June 29 2018

Friday Phrases

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you ever see= UFRZ
did you ever see= SDUFRZ
talk about= TAUB
talk about the= TAUBT
talk about this= TAUBTS
talk about it= TA*UBT
what I ask= WHAIFK
what I asked= WHAIFKD
when I asked= WH*IFKD
what it= WHA*T
what this= WHA*TS

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June 22 2018

Briefs And Phrases From Luke Cage- Season 1, Episode 1

Luke Cage Season 1 Episode 1
Russian= RURB/YA*N
Latvian= LAT/VAOE/A*N
Jordan= JORND
haircut= HAIRKT
godfather= GOD/DL-S/FA*ER
Scarface= SKAR/FA*IS
Oakley= OEK/LI
Anthony= A*NT/NAO*E
Carlito= KAR/LAOE/TO*E
James= JAIMS
Lebron= LA/BRO*N
Instagramming= INTS/GRA*MG
Instagram= INTS/GRA*M
purpose= PURP
record= RORD
towels= TOULS
window= WID
spotless= SPOT/-LS
coaches= KOEFPS
Patiño= PA/TAOE/N*OE
Shameek= SHA/MAO*EK
counselor= KOURN
jinx= J*INGS
tonight= TONT
repeat= RAOEPT
coffee= KO*EF
lawyer= LAUR
I will= IL
briefcase= BRAOEFK
broom= BRAOM
I know= AOIN
on the= ONT
Reva= RAOE/VA*
cup= K*UP
bulletproof= BLAOF
nicknames= NIK/NA*IMS
shotgun= SG-N
headache= HAEK
occasional= KAEFNL
power= POUR
downtown= DWOUN
you could= UKD
ambitious= BIRBS
ambition= BIGS
beaten= BAENT
exotic= XOKT
fish= FIRB
fugitive= FAOUJT
forward= FAORD
backwards= BAURDZ
day-to-day= D-TD
watch= WAFP
Wilfredo= WIL/FRAID/O*E
money= MUN
gun= G-N
I don’t need= YOFRN
always= AULS
Blu-ray= BLU/RA*I
monster= MOFRNT
incident= DIN
footage= FAOJ
bleach= BLAOEFP
corner= KRORN
New York= NORK
Ollie= OL/YI
hundred= HUN
bartender= BAERND
standards= ST-DZ
excuse me= SKAOUM
Raphael= RAF/Y*EL
Saadiq= SA/DAO*EK
Harlem= HAR/L*EM
paradise= PAR/DAO*IS
councilwoman= KOUNL/W*OM
real estate= RAE
project= PROJ
politics= PLIKS
cosmo= KOZ/MO*E
jacket= JAKT
partnership= POIP
Salvador= SAL/VA/DO*R
album= AL/B*UM
touche= TAOU/SHA*I
contribution= KR-X
celebrate= SBRAIT
listen= L-N
Kool-Aid= KAOL/A*ID
something= S-G
otherwise= OERZ
legacy= LEGZ
legitimate= JIT
illegal= ILG
constitution= STAOUGS
Domingo= DOE/MING/GO*E
loud= LO*UD
permanently= PERM/LI
crème de la crème= KREM/DAI/LA/KREM
wholesale= WHOEL/SA*EL
serial= SAOERL
numbers= NUBS
inventory= VEN
easy= AOEZ
what happens= WHAPS
confirm= KWIRM
happy= HAEP
delivers= DLIFRS
confess= FES
angel= A*ENLG
million dollars= M-LDZ
snitched= SNIFPD
Dante= DON/TA*I
rich= RIFP
bench= BEFP
assume= SAOUM
ponder= PORND
another= NOER
promoted= PROEMTD
Candice= KAN/D*IS
Adam= AD/A*M
Clayton= KLAY/TO*N
Powell= POUL
Uber= AO*UB/*ER
Escalade= ES/KA/LA*ID
coffee= KO*EF
talk= TAUK
Comanche= KMAN/KHAO*E
phone number= FUB
financial= F-NL
auditor= AURTD
Dominicans= DOE/MIN/KA*NS
Cubans= KAOU/BA*NS
Puerto Ricans= P-RNS/P-RNS
Chapman= KHAP/MA*N
Cornell= KORNL
Seagate= SAE/GA*IT
Ray= RA*I/RA*I
Charles= KHARLS
Jedi= JED/AO*I
it happened= T-PD
follower= FORL
community= KMAOUNT
Marisol= MAr/SO*L
darling= DARLG
hamburgers= HAM/BR*URGS
welcomes= WEMS
at the same time= TAIMT
Langston= LAING/STO*N
Hughes= HAO*US
jewel= JAOUL
America= MERK
prosperity= PROFRPT
excellence= XLENS
Crispus= KRIS/P*US
Attucks= AT/T*UKS
Megan= MEG/A*N
tributes= TRIBTS
Jamaica= JA/JA
photographed= FOEFD
Mariah= MA/RAOI/A*
audit= AUTD
junkyard= J*UNG/YA*RD
sunglasses= SUN/GLA*SZ
behind= HIND
details= SDAILS
summer= SMER
league= LAOEG
Rucker= RUK/*ER
confirmation= KWIRMGS
circling= SL-G
wagons= WA*NGS
personally= PLERNL
Biggie= B*IG/YI
kind of= KAOIF
homeboy= HOEM/BO*I
we can= WEK
fetch= FEFP
loneliness= LOENL/-NS
attempts= TAEMTS
befriend= BAOE/FR*END
alive= LOIF
focused= FOEKS/-D
Smith= SM*IT
pockets= POKTS
dental= DENLT
somewhere else= SWR-LS
Benjamin= BEN/JA/M*IN
Franklin= FRA*ING/LIN
electrocute= TROE/KAO*UT
theories= THAOERS
president= PREZ
impressive= KBREFS
credit= KRED
did this= D-TS

