September 30 2018

Briefs And Phrases From Iron Fist- Season 1, Episode 12

Iron Fist Season 1 Episode 12
nurse= NURS
there came a time= THRAIM
sister= ST-R
withdrawal= WRAUL
long time= LONGT
relax= RAEK
synthetic= STH*EKT
symptoms= STOMS
what do you want= WHAOUPT
controllers= KROERLS
destinies= SDAENS
carrot= KROT
quid pro quo= QID/PROE/QO*E
freedom= FRAOEM
capture= KPUR
relationship= ROIP
minions= MIN/YO*NS
students= STAOUNTS
behaving= BAIFG
animals= ANLS
no matter= NORMT
ignorant= GORNT
milkmaid= MIBLG/MA*ID
summon= SMON
Chemo= KMOE
drama= DRAUM
crazy= KRAEZ
I wouldn’t have= YAOF
I felt= IFLT
vacation= VAIGS
Australia= AUS/AUS
quality= QALT
miracle= MIRBLG
violent= V-LT
button= BON
passions= PAGS
couch= KOUFP
transfer= TR-FR
bitter= BIRT
access= SKES
therapist= THAERPT
mercy= MERZ
garbage= GARJ
duality= DAOULT
wisdom= WIZ
thirty= THIRT
half- HAF
surrender= SRERND
compress= KPRES
questionable= QEBL
blade= BLAID
cut= K*UT
kings= KINGS
emperors= EFRP/RO*RS
tyrants= TAOIRNTS
medical= MEL
precaution= PRAYGS
opponent= PAONT
outburst= TB*URS
carry= KAER
upstairs= UPTS
vipers= VAOIRPS
boogeyman= BAOG/YI/MA*N
nonsense= NAUNS
anxious= ANGS
access= SKES
become= B-K
amazed= MAEDZ
putrid= PAOU/TR*ID
consequences= QENSZ
notified= NOIFD
condition= K-N
disgusting= SGUFGT
relationship= ROIP
when I had= WHID
topple= TOP/*L
surgery= SURG
excellent= XLENT
overboard= AUFR/BAORD
I don’t want= YOPT
never mind= NEFRMD
on the ground= OG

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