October 14 2018

Briefs And Phrases From Iron Fist- Season 2, Episode 3

Iron Fist Season 2 Episode 3
few minutes= FAOUMTS
tigers= TAO*IRGS
mortal= MORLT
deterrent= DERNT
impacts= KBAKTS
territorial= TERLT
wrong side= WRONGDZ
deflected= DPLEKTD
have not= V*NT
how many times= HOUMTS
Matt= MA*T/MA*T
Murdock= MURKD
to do= TAOD
defined= DPAOIND
identity= AOID
mantle= MANLT
worry= WOIR
about you= BU
yesterday= YED
you were= URP
did she want= SDHAOEPT
aromatic= AR/MA*KT
suggestion= SUGS
generosity= JEN/RO*FT
gratitude= GRAOUD
struggle= STRUG
is it= ST-
simple= SIM
Carlos= KARLS
sister= ST-R
reaction= RAOEX
recovery= ROIFR
unresolved= UN/ROFLD
welcome= WEM
what are you= WHRAU
progress= PROG
conversation= K-FRGS
auction= AUX
what do you mean= WHAOUM
suss= S*US
hash= HARB
invite= VAOIT
dinner= DIRN
notice= N-TS
I mean= AO*IM
I like= AOIBLG
it like= T-BLG
coincidentally= KWLOINL
kind of= KAOIF
housewarming= HOUS/WA*RMG
type of= TAOIFP
lost= LO*S
business= BIS
what kind of= WHAOIFND
chill= KH*IL
what the= WHAT
snooping= SNAOPG
Frank= FRA*ING
squad= SKWAD
alarms= LARMS
loose= LAOS
you know= YAOUN
throne= THRO*EN
barked= BARKD
so much= SOFP
half= HAF
Hennessy= HEN/SAO*E
lawyers= LAURS
patent= PAENT
it has= T-BS
economy= KME
expertise= SPAOERZ
tech= TEK
win-win= WIN/W*IN
engineers= GERS
hurdle= H*URLD
schematics= SKMAKTS
production= PROUX
you will= UL
yes= YE
Sophia= SOE/FAOE/A*
Hammurabi= HAM/RA/BAO*E
Dale= DA*EL
Carnegie= KARN/GAO*E
victory= VOIRKT
friendship= FROIP
I didn’t go= YIG
benefit= BEF
divestment= DWEFMT
paperwork= PAIRK
Chinese= KHAOINZ
numbers= NUBS
profound= PROFND
Sherlock= SHER/LO*K
give me= GIFM
Bayard= BAI/YA*RD
how do you know= HAOUN
excuse me= SKAOUM
slow down= SLOUN
nervous= NEFS
weather= WHR*
auspicious= AU/SP*IRBS
horoscope= HOR/SKO*EP
Walker= WA*URK
go ahead= GHAED
private= PRAOIFT
investigator= VERGT
to you= TOU
she was= SHAOEFS
installed= SNAULD
webcams= WEB/KA*MS
genuinely= GAOUNL
I made= IMD
this morning= TH-RNG
recently= RAOENLT
especially= EP
off the= OFT
I guess= IGS
practically= PRAEL
do you want= DOUPT
with us= WUS
all of us= AUFLS
did you ask= SDUFK
dessert= SDERT
messaged= MEFJD
invitation= VAOIGS
arrogant= AR/GA*NT
this far= TH-FR
Paris= PAR/*IS
kismet= KIZ/M*ET
polite= PLOIT
interests= TR-S
universe= AOUFRS
about the= B-T
I remember= IRM
wrist= WRIFT
we went= WEFRG
alike= LOIK
meatballs= MAET/BA*ULS
pasta= PAS/TA*
catering= KAERGT
of course,= -FX
ago= AG
it go= T-G
awareness= WAIRNS
acceptance= SEPZ
action= -X
when I need= WHIFRN
front door= FRAOR
New Jersey= NAOURJ
New York= NORK
adjustment= JAUFMT
adversity= DWERT
antiquities= AN/TIK/WA*TS
exploring= SPLORG
arrive= RAOIF
wow= WO*U
redecoration= RAOE/DRAIGS
too bad= TAOBD
teachers= TAOEFRPS
influential= FLUNL
in my= NAOI
example= X-M
I recall= IRL
do you remember= DOURM
do you think= DOUNG
angry= AING
iron= AOIRN
fist= FIFT
I wouldn’t say= IAOS
issues= IRBS
to find= TOFND
alive= LOIF
about it= B*T
and I know= SKPIN
Harold= HA*RLD
troubled= TRUBLD
and you= SKPU
deserved= DEFRBD
through this= THRUTS
fresh= FRERB
figure= FIG
overreacted= AUFR/RAOEKTD
earlier= RERL
sponsor= SPORN
honest= HONS
have been= V-B
to tell= TOLT
advice= VIS
families= FAEMS
relationships= ROIPS
flash= FLARB
afraid= FRAID
is this= STH-
into this= NAOTS
peace= PAES
flaw= FLAU
logic= L-J
conspired= SKPAOIRD
naturally= NAERL
enough= NUF
photos= FOETS
surveillance= SWAINS
you said= UDZ
Hong Kong= HONG/KONG
confrontation= K-FRNGS
negotiation= GOERBGS
what you can= WHAUK
as well= SW*EL
weapons= WEPS
weapon= WEP
he is= ES
agreeing= GRAOEG
agreed= GRAOED
regrets= GRETS
authority= THORT
entrust= SBRUFT
Red Hook= RED/HAO*K
decades= DAEDZ
arrangements= ARMTS
at this= TI
we need= WEFRN
to go= TOG
who is= WHOS
who’s= WHO*S
that I= THAI
again= GEN
salvageable= SAL/VAJ/-BL
blows= BLOS

