May 9 2024

Legal Vocabulary: Jackson Affidavit

A Jackson affidavit is a term that is named after the 1992 case Jackson vs. New York. The term is often used in New York courts to describe a situation in which a document that is requested in discovery is confirmed to have been searched for and not found. The confirmation is done via an affidavit.

A Jackson affidavit should contain information that states where the requested documents are kept, who maintains the documents, a description of the documents, and the measures taken to locate the documents.

Steno Briefs:
Jackson = JAFN
affidavit= AFD

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April 16 2024

Briefs and Phrases From The Equalizer Season 1, Episode 5

Equalizer Season 1 Episode 5

analog= AONLG
clavicle= KLAFL
consommé= KAUNS/MA*I or KAUNS/MAI
chervil= SHER/VA*L or SHER/V*IL
company= K-P
British= BRIRB
mathematician= MA*T/T*IGS
doctoral= DR-L
candidate= KAND
fiscal= SKAL
social media= SDWRA
email= AOEM
stochastic= STOE/KA*FKT or STA/KA*FKT
python= PAO*INT
arsenic= ARS/N*IK
coordinates= KAORNTS
dilettantes= DIL/TA*NTS
accelerator= SLOERT
blood sugar= BLAORG
diabetic= DAOIKT
trajectory= TRARJT
Chinese= KHAOINS
Beijing= BAI/JING
Chinatown= KHAOINT
fireworks= FAO*IRKS
what do you need= WHAOUFRN
troglodyte= TROG/DAO*ITS
Oppenheimer= OEP/HAO*IRM or OP/HAO*IRM
Ockham’s razor= OK/HA*MS/RAERZ
Bitcoin= BIT/KO*IN
cryptocurrency= KRIPT/K*URNZ
dislocated= SDLOEKTD
randomness= RAOND/-NS
Yukon= AOU/KO*N

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April 12 2024

Friday Phrases

Friday Phrases Logo
Air Force= A*IFRS
let me guess= LEMGS
circuit board= SIRBD
circuit boards= SIRBDZ
video recording= VAORGD
personal knowledge= POJ
objection, Your Honor= OURN
associate’s degree= SDRE

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Category: Briefs | LEAVE A COMMENT
April 10 2024

Briefs and Phrases From The Equalizer Season 1, Episode 3

Equalizer S1 Ep 3
rumors= RAOURMS
public defender= PUBD
murderer= MRURD
miscarriage= SKAERJ
self-destructing= SDR*UKT
in the meantime= NAOENT
prosecution= PR-GS
prosecutor= PR-R
burglaries= BLAERS
robberies= ROIBS
alibi= AEB
Your Honor= URN
pointless= POINLS
decade= DAED
Jersey= J*ERZ
what they said= WHA*EDZ
opioid= OIPD
opioids= OIPDZ
adorable= DORBL
did you notice
lawless= LAULS
vigilante= VIJT
coincidence= KWOINS
out of time= OUFMT
what did you do= WAOU
arraign= AERN
hospital records= HORDZ
pharmacy= FARMZ
drug dealer= DRURLG
first degree= F-D
motion denied= MOD
prima facie= PRAIRB
prima facie evidence= PRAIRB
fascinated= FAFNTD
prestigious= PREFJZ
right to remain silent= R-RS
and I’m sorry= SKPAOIMS
vary= VAIR
equalizing= KWALGZ

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April 10 2024

Briefs and Phrases From The Equalizer Season 1, Episode 2

Equalizer S1 Ep 2
bedtime= BOIM
decimals= SMALS
Jackson= JAFN
vision= VIGS
charity= KHAIRT
international= SBAL
to see= TOZ
theoretical= THAOERBLG
if I could= FIKD
that happen= THAP
freelance= FRAOENLS
Bronx= BRO*NGS
commune= KMAOUN
phone calls= FOENGS
software= SWA*ER
keypad= KAOEPD
mechanism= MEFM
whole thing= WHOELG
pressure= PRERB
vulnerability= VURBLT
backup= BUP
battery= BRAET
circuit board= SIRBD
athletes= TLAOETS
passports= PAFRPTS
Times Square= TAOIMS/SQA*IR
robbery= ROIB
assault= SAULT
attempted murder= TMURD
subway= SBAI
jurisdiction= JURD
African American= FRIM
ballistics= BLIFKTS
wallpaper= WLAIRP
asbestos= ABTS
Kandahar= KAN/DA/HA*R
downtown= DWOUN
politicians= POLGSZ
footage= FAOJ

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September 11 2023

Briefs and Phrases From YNW Melly Trial (Day 3)

YNW Melly Trial Day 3
one hundred= WH*UN
one hundred percent= WH*UPS
expertise= SPAOERZ
serial number= SN*UB
ballistics= BLIFKTS
cartridge= KARJT
extracted= XRAKTD
ejected= JAOEKTD
discharge= DARJ
aperture= AP/TAOU*R or AP/T*UR
striations= STRAOIGSZ
triangular= TRAOIRNL
extractor= XRARKT
semi-automatic= SAUMT
right-handed= *RND
left-handed= L-ND/-D
deactivate= DAEFKT
rifling= RAO*IFLG
barrel= BAERL
give me= GIFM
muzzle= MULZ
gunpowder= G-PD
ammunition= AMGS
manufacturer= M-FR
parallel= PAERL
surface= SFAS
Taurus= TAURS
Smith & Wesson= SM*IT/SKP/W*EFN or SM*IT/AND/W*EFN
patent= PAENT
competency= KPEZ
scratches= SKRAFPS
be able to= BAIBLTD
projectory= PRORJT
variables= VARBLS
angle= AENL
case work= KAIRK
samples= SAMS
determinants= DERM/A*NTS
defense counsel= D-FNL
fairly and accurately= FAIRBLG
contamination= TAMGS
residue= SDRAOU

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