April 27 2018

Briefs And Phrases From Jessica Jones- Season 2, Episode 6

Jessica Jones Season 2 Episode 6
déjà vu= DAIFJ
is that it= STHA*T
cardboard= KBAORD
mulligan= MUL/GA*N
sauce= SAUS
overtime= OIM
dysostosis= DIZ/TO*EZ
video games= VAOGS
weak= WAEK
Michelle= MIRBL
murderers= MRURDZ
romance= ROMS
apparently= PAERNLT
wedding= WEGD
ring= RING
so the= SOT
creep= KRAOEP
and the= SKP-T
happiness= HAENS
together= TOGT
someone= SWUN
everyone= EFRN
almost= L-M
I’m sorry= AOIMS
music= MAOUK
loud= LO*UD
yeah= YAI
I didn’t realize= YIRLZ
how late= HOULT
everything= EFRG
homicide= HOM
anything= NIG
where the= WR-T
magic= MIJ
what I= WHAI
when I have= WHIF
calms= KAUMS
method= MEF
little= LIL
direct= DREKT
why the= Y-T
against= GENS
I’m not= AO*IMT
one of= WUFN
fooled= FAOLD
tell me= TL-M
for the= F-RT
booze= BAOZ
what about= WHAB
lazy= LAEZ
liquor= LIR
you’re welcome= YPURM
good morning= GORNG
associate= SOERBT
recognize= REK
useful= AOUF
how about this= HOUBTS
university= AOUFRT
and I= SKPI
academic= DWAKD
probation= PRAIX
seventies= SEFNTS
eighties= AET/YIS
idea= Y-D
Band-Aid= BAID
truffles= TRUFLS
Switzerland= SWITS/LA*ND
rusty= RUFT/YI
nails= NAILS
T-shirt= TWIRT
distressed= SDREFD
conditioner= K-RN
doctor’s= DRA*ES
developed= VELD
technique= NAOEK
healing= HAELG
process= PROS
illegal= ILG
dangerous= DAIJS
serious= SAOERZ
create= KRAOET
monster= MOFRNT
interested= TR-D
in all= NAUL
details= SDAILS
privileged= PRIFD
look like= LAOBLG
that bad= THABD
give me= GIFM
break= BRAEK
blew= BLAOU
so I= SOI
it was the= T-FTS
repressed= RAOE/PRES/-D
what do you want= WHAOUPT
so much= SOFP
customer= KMER
service= SEFS
might want= MAOIPT
preventive= PREFN
idiots= ID/YO*TS
listen= L-N
investigator= VERGT
what happened= WHAPD
yesterday= YED
at the= TE
aquarium= QAIRM
security= SKAOURT
cameras= KMRAS
fish= FIRB
terrorized= TRORDZ
bribe= BRAOIB
you wanted to= UPTD
catch= KAFP
criminal= KRINL
we are= WER
and we will= SKPWEL
with your= WUR
help= HEP
citizen= SIZ
worry= WOR
away= WA*I
police= PLIS
deported= DPORTD
you understand= UNDZ
and over= SKPOEFR
I couldn’t do= YUD
about it= B*T
rear= RAOER
plate= PLAIT
arguing= GAOUG
upset= SPET
dude= DAOUD
that will= THAL
do this= DO*TS
woman= WOM
weapon= WEP
campus= KPUS
congratulations= GLAIGS
different= DIFRNT
social= SOERBL
voicemail= VOIFM
crazy= KRAEZ
partied= PAERTD
addict= DIKT
to happen= TO*P
rabbit= RABT
pride= PRAOID
motions= MOEGSZ
hooked= HAOKD
who you really= WHO*URL
good enough= GAOUF
take care= TAERK
babysitting= BAEBGT
out of= OUF
of the= -FT
vultures= VUL/TAO*URS
unless= N-LS
careful= KAIF
chocolate= KHOKT
might be= MAOIB
Inez= AOE/N*EZ
until= N-L
tomorrow= TOM
member= MEB
scientist= SAOINT
are you sure= RUZ
credit cards= KRERKDZ
jacket= JAKT
learning= LERNG
punch= PUFP
Malcolm= MAL/KO*M
piece= PAOES
encourage= NURJ
increasing= KBRAOEGS
productivity= PROUFT
bleeding= BLAOEGD
ridiculous= KAOULS
Ambrose= AM/BRO*ES
golf= GOFL
unfortunately= UFRNLT
purchase= PR-FP
membership= MOIP
would you mind= WOUMD
discrimination= SKRIMGS
premises= PREMS
circle= SL-
no idea= NY-D
conversation= K-FRGS
decade= DAED
distractions= SDRAXZ
cranial= KRAINL
facial= FAIRBL
dedicated= DAETD
oops= AOPS
definitely= DAFL
poisoning= POIFNG
stupid= STAOUPD
Pepto= PEP/TO*E
delicate= DLIKT
bedside= BED/SAO*ID
audience= YENS
Birkin= BIR/K*IN
prescribe= PRAOIB
allergies= LAOERJ
how far= HOUF

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April 27 2018

Friday Phrases

Friday Phrases Logo
prescription drug= PRIPD
prescription drugs= PRIPDZ
presumption of innocence= PRUNS
presumption of negligence= PRUJS
slip and fall= SFAUL
slip-and-fall accident= SFAULD
state government= SGOFT

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