September 30 2018

Briefs And Phrases From Iron Fist- Season 1, Episode 12

Iron Fist Season 1 Episode 12
nurse= NURS
there came a time= THRAIM
sister= ST-R
withdrawal= WRAUL
long time= LONGT
relax= RAEK
synthetic= STH*EKT
symptoms= STOMS
what do you want= WHAOUPT
controllers= KROERLS
destinies= SDAENS
carrot= KROT
quid pro quo= QID/PROE/QO*E
freedom= FRAOEM
capture= KPUR
relationship= ROIP
minions= MIN/YO*NS
students= STAOUNTS
behaving= BAIFG
animals= ANLS
no matter= NORMT
ignorant= GORNT
milkmaid= MIBLG/MA*ID
summon= SMON
Chemo= KMOE
drama= DRAUM
crazy= KRAEZ
I wouldn’t have= YAOF
I felt= IFLT
vacation= VAIGS
Australia= AUS/AUS
quality= QALT
miracle= MIRBLG
violent= V-LT
button= BON
passions= PAGS
couch= KOUFP
transfer= TR-FR
bitter= BIRT
access= SKES
therapist= THAERPT
mercy= MERZ
garbage= GARJ
duality= DAOULT
wisdom= WIZ
thirty= THIRT
half- HAF
surrender= SRERND
compress= KPRES
questionable= QEBL
blade= BLAID
cut= K*UT
kings= KINGS
emperors= EFRP/RO*RS
tyrants= TAOIRNTS
medical= MEL
precaution= PRAYGS
opponent= PAONT
outburst= TB*URS
carry= KAER
upstairs= UPTS
vipers= VAOIRPS
boogeyman= BAOG/YI/MA*N
nonsense= NAUNS
anxious= ANGS
access= SKES
become= B-K
amazed= MAEDZ
putrid= PAOU/TR*ID
consequences= QENSZ
notified= NOIFD
condition= K-N
disgusting= SGUFGT
relationship= ROIP
when I had= WHID
topple= TOP/*L
surgery= SURG
excellent= XLENT
overboard= AUFR/BAORD
I don’t want= YOPT
never mind= NEFRMD
on the ground= OG

