June 29 2015

Random Briefs

psycho= SKOE
psychological= SKLL
psychologist= SKOLGT
psychologists= SKOLGTS
psychology= SKOLG
psychopath= SKPA*T
psychopathic= SKPA*KT
psychoses= SKOESZ or SKAOISZ
psychosis= SKOEZ or SKAOIZ
psychotic= SKOKT
psychotropic= STROEP
psychotropic medication= STROEPGS
psychotropic medicine= STROEPD
psychotropic meds= STROEPDZ

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June 26 2015

Friday Phrases

Friday Phrases Logo
Mr. Speaker= MRFRK
if I happen= FIP
if I happened= FIPD
rules and regulations= RAOUGS
inalienable right= KBAEBLT
inalienable right= KBAEBLTS
in touch= KBUFP
in town= KBOUN
in turn= KBURN
ground rule= GROURNL
ground rules= GROURNLS

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June 25 2015

Steno Fitness: The Different Types Of Yoga (Part 1)

I Love Steno Logo (Cropped)Hatha Yoga- Integrates postures, relaxation, breathing exercises, and meditation to stretch, condition, and strengthen.

Vinyasa Yoga- Flowing sequences of challenging poses with an emphasis on breathing techniques.

Iyengar Yoga- Focuses on precise body alignment. Helps to enhance flexibility, endurance, balance and strength via coordinated breathing.

Bikram Yoga- Yoga done in a heated environment of at least 95 degrees, to up to 105 degrees. This type of yoga focuses on muscular strength and endurance, cardiovascular fitness, flexibility, and weight loss.

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June 25 2015

Theory Thursday: How To Drop For 60-80 WPM Students

I first posted the following video on this blog in 2012, when I was still a student. This video was the first time I came across this type of advice. I introduced the video with the following explanation: “Here’s a video with advice on how to drop when being tested.

When I started taking speed tests, I didn’t think about this method. My method was always to try to get every word…Different strokes for different folks; literally. Lol.

Everybody has their own methods. However, this video definitely gave me something to think about. I greatly appreciate the speaker’s advice.”

Once again, I’m posting this video in the hopes that it might help some students. Remember, as always, do what works best for you!

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June 24 2015

Rules Of Grammar: Canvas vs Canvass

Canvas is defined as follows: “(1) A heavy, strong cloth of various grades, used for sails, tents, etc. (2) A piece of such cloth; a sail. (3) A strong, closely woven cloth stretched on a frame and prepared for the reception of colors, as in paintings. (4) A painting. (5) A square-meshed fabric of linen, silk, or the like, on which embroidery or tapestry is worked with a needle. (6) A tent; especially, circus tent.”

When someone is talking about surveying an area, canvass is used. Canvass is defined as follows: “(1) The going about to solicit orders, interest, or votes. (2) A political campaign. (3) A survey taken to ascertain sentiment. (4) A detailed examination; especially, a sifting of votes in an election; a recount.”

Machine Briefs:
OPTION #1: canvas= KAN/VAS
OPTION #2: canvas= KAN/VA*S
OPTION #3: canvas= KWAS

OPTION #1: canvass= KA*N/VA*S
OPTION #2: canvass= KWA*S

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June 23 2015

Legal Vocabulary: Case Law vs. Statutory Law

Case law also known as common law is defined as follows: “Law based upon or settled by decided cases; decisions handed down by judges and having the effect of law.”

Statutory law is defined as: “The law as set forth in statutes. (A legislative enactment duly sanctioned and authenticated by constitutional rule; act of Parliament, Congress, etc.; also, any authoritatively declared rule, ordinance, decree, or law.)”

Here’s a quick video that explains the difference between case and statutory law:

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June 22 2015

Medical Monday: Calenture

Calenture is defined as follows: “(1) A tropical remittent fever caused by extreme heat and accompanied by delirium and hallucinations. (2) Sunstroke.”

Machine Briefs:

OPTION #1: calenture= KAL/*EN/T*UR
OPTION #2: calenture= KAL/*EN/TAO*UR
OPTION #3: calenture= KAL/LEN/T*UR
OPTION #4: calenture= KAL/LEN/TAO*UR
OPTION #5: calenture= KANL/T*UR
OPTION #6: calenture= KANL/TAO*UR

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