August 19 2018

Briefs And Phrases From Luke Cage- Season 1, Episode 13

Luke Cage Season 1 Episode 13 Pic 3
switch= SWIFP
champs= KHAFRPS
I wouldn’t understand= YAONDZ
tech= TEK
Malcolm X= MAL/KO*M/X*P
he has= EBS
sparkle= SPARBLG
what you know= WHAUN
exhale= XHAIL
oxygen= SHEN
victory= VOIRKT
whoop= WHAOP
up and down= PO*UN
day of the week= DAIFK
Thomas= THOMS
little bit= BLIT
did you know= SDUN
regular= REG
at a time= TAIT
medical treatment= MAOEMT
vindicated= VIND/KA*ITD
realize= RAELZ
attorney= TOERN
not guilty= N-G
interrogation= SBROEGS
as far as= SFARS
procedure= PRAOER
redundant= DRUNT
thorough= THRO
officer= OIFR
Georgia= GA*
what were you= WHA*URP
paralyzed= PARLDZ
under the= N-RT
represent= REP
pinnacle= PIN/KA*L
innovation= KBOEFGS
mantra= MAN/TRA*
aloud= A/LOUD
contact= KAKT
circular= SL-R
item= AOIT
angle= AENL
coroner= KROERN
wastebasket= WAEFT/BA*FKT
inventory= VEN
manager= M-G
unaccounted= UN/K-TD
equipment= QIMT
flimsy= FLIMS/YI
inmate= NAIT
interrupt= SBRUPT
African= FRIN
bodega= BOEGD
credit card= KRERKD
activated= AFKTD
exchanges= XAINGS
recent= RAOENT
texts= TEGTS
picture= PIR
hysterical= STERBLG
at this time= TIT
civilian= SIFNL
about it= B*T
future= FAOURT
robust= ROE/B*UFT
congratulations= GLAGSZ
convection= KWEGS
reasonable doubt= -RD
definition= DPINGS
politically= PLIL/LI
connection= KEX
unlawful= NAUF
New York City= NORKS
identified= AOIFD
received= SAOEFD
pertinent= PERNT
valid= VALD
ma’am= MAM
Dunkin’ Donuts= D*UNG/*IN/DOE/N*UTS
Bosch= BO*RB
backwards= BAURDZ

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August 18 2018

Briefs And Phrases From Luke Cage- Season 1, Episode 12

Luke Cage Season 1 Episode 12
convoy= KWOI
triple= TR*IPL
funny= FOIN
copy= KPAOE
modified= MOIFD
Judas= JAOU/DA*S
overkill= AUFR/KIL
camera= KMRA
detail= SDAIL
insignificant= SNIG
insecure= IN/SKAOUR
asleep= SLAEP
daughter= DAUR
south side= S*DZ
recognize= REK
about you= BU
slippery= SLIP/RAO*E
outran= AOUT/RAN
fugitive= FAOUJT
alleged= AELGD
bracelets= BRAIFLTS
liquidizing= KLID/AO*IGZ
what you need= WHAUFRN
numerous= NAOURMS
wares= WA*ERS
shadows= SHAODZ
Icarus= IK/R*US
custody= KUD
questioning= QEG
Romeo= ROEM/YO*E
nowadays= NOU/A/DA*IS
unleash= UN/LAOERB
Ernesto= ER/NES/TO*E
muscle= MUFL
Cuban= KAOU/BA*N
Haitian= HAI/SHA*N
Jamaican= JA/JA/*AN
in the hospital= NOPT
gunpoint= G-PT
waterworks= WAURT/WO*RKS
at least= TLAOEFT
murals= MAOURLS
glasswork= GLAS/WO*RK
overlooked= VAOKD
linens= LIN/*ENS
tatter= TAERT
what I think= WHAING
narrative= NAR/T*IF
loose= LAOS
threads= THREDZ
is a= SA
correct= KREKT
I don’t have= YOF
serious= SAOERZ
government= GOFT
Michael= MAOIBLK
cheese= KHAOEZ
grater= GRAIRT
nervous= NEFS
across the= KRAOTS
protection= PROEX
salute= SLAOUT
you ever see= UFRZ
and I will= SKPIL
to say= TO*S
Spofford= SPOF
arraignment= AERNT
million dollar= M-LD
sponsor= SPORN
kidnapping= KIPG
minimum= MIM
sunglasses= SUN/GLA*SZ
so I told= SOILT
and said= SKP-DZ
trigger= TRIRG
biscuit= BIFKT
Gómez= GOEMZ
homework= HOERK
powerful= POUF
magnum= MAG/N*UM
Trayvon= TRAI/VO*N
law enforcement= LAUFMT
sightings= SAOIGTS
solidarity= SOL/DA*RT
Larry= LAR/RAO*E
Davis= DAIFS
corrupt= KRUPT
answers= AENSZ
universe= AOUFRS
citizen= SIZ
adversary= DWAER
anticipation= PAEGS
ballads= BLADZ
Turkish= TURK/*IRB
Jordans= JORNDZ
vintage= VIN/TA*J
membership= MOIP
privileges= PRIFS
recruit= KRAOUT
recruiting= KRAOUGT
loyalty= LOILT
particularly= PLARL
renaissance= REN/SA*NS
refurbishing= RAOE/FUR/B*IRBG
apologies= GAOE/-S
generous= JERNS
evaporate= VAP
occasional= KAEFNL
as well= SW*EL
warehouse= WROUS
pickup= PUP
behold= BHOELD
pale= PAEL
incredible= KBREBL
bandwagon= BAND/WA*G/O*n
for this= F-RTS
dumpster= DUFRP/ST*ER
regret= GRET
mutual= MAOUFP
exonerated= XOND
grenade= GRA/NA*ID
Jean= JAO*EN
Gautier= GAUT/Y*ER