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September 28 2018

Briefs And Phrases From Iron Fist- Season 1, Episode 11

Iron Fist Season 1 Episode 11
Danny= DAN/YI
Davos= DA/VO*ES
protectors= PROERKTS
rebalance= RAOE/BAL
New York= NORK
why you would= YULD
why would you= Y*ULD
pilots= PAOILTS
destroyer= STROIR
without the= WOUTD
and once= SKPWUNS
do this= DO*TS
we go= WEG
wound= WOUND
care of= KAIFR
woman= WOM
compound= KPOUN
no one= NO*N
programmed= PRAMD
overcome= VUM
prejudices= PREJS
spy= SPAOI
deceiving= SDAOEFG
fifteen= FAOEN
corrupt= KRUPT
societies= SOETS
mayor= MAIR
office= OFS
medical school= MAOL
controlled= KROELD
do you understand= DOUNDZ
healer= HAERL
am I= MI
stitch= STIFP
poison= POIFN
tightly= TAO*ILT
about this= B-TS
mystery= STRAOE
over this= O*EFRTS
perimeter= PRIRMT
teacher= TAOEFRP
and she was= SKPHAOEFS
brainwashed= BRAIN/WA*RBD
nuclear= NAOUBLG
crane= KRAIN
monks= MO*NGZ
I don’t think= YONG
internal= SBERNL
infected= N-FKTD
antibiotics= AEBTS
supplies= SPLAOIZ
restore= STROER
chi= KHAOE
tablet= TABLT
fraud= FRAUD
heart attack= HAURK
massive= MAFS
ago= AG
offshore= AUF/SHOR
South America= SO*UT/MERK
bank= BA*ING
this is= TH-S
silver= SIFRL
bullet= BULT
proud= PRO*UD
so many= SOM
stretch= STREFP
meditations= MED/TA*IGSZ
hungry= HOIRNG
pizza= PIZ
Himalayas= HIM/LAI/YA*S
karate= KA/RA/TA*I
pseudo= SAOUD/O*E
science= SAOINZ
stories= STOERS
tumors= TAOURMS
disease= D-Z
powers= POURS
kimono= KA/MOEN/O*E
dragon= DRAG/O*N
ultimately= LULT
elders= ERLDZ
cave= KAF
outsider= OURDZ
apologize= JAOIZ
I shouldn’t= Y-FNT
centered= STR-D
calmed= KAUMD
emotions= MAOEGSZ
pizza= PIZ
substantially= SBL-L
did you think= SDUNG
defending= D-FG
clouds= KLOUDZ
yesterday= YED
antibiotics= AEBTS
empowering= KNOURG
hospitals= HOPTS
businesses= BISZ
care about= KAIRB
horrible= HORBL
reaction= RAOEX
slice= SLAOIS
chewy= KHAOU/YI
traumatic= TRAUMT
Becca= BEK/KA*
can you believe it= K*UBLT
pickpocketing= PIK/PO*KT/-G
respecting= R-PGT
elevator= L-FRT
fortress= FOR/TR*ES
too many= TAOM
swarmed= SWARMD
data= DAT
transferring= TR-FRG
loftier= LOFT/Y*ER
ideals= YAOELS
interrogations= SBROEGSZ
did you get= SDUGT
Brian= BRAO*IN
Mary= MA*ER
Gary= GA*ER
tonight= TONT
queue= QAOU
precaution= PRAUGS
is it really= ST*RL
whatever= WHAFR
detention= DENGS
command= KMAN
if I believe= FIBL
infect= N-FKT
betray= BRAE
speeches= SPAOEFPS
arrow= ROER
I didn’t let= YILT
what I meant= WHAIMT
birthright= B*IRT/RAO*IT
mountain= MOUN

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September 28 2018

Friday Phrases

Friday Phrases Logo
due respect= DAOURPT
are you even= RUFN
are you even the= RUFNT
are you even this= RUFNTS
are you even it= R*UFNT
what you are doing= WHAURD
what are you doing= WHA*URD
I let= *ILT
to let= TO*LT
are you doing= RU*D