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June 21 2018

Briefs And Phrases From Jessica Jones- Season 2, Episode 13

Jessica Jones Season 2 Episode 13

aspirin= SPIRN
transit= TRIT
to you= TOU
too much= TAOFP
unconscious= KOUNS
from you= FRU
vitals= VAO*ILTS
sample= SAM
professionals= PROEFLS
border= BRORD
ignition= IG/N*IGS
coma= KMA
convict= VIKT
powerful= POUF
we can= WEK
pedestal= PES/STA*L
limping= LIFRPG
barf= BA*FR
this morning= THORNG
amazing= MAEGS
psychopath= SKO*EPT
to be= TOB
intense= SBENS
downward= DOURND
Tuesday= TAOUS
progress= PROG
information= N-FGS
freelance= FRAOENLS
partner= PARN
phone call= FOENG
disposable= SDPOEFBL
e-mailed= AOEMD
you have= UF
followed= FOLD
searched= SEFPD
north= NORT
summoned= SMOND
exit= XIT
priorities= PRAOIRTS
carefully= KAIFL
ashram= ARB/RA*M
zeros= S*ERS
incentives= SNIFS
chocolate= KHOKT
I didn’t tell= YIT
proof= PRAOF
severance= SWERNS
double= DUBL
impropriety= KBROE/PRAO*IT
expose= SKPOES
skeletons= SKENLTS
scorch= SKOFRP
patch= PAFP
satisfied= SAEFD
law firm= LAUFRM
unlicensed= UN/L-NS/-D
qualified= Q-FD
shingle= SHINLG
qualify= Q-F
chaturangas= KHAT/RAN/GA*S or KHAT/RANG/A*S
Adirondack= AD/RON/DA*K
literally= LAIRL
villages= VILS
rescue= SKWU
unitard= AOUN/TA*RD
gratifying= GROIFG
accomplice= KPLIS
listening= L-NG
vicinity= VINT
Westchester= WEFT/KH*EFRT
finances= F-NS
brouhaha= BRAOU/HA/HA*
badge= BAJ
psycho= SKOE
kidnapped= KIPD
aiding and abetting= AIBGT
escape= SKAEP
I think= AOING
no idea= NY-D
if anything= FAENG
occurs= KURZ
to you= TOU
goodbye= GAOIB
sweetheart= SWHART
as far as= SFARS
damage= DAJ
somehow= SHOU
standing= STANG
rubble= RUBL
let me see= LEMZ
do you see= DOUZ
weapon= WEP
weapons= WEPS
exist= XIFT
again= GEN
police= PLIS
neighborhood= NAEBD
texted= TEGTD
dangerous= DAIJS
she was= SHAOEFS
I had= ID
lost= LO*S
square feet= SKWAOET
associates= SOERBTS
office= OFS
conference= K-FRNS
numbers= NUBS
autonomy= AU/TON/MAO*E
opportunity= TAOUNT
object= OB
discretion= SDREGS
essential= SERB
legal= LAOEL
entirely= SBAOIRL
welcome= WEM
untethered= UN/T*ERTD
chosen= KHOEFN
celebrating= SBRAIGT
liquor= LIR
jumpy= JUFRP/YI
bottle= BOLT

