March 24 2017

Friday Phrases

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center of= STR-F
center of the= STR-FT
center of this= STR-FTS
breaking and entering= BRAERKT
broken leg= BROELG
broken arm= BROERM
capital murder= KMURD
capital punishment= KPUMT
part time= POIM

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March 10 2017

Court Reporter Spotted: Scream Queens- Season 1, Episode 13

Scream Queens Season 1In The court scene, in season’s one final episode of Scream Queens, you can see a court reporter. It looks like she may be using a Stentura. I’ve never seen a court reporter write like this in real life, with their machine with an attached paper tray sitting slanted on top of a desk…I still love seeing court reporters depicted on film though.

Check out the scene below:

I love the fashion on this show. I also love that, in this scene, Billie Lourd replaced her ubiquitous earmuffs with a hairstyle that pays homage to her mom. This show reminds me of Popular. Did anyone else watch that show growing up?

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March 9 2017

Theory Thursday: Suffix Briefs Part 10

I Love Steno The Student Edition (Cropped)
The following are briefs for suffixes: (Note: When d-defining, don’t forget to define the briefs with the format symbol for suffixes.)

{Suffix}ing= -G
{Suffix}ings= -GS
{Suffix}iologist= YO*LGT
{Suffix}iologists= YO*LGTS
{Suffix}ior= YO*R
{Suffix}ious= SH*US
{Suffix}ips= *IPS
{Suffix}ire= *IR
{Suffix}ish= *IRB
{Suffix}ism= IFM
{Suffix}ism= IFMS
{Suffix}ist= IFT
{Suffix}ists= IFTS
{Suffix}istic= ST-K or ST*IK
Suffix}istics= ST-KS or ST*IKS

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March 9 2017

Briefs, Phrases, and Legal Terminology From Boston Legal Season 1, Episode 6


neurologist= NAOURLGT
issues= IRBS
rheumatoid= RAOUM/TO*ID or RAOM/TO*ID
arthritis= THRAOITS
adrenaline= DRENL
denied= D-ND
bail= BAIL
Yale= YAIL
recommend= REM
matrimonial= MAT/MO*ENL
umbilical= UM/BIL/KA*L
blood= BLAOD
cancer= KAERN
delivery room= DLOIFRM
gesture= JEFRT
myeloma= MAOI/LOE/MA*
diagnosed= D-GD
chemo= KMOE
bone= BOEN
marrow= MA/RO*E
transplant= TRANLT
freezer= FRAOERZ
maybe= MAEB
lawsuit= LAUT
volunteering= VOE/-G
volunteer= VOE
deposition= DEPGS
manipulated= MIPD
second degree= S-D
calendar= KALD
breakfast= BREFS
cognitive= KOFNGT
impairment= KBAIRMT
tobacco= TBAK
colliding= KLAOIGD
brain= BRAIN
stimulator= STLAIRT
foreign= FOERN
expensive= XEFNS
citation= KRAOIGS or SAOI/TA*IGS
commercial= KMERBL
false= FALS
accusations= KAOUGSZ
speech= SPAOEFP
political= PLIL
analogy= NAOLG
injunction= NUNGS or KBUNGS
injunctive= NUFNGT or KB*UFNGT
relief= RAOEFL
government= GOFT
department= DEPT
slander= SLARND
gentleman= JA
defending= D-FG
judicial= JURBL
excruciating= SKRAOURBGT
victory= VOIKT
discouraging= DURJ/-G
dominate= DOMT
superior= SYOR
coffee= KO*EF
urgency= URGZ
and I understand= SKPINDZ
transfusion= TR-FGS
biological= BL-L
literature= LIRT
representation= REPGS
instructions= STRUXZ
explicit+ XLIFT
memory= MEM
election= LEX
lobby= LOIB
machine= M-N
anticipate= PAET
contingency= TIJZ
weekend= WEND
especially= EP
attorney= TOERN
obligation= BLIGS
hazard= HAZ
media= DWRA
consultant= SKUNLT
downstairs= DOUNTS
cell phone= SLOEN
humiliated= HULTD
interview= SBAOUF
for a moment= FROMT
favorite= FAIFRT
movie= MO*EF
memorandum= MUMD
signature= SIGT
divorce= DWORS
transaction= TR-X
currency= KURNZ
forensic= FRENS
accountants= K-NTS
bottom= BOT
law school= LAOL
central= STRAL
ethics= TH*EX
committee= KMAOE
regardless= RARLS
sorry= SOR
notice= N-TS
inflammatory= KBLARMT
appellate= AEPT
I don’t understand= YONDZ
refrigerated= FRIRTD
oncology= AON/KOLG
candidate= KAND

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