May 26 2017

Friday Phrases

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what he meant= WHAEMT
on the right side= ORNDZ
on the left side= ONLNDZ
center of the= STR-FT
go up= GUP
going to object= GOBT
out loud= TLOUD
P.O. Box= PO*X
signal light= SNALT

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May 22 2017

Medical Monday: Ketosis

Ketosis is “excessive formation or secretion of ketones in the body, as in acidosis, diabetes, etc.” Ketones are acids that are built up when the body doesn’t have enough glucose to create energy, so it burns stored fats instead.

OPTION #1: ketosis= KAOE/ TO*EZ
OPTION #2: ketosis= KAOE/ TOE/S*IS

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May 15 2017

Briefs And Phrases From Hidden Figures

Hidden Figures

prime= PRAOIM
West Virginia= W-F/W-F
collegiate= KLAOEJT
institute= SNAOUT
is the= S-T
in the= N-T
school= SKAOL
isosceles= AOI/SOS/LAO*ES
scalene= SKAI/LAO*EN or SKAINL
equilateral= AOEK/LA*RL or KWAL/LA*RL
rhombus= ROM/B*US
trapezoid= TRAP/SO*ID
Katherine= KA*T/R*IN
tetrahedron= TET/TRA/HED/DRO*N
dodecahedron= DOE/DEK/A/HAOE/DRO*N
scholarship= SKLARP
equation= KWAEGS
on the= ONT
collection= KLEX
Coleman= KOEL/MA*N
more than= MORN
product= PROUKT
common sense= KMONZ
zero= S*ER
quadratics= KWA/DRA*KTS
that side= THADZ
of the= -FT
equal= KWAL
straightforward= STRAIFRD
in all= NAUL
hurry= HUR
you have= UF
to go= TOG
I got= *IGT
you’re welcome= YOURM
hitchhike= HIFPK
button= BON
behind= HIND
disrespectful= SDR-PT
officer= OIFR
program= PRAM
women= WIM
Russians= RURB/YA*N
gentlemen= JE
country= KUNT
service= SEFS
I think= AOING
bypass= BIPS
escort= SKOERT
thank you= THAUNG
quiet= KWAET
police officer= PLOIFR
highway= HOI
Hampton= HAFRP/To*N
Virginia= VA/VA
exactly= XL-KT
approaching= PROEFPG
Mr. President= MR-PT
is this= STH-
certainly= SERNL
traveler= TRAFRL
sustained= STAEND
human= HAOUM
mannequin= MAN/KW*IN
thermonuclear= THERM/O*E/NAOUK/KLAO*ER
warhead= WAR/H*ED
megaton= MEG/A/TO*N
Des Moines= DA/MO*IN or DA/MO*INS
jump= JUFRP
engineer= GER
what he meant= WHAEMT
to say dangerous= TO*S
satellite= SAT/LAO*IT
planet= PLAENT
pictures= PIRS
immediate= MAOED
response= SPONS
matter= MAERT
justify= JUF
administrator= MR-R
machine= M-N
enlighten= KBLAOINTD
I need= IFRN
mathematician= MA*T/T*IGS
request= KW-
single= SINL
building= BL-G
analytic= AN/LIT/*IK
geometry= GAOE/OM/TRAO*E
something else= S-LGS
person= PERN
moon= MAON
ladies= LAEDZ
assignment= SOINT
data= DAT
reduction= RUX
ideas= Y-DZ
initials= NIRBS
international= SBAL
business= BIS
magnetoplasma= MANGT/O*E/PLAZ/MA*
dynamics= DAO*INGS
no, ma’am= NOM
present= PRENT
prototype= PROET/TAO*IP
mercury= MERK/RAO*E
permanent= PERM
serious= SAOERZ
inside= N-DZ
I’m sorry= AOIMS