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October 10 2018

Is There Really Such A Thing As Muscle Memory?

Why We Sleep
In our quest for steno perfection, we spend countless hours practicing. After all, “practice makes permanent.” It’s been oft said that multiple hours of practice creates “muscle memory”; making our writing automatic.

While reading the book, “Why We Sleep: Unlocking The Power Of Sleep And Dreams” By: Matthew Walker, I came across the following interesting passage that explains why the term “muscle memory” is a misnomer:

“The term ‘muscle memory’ is a misnomer. Muscles themselves have no such memory: a muscle that is not connected to a brain cannot perform any skilled actions, nor does a muscle store skilled routines. Muscle memory is, in fact brain memory. Training and strengthening muscles can help you better execute a skilled memory routine. But the routine itself- the memory program- resides firmly and exclusively within the brain.”

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October 10 2018

Briefs And Phrases From Iron Fist- Season 2, Episode 2

Iron Fist Season 2 Episode 2

Chinatown= KHAOINT
caffeine= KAFN
matcha= MAFP/A*
Kanye= KON/YA*I
Madonna= MA/DON/A*
Keisha= KAOE/SHA*
bookkeeper= BAORP
flashy= FLARB/YI
in the= N-T
fancy= FAENS
progressed= PROG
I could= IKD
agencies= AEGSZ
golden= GOENLD
surfing= S*UFRG
commercial= KMERBL
paycheck= PAIK
Uber= AOUB/*ER
invited= VAOITD
craves= KRAIFS
tidal= TAO*ILD
monologue= MON/LO*G
sidewalk= SWAUK
literally= LAIRL
crisscrossing= KRIS/KRO*S/-G
collide= KLAOID
area= AER
tai chi= TAOI/KHAOE
Columbus= KLUM/B*US
avoid= WOI
flowers= FLOURS
dabble= DABL
you need= UFRN
we could= WEKD
sorry= SOR
neighborhood= NAEBD
New Yorker= NRORK
criss-cross= KRIS/KRO*S
Mary= MA*ER
spire= SPAO*IR
girlfriend= GOIF
offend= OFND
wow= WO*U
easy= AOEZ
overwhelmed= WHOEMD
water= WAURT
hi= HI
outside= OUDZ
dehydrated= DAOE/HAOI/DRA*ITD
dojo= DOE/JO*E
karate= KA/RA/TAO*E
trashcan= TRARB/KA*N
talented= TAENLTD
bathroom= BARM
humans= HAOUMS
sketching= SKEFPG
odd= OD
noon= NAON
this means= TH-MS
to you= TOU
Bayard= BAI/YA*RD
I will= IL
violence= V-LS
ahead= HAED
payback= PAI/BA*K
robbery= ROIB
hatchets= HAFPTS
details= SDAILS
apology= GAOE
who would= WHOLD
it feels= T-FLS
warriors= WAR/YO*RS
Davos= DA/VO*ES
combat= KBAT
no one= NO*N
lease= LAOES
pencil= PEFNL
shavings= SHAIFGS