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June 20 2018

Briefs And Phrases From Jessica Jones- Season 2, Episode 12

Jessica Jones Season 2 Episode 12

what you told= WHAULT
what’s happening= WHAEPG
resilience= RILS
Akoya= A/KOI/YA*
triple= TR*IPL
Birkin= BIR/K*IN
especially= EP
spasms= SPAFMS
symptom= STOM
electrical= LEBLG
activity= TIFT
preying= PRA*IG
powers= POURS
other than= OERN
seventeen= SFAOEN
perspective= PEFRPT
extraordinary= XOERD
look like= LAOBLG
anywhere else= NIRLS
relative= REFLT
whoever= WHOFR
episodes= SPOEDZ
receptionist= REFPGTS
radio= RAO
hospitalized= HOPDZ
influenced= FLUND
routine= RAOUNT
animal= ANL
charlatan= KHARNLT
advantage= VANG
radio station= RAOGS
backup= BUP
supply= SPLAOI
police report= PLORP
compensated= KP*END
stereo= STER
I don’t want= YOPT
centimeters= SMAOERTS
so much= SOFP
no more= NOERM
cancel= KAEL
supplier= SPLAOIR
assurance= SHURNS
twenty= TWENT
thirty= THIRT
thousand= THOU
commendable= KMENL
loyalty= LOILT
replace= PLAEFR
Cartier= KART/YA* or KART/Y*ER
espresso= ES/PRES/O*E
machine= M-N
earrings= AOERNGS
yesterday= YED
fancy= FAENS
lawyer= LAUR
consolation= SKOELGS
address= DRAES
legacy= LEGZ
monster= MOFRNT
disaster= SDA*S
available= VAIBL
headache= HAEK
menace= MENS
Dorothy= DO*RT/YI
surgery= SURG
only= OENL
reason= R-N
expense= XENS
booze= BAOZ
focus= FOEKS
ridiculous= KAOULS
expectations= XEXZ
I feel= IFL
in my= NAOI
confused= KWAOUFD
apartment= PARMT
first time= FIRMT
I can’t let= YALT
anyone else= NINLS
I don’t want= YOPT
murderer= MRURD
Simpson= SIFRP/SO*N
bedroom= BERM
closet= KLO*S
elements= L-MTS
Porsche= PO*RB
afford= FAURD
disappoint= SDPOINT
dirty= DOIRT
immaculate= AOE/MAK/LA*T or AOE/MAK/LA*IT
heart attack= HAURK
appreciate= PRAOERBT
bodies= BOEDZ
morgue= MORG
celebrity= SBRIT
Columbus= KLUM/B*US
crushed= KRURBD
for the record= FRORD
champagne= SHAM/PA*IN
did you go= SDUG
you went= UFRG
wasn’t= WAENT
commissary= KOM/SA*ER
candy= KAEND
of course,= -FX
he would= ELD
women= WIM
build= BL-
he needs= EFRNS
damaged= DAJD
desperate= DPRAT
manipulate= MIP
money= MUN
how much= HOUFP
as quick as= SQIKS
he can= EK
maybe= MAEB
less than= LAEFN
guns= G-NS
personal= PERNL
option= OPGS
it’s= -TS
inch= N-FP
techniques= NAOEKS
reach= RAOEFP
viable= VAOIBL

