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Sep 14

Medical Monday: Directional & Common Pathology Terms

Aug 31

Medical Monday: Medical Terminology Introduction Lesson (Prefixes, Root Words, Suffixes)

Aug 25

A Quick Peek Into The Day Of A Captioner

Jan 08

A Judge Discusses The Importance Of Having Realtime In The Courtroom

Dec 17

New Orleans’s First African-American Court Reporter To Retire

After a 43-year career Daryl Duplessie is set to retire. Amazing, especially considering she was a teenager when she started. Source: WGNO (ABC)

Aug 19

Court Reporter’s Interview: Colleen West

In this interview, Colleen West discusses how she became a court reporter and started her own court reporting agency.

Mar 09

Practice Video: Indian Institute Of Technology Lecture On Highway Capacity And Level Of Service

Here is a lecture given by a college professor from the Indian Institute of Technology about highway capacity and level of service. If you live in a city that is a melting pot like I do, it is wise to continue to become well acquainted with the various accents that you will be hearing throughout …

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Aug 18

Interview With A Court Reporting Agency Owner

Court reporting agency owner, Victoria Rock, discusses the advances in court reporting technology, captioning, the growth of the industry, and advice for stenographers.

Aug 13

Canadian Court Reporter Discusses Changes In Ontario Court System

Jul 21

Court Reporters At Work

The court reporters who covered the Casey Anthony trial discuss their jobs, and working on a high profile case.

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