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September 26 2018

Briefs And Phrases From Iron Fist- Season 1, Episode 10

Iron Fist Season 1 Episode 10
annoyed= NOID
do you remember= DOURM
teenagers= TAIRJS
hospice= HOS/P*IS
parchment= PAFRP/-MT
asleep= SLAEP
when you were= WHURP
peaceful= PAEF
universe= AOUFRS
if I ever= FIFR
endured= SBAOURD
so much= SOFP
porch= POFP
comfort= K-FRT
handle= HANL
other= OERDZ
happy= HAEP
legacy= LEGZ
honestly= HONLS
truthfully= TRAOUFL
toll= TOL
future= FAOURT
all of us= AUFLS
why I= Y*I
monastery= MON/STA*ER
bit of= BIFT
settled= SELTD
and his= SKPHIS
sensei= SEN/SA*I
maybe the= MAEBT
welcome= WEM
you were the= URPT
iron= AOIRN
fist= FIFT
immortal= KBAORLT
weapon= WEP
recharge= RARJ
chi= KHAOE
sideways= SDWAIS
studied= STOID
traditions= TRAS
harnessing= HARNS/-G
five= FIF
elemental= L-MT/A*L
energies= N-RJS
bodies= BOEDZ
inner= NER
replace= PLAEFR
course= KORS
hungry= HOIRNG
kitchen= KIFP
about you= BU
funny= FOIN
protective= PROEFKT
who need= WHOFRN
they need= THEFRN
complicated= KPLIKTD
because of= BAUF
profile= PROIL
haven= HAIFN
and much= SKP-FP
purpose= PURP
to believe= TOBL
belong= BLONG
that you can= THAUK
like the= LAOIKT
with her= WHER
commission= KMIGS
no need= NOFRN
confinement= KWAOIMT
atmosphere= SFAER
is this= STH-
in this= NIS
New York= NORK
I’m the= AOIMT
participate= PARP
they feel= THEFL
comfortable= K-FRBL
significant= SIG
what you did= WHA*UD
corporations= KORPGSZ
governments= GOFTS
oligarchies= OL/GARK/YIS
powerful= POUF
organization= ORGS
what you= WHAU hoped
it would be= TWOB
I’m sure= AOIMZ
decades= DAEDZ
Chinese= KHAOINZ
propaganda= PROP/GA*ND
passage= PAFJ
as you can see= SUKZ
interest= TR-
interested= TR-D
September= SEPT
and around= SKPARND
dojos= DOE/JO*ES
masters= MAFRTS
fairytales= FAIR/YI/TA*ELS
until= N-L
theory= THAOER
they haven’t= TH*EFNT
possess= PES
what you have= WHAUF
duty= DAOUT
guarding= GARGD
entry= SBRI
partner= PARN
with you= WU
what you know= WHAUN
what do you know= WHAOUN
marginalized= MARJDZ
fortunate= FORNT
billionaire= BIL/NA*IR