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June 19 2018

Briefs And Phrases From Jessica Jones- Season 2, Episode 11

Jessica Jones Season 2 Episode 11
Marianas= MAR/YI/*AN/*AS
hydrosphere= HAOIRD/SFAO*ER
hypocrite= HIPT
warehouse= WROUS
physician= F-GS
Telazol= TEL/S*OL
you have to= UFTD
breakfast= BREFS
mutual= MAOUFP
respect= R-PT
peace= PAES
opposite= OPS
enjoy= GOI
phone call= FOENG
substitute= STUT
whether she wants= SWHREPTS
or not= ORNT
accept= SEP
decline= DLAOIN
I wanted= IPTD
I just= IJT
replacement= PLAEFRMT
did you have= SDUF
did you go= SDUG
I went= IFRG
listened= L*ND
proud= PRO*UD
extortion= STORGS
forgery= FOERJ
quaint= QAINT
alley= LAEL
inside= N-DZ
forever= FOFR
effective= FEF
whatever= WHAFR
valuable= VABL
crazy= KRAEZ
insane= SNAIN
gory= GOIR
psycho= SKOE
figures= FIGZ
sidewalk= SWAUK
little= LIL
police= PLIS
academy= DWAD
complicated= KPLIKTD
difference= DIFRN
papers= PAIRPS
finding= FAOING
did you tell= SDULT
where he was= WREFS
problem= BLEM
addictive= DIFKT
justice= JUS
if I believed= FIBLD
as if you need= SFUFRN
sadistic= SDIFKT
invite= VAOIT
betrayal= BRAEL
visual= VIFL
app= AP
addiction= DIX
something= S-G
triangulate= TRAOINL/LA*IT
athletic= TLEKT
translucent= TRANZ/LAOUFNT
empty= EMT
anonymous= NOUMS
banter= BAERNT
delusion= DLAOUGS
functional= FUNLGS
designed= SDAOIND
do you really= DO*URL
Uruguay= UR/GA*I
garden= GAERN
science= SAOINZ
harnessed= HARNS/-D
extraordinary= XOERD
picture= PIR
hero= HOER
I said= IDZ
associate= SOERBT
investigator= VERGT
binge= BIJ
rehab= RAB
how far= HOUF
is he= SE
from you= FRU
irony= OIRN
practically= PRAEL
in the= N-T
addict= DIKT
enabling= KBAIBLG
I will= IL
Pacific= PAFK
trench= TREFP
Everest= EFR/EFT
depth= D*EPT
meters= MAOERTS
ocean= OEGS
memory= MEM
minute= MIN
fascinate= FAEFNT
research= REFP
powerful= POUF
polite= PLOIT
we should= WERBLD
clinic= KLIN
inhaler= KBHAIRL
you think= AOUNG
withdrawal= WRAUL
adopt= DOPT
unless= N-LS
kennel= KENL
feline= FAOE/LAO*IN
distemper= DIZ/TREFRP
vaccine= VAK/SAO*EN
unconscious= KOUNS
anesthetic= STHEKT
ideas= Y-DZ
virus= VAOIRS
genome= GAOE/NO*EM
abusive= BAOUFS
sister= ST-R
insurance= SNAOURS
commercial= KMERBL
cellular= SLAOUR
data= DAT
process= PROS
modified= MOIFD
genetic= GENGT
equipment= QIMT
embrace= KBRAIS
butcher= BUFRPT
hospital= HOPT
useless= AOUFLS
destroyed= STROID
she could= SHEKD
vegetable= VEJ
yourself= YOURZ
nowhere= NO*R
I believe= AOIBL
what you can= WHAUK
awfully= AUFL/LI
himself= HIMZ
half= HAF
enough= NUF
yesterday= YED
terrify= TROIF
social media= SDWRA
abandoned= BAUND
industrial= STRIL
retired= RIR
photo= FOET
alive= LOIF
all right= L-RT
answer= AENS
inmate= NAIT
do you need= DOFRN
medic= MEKD
immediately= MAOELD