all right= L-RT
supporting= SPORG
this morning= THORNG
computer= KPAOURT
temporary= TRAER
credentials= KRENLS
if I could= FIKD
politics= PLIKS
supervisor= SPR-FR
position= POGS
official= FIRBL
I don’t know= YON
I didn’t= YAOI
we need= WEFRN
almost= L-M
year= Y-R
advancement= VAMT
trajectory= J*ERKT or TRA/JEK/TO*ER
tunnel= TUNL
minute= MIN
alter= ARLT
exterior= XAOR
smooth= SMAO*T
corrugated= KOR/GA*ITD
stability= STABLT
capsule= KP-FL
erosion= AOE/RO*EGS
conclusion= KL*UGS
area= AER
closest= KLOEFT
emptied= EMTD
custodian= KUD/YA*N
million dollar= M-LD
friction= FRIX
temperature= TEM
constant= SKANT
consider= K-R
yes= YE
rivets= RIF/*ETS
entertain= SBAIN
spaceship= SPAIS/SH*IP or SPAIS/SH-P
impossible= KBONB
let me ask you= SKLOU
director= DRERKT
research= REFP
calculations= KLAIGSZ
dozen= DOZ
colored= KLORD
embarrass= KBRAS
excuse me= SKAOUM
shingles= SHINLGS
status= STAUS
yes, sir= YES
Frenet= FREN/*ET
Schmidt= SM*ITD
orthogonalization= OR/THOE/GON/LA/SA*IGS
algorithm= AL/GA/R*IMT
Euclidean= AOU/KLID/YA*N
coordinates= KAORNTS
on this floor= O*FL
pretty= PRIT
reasonable= R-NL
children= KHIRN
advertised= TAOIFD
problem= BLEM
no, sir= MOS
numbers= NUBS
classified= KLAFD
clearance= KLAOERNS
absolutely= SLUL
bathroom= BARM
have you been= VUB
are you= RU
yesterday= YED
to be= TOB
that’s right= THAERT
so you can= SOUK
insult= SNULT
obsolete= OBS/LAO*ET
beyond= YOND
questions= KWES
on the ground= O-G
circling= SL-G
earth= *ERT
can I go= KIG
you can= UK
hours= HOURS
abused= BAOUFD
complained= KPLAIND
responsibility= SPONLT
and you know= SKPUN
respect= R-PT
dashboard= DBAORD
living room= LIFRM
salty= SALT/YI
authority= THORT
music= MAOUK
good night= GAOIT
baby= BAEB
national= NAL
promotion= PROEMGS
challenge= KHAL
asleep= SLAEP
herself= HERZ
I understand= INDZ
dishes= DIRBS
never mind= NEFRMD
long time= LONGT
I have= IF
ago= AG
with the= W-T
all the= AULT
we have= WEF
attack= TW-K
scrunched= SKRUFPD
practice= PRA
safety= SAIFT
did you= SDU
freedom= FRAOEM
unit= AOUNT
I just= IJT
I don’t understand= YONDZ
female= FAEL
apply= PLAIO
demanded= DMAND
slogans= SLOENGS
achieve= KHAEF
interrupting= SBRUPGT
vegetables= VEJS
degrees= DREZ
civil rights= SIFRLTS
he is= ES
commanding= KMANG
I will= IL
at you= TU
I am= IM
would he be= WOUB
widow= DWO
let me= LEM
pastor= PAFRT
calculate= KLAIT
what I mean= WHAIM
what do you mean= WHAOUM
Johnson= JOFN
have you= VU
analyze= NALZ
manometer= MAN/MAO*ERT
displacement= DPLAIFMT
velocity= VOFT
cosine= KOE/SAO*IN
navy= NAEF
pilot= PAOILT
pilots= PAOILTS
requirement= RAOIRMT
ogling= OG/LING
hello= HO*EL
refrigerator= FRIR
how much= HOUFP
confirm= K-FRM
department= D-PT
it happen= T-P
afraid= FRAID
actually= TWAEL
hammer= HAERM
batch= BAFP
mainframe= MAIN/FRA*IM