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August 17 2018

Briefs And Phrases From Luke Cage- Season 1, Episode 11

Luke Cage Season 1 Episode 11
from the= FR-T
target= TARGT
barricaded= BAR/KA*ID/-D
in a= NA
hostage= HOFJ
babysitting= BAEBGT
resists= RAOEFTS
blindfold= BLAOIND/FO*ELD
diet= DAO*IT
first name= FIRN
freestyle= FRAOE/STAO*IL
confusion= KWAOUGS
diversions= DWERGSZ
hardware= HARD/WA*ER
fugitive= FAOUJT
dashcam= DARB/KA*M
tactical= TAKT/KA*L
inspector= SPERKT
yes, sir= YES
inch= N-FP
obvious= OEFS
clear-headed= KLAOER/H*ED/-D
rhyme= RAOIM
violence= V-LS
poetry= POET/TRAO*E
landline= LAND/LAO*IN
Damon= DAI/MO*N
Boone= BAO*N
police= PLIS
approach= PROEFP
leverage= LEFRJ
unpredictability= UN/PRIKT/-BLT
reciprocity= RES/PRO*FT
terrorism= TRIFM
tourniquet= TURN/Q*ET
Ridley= RID/LI
stabilized= STAIBLDZ
negotiate= GOERBT
on the floor= OFL
Scotch= SKOFP
decisiveness= SDAOIFNS
go ahead= GHAED
hostess= HOEFT/*ES
protesting= PREFGT
kitchen= KIFP
prohibition= HIBGS
storage= STORJ
underneath= NAO*ERT
hurry= HUR
revenge= REFJ
out of this= OUFTS
entrenched= EN/TREN/*FPD
lunatic= LAOUN/T*IK
outcome= OUK
beneficial= BERBL
which you can= KHUK
independent= N-PT
confirmation= KWIRMGS
encounter= KBOURNT
law enforcement= LAUFMT
weapons= WEPS
should have= SHUF
are you sure= RUZ
absolutely= SLUL
authorized= TORDZ
experimental= XERMT/A*L
remain= RAIM
chopper= KHORP
proceed= PRAOED
juice= JAOUS
eventually= VAENL
regular= REG
Frank= FRA*ING
Castle= KA*FLT
movement= MOFMT
at the= TE
medical= MEL
charismatic= KHRIFMT
laughter= LAFRT
reverend= REFRND
last name= LAFN
tension= TENGS
testifying= TEFG
helicopter= HEL/KO*RPT
medication= MEGS
West Indian= W*EFT/IND/YA*N
clinic= KLIN
familiar= FAM
blow= BLO
take care= TAERK
no matter= NORMT
surrender= SRERND
minutes= MINS
South= SO*UT
usually= AOURBL
waitress= WAIT/TR*ES
upstairs= UPTS
careful= KAIF
dental= DENLT
vein= VAIN
blood supply= BLAOFP
forearm= FROERM
stalks= STAUKS
Corvette= KO*R/V*ET
joy-ride= JOI/RAO*ID
judge= JUJ
marines= MRAOENS
juvie= JAOUF/YI
self defense= SD-FNS
shank= SHA*ING
cancer= KAERN
shelter= SHERLT
genesis= GENZ
likewise= LAOIKZ
amends= AMDZ
Dana= DAI/NA*
Etta= ET/TA*
lethal= LAO*ELT
damsel= DAM/S*EL
Felicia= FA/LAOE/SHA*
Willis= WIL/*IS
listen= L-N
dozens= DOSZ
custody= KUD
verify= VOIF

