December 30 2017

2017 Dictionary Challenge- Finished In The Nick Of Time

2017 Dictionary 1

2017 Dictionary 2

2017 Dictionary 3

With about 48 hours to spare, I finished my dictionary goal for 2017. Yesterday, after three years, I was able to finally complete entering all of the words from, “The New International Webster’s Comprehensive Dictionary of The English Language” A-Na Volume. This book is the first volume of a two-volume set.

After lugging my dictionary around for three years, it looks like the pictures above. The dictionary has been my daily companion for three years, and it definitely shows. Lol.

Tomorrow, or the day after, I will post my dictionary goal for 2018. I’m looking forward to finishing up this two-volume set, and moving on to my specialty dictionaries.

Love, Speed, and Accuracy,

Elsie Villega

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December 22 2017

Briefs And Phrases From Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman Poster
beautiful= BAOUF
magic= MIJ
wonder= WURND
cherishing= KHERG
another= NOER
story= STOER
altogether= AULGT
difficult= DIF
ago= AG
I will= IL
be the= -BT
hello= HO*EL
again= GEN
mother= MOER
are you= RU
today= TOD
you think= AOUNG
training= TRAING
ready= R-D
I could= IKD
begin= GIN
at least= TLAOEFT
defend= D-F
herself= HERZ
army= AERM
general= JEN
scorpion= SKORP/YO*N
island= AOILD
only= PENL
promise= PROM
to be= TOB
careful= KAIF
it’s= -TS
fighting= FAOIGT
edges= EJS
precious= PRERBS
sculpted= SKUPLTD
Zeus= SAO*UZ
battle= BALT
all of= A*UFL
history= HIFT
beings= -BGZ
passionate= PARBT
amazons= AM/SO*NS
peace= PAES
brief= BRAOEF
queen= KWAOEN
revolt= RAOEFLT
enslavement= EN/SLAIFMT
defense= D-FNS
power= POUR
return= RURN
finish= FINS
mission= MIGS
finally= FLAOINL
destroy= STROI
themselves= THEMZ
weapon= WEP
enough= NUF
created= KRAOETD
has been= HAB
quiet= KWAET
paradise= PAR/DAO*IS
can I see= KIZ
it= T-
tower= TOUR
wield= WAOELD
who will= WHOL
that is not= THAFNT
concern= KERN
stronger= STRORNG
powers= POURS
I was= IFS
betrayed= BRAE/-D
sister= ST-R
to the= TOT
choice= KHOIS
neglect= NEG
duty= DAOUT
alive= LOIF
you feel= UFL
she gets= SHEGTS
sooner= SAORN
this is= TH-S
the= -T
protect= PROEKT
you will= UL
better= BERT
never= NEFR
I’m sorry= AOIMS
what have= WHAF
from= FR-
scouts= SKOUTS
go= G-
there= THR-
forward= FAORD
you’re= YO*UR
look like= LAOBLG
who are= WHOR
out of= OUF
Germans= GER/MA*NS
away= WA*I
lasso= LAS/O*E
danger= DAIJ
I am= IM
British= BRIRB
intelligence= TEJS
leader= LAOERD
empire= KBAOIR
pilots= PAOILTS
according= KWORG
intel= SBEL
troops= TRAOPS
money= MUN
munitions= MAOUNGSZ
Turks= TURKZ
invented= KBFNTD
psychopath= SKPA*T
what I could= WHAIKD
millions= M-LS
observe= OEB
report= RORP
nothing= NOG
I had= ID
to do= TAOD
something= S-G
doctor= DR-
if I can= FIK
it could= T-KD
countries= KUNTS
years= Y-RS
civilians= SIFNLS
innocent= N-NT
people= PAOEPL
women= WIM
children= KHIRN
slaughtered= SLAURTD
villages= VILS
looted= LAOTD
soldier= SOL/J*ER
warrior= WAR/YO*R
imagine= MAJ
everything= EFRG
without= WOUT
already= L-RD
simply= SOIM
this much= TH-FP
is it true= STRAOU
that you= THAU
I didn’t see= YIZ
would you say= WOUS
typical= TOIP
example= X-M
above= BOF
average= AFRJ
what’s= WHAES
watch= WAFP
father= FA*ER
because= BAUS
little= LIL
what is= WHAS
hundreds= HUNS
languages= LANGS
bridge= BRIJ
greater= GRAERT
understanding= NANGD
thank you= THAUNG
let me ask= SKLEM
anyone= NIN
why= Y-
do you want= DOUPT
to go= TOG
I guess= IGS
I got= *IGT
if you see= FUZ
something= S-G
happening= HAPG
in the= N-T
either= AOERT
water= WAURT
didn’t= D-NT
earlier= RERL
with you= WU
sacred= SKRAID
is the= S-T
outfit= AOUT/FIT
you will= UL
we are= WER
we’re= WAO*ER
do you not= DOUNT
I’m going= AOIMG
lost= LO*S
I have= IF
I understand= INDZ
beloved= BLOFD
worthy= WOIRT
deserve= DEFRB
you have been= UFB
you have= UF
how long= HOUNG
until= N-L
reach= RAOEFP
France= FRANS
sea= SAE
intense= SBENS
if you= FU
responsibility= SPONLT
appreciate= PRAOERBT