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June 17 2018

Briefs And Phrases From Jessica Jones- Season 2, Episode 10

Jessica Jones Season 2 Episode 10
have a= VA
officer= OIFR
inmate= NAIT
weapons= WEPS
overkill= AUFR/KIL
constitutional= STAOUL
nullify= NUL/FAO*I
she told= SHAOELT
special circumstances= SPERKS
privacy= PRAOIFZ
attorney= TOERN
obviously= OEFLS
difficult= DIF
stipulations= STIPGSZ
excuse me= SKAOUM
camera= KMRA
sizzle= SILZ
color= KLOR
solitary= SOL/TA*ER
confinement= KWAOIMT
tranquilizers= TRA*ING/LAO*IRSZ
visitation= VIFGS
relationship= ROIP
with your= WUR
daughter= DAUR
humane= HAO*UM
confession= FEGS
can find= K-FND
DA’s office= DA*OFS
population= POPGS
number= NUB
percent= PERS
incarceration= KRAIGS
addiction= DIX
water= WAURT
what you want= WHAUPT
history= HIFT
tabloid= TAB/LO*ID
Barbies= BAR/BAO*ES
special= SPERB
preservation= PREFRBGS
tomorrow= TOM
female= FAEL
suspect= S-PT
consider= K-R
convince= KWINS
are you= RU
where are you= WR*UR
sober= SOERB
scooping= SKAOPG
story= STOER
alias= AILZ
woman= WOM
is= S-
anyone= NIN
consistently= KAONLT
pretty= PRIT
inhaler= KBHAIRL
no idea= NY-D
first place= FIRPS
cell phone= SLOEN
how much= HOUFP
you know= YAOUN
involved= VOFD
deserve= DEFRB
recovering= ROFRG
worried= WOIRD
what I would= WHAILD
months= MOS
I can’t do= YAD
I know= AOIN
inside= N-DZ
Saturday= SATD
everything= EFRG
reforming= R-FRMG
selfish= SFIRB
Guantánamo= GAUN/TAN/MO*E
downstairs= DOUNTS
I’m going= AOIMG
residue= REZ/DAO*U
including= KLUG
organic= GO*RNG
element= L-MT
interested= TR-
what do you mean= WHAOUM
chemicals= KHEMS
human being= HAOUB
liver= LIFR
kidney= KAOEND
failure= FLUR
immunodeficiency= KBAOUN/O*E/DPIRBZ
neurological= NAOUR/L-L
is it= ST-
compound= KPOUN
ingredient= GRAOENT
delay= DLAI
transfer= TR-FR
illegal= ILG
protocol= PROELT
issue= IRB
will be= L-B
equation= KWAIGS
can you get= KUGT
you should= URBD
beneficiary= BERB
really= R-L
clinic= KLIN
conscious= KONS
attacked= TW-KD
decisions= SDIGSZ
miraculous= MIRBLG/L*US
unethical= UN/TH*EBLG
profit= PROFT
eliminating= L*IMG
altogether= AULGT
vacation= VAIGS
recommended= REMD
exotic= XOKT
promise= OROM
Montevideo= MON/TAI/VA/DAI/O*E
do you remember= DOURM
minutes= MINS
Valentine’s Day= VAL/*EN/TAO*INS/DA*I
tiki= TAOE/KAO*E
paradise= PAR/DAO*IS
loyal= LOIL
to see= TOZ
mathematics= MA*KTS
diabetes= DAOIBTS
ourselves= OURSZ
lunch= LUFP
hungry= HOIRNG
vegetables= VEJS
finicky= FIN/KAO*E
will want= L-PT
leave me= LEFM
protein= PRAOEN
because of= BAUF
threshold= THREFLD
science= SAOINZ
warden= WAERND
questions= QES
journalist= JURNLT
personality= PERNLT
temper= TREFRP
so you want= SOUPT
pathetic= PA*EKT
career= KRAOER
surrender= SRERND
peacefully= PAEFL
can you= KU
investigation= VEGS
why I= Y*I
she will= SHAOEL
as fast as= SFAFTS
asleep= SLAEP
hallway= WLAI
rampage= RAM/PA*IJ
animal= ANL
I don’t= YO
coma= KMA
help= HEP
dangerous= DAIJS
Trish= TRIRB
manipulating= MIPG
especially= EP
grandparents= GRARNTS
or not= ORNT
ding= DING
24 hours= 24OURS
disappears= SPAERS
what do you do= WAO*U
pictures= PIRS
glamorous= GLAM/R*US
are you sure= RUZ
finally= FLAOINL
assembly= SBLI
you got= *UGT
paperwork= PAIRK
gratitude= GRAOUD
whatever= WHAFR
motivation= MOEFGS
and I understand= SKPIND
intentions= SBENGSZ
forgiveness= FRIFNS
I’m sorry= AOIMS
healer= HAERL
results= RULTS
business= BIS
on it= O*NT
what happened= WHAPD
as soon as= SNS
audition= AU/D*IGS
myself= MAOIZ
I don’t know= YON
how long= HOUNG
deleted= DLAOETD
emails= AOEMS
photo= FOET
yesterday= YED
I don’t believe= YOBL
location= LOEBGS
data= DAT
alone= LAON
tribute= TRIBT
achievement= KHAEMT
award= WAURD
trophies= TROEFS
suicides= SWAOIDZ