hurry= HUR
furniture= FURNT
shuffle= SHUFL
appreciate= PRAOERBT
casino= KAOFN
gambling= GAM/BLING
uncomfortable= N-FRBL
husband= HUS
Nicholson= NIBLG/SO*N
movies= MO*EFS
leave me= LEFM
what I told= WHAILT
we got= W*EGT
settle= SELT
muscling= MUFLG
pop= PO*P
we know= WEN
hungry= HOIRNG
parents= PARNTS
questions= QES
squatting= SQAGT
turf= T*UFR
players= PLAIRS
that’s= THAES
dogs= DAUGS
and you know this= SKPUNTS
do you go= DOUG
school= SKAOL
lunch= LUFP
begets= BAOE/G*ETS
help= HEP
upend= AUP/*END
access= SKES
profits= PROFTS
thrives= THRAOIFS
might have= MAOIF
compromise= KPROM
until the= N-LT
armored= AORMD
this morning= THORNG
nephew= NEF/AO*U
in this matter= NIRMT
justice= JUS
escalation= SKLAIGS
won’t= WOENT
where’s= WRAES
positions= POGSZ
Meachum= MAOE/KH*UM
who else= WHOELS
did you= SDU
and I asked= SKPIFKD
opinion= P-N
acquisitions= QIGSZ
divestment= DWEFMT
defunct= DPUNGT
Wharton= WHAR/TO*N
divests= DWEFTS
competition= KPEGS
preoccupied= PROUPD
graduate= GRAUT
operative= PRAIFT
patents= PA*ENTS
you find= UFRND
assistant= SIFNT
attending= TAENG
auction= AUBGS
schedule= SKELD
as usual= SAOURB
if you like= FUBLG
comparative= KPAIFRT
religion= R-J
vodka= VOKD
fifth= F*IFT
shoulder= SHOURLD
angel= A*EJ
afraid= FRAID
before= B-F
equation= QAEGS
Davis= DAIFS
overly= OEFRL
intense= SBENS
doesn’t= DOENT
party= PAERT
decor= DA/KO*R
antiquities= AN/TIK/WA*TS
junk= J*UNG
anybody= NIB
wait a minute= WAIMT
I give= IFG
unless= N-LS
exhausted= XAUFTD
topics= TOPKZ
conversation= KFRGS
one of= WUFN
historical= HIFKT/KA*L
pricey= PRAOIS/YI
of course,= -FX
remarkable= RARK/-BL
bronze= BRONZ
techniques= NAOEKS
collector= KLERKT
serious= SAOERZ
partners= PARNS
and I want= SKPIPT
marijuana= MAIRN
fifty= FAEFT
think about it= TH*IBT
champagne= SHAM/PA*IN
years= Y-RS
gasoline= GAS/LAO*EN
they said= THEDZ
they have= THEF
day-to-day= DTD
guessing= GEGS
starter= STRART
appeal= AEP
I’m guessing= AOIMGS
charity= KHAIRT
interrupt= SBRUPT
we need= WEFRN
private= PRAOIFT
or not= ORNT
breakfast= BREFS
cereal= KRAOERL
marriage= MAERJ
ear= AOER
listen= L-N
to us= TOUS
volunteer= VOE
which means= KH-MS
against the= GENTS
memorial= MAERL
each side= AOEFPDZ
leadership= LOIP
nicely= NAOIFL
have to= V-TD
congressman= KRA*M
scandal= SKANLD
scandalous= SKLOUS
noodles= NAODZ
normalcy= NOL/SAO*E
will you= LU
Daniel= DAN/Y*EL
who is= WHOS
is that you= STHAU