is that= STHA
provide= PROI
who wants= WHOPTS
alive= LOIF
penthouse= PENT/HO*US
she knows= SHENS
as soon as= SNS
excuses= SKAOUSZ
reliable= RAOIBL
confirm= KWIRM
careful= KAIF
what he did= WHA*ED
he has= EBS
eliminated= L*IMD
year old= YAOERLD
I’m so sorry= AOIFMS
and she= SKPHAOE
about that= BHA
yes, sir= YES
transcript= TRIPT
and see= SKP-Z
I didn’t do= YAOID
if he feels= FEFLS
about you= BU
what you feel= WHAUFL
about him= BHIM
Darryl= DA*RL
onboard= AON/BAORD
whacked= WHA*KD
dorms= DO*RMS
curfew= KUR/FAO*U
juvenile= JUFL
prison= PRIS
freedom= FRAOEM
rejected= JEKTD
kidnapped= KIPD
towards= TAORDZ
slavery= SLOIFR
as fast as= SFAFTS
insults= SNULTS
respect= R-PT
ability= ABLT
crush= KRURB
piece= PAOES
capable= KAIPBL
manipulating= MIPG
angle= AENL
implied= KBLAOID
like it= LAO*IKT
listen= L-N
rogue= ROEG
faction= FA*X
ridiculous= KAOULS
conspiracy= SPIRZ
evasion= AOEFGS
before or after= BOFR
recruiting= KRAOUGT
because of the= BAUFT
brainwashed= BRAIN/WA*RBD
for a moment= FROMT
interrupt= SBRUPT
dinner= DIRN
madam= MAMD
extensive= STEFNS
I guess= IGS
optimistic= OPT/M*IFKT
imagine= MAJ
let me= LEM
partnership= POIP
effective= FEF
method= MEF
what would= WHALD
that be= THAB
extra= XRA
cautious= KAURBS
this time= TH-MT
march= MAFRP
take the= TAIKT
bait= BAIT
would have been= WOFB
better than= BERN
simply= SOIM
you are the=
disturbed= DURBD
embezzling= KBEFLG
blackmail= BLAK/MA*IL
scheme= SKAOEM
maintenance= MAINS
fragile= FRAJ
manic= MA*NG
beautiful= BAOUF
fingerprints= F-PS
residue= REZ/DAO*U
as many as= SMAENS
hatred= HAIT/TR*ED
access= SKES
forgive me= FRIFM
designate= SDEGT
duty= DAOUT
inform= N-F
Lawrence= LAURNS
Wilkins= WIL/K*INS
suicide= SWAOID
last night= LAFNT
and my= SKPHAOI
and now= SKPOU
reinstate= RAOEN/STA*IT
visionaries= VIGS/NA*ERS
historic= HIFKT
Wall Street= WAUL/STRAO*ET
restored= STROERD
whispers= WHIFRPS
strength= STRENG the
aye= AO*I
essential= SERB
for a long time= FLONGT
imagination= MAJS
aspire= SPAOIR
conspire= SKPAOIR
airport= AIRPT
like this= LAOIKTS
ignite= IG/NAO*IT
submit= SMIT
if not= F-NT