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June 16 2018

Briefs And Phrases From Jessica Jones- Season 2, Episode 9

Jessica Jones Season 2 Episode 9
inflammation= KBLAMGS
yellow= YOEL
plastic= PLAFK
receipts= RAOETS
America= MERK
custody= KUD
credit card= KRERKD
justice= JUS
tranq= TRA*ING
fancy= FAENS
spaghetti= SPA/GET/YI
closure= KLAOUR
cremated= KRAOEMTD
defend= D-F
million= M-L
Labradoodle= LAB/RA/DAO*LD
Sonia= SOEN/YA*
passports= PAFRPTS
Tokyo= TOEK/Y*OE
Syria= SIR/YA*
Syrian= SIR/YA*N
celiac= SAOEL/YA*K
gluten= GLAOUNT
energy= N-RJ
diseases= D-SZ
assaults= SAULTS
crawl= KRAUL
supermax= SAOUP/MA*X
freedom= FRAOEM
Oscar= OS/KA*R
address= DRAES
suitcases= SAOUKSZ
martyr= MAR/T*ER
puppet= P*UPT
profile= PROIL
dangle= DAING/*L
atrocities= A/TROFTS
witness= W-NS
like this= LAOIKTS
persuade= PRAED
prom= PRO*M
hero= HOER
stronghold= STRONG/HO*ELD
besieged= BAOE/SAO*EJD
artillery= AR/TIL/LA*ER
control= KROEL
alley= LAEL
boyfriend= BOIF
honesty= HONTS
radio= RAO
Garcia= GARZ
blogging= BLO*G/-G
blogger= BLO*G/*ER
bloggers= BLO*G/*ERS
relax= RAEK
eggs= EGS
example= X-M
Montreal= MON/TRA*EL
Niagara= NAOI/AG/RA*
emergencies= M-JS
notices= N-TS/-S
complacent= KPLAIFNT
comforter= K-FRT/*ER
denial= D-NL
poverty= POFRT
racism= RAIFM
research= REFP
illegal= ILG
volume= VAOUM
diets= DAO*ITS
anxiety= ANGT
microbe= MAOI/KRO*EB
cancer= KAERN
afflicted= A/FLIKTD
violence= V-LS
irritant= IRNT
intestines= SBEFNTS
autoimmune= AOT/KBAO*UN
shark= SHARK
cops= KOPS
detective= DEFKT
apartment= PARMT
neither= NAOERT
finish= FINS
do you= DOU
suggest= SUG
finger= FIRNG
kidnapping= KIPG
prison= PRIS
murder= MURD
remind fel= RAOIMD
felony= FLOIN
attempted= TAEMTD
bottom= BOT
how bad= HOUBD
assume= SAOUM
to do= TAOD
romantic= ROEMT
good luck= GLUK
mistakes= MAEKS
ruminate= RUM/NA*IT
future= FAOUT
targets= TARGTS
killer= K*IRL
killers= K*IRLS
ready= R-D
is that= STHA
normal= NOL
sponsor= SPORN
distraction= SDRAX
meeting= MAOEGT
where is= WR-S
window= WID
flesh= FLERB
silencer= SLERNS
temporary= TRAER
bullet= BULT
receive= SAOEF
priority= PRAOIRT
kind of= KAOIF
dramatic= DRAUMT
family= FAEM
toward= TAORD

