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Sep 07

Court Reporter Spotted: Daddy’s Little Girls

Court Reporter Spotted Daddy's Little Girls Scene 1

Sep 07

Briefs And Phrases From John Wick 2

John Wick 2

option= OPGS everything= EFRG nephew= NEF/AO*U brother= BROER dozen= DOZ eliminate= L*IM focus= FOEKS commitment= KMIMT pencil= PEFNL I can= IK assure= SHUR stories= STOERS watered= WAURTD peaceful= PAEF motor= MOERT engine= N-J windshield= WIRBLD let me know= LEN Christmas= KMAS all right= L-RT sergeant= SAERNGT to see= TOZ we were= WERP sorry= SOR thank …

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Jul 24

Briefs And Phrases From Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad

unemployed= TPHROID that is= THAS loaf= LOEF kilt= KILT out of= OUF holy= HOIL member= MEB gate= GAET perimeter= PRIRMT at you= TU really= R-L upstairs= UPTS are you= RU in the hospital= NOPT with you= WU on the ground= OG where I want= WRIPT when I want= WHIPT who I want= WHOIPT tonight= TONT …

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May 15

Briefs And Phrases From Hidden Figures

Hidden Figures

prime= PRAOIM West Virginia= W-F/W-F collegiate= KLAOEJT institute= SNAOUT is the= S-T in the= N-T school= SKAOL isosceles= AOI/SOS/LAO*ES scalene= SKAI/LAO*EN or SKAINL equilateral= AOEK/LA*RL or KWAL/LA*RL rhombus= ROM/B*US trapezoid= TRAP/SO*ID Katherine= KA*T/R*IN tetrahedron= TET/TRA/HED/DRO*N dodecahedron= DOE/DEK/A/HAOE/DRO*N scholarship= SKLARP equation= KWAEGS on the= ONT collection= KLEX Coleman= KOEL/MA*N more than= MORN product= PROUKT common sense= …

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Apr 15

Briefs And Phrases From Logan


somewhere else= SWR-LS in the morning= NORNG I remembered= IRMD I think= AOING you understand= UNDZ thank you= THAUNG you’re welcome= YOURM did you do= SDAOUS I don’t want= YOPT I can’t just= YAJT when I was= WHIFS I believe= AOIBL must have been= MUFB of course,= -FX did you get= SDUGT such as= SUFPS …

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Nov 18

Medical Briefs And Phrases From Doctor Strange


oxygen= SHEN crash cart= KRARB/KART brain activity= BRAIN TIFT scientist= SAOINT nature= NAUR operating table= PRAIGT TAIBL wound= WOUND needle= NAOELD better= BERT acupuncture= AUK fibrillation= FIB/LA*IGS Western medicine= W*ERN/MED alive= LOIF cardiac= KARKD tamponade= TAFRP/NA*ID pericardial sac= PER/YI/KARD/YA*L/SA*K myocardia= MAOI/O*E/KARD/YA* myogenic= MAOI/O*E/GEN*G pressure= PRERB body= BOED heal= HAEL tissues= TIRBS stent= STENT artery= AERT …

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Nov 10

Briefs And Phrases From Ant Man


hope= HOEP attempt= TAEMT nerve= NEFRB instructed= STRUKTD particle= PARL science= SAOINZ research= REFO ferocity= FER/RO*FT mention= MENGS you said= UDZ tender= TERND formula= FLA building= BL-G scientists= SAOINTS long time= LONGT unless= N-LS left side= L-DZ goodbye= GAOIB what do you think= WHAOUNG definitely= DAFL deported= DPORTD I needed= IFRND introduce= TROU really= R-L …

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Aug 15

Briefs And Phrases From Batman v. Superman: Dawn Of Justice

diamond= DAOIMD absolutes= SLUS in the= N-T beautiful= BAOUF listen= L-N windows= WIDZ sorry= SOR circuits= SIRKTS will you please= LUP I can’t feel= YAFL journalist= JURNLT what I am= WHA*IM is a= SA I didn’t know= YIN ignorance= GORNS you will see= ULZ village= VIL mercy= MERZ let the record show= LORS committee= KMAOE …

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Jul 05

Briefs And Phrases From The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2

Jan 11

Medical Briefs From Concussion

Ritalin= RIT/L*IN Dextradine= DEX/TRA/D*IN or DEX/TRA/DAO*IN or DEX/TRA/DAO*EN Haldol= HAL/DO*L Prozac= PROE/SA*K tumor= TAOURM cardiac arrest= KAURKT pathology= THOLG pathologist= THOLGT autopsy= AUPZ contusion= KON/TAOUGS or KON/TAO*UGS or KAUN/TAOUGS or KAUN/TAO*UGS Alzheimer’s= ALZ CT scan= KR*T/SKA*N brain= BRAIN headaches= HAEKS delusions= DLAOUGSZ concussion= KON/KUGSor KON/K*UGS or KAUN/KUGS or KAUN/K*UGS dizziness= DOIFNS laboratory= LABT abnormality= BORLT …

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