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August 12 2018

Briefs And Phrases From Luke Cage- Season 1, Episode 10

Luke Cage Season 1 Episode 10
defib= DAOE/F*IB
hoodie= HOID
paddles= PALDZ
think this= THITS
factor= FAOK
regeneration= RAOE/JAIGS
abalone= AB/LOEN/YI
salt= SALT
mixture= MURX
temperature= TEM
what you said= WHAUDZ
soup= SOUP
scientist= SAOINT
forceps= FOR/S*EPS
at all= TA*UL
travel= TRAFL
period= PERD
medicinal= MA/DIS/NA*L
alien= AIL/Y*EN
metal= MAELT
weapon= WEP
dashcam= DARB/KA*M
breakfast= BREFS
abolition= AB/L*IGS
enacted= NAKTD
in the first place= FR-PLS
committees= KMAOES
texture= TERGT or TERKT
Isotoner= AOIS/TOE/N*ER
illmatic= IL/MA*KT
subjects= SUBTS
volunteered= VOED
sentences= SNENSZ
officer= OIFR
my name is= MAOINS
punched= PUFPD
I didn’t see= YIZ
eliminate= L*IM
Jackie= JA*K/YI
Kevlar= KEF/LA*R
nanny= NAN/YI
localized= LOELDZ
terror= TROR
aquarium= A/QAIR/Y*UM
defend= D-F
Sharpton= SHARP/TO*N
Bronx= BRO*NGS
Hispanic= HAIP
wisdom= WIZ
pursue= PRAOU
caution= KAUGS
methodical= MEF/KA*L
headlines= HED/LAO*INS
Chang= KHANG
composite= KPOFT
intel= SBEL
fifteen= FAOEN
Snickers= SN*IRKS
squat= SQAT
miracle= MIRBLG
miracles= MIRBLGS
instananeously= STANT/Y*UFL
cancer= KAERN
encrypted= KBRIPTD
intelligent= TEJ
engaged= GAEJD
educated= JAETD
incarcerated= KRAITD
squabbles= SQABLS
assertion= SAERGS
accurate= KRAT
approaching= PROEFPG
juvenile= JUFL
statutes of limitations= STIMS
courthouse= KHOUS
therapy= THAERP
triumphant= TRAOIMT
psychologically= SKLEL
fountain= FOUN
youth= YO*UT
brilliant= BRIL
half= HAF
action= -X
without= WOUT
custody= KUD
outrage= TRAIJ
encourage= NURJ
effectively= FEFL
harass= HARS
lifeblood= LAOIF/BLAO*D
discuss= SKUS
must be= MUB
proof= PRAOF
multitasking= MULT/TA*FK/-G
management= M-GT
congregation= KAUN/GRAIGS
goodbye= GAOIB
practice= PRA
academy= DWAD
secretary= SEKT
menace= MENS
as long as= SLONGS
desperate= DPRAT
viable= VAOIBL
city council= SKOUNL

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August 10 2018

Briefs And Phrases From Luke Cage- Season 1, Episode 9

Luke Cage Season 1 Episode 9
psychologist= SKOLGT
on the job= OEJ
assistance= SIFNS
bodega = BOEGD
program= PRAM
volunteer= VOE
hoodie= HOID
union= AOUN
shrink= SR*ING
parking lot= PROT
window= WID
voluntary= VO
Starbucks= STAR/B*UKS
Copeland= KOEP/LA*ND
hostile witness= H-NS
distribute= DR-BT
physical= FIS
career= KRAOER
suicide= SWAOID
other side= OERDZ
dissipated= DIS/PA*ITD
landfill= LAND/F*IL
borough= BROUG
Casablanca= KAS/BLAN/KA*
Delfonics= DEL/FO*NGS
proverbs= PROFRBS
Biggie= B*IG/YI
pristine= PRIS/TAO*EN
splatter= SPLAERT
implies= KBLAOIS
historic= HIFKT
theater= THAOERT
wrought= WRAUT
funny= FOIN
first time= FORMT
boyfriends= BOIFS
Malik= MA/LAO*EK
dabbling= DAB/LING
very= VE
Moses= MOEZ
vacuum= VAK/KAO*UM
abhors= AB/HO*RS
ensure= KBAOUR
transition= TRANGS
chaos= KHAOS
dispatch= DPAFP
verification= VOIFGS
I said= IDZ
on the ground= OG
lemonade= LEM/NA*ID
popular= POP
in my= NAOI
summer= SMER
Cassandra= KA/SAN/DRA*
ourselves= OURSZ
thirsty= THIRS/TAO*E
too long= TAONG
disfigured= SFIGD
Polo= PO*E/LO*E
became= BAIM
résumé= REZ/MA*I
downtown= DWOUN
Fed= F*ED
I didn’t see= YIZ
department= DEPT
singled= SINLD
what he was= WHAEFS
emotions= MAOEGSZ
groupies= GROUP/YIS
standard= ST-D
renegade= REN/GA*ID
insults= SNULTS
and you know it= SKP*UNT
as you= SU
contribute= KR-BT
to this= TOTS
stank= STA*ING
continue= T-N
customers= KMERZ
violence= V-LS
discuss= SKUS
buyout= BAOI/O*UT
shoulder= SHOURLD
gather= GAER
proposition= PROPGS
invitation= VAOIGS
Macoute= MA/KAO*UT
Cubanos= KAOU/BA/NO*ES
structure= STRUR
seashells= SAE/SH*ELS
emails= AOEMS
news= NUS
footage= FAOJ
prevail= PRAIL
strategic= STRAOEJ
political= PLIL
advantage= VANG
I remembered= IRMD
disarmed= DARMD
gaze= GAIZ
ugly= OIG
guarantee= GAURNT
Sandra= SAN/DRA*
Boston= BOFNT
University= AO*UFRT
mistaken= MAENG
destroyed= STROID
exploded= SPLOED/-D
armor= AORM
organs= GORNZ
impossible= KBOB
cut= K*UT
shouldn’t= SHAOUNT
data= DAT
replicating= REP/LA/KA*IGT
about this= B-TS
blood sample= BLAOFRM
factor= FAOK
septic= SEP/T*IK
X-ray machine= XRAIM
penicillin= PLIN
smallpox= SMAUL/PO*X
mucus= MAOUKS
membrane= BRAEN
puncture= PURNGT
City of New York= STIRK
powerless= POURLS
police officers= PLOIFRS
legitimate= JIT
valuable= VABL
assets= SAETS
connections= KEXZ
wares= WA*ERS
common sense= KMONZ
needles= NAOELDZ
hackle= HABLG
flinch= FLINFP
dashboard= DWAORD
marketer= MRARKT
intimidating= SBIMGT
police departments= PLEPTS
disease= D-Z
otherwise= OERZ
I don’t care= YOK
bargain= BARNG
Peter= PAO*ERT
Luger= LAOU/G*ER
viral= VAOIRL
artificial= ART/F*IRBL
victims= VIMS
attributes= AT/BAO*UTS
abalone= AB/LOEN/YI
combat= KBAT
equipment= QIMT
epidermis= EP/DERM/*IS
perhaps= PRAPS
residency= R-Z
fellowship= FLOIP
genetically= G*ENGT/LI
properties= PRORTS
human= HAOUM
penetrating= PRAINGT
likely= LAOIL
impenetrable= KB/PEN/TRA*BL
circumstances= SIRKS
hydrogen= HAOI/DROE/G*EN
covalent= KOE/VA*INLT
acidity= SDIT
temperature= TEM
saline= SLAOEN
concentration= SKRAENGS
portions= PORGSZ
gauge= GAIJ
catalyzed= KAT/LAO*IDZ
Velcro= VEL/KRO*E
acid= SDID
boiling= BOILG
shrapnel= SHRAP/N*EL
rotisserie= ROE/TIS/RAO*E
ricochet= RIK/SHA*I
remove= MAOF
animals= ANLS
procedure= PRAOER
data= DAT
if you have to= FUFTD