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October 9 2018

Briefs And Phrases From Iron Fist- Season 2, Episode 1

Iron Fist Season 2 Episode 1

first time= FIRMT
last time= LAFMT
Cronuts= CROE/N*UTS
tiger= TAO*IRG
garlic= GLIK
shrimp= SHRIFRP
moo shu= MAOU/SHAO*U
midnight= MAOID
permanent= PERM
citizenship= SOIP
anime= AN/MA*I
culture= KLUR
kind of= KAOIF
sponge= SPUNG
Bob= BO*B
security guards= SGAURDZ
zone= SO*EN
nightclub= NAOIT/KL*UB
they happen= THEP
what this= WHATS
apologize= JAOIZ
center= STR-
besides= BESZ
last night= LAFNT
I got= *IGT
sideways= SDWAIS
misty= MIFT/YI
version= VERGS
takeout= TAIK/O*UT
Hester= HES/T*ER
good afternoon= GAFRN
shipment= SHIMT
passage= PAFJ
which has= KH-BS
what I have= WHAIF
customs= KUFMS
who go= WHOG
ravine= RA/VAO*EN
corpses= KORPSZ
measure= MUR
to tell= TOLT
cautionary= KAURGS
no more= NOERM
lady= LAED
karaoke= KAER/OEK/YI
solid= SLOD
adjustment= JAUFMT
cardinal= KARD/NA*L
milk= MIBLG
container= TAIRN
disgusting= SGUFGT
challenges= KHALS
practice= PRA
when the= WH-T
future= FAOURT
girlfriend= GOIF
armored= AORMD
golden= GOENLD
hatchet= HAFPT
territory= TERT
truces= TRAOUSZ
recruited= KRAOUTD
news= NUS
salary= SAL
partially= PARBL
grateful= GRAEF
Lana= LA/NA*
donation= DMAIGS
charity= KHAIRT
winter= WIRNT
treasure= TRERB
what do you think= WHAOUNG
about that= BHA
perfect= P-FRT
scarf= SKA*FR
have you got= V*UGT
Ethan= AOE/THA*N
we have= WEF
do you know= DAOUN
uptown= AUPT
Hudson= HUD/SO*N
New Yorker= NRORK
New York= NORK
Wisconsin= WIS/WIS
mediocre= MAOED/O*ERK
photograph= FOF
picture= PIR
camera= KMRA
vision= VIGS
magical= MIJ/KA*L
as much= S-FP
Mary= MA*ER
primer= PRAOIRM
pleasure= PLERB
Andrew= AN/DRAO*U
Albert= AL/B*ERT
starve= STAFRB
gallant= GLANT
hello= HO*EL
furniture= FURNT
cousin= KUFN
restaurant= STRAUNT
Henry= H*EN/RAO*E
bread= BRAED
out of= OUF
sufficient= SUF
crucial= KRAOURBL
barefoot= BAIR/FAO*T
as many= SMAEN
Broadway= BROI
hobbled= HOBLD
did you get= SDUGT
what is= WHAS
townhouse= TOUN/HO*US
technically= TLEBLG
official= FIRBL
to see= TOZ
is that= STHA
what this= WHATS
outside= OUDZ
divestment= DWEFMT
contract= KR-T
lump sum= LUMS
what you want= WHAUPT
expired= XAOIRD
patents= PA*ENTS
specific= SPEFK
ploy= PLO*I
benefit= BEF
punish= P-RB
about you= BU
nonsense= NAUNS
qualify= Q-F
to say= TO*S
all of this= AUFLTS
counter= KROURNT
reject= JEKT
proposal= PROEPL
we need= WEFRN
Harold= HA*RLD
all of it= A*UFLT
vetted= VETD
value= VAL
judgment= JUMT
mistake= MAEK
proud= PRO*UD
from you= FRU
some time= STAO*IM
lovely= LOFL
take care= TAERK
crazy= KRAEZ
beautiful= BAOUF
forwarding= FAORGD
crest= KREFT
donated= DMAITD
heirloom= HA*IR/LAO*M
I guess= IGS
when I first= WHIFRT
memory= MEM
must have been= MUFB
give me= GIFM
I mean= AO*IM
he said= EDZ
dinner= DIRN
opportunity= TAOUNT
to this= TOTS
how long= HOUNG
serenity= SER/R*ENT
months= MOS
intern= SBERN
negate= NA*EGT
pastries= PAIFT/TRAO*ES
physical= FIS
city= STI
fetid= FET/*ID
poison= POIFN
iniquity= IN/NIK/TAO*E
enjoy= GOI
wavering= WAFRG
dibs= DIBS
crab= KRAB
protein= PRAOEN
hairy= HAIR/YO
blood= BLAOD
lamb= LAM
insect= SNEKT
creativity= KRAOEFT
movie= MO*EF
admit= DMIT
you like= UBLG
why would= Y*LD
muscle= MUFL
Colleen= KO*L/LAO*EN
and I think= SKPING
power= POUR
vacuum= VAK/AO*UM
collide= KLAOID
Chinatown= KHAOIN/TO*UN
between the= TWAOENT
silver= SIFRL
lotus= LOE/T*US
this happen= TH-P
to give= TOFG
we got= W*EGT
meter= MAOERT
chef= SHEF
pork= PORK
bao= BAI/O*E
so much= SOFP
Tuesday= TAOUS
have you been= VUB
reasons= R-NS
I need= IFRN
simple= SIM
we’ve= WAO*EF
through this= THRUTS
ally= AL/LAO*I
where else= WRELS
company= K-P
mission= MIGS
destroy= STROI
there was= THR-FS
what I= WHAI
listening= L-NG
mastery= MAFRT/YI
do this= DO*TS
knowledge= NOJ
and you know= SKPUN
when you had= WHUD
did you= SDU
cowardice= KOURD/*IS
talk about= TAUB
if you could= FUKD
differently= DIFRNL
dragon= DRAG/O*N
I didn’t like= YIBLG
debatable= DB-T/-BL
what happened= WHAPD
duty= DAOUT
and you said= SKPUDZ
wasn’t= WAENT
I went= IFRG
mercy= MERZ
tonight= TONT
history= HIFT
manipulating= MIPG
ashes= ARBS

