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Dec 27

I Love Steno Trivia Tuesday: What Is The Largest Cardinal Number?

QUESTION: What is the largest cardinal number? ANSWER: According to The Grammar Bible, the largest counting number is called a googolplex. A googolplex is 10 raised to the power of googol. A googol is ten raised to the power of 100. To write out a googolplex in numerical form, you have to write the number …

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Dec 20

I Love Steno Trivia Tuesday: Who Invented Punctuation?

QUESTION: Who invented punctuation? ANSWER: According to, “The Grammar Bible,” most scholars credit Aristophanes of Byzantium with the creation of punctuation.

Nov 01

I Love Steno Trivia Tuesday

QUESTION: What classic story do the words “Lilliputian” and “Brobdingnagian” originate from? ANSWER: Gulliver’s Travels, by Jonathan Swift. Lilliputian, which means, “very small,” comes from a locality in the tome, Lilliput, where very tiny people lived. Brobdingnagian, which means, “very large,” comes from a geographic location in Gulliver’s Travels, Brobdingnag, where giants resided. [Source: The …

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Oct 25

I Love Steno Trivia Tuesday: Which State Has The Most Court Reporters?

QUESTION: Which state has the highest level of employment for court reporters? ANSWER: According to Bureau of Labor Statistics’ May 2015 tabulation, the state of Maryland employs the most court reporters in the United States.

Sep 27

I Love Steno Trivia Tuesday

QUESTION: How many languages are there in the world? ANSWER: According to BBC, there are about 7,000 different languages in the world. However, most of the languages in existence are not spoken by a large population of people. The BBC states that 90% of the existing languages are spoken by less than 100,000, and 46 …

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Sep 27

Which Millennial Actress Would Probably Make A Great Court Reporter?


Naya Rivera. I just started reading her autobiography, “Sorry, Not Sorry.” In her book, she talks about her great ability for recall. She says that she developed her memory by memorizing scripts before she could read or write. Naya Rivera also states that she can remember conversations she had months ago word-for-word. If that’s not …

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Sep 20

I Love Steno Trivia Tuesday

QUESTION: What is the most widely spoken language in the world? ANSWER: Mandarin Chinese. According to Ethnologue, 1,310,000,000 people speak Mandarin Chinese.

Sep 13

I Love Steno Trivia Tuesday

QUESTION: What is the Latin meaning of the word, “disco”? ANSWER: To learn.

Aug 23

I Love Steno Trivia Tuesday

QUESTION: In what year was the stenography machine invented? ANSWER: In 1879, the stenography machine was invented and patented by Miles Bartholomew.

Jan 29

Steno Fun Fact: The First English Dictionary

According to “The Grammar Bible,” the first English dictionary as published in England in 1775 by Dr. Samuel Johnson.

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