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September 25 2018

Briefs And Phrases From Iron Fist- Season 1, Episode 9

Iron Fist Season 1 Episode 9
I’m so sorry= AOIFMS
I don’t like this= YOBLGTS
organic= GO*RNG
cornflakes= KORN/FLA*IKS
dairy= DOIR
sugar= SHURG
vanilla= VA/NIL/A*
at all= TA*UL
I don’t understand= YOND
we have= WEF
enemy= NAOEM
battlefield= BALT= FAO*ELD
from a= FRA
why should= Y-RBD
police= PLIS
what I want= WHAIPT
truly= TRAOUL
where I will= WRIL
concerns= KERNS
what I want= WHAIPT
minute= MIN
it looks like= TLAOLS we’re
waterboard= WAURT/BAO*RD
sodium= SOED/Y*UM
pentothal= PENT/THA*L
serum= SER/R*UM
if you get= FUGT
dose= DOES
she’ll= SHAO*EL
what do you think= WHAOUNG
torture= TAOURT
is that your= STHAUR
ousted= O*UFTD
I can’t find= YAFND
totally= TLOELT
disappeared= SPAERD
might be= MAOIB
deco= DEK/O*E
show me= SHOEM
I don’t believe= YOBL
knick-knack= NIK/NA*K
pretzels= PRETS/*ELS
are you doing= R*UD
you are not= URNT
regret= GRET
am I wrong= MIRNG
fraternizing= FRAT/NAO*IGZ
destiny= SDAEN
selfish= SFIRB
involve= VOF
if you were going= FURPG
to be= TOB
it would have= TWOF
out of this= OUFTS
sorrow= SRO*E
abandoning= BAUNG
hello= HO*EL
anymore= NIM
I just= IJT
I have known= IFN
I really= *IRL
you know= YAOUN
burden= BURD
consistently= KAONLT
you the= UT
grandfather= GRA*ER
what you= WHAU
frog= FRAUG
does not= DAONT
sea= SAE
obituary= OEBT/RA*ER
charade= SHA/RA*ID
with your= WUR
too late= TAOLT
do you know= DAOUN
what he will= WHAEL
when he finds= WHEFNDZ
one of the= WUFNT
my name= MAO*IN
birthday= B*IRTD
Frank= FRA*ING
Robbins= RO*B/*INS
Bourbon= BUR/BO*N
compartment= KPARMT
what would you do= WHAOUD
specific= SPEFK
breakfast= BREFS
lunch= LUFP
yes, sir= YES
thank you, sir= THAUNGS
compliment= KPLIMT
flu= FLU
heartbeat= HARBT
elevated= L-FTD
needles= NAOELDZ
dragon= DRAG/O*N
cave= KAF
yes, I do= YOID
manipulate= MIP
partner= PARN
century= SEN
interrogated= SBROEGTD
dojo= DOE/JO*E
insanity= SNAINT
healthy= HOILT
that happen= THAP
toughen= TUFN
so you could= SOUKD
so I can= SOIK
what it= WHA*T
forgiving= FRIFG
daughter= DAUR
ignore= GOR
through this= THRUTS
panic= PA*NG
adjusted= JAUFTD
this is not= TH-FNT
ninja= NIN/JA*
military= MILT
escort= SKOERT
legend= LEJD
shepherd= SHERPD
village= VIL
he made= EMD
and every= SKPEFR
overjoyed= AUFR/JOID
it wasn’t= TWAENT
roasted= ROEFTD
with her= WHER
remaining= RAIMG
destroy= STROI
ones= W*UNZ
solution= SLAOUGS
is to= STO
you go= UG
strange= STRAING
celebrate= SBRAIT
wow= WO*U
I didn’t know= YIN
have this= V-TS
all these= AULZ
fancy= FAENS
flavors= FLAIFRS
go through= GRU
all this= AULTS
ungrateful= UN/GRAEF
what are you doing= WHA*URD
lawyer= LAUR
search= SEFP
you think= AOUNG
what are= WHAR
about how= BHOU
prescribe= PRAOIB
meds= M*EDZ
cell= KREL
if I= FI
about him= BHIM
suggest= SUG
dual= DAOUL
diagnosis= D-GS
addict= DIKT
psychological= SKL-L
disorders= SDORDZ
heroin= HOIRN
cancer= KAERN
sensei= SEN/SA*I
kudo= KAOU/DO*E
what are you= WHA*UR
chi= KHAOE
Christmas= KMAS
where are you= WR*UR

