January 18 2022

Briefs and Phrases From Spiderman No Way Home

Spiderman No Way Home
technology= T-J
casualties= KARBLTS
conclusive= KL*UFS
superhero= SPROER
villain= VINL
subway= SBAI
murderer= MRURD
New York= NORK
federal agents= FRALGTS
vigilante= VIJT
accomplice= KPLIS
endangerment= SBAIJT
spider= SPAO*IRD
Spiderman= SPAO*IRMD
hallway= WLAI
backup= BUP
technicality= TEKT
equalizer= KWARLZ
catastrophic= STROFK
call me= KA*UM
listen to me= L-NLTD
monster= MOFRNT
talk about this= TAUBTS
condominium= KMIM
electricity= LEFK
organisms= GOFMS
can you feel it= K*UFLT
talk to me= TA*UMTD
displacement= DPLAIFMT or SDPLAIFMT
stop it= STO*PT
yes it is= Y*EFTS
we’re good= WAO*ERGD
random= RAOND
Peter= PAO*ERT
Parker= PRA*RK
yes, sir= YES
skip it= SK*IPT
remember me= RERM
I don’t want to= YOPTD
hero= HOER
tell us= TLUS
who he really= WHO*ERL
good friend= GREND
take care of= TAEFRK
take care= TAERK

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August 11 2021

Briefs and Phrases From The Suicide Squad

The Suicide Squad
successfully= SKLFL
ever happened= -FRPD
brothers and sisters= BRO*FRS
and of course= SKP-FX
letters= LERTS
weasel= WAOEFL
due respect= DAOURPT
desertion= SDERGS
paternity= PA*ERNT
state of= STAIF
Louisiana= LA/LA
convicted= VIKTD
morality= MO*RLT
psychological= SKL-L
disgusting= SGUFGT
superpower= SPROUR
violent= V-LT
United States= UNTS
excesses= XESZ
virulently= VIRNLT/LI
scientific= SAOIFK
experimentation= XERMGS
origin= AURJ
overhead= VED
do you ever= DOUFR
facetious= FAOERBS
murder= MURD
music= MAOUFK
machines= M-NS
third floor= TH*FL or THR*FL
torture= TAOURT

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July 9 2021

Briefs And Phrases From Black Widow

Black Widow
bump= BUFRP
chemical= KHEM
bioluminescence= BAOI/O*E/LAOUM/N*EFNS
that you see= THAUZ
vegetables= VEJS
lampyridae= LAM/PA*R/DAO*E
triumphant= TRAOIMT
undercover= NOFR
vantage point= VAPT
bypass= BIPS or BAOIPS
converge= KAUFJ
passports= PARFPTS
driver’s licenses= DL-NSZ
minefield= MAOIFLD
arrows= ROERS
superhero= SPROER
as that= STHA*
seat belt= SBELT
cozy= KO*EZ
building= BL-G
ibuprofen= PROEFN
pain and suffering= PAIFRG
part time= POIM
is that right= STHART
so I guess= SOIGS
face-to-face= FAIFTD
blueprint= BLUPT
basal ganglia= BAIFL/GANG/LA*E
uterus= AOURTS
oxygen= SHEN
genetic= GENGT
bargain= BARNG
Christmas= KMAS
Thanksgiving= THAFG
Easter= AO*EFRT
just for a second= JUFRKD
frostbite= FROFBT
widowed= DWOD

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May 12 2021

Briefs and Phrases From Without Remorse

Without Remorse
hostage= HOFJ
Syrian= SY-RN
I don’t see= YOZ
military= MILT
sweetheart= SWHART
water= WAURT
sugar= SHURG
tea= TAE
fancy= FAENS
retiring= RIR
combat= KBAT
twister= TWIFRT
you remember this= URMTS
24 hours= 24OURS
custody= KUD
scenario= SNAR
dirty= DOIRT
when I got= WH*IGT
give me= GIFM
Mr. Secretary= MREKT
talk to= TAUKTD
operative= PRAIFT
in your opinion= NURP
thank you, sir= THAUNGS
second floor= S*FL
proxy= PROIX
any further investigation= N*IFRGS
punctured= PURNGTD
on the matter= OERMT
think about it= TH*IBT
where I’m going= WRAOIMG
motorcade= MOERKD
classified= KLAFD
ideology= YOLG
lineup= LAOIP
sincerely= SNAOERL
state of mind= STAIFMD
penitentiary= P-NT
felon= FLON
modified= MOIFD
cargo= KARG
Germany= GAERM
Aleppo= A/LEP/O*E
can you repeat= KURPT
clearance= KLAOERNS
we’re good= WAO*ERGD
isn’t that right= SNART
airlines= AIRLS
aircraft= AIRK
Finland= FINLD
bodyguards= BOERGDZ
patriots= PROITS
12 o’clock= 12-K
police officers= PLOIFRS
it looks like= TLAOLS
time to= TAOIMTD
time to go= TAOIMGTD
lobby= LOIB
last week= LAEFK

