROG
damage= DAJ
punishable= P-RBL
threatening= THRENG
perpetrator= PRERPT
compensation= KPENGS
emotional= MAOERBL
distress= SDRES
assault= SAULT
is a= SA
can be= K-B
in order= NORD
as a result= SRULT

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January 29 2013

Legal Vocabulary: Appellate vs Appellant

Appellate is defined as “having the power to review the judgment of another tribunal.” An appellant is “one that appeals from a judicial decision or decree.”

Machine Briefs:
Option #1: appellate= AEPT
Option #2: appellate= A/PEL/AT
Option #3: appellate= A/PEL/A*T
Option #4: appellate= A/PEL/LAT

Option #1: appellant= LANT
Option #2: appellant= A/PEL/ANT
Option #3: appellant= A/PEL/A*NT
Option #4: appellant= A/PEL/LANT

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January 25 2013

Friday Phrases

alcoholic beverage= KHOB
fractured arm= FR-RM
fractured leg= FR-LG
from the= FR-T
from the evidence= FRAEFTD
medical malpractice= M*M
malpractice insurance= M-PS
malpractice lawsuit= M-PT
half hour= HAUF
half an hour= HAUR or HAUFN
disorderly conduct= DORKT
take the stand= TAND

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