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September 21 2018

Briefs And Phrases From Iron Fist- Season 1, Episode 8

Iron Fist Season 1 Episode 8

job title= JOBLT
due respect= DAOURPT
as soon as= SNS
you get= UGT
one of them= WUFNLT
one of= WUFN
who the= WHOT
are you even= RUFN
chia= KHAOE/A*
seeds= SAOEDZ
because of me= BAUFM
too late= TAOLT
what did you do= WAOU
refuse= R-FS
if I= FI
and go= SKP-G
moron= MOR/RO*N
conspiracy= SPIRZ
mourn= MOURN
what I was= WHAIFS
I see= IZ
I don’t care= YOK
factory= FAOKT
foreign= FOERN
sites= SAO*ITS
punishes= P-RBS
if I want= FIPT
to find= TOFND
harsh= HA*RB
bait= BAIT
so you could= SOUKD
take the= TAIKT
she says= SAESZ
smallest= SMAUFLT
otherwise= OERZ
cloud= KLOUD
over the= O*EFRT
someone else= SWUNLS
in all= NAUL
last time= LAFMT
you got= *UGT
I’m going= AOIMG
hospital= HOPT
thrives= THRAOIFS
Chinese= KHAOINZ
authorities= THORTS
Interpol= INT/POL
can I get= KIGT
coffee= KO*EF
espresso= ES/PRES/O*E
machine= M-N
theatrics= THAOERKTS
to you= TOU
termination= TERMGS
agreements= GRAOEMTS
knick-knacks= NIK/NA*KS
hostage= HOFJ
replaced= PLAEFRD
as I said= SIDZ
mementoes= MA/MEN/TO*ES
severance= SWERNS
more than= MORN
generous= JERNS
exactly= XL-KT
ironic= AO*IRNG
other side= OERDZ
of this= -FTS
toxic= TOX
thankfully= THAEFL
silver= SIFRL
improving= KBROFG
perception= PEFRPGS
warehouse= WROUS
pier= PAO*ER
pattern= PAERN
moment= MOEMT
Fort Knox= FORT/NO*X
golden= GOENLD
parachutes= PAR/SHAO*UTS
obvious= OEFS
to believe= TOBL
rabid= RABD
animal= ANL
company= K-P
summer= SMER
Hamptons= HAFRP/TO*NS
do you remember= DOURM
what you said= WHAUDZ
you wanted= UPTD
horse= HORS
breeder= BRAOERD
wonder= WURND
inheritance= HERNS
if you would= FULD
stupid= STAOUPD
daydream= DAI/DRAO*EM
that he= THAE
prescribed= PRAOIBD
destiny= SDAEN
have been= V-D
law school= LAOL
naturally= NAERL
like it= LAO*IKT
respect= R-PT
colleagues= KLAOEGS
achieved= KHAEFD
serious= SAOERZ
settlement= ST-MT
gangster= GANGT
gentleman= JA
boyfriend= BOIF
letter= LERT
handwriting= HARNG
feminine= FEM
presently= PRENLT
example= X-M
that good= THAGD
My mind= MAOIND
fulfilling= F-FLG
justify= JUF
murder= MURD
no matter= NORMT
trigger= TRIRG
opinion= P-N
to have= TOF
Gandhi= GOND/YI
disagree= SGRAOE
with you= WU
what about= WHAB
all the= AULT
normal= NOL
mountains= MOUNS
turbulence= TURB/L*ENS
roof= RAOF
despised= SDPAOIFD
impasse= KBAS
ready= R-D to
independent= N-PT
initial= NIRB
significant= SIG
decrease= SDRAOES
compensate= KPEN
half= HAF
expired= XAOIRD
rejected= JEKT
less than= LAEFN
ago= AG
consult= SKULT
hero= HOER
sister= ST-R
each other= AOEFRP
in fact= N-FT
envied= KB-FD
afterwards= AFRDZ
grandfather= GRA*ER
abandoned= BAUND
patrolling= TROELG
surveillance= SWAINS
wallet- WLET
English= GLIRB
information= N-FGS
coward= KOURD
Lawrence= LAURNS
loophole= LAOP/HO*EL
profoundly= PROEFNLD
idea= Y-D
spouse= SPOUS
overnight= AUFR/NAOIT
private= PRAOIFT
investigator= VERGT
penny= PEN/YI
sober= SOERB
indulged= SBULGD
extra= XRA
rep= R*EP
honestly= HONLS
like this= LAOIKTS
do you understand= DOUNDZ
admire= DMAOIR
tattoo= TAOUT
capture= KPUR
finish= FINS
destroying= STROIG
ninja= NIN/JA*
cult= K*ULT
weekend= WENDit’s
suspect= S-PT
villagers= VIRLS
sedated= SDAITD
diverge= DWERJ
believe me= BLEFM
financial= F-NL
literally= LAIRL
pedestal= PED/STA*L
pity= POIT
cliché= KLAOE/SHA*I
pathetic= PA*EKT
privilege= PRIF

