April 22 2019

Medical Monday: Retinitis

Retinitis is inflammation of the retina.


OPTION #1: retinitis= RET/NAO*ITS
OPTION #2: retinitis= RET/NAOIT/T*IS
OPTION #3: retinitis= RET/NAOI/T*IS
OPTION #4: retinitis= RET/TA/NAOI/T*IS
OPTION #5: retinitis= RET/TA/NAOIT/T*IS
OPTION #6: retinitis= RET/TA/NAOIT/*IS
OPTION #7: retinitis= RET/A/NAO*ITS
OPTION #8: retinitis= RET/A/NAOI/T*IS
OPTION #9: retinitis= RET/A/NAOIT/*IS
OPTION #10: retinitis= RET/A/NAOIT/T*IS

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April 19 2019

Legal Vocabulary: Replevin

Replevin is defined as follows: “(1) An action to regain possession of personal property unlawfully retained, on giving security to try the title and respond to the judgement; recovery of property by such action. (2) The judicial writ of process by which such proceedings are instituted.”


OPTION #1: replevin= RA/PLEF/*IN
OPTION #2: replevin= RA/PLEF/V*IN
OPTION #3: replevin= RA/PLEFN
OPTION #4: replevin= RA/PL*EFN
OPTION #5: replevin= RAOE/PLEF/*IN
OPTION #6: replevin= RAOE/PLEF/V*IN
OPTION #7: replevin= RAOE/PLEFN
OPTION #8: replevin= RAOE/PL*EFN

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April 19 2019

Friday Phrases

Friday Phrases Logo
school of= SKAOL
School of= SKAO*L
supreme court= SKORT
Supreme Court= SKO*RT
circuit court= SKOURT
Circuit Court= SKO*URT
trial court= TRAOILT
Trial Court= TRAO*ILT
federal court= FRALT
Federal Court= FRA*LT
family court= FAEMT
Family Court= FA*EMT
court of appeals= KORPLS
Court of Appeals= KO*RPLS
Superior Court= SYOURT
district court= DRORT
District Court= DRO*RT
U.S. Supreme Court= YAOEMT

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April 17 2019

Briefs and Phrases From The Blacklist: Season 1, Episode 10

Blacklist Season 1 Episode 10
dispatch= DPAFP
pistol= STOL
calvary= KAFRL
restored= STROERD
assault= SAULT
whatsoever= WHAOFR
Romeo= ROEM/YO*E
Somali= SA/MOL/YI
on the floor= OFL
hanger= HAIRNG
trauma= TRAUM
ambulance= BLANS
visual= VIRBL
constitution= STAOUGS
bloody= BLOID
intersection= SB-X
associate= SOERBT
fugitive= FAOUJT
circuit= SIRKT
between us= TWUS
emissary= EM/SA*ER
Kaplan= KAP/LA*N
post office= POFS
transmission= TR-MGS
polynomial= POIL/NOEM/YA*L
residence= R-S
hired= HIRD
venue= VAOUN
anesthesia= THAEZ
opposite= OPS
impulses= KBULSZ
who is he= WHO*ES
ballistics= BLIFKTS
directives= DREFKTS
dosage= DOEFJ
database= D-B
registered= REJD
gas station= GAIGS
restaurant= STRAUNT
infiltrate= KBLAET
decades= DAEDZ
at least= TLAOEFT
redacted= RA/DA*KTD
and me= SKP-M
Fitch= F*IFP
regret= GRET
cameras= KMRAS
bedroom= BERM
what I said= WHAIDZ
bureau= BRAOUR
unemployed= NROID
urgent= URNGT
careful= KAIF

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April 17 2019

Medical Briefs From House: Season 1, Episode 15

House Season 1 Episode 15
dizzy= DOIZ
leprosy= LEP/SAO*E
examine= X-
coma= KMA
metabolic= MET/BL*IK
poisoning= POIFNG
Glasgow= GLAS/GO*E
diabetes= DAOIBTS
placebos= PLA/SAO*EBS
malpractice= M-P
subdural= SUB/D*URL
hematoma= HAOEM/TOE/MA*
pseudomembranes= SAOUD/O*E/BRA*ENS
neurologist= NAOURLGT
evacuate= AOEF
hepatitis= HEPTS
serologies= SERLGS
autoimmune= AOT/KBAO*UN
meningitis= MENGTS
abdominal= ABL
comatose= KOEM/TO*ES
proximate cause= PRAUZ
chronic= KRO*NG
albumin= AL/BAO*UM
estrogen= STROENG
biopsy= BAOIPZ
transplant= TRAPLT
blood test= BLAOT
bodily fluids= BOLDZ
crisis= KRAOIZ
pressure= PRERB
systolic= SIS/TL*IK or STLIK
septic= SEP/T*IK
varices= VAR/SAO*ES
lymphocytic= L*IFRPT
fibrosis= FAOIBZ
emphysema= EFRP/SAO*EM
blood count= BLAONT
interferon= INT/F*ERN
genetics= GENGTS
allosteric= AL/O*E/ST*ERK
inhibitor= KBHIRBT
medicine= MED
nose= NOEZ
toxic= TOX
allergy= LAOERJ
ornithine= ORN/THAO*EN
transcarbamylase= TRANZ/KAR/BAM/LA*IZ
protein= PRAOEN
herbal= HERBL
clinic= KLIN