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August 9 2018

Briefs And Phrases From Luke Cage- Season 1, Episode 8

Luke Cage Season 1 Episode 8
relax= RAEK
ambulance= BLANS
you went= UFRG
Mannie= MAN/YI
discreet= SDRAOET
borrowed= BROED
gypsy= GIP/SAO*E
attention= TAENGS
dehydrate= DAOE/HAOI/DRA*IT
shooter= SHAORT
did you see= SDUZ
how much= HOUFP
penetrated= PRAINTD
that could= THAKD
exit= XIT
drilling= DRILG
I know= AOIN
warriors= WAR/YO*RS
Friday= FRI
enjoying= GOIG
normal= NOL
parallel= PAERL
to the= TOT
wasted= WAEFTD
carefully= KAIFL
bathroom= BARM
patsy= PATS/YI
eventually= VAENL
photograph= FOF
monitor= MORNT
visualist= VIFL/IFT
trauma= TRAUM
instrument= STRAOUMT
stitch= STIFP
incinerate= SIRNT
garment= GARMT
when you get= WHUGT
domineering= DOM/NAO*ERG
destroying= STROIG
temper= TREFRP
condolences= KAUN/DLENSZ
as fast as= SFAFTS
frustrated= FRUFTD
paparazzi= POP/RAZ/YI
access= SKES
sprawled= SPRAULD
hostess= HOFT/*ES
did you see= SDUZ
collect= KLEKT
conflicted= KIKTD
bluster= BLUFRT
musician= MAOUGS
garbage= GARJ
anoint= A/NOINT
crucial= KRAOURBL
explosion= SKPLOEGS
who the= WHOT
as many= SMAEN
witnessed= W-NS/-D
repentant= RAOE/PEN/TA*NT
cooperating= KAOPGT
dangerous= DAIJS
menace= MENS
sanctity= SA*INGT
coward= KOURD
shadows= SHAODZ
sterilize= STERLZ
area= AER
you feel= UFL
anesthetic= AN/STH*EKT
compromised= KPROMD
macho= MA/KHO*E
cornier= KORN/Y*ER
power= POUR
breathe= BRAO*ET
state your name and address= STURNS
for the record= FRORD
Edgecombe= EJ/KO*EM
parents= PARNTS
how do you know= HAOUN
shower= SHOUR
private= PRAOIFT
entrance= SBRANS
represented= REPD
not guilty= N-G
luminol= LAOUM/NO*L
bleached= BLAOEFPD
positive= POF
Website= WAOIT
supporters= SPRORS
donors= DMORS
intimidate= SBIMT
Candice= KAN/D*IS
soror= SROR
eyewitness= Y-NS
shrapnel= SHRAP/N*EL
scalpel= SKAL/P*EL
fluid= FLAOUD
socket= SOKT
Jessica= JEFK
alibi= AEB
clinic= KLIN
women= WIM
frizzy= FRIZ/YI
adversary= DWAER
roaring= RAORG
devour= DWOUR
Peter= PAO*ERT
chapter= KHARPT
verse= VERS
preacher= PRAOEFRP
peace= PAES
prosperity= PROFRPT
sideline= SAOID/LAO*IN
brimstone= BRIM/STO*EN
Saturday= SATD
everybody else= EFRBLS
quarterback= QAERT/BA*K
diamond-back= DAOIMD/BA*K
sewer= SOAUR
garden= GAERN
torture= TAOURT
endured= SBAOURD
squirm= SQIRM
wings= WINGS
superpowers= SAOUP/POURS
accessory to murder= SKOIRMD
psycho= SKOE

