June 2 2020

Briefs and Phrases From The Office: Season 3, Episode 22

The Office Season 3 Episode 22
abdomen= ABD
uterus= AOURTS
symptoms= STOMS
paperwork= PAIRK
David= DAIFD
Speedo= SPAOED/O*E
sunblock= SUN/BLO*K
charisma= KHRIFM
parables= PA*RBLS
cozy= KO*EZ
America= MERK
American= MERN
undergo= N-RG
survivor= SWAOIFR
and a half= NAF
half an hour= HAUR
I wouldn’t do= YAO*D
patriotic= PROIKT
contest= KEFT
mallard= MAL/A*RD
diligent= DILGT
hungry= HOIRNG
manager= M-G
qualified= KW-F
besides= BESZ
sabotage= SBAUJ
Dutch= DUFP
Gryffindor= GRIFN/DO*R
candidates= KANDZ
conversion= KWERGS
degrees= DREZ
to the hospital= THOPT
regional= RAO*ENLG
Bernard= BERND
management= M-GT
replacement= PLAEFRMT
leadership= LOIP
funny= FOIN
Voldemort= VOLD/MO*RT
and I really= SKP*IRL
background= BAUGD

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May 29 2020

Friday Phrases

Friday Phrases Logo
advantage of= VAFNG
advantage of the= VAFNGT
advantage of it= VA*FNGT
advantage of this= VAFNGTS
advantage of it is= VA*FNGTS
advantage of to= VAFNGTD
advantage of to the= VA*FNGTD
that also= THALS
this also= TH-LS

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