June 19 2018

Briefs And Phrases From Jessica Jones- Season 2, Episode 11

Jessica Jones Season 2 Episode 11
Marianas= MAR/YI/*AN/*AS
hydrosphere= HAOIRD/SFAO*ER
hypocrite= HIPT
warehouse= WROUS
physician= F-GS
Telazol= TEL/S*OL
you have to= UFTD
breakfast= BREFS
mutual= MAOUFP
respect= R-PT
peace= PAES
opposite= OPS
enjoy= GOI
phone call= FOENG
substitute= STUT
whether she wants= SWHREPTS
or not= ORNT
accept= SEP
decline= DLAOIN
I wanted= IPTD
I just= IJT
replacement= PLAEFRMT
did you have= SDUF
did you go= SDUG
I went= IFRG
listened= L*ND
proud= PRO*UD
extortion= STORGS
forgery= FOERJ
quaint= QAINT
alley= LAEL
inside= N-DZ
forever= FOFR
effective= FEF
whatever= WHAFR
valuable= VABL
crazy= KRAEZ
insane= SNAIN
gory= GOIR
psycho= SKOE
figures= FIGZ
sidewalk= SWAUK
little= LIL
police= PLIS
academy= DWAD
complicated= KPLIKTD
difference= DIFRN
papers= PAIRPS
finding= FAOING
did you tell= SDULT
where he was= WREFS
problem= BLEM
addictive= DIFKT
justice= JUS
if I believed= FIBLD
as if you need= SFUFRN
sadistic= SDIFKT
invite= VAOIT
betrayal= BRAEL
visual= VIFL
app= AP
addiction= DIX
something= S-G
triangulate= TRAOINL/LA*IT
athletic= TLEKT
translucent= TRANZ/LAOUFNT
empty= EMT
anonymous= NOUMS
banter= BAERNT
delusion= DLAOUGS
functional= FUNLGS
designed= SDAOIND
do you really= DO*URL
Uruguay= UR/GA*I
garden= GAERN
science= SAOINZ
harnessed= HARNS/-D
extraordinary= XOERD
picture= PIR
hero= HOER
I said= IDZ
associate= SOERBT
investigator= VERGT
binge= BIJ
rehab= RAB
how far= HOUF
is he= SE
from you= FRU
irony= OIRN
practically= PRAEL
in the= N-T
addict= DIKT
enabling= KBAIBLG
I will= IL
Pacific= PAFK
trench= TREFP
Everest= EFR/EFT
depth= D*EPT
meters= MAOERTS
ocean= OEGS
memory= MEM
minute= MIN
fascinate= FAEFNT
research= REFP
powerful= POUF
polite= PLOIT
we should= WERBLD
clinic= KLIN
inhaler= KBHAIRL
you think= AOUNG
withdrawal= WRAUL
adopt= DOPT
unless= N-LS
kennel= KENL
feline= FAOE/LAO*IN
distemper= DIZ/TREFRP
vaccine= VAK/SAO*EN
unconscious= KOUNS
anesthetic= STHEKT
ideas= Y-DZ
virus= VAOIRS
genome= GAOE/NO*EM
abusive= BAOUFS
sister= ST-R
insurance= SNAOURS
commercial= KMERBL
cellular= SLAOUR
data= DAT
process= PROS
modified= MOIFD
genetic= GENGT
equipment= QIMT
embrace= KBRAIS
butcher= BUFRPT
hospital= HOPT
useless= AOUFLS
destroyed= STROID
she could= SHEKD
vegetable= VEJ
yourself= YOURZ
nowhere= NO*R
I believe= AOIBL
what you can= WHAUK
awfully= AUFL/LI
himself= HIMZ
half= HAF
enough= NUF
yesterday= YED
terrify= TROIF
social media= SDWRA
abandoned= BAUND
industrial= STRIL
retired= RIR
photo= FOET
alive= LOIF
all right= L-RT
answer= AENS
inmate= NAIT
do you need= DOFRN
medic= MEKD
immediately= MAOELD

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