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June 15 2018

Briefs And Phrases From Jessica Jones- Season 2, Episode 8

Jessica Jones Season 2 Episode 8
Spanish= SPIRB
misdemeanor= M-M
Chelsea= KHEL/SA*E or KHEL/SAO*E
courtroom= KRAOM
attorney= TOERN
lawyer= LAUR
psycho= SKOE
espresso= ES/PRES/O*E
siblings= SIBLGS
dining room= DAOIRM
groceries= GROIRS
snowballs= SNOEBLS
assault with a deadly weapon= SDWEP
before the accident= B-FRX
nirvana= NIR/VA/NA*
memories= MEMS
Christmases= KMASZ
Thanksgivings= THAFGS
Playland= PLAI/LA*ND
marshmallows= MA*RB/M*EL/O*ES
butter= BURT
summer= SMER
teenagers= TAIRJS
Ferris wheel= FER/*IS/WHAOEL
stubborn= STBORN
Helen= H*ENL
restraints= STRAENTS
tranq= TRA*ING
depraved= DPRAIFD
humor= HAOURM
cubics= KAOUB/*IKS
terrors= TRORS
prisoner= PRIRS
investigation= VEGS
formulas= FLAS
military= MILT
blab= BLAB
opportunistic= TAOUNT/ST-K
government= GOFT
breakfast= BREFS
premeditated= PRAOEMTD
menial= MAOEN/YAL
alive= LOIF
answer= AENS
disappeared= SPAERD
depressed= DPREFD
demoralized= DMORLDZ
about it= B*T
figure= FIG
assistant= SIFNT
associate= SOERBT
conventional= KWENLGS
romance= ROEMZ
romantic= ROEMT
like this= LAOIKTS
prison= PRIS
guilty= GELT
complex= KPLEX
focus= FOEX
plenty= PLENT
inhaler= KBHAIRL
allergies= LAOERJS
erratic= AOE/RA*KT
combat= KBAT
Simpson= SIFRP/SO*N
reflexes= R-FXZ
justify= JUF
essentially= SERBL
babysit= BAEBT
compost= KPOEFT
booze= BAOZ
seventeen= SFAOEN
healer= HAERL
twelve= TWEFL
attractive= TR-FK
professional= PROEFL
long time= LONGT
burgers= BRURGS
divorce= DWORS
ambitious= BIRBS
stifled= STAOIFLD
tenure= TEN/AO*UR
university= AOUFRT
inadequate= DWAT
suspended= SWEND/-D
pharmaceutical= FARL
medicate= MED/KA*IT
genetic= GENGT
consent= SKENT
adept= AD/*EPT
offshore= AUF/SHOR
advice= VIS
ugly= OIG
honest= HONS
sustainable= STAENL
traditional= TRAL
city= STI
upset= SPET
criminal= KRINL
convicted= VIKTD
baggage= BAG/A*J
dissolved= SDOFLD
enchilada= AON/KHA/LA/DA* or ON/KHA/LA/DA*
session= SEGS
cloud= KLOUD
hurry= HUR
worried= WOIRD
personal= PERNL
sedative= SDAFT
ramp= RAFRP
felon= FLON
felony= FLOIN
problem= BLEM
psychic= SKIK
in return= NRURN
grasping= GRAFPG
drama= DRAUM
company= K-P
expensive= XEFNS
busy= B-Z
pursuing= PRAOUG
nobody= NOB
as much as= SFPS
circle= SL-
trolls= TROLS
attitude= TAOUD
opiates= OEP/YA*ITS
addictive= DIFKT
adrenaline= DRENL
chute= KHAOUT
hallway= WLAI
celebrate= SBRAIT
Malcolm= MAL/KO*M
first time= FIRM
I really= *IRL
graze= GRAIZ
let me= LEM
hot toddies= HOT/TOD/YIS