fraction= FRAX
is that correct= STHARK
I said= IDZ
orbital= ORB/TA*L
with this= W-TS
distance= SDANS
weight= WAET
did the= SD-T
Atlas= TLAS
issue= IRB
along= LAONG
thank you, sir= THANGS
interrogation= SBROEGS
to do= TAOD
ourselves= OURSZ
valuable= VABL
commission= KMIGS
qualified= Q-FD
applicant= PLINT
educational= JAEL
science= SAOINZ
university= AOUFRT
addendum= A/DEN/D*UM
follow= FOL
circumstances= SIRKS
available= VAIBL
segregated= SGRAITD
education= JAEGS
to get= TO*GT
twirl= TWIRL
contests= KEFTS
segregation= SGRAIGS
must have= MUF
book= BAOK
books= BAOKS
section= S-X
separate= SPRAIT
library= LAOIB
Fortran= FOR/TRA*N
future= FAOURT
exciting= XAOIGT
surprise= SPRAOIS
invited= VAOITD
to see= TOZ
I believe= AOIBL
can I= KI
of course,= -FX
imagine= MAJ
musical= MAOUBLG
agency= AEG
completed= KPLAOETD
station= STAIGS
details= SDAILS
curve= KUFRB
conclusively= KL*UFL
awarded= WAURD/-D
triumph= TRAOIM
crushing= KRURBG
what I= WHAI
anxious= ANGS
ourself= OURZ
anybody= NIB
to believe= TOBL
technology= T-J
I don’t know= YON
is that= STHA
possible= POB
we can= WEK
this is= TH-S
forward= FAORD
paychecks= PAIKS
everyone else= EFRNLS
selector= SLERKT
courtroom= KRAOM
processing= PROS/-G
multiplication= MULT/KA*IGS
eventually= VAENL
out of= OUF
storage= STORJ
device= DWAOIS
updated= PAITD
imagination= MAJS
to the= TOT
forty= FOURT
what do you do= WHAOU
there is= THR-S
bathrooms= BARMS
campus= KPUS
half= HAF
away= WA*I
did you know= SDUN
Timbuktu= TIM/BUK/TAO*U
uniform= UFRM
coffee= KO*EF
restroom= STRAOM
If I have= F*IF
restrooms= STRAOMS
flu= FLU
systems= ST-MS
sequence= SKWENS
Roger= ROJ
ignition= IG/N*IGS
switching= SWIFPG
manual= MANL
governed= GOFRND
hostile= HOFL
banner= BAERN
beforehand= B-FRND
is that= STHA
figured= FIGD
attracted= TR-KD
realized= RAELDZ
Birmingham= BIRMG/HA*M
struggle= STRUG
America= MERK
petition= PIRB
attend= TAEND
your Honor= IURN
high school= HAOL
Jackson= JAFN
federal government= FRALG
supreme court= SKORT
if I= FI
approach= PROEFP
bench= BEFP
marine= MRAOEN
governors= GOFRS
American= MERN
consecutive= SKEFKT
do you have= DOUF
what you are= WHAUR
is going= SG-G
wondering= WURNGD
shotgun= SG-N
excellent= XLENT
orbit= ORBT
author= THOR
liberty= LIBT
out of the= OUFT
ocean= OEGS
I can’t= YA
taxpayer= TAERP
money= MUN
discovery= SKOIFR
survival= SWAOIFL
civilization= SIFLGS
senator= SNOR
ensure= KBAOUR
because= BAUS
to tell= TOLT
tell us= TLUS
triangle= TRAOINL
essentially= SERBL
rocket= ROKT
elliptical= AOE/LIPT/KA*L
water= WAURT
speed= SPAOED
that’s right= THAERT
precisely= PRAOIFL
amount= AMT
parabolic= PA/RA/BL*IK
gravity= GRA*FT
exact= X-KT
launch= LAUFP
pentagon= PENT/GO*N
recovery= ROIFR
zone= SO*EN
backwards= BAURDZ
briefings= BRAOEFGZ