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August 8 2018

Briefs And Phrases From Luke Cage- Season 1, Episode 7

Luke Cage Season 1 Episode 7
who you are= WHOUR
besides= BESZ
harassment= HARMT
determined= DERMD
although= AOL
persistence= PRIFNS
behoove= BHAOF
Amos= A/MOS
last night= LAFNT
everyone else= EFRNLS
Jamaicans= JA/JA/A*NS
Haitians= HAI/SHA*NS
Koreans= KRAENS
Dominicans= DOE/MIN/KA*NS
loyal= LOIL
do I get= DOIGT
luxury= LUX
steak= STAEK
on the= ONT
can he= KE
ledger= LEJ/*ER
testify= TEF
justice= JUS
if you want= FUPT
did you= SDU
gentlemen= JE
apron= A/PRON
advice= VIS
handcuffs= H-FS
Priscilla= PRIS/SIL/LA*
gadget= GAJT
promoted= PROEMTD
Dillard= DIL/LA*RD
party= PAERT
resign= RAOIN
question= QE
affordable= FAURBL
initiative= NIFRBT
categorically= KAGT/KLI
integral= SBRAL
movement= MOFMT
Harlemites= HER/LEM/AO*ITS
carpetbagger= KARPT/BA*RG
Stanford= STAN/FO*RD
infection= N-FX
contagious= TAIJS
aside= SOID
let me= LEM
support= SPOR
permits= PERMTS
hobby= HOIB
Marigny= MAIR/A/NAO*E
bartender= BAERND
destruction= SDRUX
restaurant= STRAUNT
suspicious= SPIRBS
single= SINL
upon= PON
career= KRAOER
balance= BAL
prodigy= PROJ/DAO*E
Juilliard= JAOUL/YA*RD
defend= D-F
disturb= DURB
crackle= KRABLG
husband= HUS
Salvador= SAL/VA/DO*R
inventive= KB-FNT/*IF
idea= Y-D
Maybelline= MAIB/LAO*EN
standing= STANG
talent= TAENLT
could have been= KOFB
flunky= FL*UNG/YI
sheriff= SHR-F
amongst= MO*NGS
America= MERK
better than= BERN
innocent= N-NT
secret= SKRET
refuse= R-FS
yacht= YAUT
charter= KHAERT
bakery= BAIK/RAO*E
I didn’t have= YIF
Thanksgiving= THAFG
turkey= TUR/KAO*E
school= SKAOL
David= DAIFD
Dinkins= D*ING/*INS
expo= EX/PO*E
politician= POLGS
powerless= POURLS
what do you think= WHAOUNG
defeatist= DPAOEFT
sympathize= STHIZ
half= HAF
cousins= KUFNS
uncles= UNGS
brothers= BROERS
Spanish= SPIRB
Puerto Rican= P-RN/P-RN
Lopez= LOEPZ
Blu-ray= BLU/RA*I
angles= AENLS
film= FIM
discretion= SDREGS
borrow= BROE
Colón= KOE/LO*EN
have you= VU
clothes= KLO*ETS
Hudson= HUD/SO*N
impact= KBAKT
against the= GENTS
what he wanted= WHAEPTD
downstairs= DOUNTS
photo= FOET
normalization= NOLGS
bank account= BA*INGT
Facebook= FAIB
figment= FIGT
imagination= MAJS
resign= RAOIN
energy= N-RJ
painful= PAIFL
buggy= BUG/YI
take care= TAERK
anything else= NILGS
woman= WOM
betrayed= BRAE/-d
slaughtered= SLAURTD
about you= BU
lecture= LURKT
arrested= ARD
council= KOUNL
councilwoman= KOUNL/WO*M
music= MAOUK
fourteen= FOURN
Pete= PAO*EL
sheltering= SHERLGT
diapers= DAOIRPS
junkie= JAOENG
CrossFit= KROS/F*IT
texted= TEGTD
highest= HAOIFT
vigilante= VIJ/YI
accessory= SKOIR
system= ST-m
enemy= NAOEM
anonymous= NOUMS
doghouse= DAUG/HO*US
picture= PIR
mustard= MUS/TA*RD
yellow= YOEL
canary= KA/NA*ER
Georgia= GA/GA
runway= RUN/WA*E
saga= SA/GA*