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April 8 2019

Medical Briefs From House: Season 1, Episode 14

House Season 1 Episode 14
drug store= DRUGT
paralysis= PARLS
herniation= HERNGS
herniated= HERNTD
angiogram= ANG/YOE/GRA*M
Alzheimer’s= ALZ
cancer= KAERN
X-ray machine= XRAIM
healthy= HOILT
vocal cord= VOERBLGD
clinical= KLINL
morphine= MOFRN
biopsy= BAOIPZ
neurogenic= NAOUR/G*ENG or NAOUR/J*ENG
myopathic= MAOI/O*E/PA*KT
trichinosis= TRIK/NO*EZ
pain scale= SKPAIL
abnormalities= BORLTS
toxoplasmosis= TOX/O*E/PLAZ/MO*EZ
polyarteritis= POIL/ART/RAO*ITS
nodosa= NOE/DOE/SA*
sedimentation= SDMENGS
inflammation= KBLAMGS
immunologic= KBAOUN/L*J
angio= ANG/YO*E
temperature= TEM
oncologist= OM/KO*LGT
malpractice= M-P
medical= MEL
orthopedics= O*RT/PAO*EKDZ
hypotensive= HOIP/T*EFNS
cortical= KORT/KA*L
Wernicke’s= W*ERNGS
symptoms= STOMS
ophthalmology= OF/THA/MO*LG
colon= KLON
colonoscopy- KLON/SKPAO*E
strep throat= STREPT
inflammatory= KBLARMT
lesions= LAOEGSZ
blood clot= BLAOKT
injected= KB-JTD
respiratory= RERPT
thoracentesis= THOR/SEN/TAO*EZ
transudate= TRAN/SAOU/DA*IT
transplant= TRAPLT
diagnostic= D-GT
breast cancer= BRAERN
antidepressants= AOINT/DPREFNTS
bulimic= BAOU/LAOEM/*IK
bulimia= BAOU/LAOEM/YA*
ipecac= IP/KA*K
aspirin= SPRIN
deteriorated= DRAETD
vasodilators= VAI/SOE/DLA*IRTS
pulmonary= PUL/NA*ER
ratio= RAIRB
catheterization= THERGS
arteries= AERTS
cardiomyopathy= KARD/YOE/MAOI/OP/THAO*E
CAT scan= SKA*T
vascular= VAFRBLG
atherosclerotic= A*T/ROE/SKL*ERKT
pneumonia= NAOUM
substance abuse= SBUS or SBAO*US
psychiatric= SKAOERKT
organ= GORN
intubated= IN/TAO*UBTD
spastic= SPAFKT
dysphonia= DIZ/FOEN/YA*
Botox= BOE/TO*X
tongue= TOUNG

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March 29 2019

Friday Phrases

Friday Phrases Logo
breast cancer= BRAERN
lung cancer= LAERN
colon cancer= KLAERN
prostate cancer= PRAERN
drug store= DRUGT
drug stores= DRUGTS
strep throat= STREPT
pain scale= SKPAIL
pain scales= SKPAILS

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Category: Briefs | LEAVE A COMMENT
March 28 2019

Theory Thursday: Suffix Briefs Part 18

I Love Steno The Student Edition (Cropped)
The following are briefs for suffixes: (Note: When d-defining, don’t forget to define the briefs with the format symbol for suffixes.)

{Suffix}scopy= SKPAOE or SKOIP
{Suffix}self= S*EFL
{Suffix}selves= S*EFLS
{Suffix}ship= SH-P
{Suffix}ships= SH-PS
{Suffix}side= SAO*ID
{Suffix}sis= S*IS
{Suffix}some= SO*M
{Suffix}st= *S
{Suffix}sters= ST*ERS

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