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October 1 2018

Briefs And Phrases From Iron Fist- Season 1, Episode 13

Iron Fist Season 1 Episode 13
smuggle= SMULG
hesitate= HEZ
criminal justice system= KRUJS
treacherous= TREFP/R*US
million dollars= M-LDZ
illegal= ILG
elude= AOE/LAOUD
Colleen= KO*L/LAO*EN
darker= DRARK
capture= KPUR
fugitives= FAOUFGTS
false= FAULS
agents= AGTS
contact= KAKT
good morning= GORNG
perhaps= PRAPS
Hogarth= HOE/GA*RT
level= LEFL
would you mind= WOUMD
excusing= SKAOUFG
into the= NAOT
public= PUB
combination= KBINGS
I didn’t even= YIFN
tale= TAEL
gene= GAOEN
therapy= THAERP
and had the= SKPH-T
tremendous= TRE
advantage= VANG
cryotherapy= KRAOI/O*E/THA*ERP
and here= SKPHAOER
insane= SNAIN
otherwise= OERZ
running= R*UNG
flowers= FLOURS
funeral= FAOURNL
picture= PIR
sneakers= SNAOERKS
laundering= LAURNGD
rabbit= RABT
believe me= BLEFM
kind of= KAOIF
overwhelming= WHOEMG
distraction= SDRAX
evidence= AEFD
refute= R-FT
in touch= KBUFP
contact= KAKT
where the= WR-T
eyes= AOIZ
messenger= MEFRJ
to give= TOFG
client= KLAOINT
officer= OIFR
obliged= BLAOIJD
you really= *URL
billionaire= BIL/NA*IR
stamped= STAFRPD
forehead= FHED
federal= FRAL
and you will= SKPUL
minimum= MIM
assault= SAULT
documents= DAOUMTS
it must have been= TMUFB
when I= WHI
interned= SBERND
I just= IJT
to say= TO*S
have the= V-T
analyzed= NALDZ
when I was= WHIFS
same side= SAIMDZ
options= OPGSZ
and we= SKPWE
given the= GIFNT
innocence= N-NS
digital= DIJT
very good= V*EGD
silent= SLENT
at least= TLAOEFT
fifty= FAEFT
teenagers= TAIRJS
deserted= DERTD
to find= TOFND out
where would= WR-LD
they go= THEG
so much= SOFP
metal= MAELT
windows= WIDZ
heavens= HEFNS
sounding= SOUNGD
information= N-FGS
why should= Y-RBD
purged= PURJD
all the= AULT
informational= N-FLGS
there are not= THR-RNT
can you say= K*US
chi= KHAOE
polluted= PLAOUTD
guilty= GELT
refuse= R-FS
and what should= SKPWHARBD
scratch= SKRAFP
what I was= WHAIFS
and now= SKPOU
uncomfortable= N-FRBL
clever= KLEFR
airplanes= AIRPS
thirst= TH*IRS
who would= WHOLD
benefit= BEF
no one= NO*N
are you sure= RUZ
plane= PLAEN
diagnosed= D-GD
operation= PRAIGS
all this= AULTS
remember the= RERT
enthused= THAOUDZ
by the= B*IT
you will= UL
fulfill= F-FL
minions= MIN/YO*NS
imprison= KBRIS
manipulating= MIPG
pretending= PRENG
to be= TOB
with this= W-TS
innocence= N-NS
anything else= NILGS
prison= PRIS
alive= LOIF
edge= EJ
blizzard= BLIRDZ
howling= HOULG
haunted= HAUNTD
vengeance= VAENG
is there a= STHRAI
about the= B-T
which part= KH-PT
you think= AOUNG
I say= IS
I can tell= IKT
all these= AULZ
I don’t know the= YONT
bodyguards= BOERGDZ
lifetime= LAOIFT
who are= WHOR
soup= SOUP
noodle= NAOLD
last year= LAFR
any of= NIF
tell me the= TL-MT
show you= SHOEU
upset= SPET
withheld= WHELD
that was the= THAFTS
insane= SNAIN
I didn’t do= YAOID
sweetheart= SWHART
stronger= STRORNG
how much= HOUFP
tonight= TONT
I know= AOIN
what I said= WHAIDZ
upstairs= UPTS
bulletproof= BLAOF
pretend= PREND
care about= KAIRB
go get= GOGT
around the= ARNTD
downstairs= DOUNTS
or not= ORNT
last time= LAFMT
with your= WUR
and looked= SKPLAOKD
little= LIL
ledge= LEJ
urge= URJ
one of those= WUFNS
regret= GRET
finish= FINS
only this= OENLTS
nowhere= NO*R
that you were= THAURP
generous= JERNS
widows= DWOS
children’s= KHIRNS
officers= OIFRS
congratulations= GLAIGSZ
who will= WHOL
failures= FLURS
pizza= PIZ
troubled= TRUBLD
scholarship= SKLARP
instinct= KBINGT
violence= V-LS
psychological= SKL-L
I’m going= AOIMG
good morning, sir= GORNGS
physically= F*IFL
warmer= WRARM
almost= L-M
day and night= DARNT
afternoon= AFRN
kung fu= KUNG/FAO*U
practice= PRA