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August 1 2018

Briefs And Phrases From Luke Cage- Season 1, Episode 6

Luke Cage Season 1 Episode 6
Trish= TRIRB
Sophia= SOE/FAOE/YA*
upside= UPDZ
news= NUS
sterling= STERLG
reputation= R-PGS
instead= STAED
I just= IJT
caller= KAURL
nobody= NOB
noteworthy= NO*ET/WO*IRT
personally= PLERNL
merely= MAOERL
conclusions= KL*UGSZ
boundaries= BOURNDZ
possibility= POBLT
inspires= SNAOIRS
ugly= OIG
pretty= PRIT
square= SQAIR
squared= SQAIRD
zeros= S*ERS
thousand dollars= THOUDZ
hundred= HUN
another= NOER
guns= G-NS
ghetto= GHOET
overtime= OIM
juice= JAOUS
peacock= PAE/KO*K
I believe= AOIBL
saturated= SAT/RA*ITD
genius= GAOENZ
permeates= PERM/YA*ITS
Phoenix= FAO*ENGS
ashes= ARBS
complexes= KPLEXZ
luster= LUFRT
fantastic= FAN/TA*FKT
of course,= -FX
criminal= KRINL
spinsters= SPIN/ST*ERS
narrow= NAIR
cousin= KUFN
threatening= THRENGT
Bobby= B*OB/YI
agree= GRAOE
as soon as= S-NS
handcuffs= H-FS
career= KRAOER
that would= THALD
giants= JAOINTS
famous= FAIMS
public= PUB
mask= MAFK
hero= HOER
slogan= SLOENG
what do you mean= WHAOUM
stupid= STAOUPD
insane= SNAIN
crashing= KRARBG
details= SDAILS
results= RULTS
interview= SBAOUF
today= TOD
focus= FOEKS
should be= SHUB
Canada= KAN/DA*
Geoffrey= GEF/RAO*E
memorial= MAERL
proud= PRO*UD
I really= *IRL
care of= KAIFR
bulletproof= BLAOF
poison= POIFN
what about= WHAB
text= TEGT
what do you need= WHAOUFRN
girlfriend= GOIF
hospital= HOPT
Hell’s Kitchen= HELS/K*IFP
beautiful= BAOUF
apologize= JAOIZ
you remember= URM
shotgun= SG-N
mush= MURB
amazing= MAEGS
I don’t want= YOPT
whispers= WHIFRPS
alive= LOIF
evidence= AEFD
warehouse= WROUS
stolen= STOENL
Perez= P*ERZ
yes, ma’am= YEM
disappear= SDPAER
New York= NORK
ignore= GOR
weirdo= WERD/O*E
Waldo= WAL/DO*E
photographs= FOFS
accidentally= SDL-L
who the= WHOT
is this= STH-
overqualified= AUFR/Q-FD
disputing= SDPAOUGT
despicable= DIZ/PIK/-BL
human being= HAOUB
mortuary= MORT/WA*ER
permanent= PERM
spontaneous= SPAINS
Al= A*L/A*L
chivalry= SHIFL/RAO*R
arrest= AR
bumped= BUFRPD
patrol= TROEL
offense= OFNS
that much= THAFP
elevate= L-FT
asleep= SLAEP
conscious= KONS
obviously= OEFLS
surgery= SURG
how far= HOUF
downtown= DWOUN
plaza= PLAZ
testify= TEF
as you say= SUS
bottom= BOT
millions= M-LS
brownstones= BROUN/STO*ENS
Convent Avenue= KON/V*ENT/A*EF
Damon= DAI/MO*N
Stanford= STAN/FO*TD
partial= PARB
otherwise= OERZ
where else= WRELS
do I need= DOIFRN
lieutenant= LAOUNT
checkpoint= KHEPKT
is it= ST-
company= K-P
there he is= THRES
circle= SL-
Wendy’s= WEND/Y*IS
Bowery Street= BOUR/STRAO*ET
resisted= RAOEFTD
partner= PARN
dirty[ DOIRT
knight= NAO*IT
who is= WHOS
microphone= MAOIRK/FO*EN
video= VAO
corrupt= KRUPT
grandmother= GRO*ER
notorious= NOERBS
brother-in-law= BROERL
major= MAIJ
Stokes= STO*EKS
legitimate= JIT
how about this= HOUBTS
brutal= BRAOUL
assault= SAULT
promises= PROMS
office= OFS
describe= SDRAOIB
barrage= BRAJ
gunfire= GAOIR
beatdown= BAOET/DO*UN
I can’t say= YAS
media= DWRA
that you will= THAUL
you get= UGT
interrogation= SBROEGS
rapport= RA/PO*R
comment= KMENT
insured= SNAOURD
special= SPERB
what I mean= WHAIM
prominent= PROM/N*ENT
person= PERN
at that= TA
together= TOGT
wrong side= WRONGDZ