and I could= SKPIKD
influence= FLUNS
will be= L-B
what are you= WHA*UR
women= WIM
yes, I do= YOID
confines= KWAOINS
marriage= MAERJ
polite= PLOIT
assume= SAOUM
judge= JUJ
swear= SWAIR
honor= HON
cherish= KHER
no idea= NY-D
pleasure= PLERB
volumes= VAOUMS
enjoy= GOI
excuses= SKAOUSZ
complacent= KPLAIFNT
Germany= JOIRM
armistice= AR/MIS/T*IS
you will= UL
I believe= AOIBL
succeed= S-KD
you were= URP
on this= ONTS
earth= *ERT
different= DIFRN
type of= TAOIFP
strength= STRENG
what I think= WHAING
to be= TOB
going= G-G
terrible= TERBL
text= TEGT
superiors= SYORS
promise= PROM
first= FIRS
deliver= DLIFR
ticket= TIKT
baby= BAEB
single= SINL
secretary= SEKT
what is= WHAS
I really= *IRL
I like= AOIBLG
question= KWE
conservative= SKEFRBT
principles= PRINZ
occasions= KAEFNS
arise= RIS
lovely= LOFL
itchy= IFP/YI
where is= WR-S
distracting= SDRAKT/-G
specs= SP*EKS
myself= MAOIZ
captain= KAPT
convention= KWENGS
did I= SDI
do you think= DOUNG
help= HEP
immensely= KBENLS
negotiate= GOERBT
achieve= KHAEF
what the= WHAT
woman= WOM
apology= GAOE
poison= POIFN OR PO*IS
herself= HERZ
intriguing= SBRAOEG/-G
intelligence= TEJS
cryptography= KRIPT/TOG/GRA*EF
mixture= MURX
formula= FLA
kind of= KAOIF
hydrogen= HAOIJ
sulfur= SUL/F*ER
release= RAOES
at the= TE
doesn’t= DOENT
Belgium= BEL/J*UM
occupy= OUP
surrender= SRERND
logistical= L-JT/KA*L
ideas= Y-DZ
gentlemen= JE
excuse me= SKAOUM
peacocks= PAE/KO*KS
that’s= THAES
hi= HI
I wouldn’t= YAO
where’s= WRAES
what were= WHARP
about= B-
expert= SPERT
how do you know= HAOUN
who you= WHOU
honor= HON
freedom= FRAOEM
friendship= FROIP
frightened= FRAOINTD
honorable= HONL
facility= FAEFLT
along= LAONG
very= VE
welcome= WEM
good luck= GLUK
should be= SHUB
proud= PRO*UD
expecting= XEKT/-G
before= B-F
smuggler= SMURLG
murderer= MRURD
pretend= PREND
somebody else= S-BLS
awful= AUFL
counsel= KOUN
shortages= SHORJS
delay= DLAI
thousands= THOUS
attack= TW-K
24 hours= 24OURS
guns= G-NS
evening= AOENG
in this= NIS
people= PAOEPL
nothing= NOG
animals= ANLS
this is not= TH-FNT
what is= WHAS
you want= UPT
across the= KRAOTS
inches= N-FPS
everyone= EFRN
battles= BALTS
away= WA*I
jeopardizing= JEPGZ
accord= KAORD
of course,= -FX
forbid= FORBD
tomorrow= TOM
they have= THEF
breakfast= BREFS
paper= PAIRP
babies= BAEBS
to us= TOUS
fellows= FLELS
capable= KPAIBL
money= MUN
What happened= WHAPD
dangerous= DAIJS
follow= FOL
better= BERT
do you say= DO*US
colonel= KOL
invitation= VAOIGS
stupid= STAOUPD
I don’t= YO
confess= FES
celebrating= SBRAIGT
victory= VOIRKT
ancient= SHENT
they understood= THEND
sacrifice= SFIS
exchange= XAING
purpose= PURP
party= PAERT
mortal= MORLT
courageous= KURJS
normal= NOL
many= MAEN
he was= EFS
we could= WEKD
magnificent= NIFNT
as you= SU
match= MAFP
name of= NAIFM
complete= KPLAOET
forever= FOFR
all of this= AUFLTS
should have= SHUF
they can= THEK
they are= THER
where’s= WRAES
destruction= SDRUX
deserve= DEFRB
is it= ST-
future= FAOUT
you could see= UKDZ
suffering= SUFRG
radio= RAO
is that= STHA
did this= SD-TS
ugly= OIG
what you believe= WHAUBL
I believe= AOIBL
inside= N-DZ
always= AULS

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December 22 2017

Friday Phrases

Friday Phrases Logo
instruct her= STHER
instruct him= STHIM
instruct the witness= STWIT
instructs her= STHERS
instructs him= STHIMS
instructs the witness= STWITD
instructed her= STHERD
instructed him= STHIMD
instructed the witness= STWITD
instructing her= STHERG
instructing him= STHIMG
instructing the witness= STWIGT

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December 12 2017

Rules Of Grammar: Pangram Sentence

Rules Of Grammar LogoA pangram sentence is a sentence that contains every letter of the alphabet. An example of a pangram sentence is the sentence that is often used in word processing programs, and other computer programs, to display the appearance of various font types: The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.

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