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September 30 2018

Briefs And Phrases From Iron Fist- Season 1, Episode 12

Iron Fist Season 1 Episode 12
nurse= NURS
there came a time= THRAIM
sister= ST-R
withdrawal= WRAUL
long time= LONGT
relax= RAEK
synthetic= STH*EKT
symptoms= STOMS
what do you want= WHAOUPT
controllers= KROERLS
destinies= SDAENS
carrot= KROT
quid pro quo= QID/PROE/QO*E
freedom= FRAOEM
capture= KPUR
relationship= ROIP
minions= MIN/YO*NS
students= STAOUNTS
behaving= BAIFG
animals= ANLS
no matter= NORMT
ignorant= GORNT
milkmaid= MIBLG/MA*ID
summon= SMON
Chemo= KMOE
drama= DRAUM
crazy= KRAEZ
I wouldn’t have= YAOF
I felt= IFLT
vacation= VAIGS
Australia= AUS/AUS
quality= QALT
miracle= MIRBLG
violent= V-LT
button= BON
passions= PAGS
couch= KOUFP
transfer= TR-FR
bitter= BIRT
access= SKES
therapist= THAERPT
mercy= MERZ
garbage= GARJ
duality= DAOULT
wisdom= WIZ
thirty= THIRT
half- HAF
surrender= SRERND
compress= KPRES
questionable= QEBL
blade= BLAID
cut= K*UT
kings= KINGS
emperors= EFRP/RO*RS
tyrants= TAOIRNTS
medical= MEL
precaution= PRAYGS
opponent= PAONT
outburst= TB*URS
carry= KAER
upstairs= UPTS
vipers= VAOIRPS
boogeyman= BAOG/YI/MA*N
nonsense= NAUNS
anxious= ANGS
access= SKES
become= B-K
amazed= MAEDZ
putrid= PAOU/TR*ID
consequences= QENSZ
notified= NOIFD
condition= K-N
disgusting= SGUFGT
relationship= ROIP
when I had= WHID
topple= TOP/*L
surgery= SURG
excellent= XLENT
overboard= AUFR/BAORD
I don’t want= YOPT
never mind= NEFRMD
on the ground= OG