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July 28 2018

Briefs And Phrases From Luke Cage- Season 1, Episode 5

Luke Cage Season 1 Episode 5
mattress= MAT/TR*ES
classic= KLAFK
lobby= LOIB
yes, sir= YES
slammer= SLAERM
fresh= FRERB
Kennedy= KEN/DAO*E
Bill= B*IL
Clinton= KLINT/O*N
governor= GOFR
father= FA*ER
Obama= O/BA/MA*
Jenelle= JA/N*EL
Monet= MOE/NA*I
social= SOERBL
figures= FIGZ
profits= PROFTS
reading= RAEGD
Robert= ROBT
Moses= MOEZ
Bronx= BRO*NGS
expressway= XROI
politics= PLIX
conditions= K-NS
Moynihan= MOIN/HA*N
Nixon= NIX/O*N
benefit= BEF
benign= BA/NAO*IN
neglect= NEG
nickel= NIBLG
recoup= RAOE/KOUP
million dollars= M-LDZ
amateur= AM/TAO*UR
junkyard= J*UNG/YA*RD
dishwasher= DWARB/*ER
boulevard= BL-FD
stupidity= STAOUPTD
services= SEFSZ
memorial= MAERL
dapper= DAP/*ER
Mike= MAO*IK
Mitch= MIFP
Green= GRAO*EN
beauty= BOIT
appreciate= PRAOERBT
smock= SMOK
messages= MEFJS
strictly= STRIBLG
at this= TI
Blackmar-Diemer Gambit= BLAK/MA*R/DAOE/M*ER/GAM/B*IT
I mean= AO*IM
Estelle= ES/ST*EL
Charlene= SHAR/LAO*EN
neighborhood= NAEBD
diagonal= DAOINL
bishop= BIFP
enthuse= THAOUS
Thursday= THURS
apartment= PARMT
upstairs= UPTS
whoa= WHAO
Lenox= LEN/O*X
championship= KHAOP
uptown= AUPT
displays= DPLAIZ
boyfriend= BOIF
you understand= UNDZ
snitching= SNIFPG
Raleigh= RA/LAO*E
as good as= SGAODZ
crime scenes= KRAOENZ
property= PRORT
shooting= SHAOGT
innocent= N-NT
ignore= GOR
consultant= SKUNLT
gangster= GANGT
real estate= RAE
like this= LAOIKTS
Percy= PERS/YI
Sutton= SUT/TO*N
reputation= R-PGS
legacy= LEGZ
expensive= XEFNS
deductive= DUFKT
reasoning= R-NG
autopsy= AUPZ
Louisa= LAOU/AOE/SA*
anywhere else= NIRLS
New York= NORK
amplified= AFRP/FAO*ID
mumbo jumbo= MUM/BO*E/JUM/BO*E
priestess= PRAOEFT/*ES
silver= SIFRL
monsters= MOFRNTS
Russian= RURB/YA*N
Ukrainian= AOU/KRAIN/YA*N
European= AOURP/A*N
military= MILT
forensic= FRENS
metal= MAELT
earth= *ERT
incident= DIN
Judas= JAOU/DA*S
baptize= BAP/TAO*IZ
do I get= DOIGT
how much= HOUFP
too many= TAOM
he told= ELT
normal= NOL
phone calls= FOENGS
officially= FLIRBL
dirty= DOIRT
salty= SALT/YI
explosion= SKPLOEGS
forty= FOURT
unsupervised= Un/SPR-FD
protocol= PROELT
clairvoyant= KLAIR/VO*INT
gyro= JAOI/RO*E
raffle= RAFL
tickets= TIKTS
goodbye= GAOIB
employees= PLOES
lunch= LUFP
think about= THIB
where you are= WRUR
Jackie= JAK/YI
Robinson= ROB/*IN/SO*N
respect= R-PT
at what= TWHA
captain= KAPT
investigated= VEGD
evidence= AEFD
what do you do= WHAOU
suggest= SUG
doughnut= DOE/N*UT
payroll= PAIRL
Nicky= NIK/YI
Fritz= FR*ITS
groceries= GROIRS
ladies= LAEDZ
Azie= A/SAO*E
what about= WHAB
autographs= AOT/GRA*FS
baby= BAEB
listen= L-N
conception= SKEPGS
everybody else= EFRBLS
anyone else= NINLS
mentor= MERNT
evolved= EFLD
pasture= PAS/TAO*UR
zone= SO*EN
artistry= ART/STRAO*E
Strayhorn= STRAI/HO*RN
Billie= B*IL/LAO*E
concrete= KRET
shooter= SHAORT
promise= PROM
attacked= TW-KD
foreign= FOERN
interlopers= INT/LOERPS
yes= YE
ugly= OIG
presence= PRENS
uniform= UFRM
I didn’t want to= YIPTD
forgot= FORGT
precious= PRERBS
jewels= JAOULS
diamonds= DAOIMDZ
pressure= PRERB
daily= DAIL
basis= BAZ
talk about it= TA*UBT
I don’t believe= YOBL
what it= WHA*T
what it is= WHA*TS
I believe this= AOIBLTS
embarrassing= KBRAFG
public= PUB
confuse= KWAOUS
battle= BALT
with the= W-T
damaged= DAJD
impression= KBREFGS
compliment= KPLIMT
in the first place= FR-PLS