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September 21 2018

Friday Phrases

Friday Phrases Logo
is that about the= STHABT
is that about it= STHA*BT
is that about this= STHABTS
at the time the= TETD
at that time the= TATD
at this time the= TITD
what were you= WHA*URP
what were you doing= WHA*URPD

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Category: Briefs | LEAVE A COMMENT
September 18 2018

Briefs And Phrases From Iron Fist- Season 1, Episode 7

Iron Fist Season 1 Episode 7
Silybum= SIL/YI/B*UM
marianum= MAR/YA/N*UM
milk= MIBLG
thistle= THIFLT
liver= LIFR
who is= WHOS
obsessed= OB/S*EFD
longevity= LOFNGT
can be= K-B
with the= W-T
with this= W-TS
rebellious= REBL/Y*US
confines= KWAOINS
penthouse= PENT/HO*US
legendary= LERJD
and you really= SKP*URL
into this= NAOTS
you really= *URL
punishment= PUMT
reminder= RAOIRMD
fingers= FIRNGS
tongue= TOUNG
summon= SMON
at the= TE
tournament= TOURNT
chi= KHAOE
curtain= KUR/TA*N
deathbed= D*ET/B*ED
disappear= SPAER
recognize= REK
muscle= MUFL
dealer= DLER
enjoy= GOI
secrets= SKRETS i
penthouse= PENT/HO*US
stitches= STIFPS
bruised= BRAOUDZ
I couldn’t let= YULT
Sabina= SA/BAOE/NA*
Linda= LIN/DA*
monastery= MON/STA*ER
harvest= HAFRT
plums= PLUMS
summer= SMER
ferment= FERMT
this time= TH-MT
tower= TOUR
winter= WIRNT
and my= SKPMAOI
Davos= DA/VO*ES
ask her= SKPHER
until the= N-LT
long time= LONGT
memories= MEMS
how about= HOUB
tattoo= TAOUT
unique= YAOEK
generation= JAIGS
student= STAOUNT
wield= WAOELD
chosen= KHOEFN
complicated = KPLIKTD
harness= HARNS
chi= KHAOE
enhances= KBHANSZ
focus= FOEX
definitely= DAFL
accident= SD-
Pelham= PEL/HA*M
Bay= BA*I
identify= AOIF
dump= DUFRP
how long= HOUNG
have you been= VUB
bravado= BRA/VA/DO*E
that you have= THAUF
storage= STORJ
woman= WOM
actions= -XZ
impulsive= KBUFLS
just about= JUB
and I= SKPI
severity= SWAOERT
apology= GAOE
this afternoon= TH-FRN
disaster= SDA*S
officially= FLIRBL
image= KBAJ
what about the= WHABT
what about it= WHA*BT
might be= MAOIB
cancer= KAERN
coincidence= KWOINS
do you think= DOUNG
I don’t care= YOK
to be the= TOBT
feng shui= FENG/SWA*I
angles= AENL
arrows= ROERS
employees= PLOES
mantle= MANLT
symbol= SBOL
heroin= HOIRN
package= PAJ
without the= WOUTD
watch the= WAFPT
it feels= T-FLS
significant= SIG
Hell’s Kitchen= HELS/K*IFP
immortal= KBAORLT
history= HIFT
mortal= MORLT
spirit= SPIRT
perhaps= PRAPS
last night= LAFNT
traveled= TRAFLD
yacht= YAUT
fancy= FAENS
businessman= BAM
what’s happening= WHAEPG
partly= PARLT
discreet= SDRAOET
that could= THAKD
Russians= RURB/YA*NS
Manhattan= MANT
New Jersey= NAOURJ
seaboard= SAE/BAO*RD
within= W-N
anticipated= PAETD
as long as= SLONGS
quantity= QANT
is not= SNOT
issue= IRB
chemist= KHEMT
formula= FLA
holdouts= HOLD/O*UTS
hatchet= HAFPT
problem= BLEM
lamps= LAFRPS
mailbox= MAIL/BO*X
password= PAS/WO*RD
sloppy= SLOIP
dojo= DOE/JO*E
ownership= OIP
management= MGT
language= LANG
inspiring= SNAOIRG
jealous= J-LS
cautious= KAURBS
believe me= BLEFM
negotiations= GOERBGSZ
Staten Island= STAENLD
phone calls= FOENGS
elevator= L-FRT
great deal= GRAOEL
in touch= KBUFP
illness= INLS
payroll= PAIRL
as far as= SFARS
courtesy= KURTS
Himalayan= HIM/LAI/YA*N
idiotic= ID/YO*KT
like it= LAO*IKT
dental= DENLT
serpent= SER/P*ENT
do you know= DAOUN
lease= LAOES
Brooklyn= BLIN
manufacturing= M-FG
element= L-MT
program= PRAM
elite= AOELT
university= AOUFRT
ethic= TH*EK
commitment= KMIMT
classmates= KLAS/MA*ITS
bundle= BUNLD
Veronica= VER/RON/KA*
Lawrence= LAURNS
closure= KLAOUR
emergency= M-J
ousted= O*UFTD
did she go= SDHAOEG
where is= WR-S
Anzhou= AN/SO*U
I would= ILD
plane= PLAEN
transactions= TR-XZ
embezzling= KBEFLG
mistress= MIS/TR*ES
manipulation= MIPGS
upset= SPET
technically= TLEBLG
employee= PLOE
pension= PENGS
grateful= GRAEF
genius= GAOENZ
Roxxon= ROX/SO*N

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