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December 21 2020

Briefs and Phrases From Tenet

welcome to the= W*EMTD
Ukraine= AOU/KRA*IN
colleagues= KLAOEGS
medically induced coma= MAEKD
gesture= JEFRT
nuclear= NAOUBLG
magazine= MAG
check the= KHEKT
fission= FIGS
backwards= BAURKDZ
devastating= DWAEFGT
metals= MAELTS
detritus= DA/TRAOI/T*US
deduction= DUBGS
masculine= SKLIN
munitions= MAOUNGS
so I have to= SOIFTD
confiscated= KIFKTD
embezzler= KBERLZ
forgery= FOERJ
valuation= VALGS
blackmail= BLAIL
so I asked= SOIKD
transit= TRIT
antiquities= AN/T*IKTS
biometric= BAOIRKT
corridor= KROERD
fireproof= FAOIRP
chronology= KROJ
so would I= SO*ILD
embassy= KBAES
profession= PROEFGS
radiation= YAEGS
turnstile= TURNLT
fabric= FA*RK

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June 26 2020

Briefs and Phrases From Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse

Spider-Man Into The Spider-Verse
embarrassing= KBRAFG
expectations= XEXZ
engineering= GERG
Brooklyn= BLIN
on these= ONZ
let’s go= L*EGTS
African= FRIN
weirdo= WOERD
suggesting= S*UG
puberty= PAOUBT
Spiderman= SPAO*IRMD
spider= SPAO*IRD
portal= PORLT
dimension= DMENGS
this place= TH*PLS
multiple= MUPLT
collider= KLAOIRD
do you ever think= DOUFRNG
metaphor= MEFRT
champ= KHAFRP
zombie= SO*M.BAO*E
merch= MEFRP
are you okay= R*UK
break this= BRAEKTS
is it working= STWO*RK
cafeteria= KA*EFT
rupture= RURPT
schematics= SKEPBLGTS
proprietary= PROIRPT
Peter= PAO*ERT
haircut= HAIRKT
as you want= S*UPT
biscuit= BIFKT
do I know= DOIN
adorable= DORBL
Einstein= AOIFNT
I am so sorry= AO*IFMS
officer= OIFR

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April 11 2020

Briefs And Phrases From Birds Of Prey

Birds of Prey
psychiatrist= SKAOIRKT
Ph.D.= PHD
compulsive= KPUFLS
alpha= AFL
Eiffel= AO*IFL
emancipation= MAOEPGS
shooter= SHAORT
ballistics= BLIFKTS
arrow= ROER
assassin= SNIN
necklace= NEBLGS
Armenian= AR/MAON/YA*N
shortcut= SHORKT
parlay= PAR/LA*I
mastermind= MAFRMS
Assistant DA= SDA*
bank accounts= BANGTS
monopoly= MO*P
litigious= LIJS
diamond= DAOIMD
can I find= KIFND
partnerships= POIPS
liquidity= KLITD
Gotham= GO*MT
cocktails= KOBLGTS
canary= KA/NA*ER
fancy= FAENS
detective= DEFKT
predecessor= PRED/S*EFR
arrangement= ARMT
you’re late= YO*URLT
Ecuador= EK/DO*R
haircut= HAIRKT
living-room= LIFRM
acupuncture= AUK
spectacular= SPERBLGT
joker= JOERK
midnight= MAOID
that you do= THA*UD
groceries= GROIRS
right hand= R-ND or -RND
left hand= L-ND
medical school= MAOL
aforementioned= AEFRMD
Taiwanese= TAOI/WAN/NAO*EZ
lotus= LOE/T*US
upstairs= UPTS
hyena= HAOI/AOEN/A*
Sicily= SIS/LI
crime scene= KRAOEN
income taxes= N-KTS
amusement= MAOUFMT
paranoid= POID
psychologically= SKLEL
catharsis= KA/THA*RZ
bulletproof= BLAOF

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