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July 27 2018

Briefs And Phrases From Luke Cage- Season 1, Episode 4

Luke Cage Season 1 Episode 4

precinct= PRAOENT
footage= FAOJ
recidivist= R*EFS
there you go= THRUG
conjugal= JAOULG
area= AER
speechless= SPAOEFPLS
slo-mo= SLOE/MO*E
as good as= SGAODZ
restaurant= STRAUNT
structure= STRUR
Chinese= KHAOINZ
it happened= T-PD
projectiles= PROJT/TAO*ILS
we get= WEGT
cue= KAOU
we got= W*EGT
are you sure= RUZ
I think so= INGS
assist= SIS
bottom= BOT
stupid= STAOUPD
belonged= BLONGD
Georgia= GA/GA
however= HOUFR
follow= FOL
number= NUB
obey= BOEB
righteous= RAOIRBS
substitute= STUT
punch= PUFP
officer= OIFR
adjust= JAUFT
and remember= SKPRER
like this= LAOIKTS
alone= LAON
through this= THRUTS
Lucas= LAOU/KA*S
Carl= KA*RL
attempts= TAEMTS
befriend= BAOE/FREND
loneliness= LOENL/-NS
guaranteed= GAURNTD
squabbles= SQABLS
forgiveness= FRIFNS
have you= VU
first time= FIRMT
at a time= TAIT
solitary= SOL/TA*ER
failure= FLUR
focus= FOEKS
strength= STRENG
gladiator= GLAD/YA*IRT
military= MILT
police= PLIS
fists= FIFTS
pretty= PRIT
I want= IPT
benefit= BEF
rations= RAFGSZ
Connie= KO*N/YI
rubble= RUBL
you think= AOUNG
they can= THEK
holy= HOIL
thousand= THOU
especially= EP
Beyoncé= BAOE/YON/SA*I
sequel= SQEL
unless= N-LS
you were= URP
involvement= VOFMT
themselves= THEMZ
open= OEP
Lisa= LAOE/SA*
Bonet= BOE/NA*I
brother= BROER
sister= ST-R
degree= DRE
necessary= NES
masters= MAFRTS
master= MAFRT
at the time= TET
regretted= GRETD
pressing= PREGS
this side= TH-DZ
guilty= GELT
karma= KAR/MA*
reminding= RAOIMGD
prisoner= PRIRS
inmates= NAITS
experimented= XERMTD
sentence= SNENS
reduced= RAOUS/-D
plea bargain= PLAOEB
snitch= SNIFP
privately= PRAOIFLT
permeating= PERM/YA*IGT
think about= THIB
millionaires= MIL/NA*IRS
dungeons= DUN/JO*NS
island= AOINLD
more than= MORN
manners= MARNS
murderer= MRURD
serial= SAOERL
mistakes= MAEKS
provide= PROI
hierarchy= HAOIRK/YI
reputation= R-PGS
uphold= AUPLD
gorgeous= GORJS
shoulders= SHOURLDZ
patient= PAIRBT
build= BL-
backup= BUP
apart= POIRT
to you= TOU
strategy= STRAJ
center line= STR-L
stomach= STUM
venoms= VEN/O*MS
lotus= LOE/T*US
golden= GOENLD
favorite= FAIFRT
connection= KEX
original= ORJ
oversee= VAOE
opinion= P-N
booze= BAOZ
what kind of= WHAOIFND
what you got= WHA*GT
welcome= WEM
internet= SBET
Bruce= BRAO*US
spiraling= SPAOIRLG
downward= DOURND
what happened= WHAPD
months= MOS
reverted= RAOEFRTD
university= AOUFRT
Genghis= GAIN/G*IS
fire fighter= FAOIFRT
copies= KPAOES
videos= VAOS
honest= HONS
relationship= ROIP
related= RAOELTD
psych= SAOIK
legitimate= JIT
infirmary= KBIRM/RAO*E
established= BLIRBD
convicts= VIKTS
what happens= WHAPS
unintentionally= UN/SBLEBLGS
which is= KH-S
warden= WAERND
salt= SALT
lawyer= LAUR
evidence= AEFD
coincidences= KWOINSZ
what you want= WHAUPT
alive= LOIF
last time= LAFMT
stomp= STOFRP
expose= SKPOES
internal= SBERNL
transfer= TR-FR
damage= DAJ
for this= F-RTS
ferry= FER/YI
explain= SPLAIN
I can’t believe= YABL
collect= KLEKT
Reva= RAOE/VA*
you said= UDZ
psychologist= SKOLGT
when I asked= WH*IFKD
regret= GRET
anointed= A/NOINTD
proclaim= PRAIM
recovery= ROIFR
oppressed= O/PREFD
understatement= UND/STAIMT
talk about= TAUB
my name is= MAOINS

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