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June 14 2018

Briefs And Phrases From Jessica Jones- Season 2, Episode 7

Jessica Jones Season 2 Episode 7 Pic 1
skeevy= SKAOEF/YI
tuition= TWIGS
mooching= MAOFPG
Bourbon= BUR/BO*N
champagne= SHAM/PA*IN
Kool-Aid= KAOL/A*ID
decibels= DEFBLS
biological= BL-L
atrophy= TRAOEF
protocol= PROELT
clinic= KLIN
trauma= TRAUM
genetic= GENGT
unconscious= KOUNS
technology= T-J
memory= MEM
coma= KMA
comatose= KMA/TO*ES
precaution= PRAUGS
transferred= TR-FRD
sedatives= SDAFTS
annoyingly= NOILG
roommates= RAOMTS
boyfriends= BOIFS
girlfriends= GOIFS
solution= SLAOUGS
party= PAERT
avoid= WOI
too many= TAOM
too many times= TAOMTS
experiment= XERMT
awesome= AUFM
24 hours= 24OURS
give me a second= GIFK
in the morning= NORNG
do you like= DOUBLG
car accident= KARX
Florida= FLA/FLA
marriage= MAERJ
counselor= KOURN
opportunity= TAOUNT
sugar= SHURG
miracle= MIRBLG
heaven= HEFN
progress= PROG
therapy= THAERP
memory= MEM
biogeneticist= BAOI/O*E/JA/NET/S*IFT
excellence= XLENS
impossible= KBOB
side effects= SFEKTS
editing= Y*IGT
regeneration= RAOE/JAIGS
structure= STRUR
revolutionary= R-FLGS/NA*ER
cells= KRELS
injured= J*URD
significant= SIG
rehab= RAB
addict= DIKT
interventions= SB-FNGSZ
recovery= ROIFR
daughter= DAUR
complications= KPLIXZ
video= VAO
platinum= PLAT/N*UM
sorry= SOR
college= KLEJ
bathroom= BARM
highball= HAOI/BA*UL
agent= AGT or AEGT
beautiful= BAOUF
harassing= HARGS
venom= VEN/O*M
murderers= MRURDZ
bartender= BRERND
bartend= BREND
measurements= MURMTS
severance= SWERNS
booze= BAOZ
arrested= ARD
rephrase= RAOEFRZ
first thing= FIRG
random= RAOND
remedied= R-MD/-D
disorder= DORD
multitask= MULT/TA*FK
discharged= DARJD
accident= SD-
I don’t believe= YOBL
seriously= SAOERLZ
kidnapped= KIPD
botched= BOFPD
media= DWRA
healthy= HOILT
distance= SDANS
consonant= KONS/NA*NT
cushion= KUFGS
collar= KLAR
maiden= MAIND
animal= ANL
plumber= PLUM/*ER
idea= Y-D
license= L-NS
obvious= OEFS
Sunday= SUND
sister= ST-R
Detroit= DROIT
circle= SL-
vicariously= VAOI/KARBS/LI
McQueen= M*K/QAO*EN
burden= BURD
all of it= A*UFLT
manager= M-G
investors= VEFRS
rescue= SKWU
milligrams= MILGS
barracuda= BAR/KAOUD/A*
admin= DMIN
orange= ORNG
midnight= MAOID
neighborhood= NAEBD
investment= VEFMT
interest= TR-
Dorothy= DO*RT/YI
condolences= KAUN/DLENSZ
specifically= SPEFL
apparently= PAERNLT
brutal= BRAOUL
doorknob= DAOR/NO*B
muscle= MUFL
persuade= PRAED
quarter= QAERT
condition= K-N
text= TEGT

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