what kind of= WHAOIFND
window= WID
protocol= PROELT
accounting= K-GT
happening= HAPG
effectively= FEFL
I get= IGT
within= W-N
you are the= URT
pertinent= PERNT
proceedings= PRAORGS
friendship= FROIP
miles per hour= MIRPS
vehicle= VAOEK
argument= GAOUMT
Bahamas= BA/HA/MA*S
theory= THAOER
information= N-FGS
descent= SDENT
angle= AENL
sine= SAO*IN
assuming= SAOUMG
manpower= MAN/PO*UR
understood= NAOND
any of= NIF
temporarily= TRAERL
dissolving= SDOFLG
accepting= SEPG
ready= R-D
they can= THEK
pencil= PEFNL
tonight= TONT
Einstein= AOIN/STAO*IN
wavelength= WAF/L*ENG
relationships= ROIPS
teaching= TAOEFPG
mathematic= MA*KT
mathematics= MA*KTS
mathematical= MA*BLGT
theoretically= THAOER/KLI
Euler’s= AOU/L*ER/AES
method= MEF
ancient= SHENT
numerically= NAOURBLG/LI
today= TOD
always= AULS
capacity= KPAFT
mechanics= M-KS
learning= LERNG
decision= SDIGS
birthday= B*IRTD
good evening= GOENG
marry= MAER
something= S-G
backups= BUPS
site= SAO*IT
schedule= SKELD
modifications= MOIFGSZ
company= K-P
included= KLUD
maybe= MAEB
insisting= KBIFGT
thank you, sir= THAUNGS
about this= B-TS
engaged= GAEGD
thoughtful= THOUF
wedding= WEGD
first time= FIRMT
nervous= NEFS
messenger= MEFRJ
mythology= M*IT/THO*LG
honest= HONS
verify= VOIF
formula= FLA
historic= HIFKY
canceled= KAELD
complications= KPLIXZ
optimistic= OPT/M*IFKT
weather= WHR*
delay= DLAI
anticipation= PAEGS
indicate= KAIT
behalf= BAF
reservation= REFRX
colonel= KOL
paramount= PAR/MO*UNT
nation= NAIGS
longitude= LONG/TAO*UD
match= MAFP
manage= MANG
decimal= DES/MA*L
digit= DIJ
resumed= RAOUMD
tremendous= TRE
and a half= NAF
African= FRIN
Zanzibar= SA*N/SA*/BA*R
warning= WARNG
it will= T-L
package= PAJ
jettisoned= JET/SO*ND
switch= SWIFP
copy= KPAOE
do you think= DOUNG

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May 8 2017

Medical Monday: Fremitus

Fremitus is defined as follows: “A vibration or tremor, resulting from a physical action such as speaking or coughing, felt by hand and used to assess whether the chest is affected by disease.”

Machine Briefs:

OPTION #1: fremitus= FREM/A/T*US
OPTION #2: fremitus= FREM/MA/T*US
OPTION #3: fremitus= FREM/T*US

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May 4 2017

Theory Thursday: Suffix Briefs Part 11

I Love Steno The Student Edition (Cropped)
The following are briefs for suffixes: (Note: When d-defining, don’t forget to define the briefs with the format symbol for suffixes.)

{Suffix}ists= IFTS
{Suffix}it= I*T
{Suffix}itis= AO*ITS
{Suffix}ius= Y*US
{Suffix}ive= -FB or *IF
{Suffix}ive= -FBL or *IFL
{Suffix}ivity= -FBT
{Suffix}ization= SA*IGS
{Suffix}izations= SA*IGSZ
{Suffix}ize= AO*IZ
{Suffix}ized= AO*IDZ
{Suffix}izing= AO*IGZ

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