April 15 2024

Briefs and Phrases From The Equalizer Season 1, Episode 4

Equalizer S1 Ep 4
Pay attention= PAINGS
fuzzy= FOIZ
historian= HIFNT
vouchers= VOUFRPS
duress= DURS
metacarpal= MET/KA*RPL
Air Force= A*IFRS
slow down= SLOUN
fungus= FUNGZ
asthma= SMA
Twitter= TW*IRT
good enough= GAOUF
bishop= BIFP
Right thing= RAOING
ambassador= SDOR
plaza= PLAZ
let me guess= LEMGS
Hypothetically= HPLT
keycard= KAOEKD
leverage= LEFRJ
fiancée= FAOENZ
license plate= L-NLT

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