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September 28 2018

Briefs And Phrases From Iron Fist- Season 1, Episode 11

Iron Fist Season 1 Episode 11
Danny= DAN/YI
Davos= DA/VO*ES
protectors= PROERKTS
rebalance= RAOE/BAL
New York= NORK
why you would= YULD
why would you= Y*ULD
pilots= PAOILTS
destroyer= STROIR
without the= WOUTD
and once= SKPWUNS
do this= DO*TS
we go= WEG
wound= WOUND
care of= KAIFR
woman= WOM
compound= KPOUN
no one= NO*N
programmed= PRAMD
overcome= VUM
prejudices= PREJS
spy= SPAOI
deceiving= SDAOEFG
fifteen= FAOEN
corrupt= KRUPT
societies= SOETS
mayor= MAIR
office= OFS
medical school= MAOL
controlled= KROELD
do you understand= DOUNDZ
healer= HAERL
am I= MI
stitch= STIFP
poison= POIFN
tightly= TAO*ILT
about this= B-TS
mystery= STRAOE
over this= O*EFRTS
perimeter= PRIRMT
teacher= TAOEFRP
and she was= SKPHAOEFS
brainwashed= BRAIN/WA*RBD
nuclear= NAOUBLG
crane= KRAIN
monks= MO*NGZ
I don’t think= YONG
internal= SBERNL
infected= N-FKTD
antibiotics= AEBTS
supplies= SPLAOIZ
restore= STROER
chi= KHAOE
tablet= TABLT
fraud= FRAUD
heart attack= HAURK
massive= MAFS
ago= AG
offshore= AUF/SHOR
South America= SO*UT/MERK
bank= BA*ING
this is= TH-S
silver= SIFRL
bullet= BULT
proud= PRO*UD
so many= SOM
stretch= STREFP
meditations= MED/TA*IGSZ
hungry= HOIRNG
pizza= PIZ
Himalayas= HIM/LAI/YA*S
karate= KA/RA/TA*I
pseudo= SAOUD/O*E
science= SAOINZ
stories= STOERS
tumors= TAOURMS
disease= D-Z
powers= POURS
kimono= KA/MOEN/O*E
dragon= DRAG/O*N
ultimately= LULT
elders= ERLDZ
cave= KAF
outsider= OURDZ
apologize= JAOIZ
I shouldn’t= Y-FNT
centered= STR-D
calmed= KAUMD
emotions= MAOEGSZ
pizza= PIZ
substantially= SBL-L
did you think= SDUNG
defending= D-FG
clouds= KLOUDZ
yesterday= YED
antibiotics= AEBTS
empowering= KNOURG
hospitals= HOPTS
businesses= BISZ
care about= KAIRB
horrible= HORBL
reaction= RAOEX
slice= SLAOIS
chewy= KHAOU/YI
traumatic= TRAUMT
Becca= BEK/KA*
can you believe it= K*UBLT
pickpocketing= PIK/PO*KT/-G
respecting= R-PGT
elevator= L-FRT
fortress= FOR/TR*ES
too many= TAOM
swarmed= SWARMD
data= DAT
transferring= TR-FRG
loftier= LOFT/Y*ER
ideals= YAOELS
interrogations= SBROEGSZ
did you get= SDUGT
Brian= BRAO*IN
Mary= MA*ER
Gary= GA*ER
tonight= TONT
queue= QAOU
precaution= PRAUGS
is it really= ST*RL
whatever= WHAFR
detention= DENGS
command= KMAN
if I believe= FIBL
infect= N-FKT
betray= BRAE
speeches= SPAOEFPS
arrow= ROER
I didn’t let= YILT
what I meant= WHAIMT
birthright= B*IRT/RAO*IT
mountain= MOUN

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September 28 2018

Friday Phrases

Friday Phrases Logo
due respect= DAOURPT
are you even= RUFN
are you even the= RUFNT
are you even this= RUFNTS
are you even it= R*UFNT
what you are doing= WHAURD
what are you doing= WHA*URD
I let= *ILT
to let= TO*LT
are you doing= RU*D

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