August 17 2020

Briefs And Phrases From Project Power

Project Power
New Orleans= NURNLS
are you serious= R*UZ
supply and demand= SPLAOIMD
I can tell= IBKGT
last time= LAFMT
impound= KBOUND
never mind= NEFRMD
casino= KAOFN
conspiracy= SPIRZ
verify= VOIF
I wouldn’t do= YAO*LGTS
prescription= PRIPGS
hero= HOER
alcohol= KHOL
pregnant= PREG
syndrome= SDROEM
prevention= PREFNGS
criteria= KRAOIRT
diploma= DPLOEM
give me this= GIFMTS
can you just= KIJT
newt= NAO*UT
can I go= KIG
yes I do, sir= YOIDZ
warrant= WARNT
friendship= FROIP
superpowers= SPROURS
diabetes= DAOIBTS
health insurance= HURNS
seismograph= SAOIZ/MOE/GRA*F
antibiotic= AEBT
navigate= NAFGT
kidnapping= KIPG
radiation= YAEGS
superheroes= SPROERS
seat belt= SBELT
what you see= WHAUZ
clinical= KLINL
footprint= FAOPT
species= SPAOES
lizard= LIRDZ
wolverine= WOFL/RAO*EN or WOFRL/RAO*EN
good point= GAOPT
I don’t think it is= YO*NGTS
activate= AEFKT
just like= JUBLG
voicemail= VOIFM
police department= PLEPT
drug dealers= DRURLGS
payroll= PAIRL
formula= FLA
lookout= LAOKT
cervix= SEFRX
fascinating= FAFNGT
bulletproof= BUPLT
animal= ANL
planet= PLAENT
pistol= STOL
resort= REFRT

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December 1 2019

Briefs and Phrases From The Irishmen

The Irishmen
Pennsylvania= PA*
Ohio= OE/HAO*I
casinos= KAOFNS
cataracts= KAT/RA*KTS
highway= HOI
what are those= WHARS
gas station= GAIGS
boccie= BOK/YI
hairline= HAIRNL
butcher= BUFRPT
steak= STAEK
I know it is= AO*INTS
accomplices= KPLISZ
exemplary= XLAERM
right or wrong= RAOIRNG
Atlantic City= TLAKT
Anzio= ANZ/YO*E
Catania= KA/TAN/YA*
Sicily= SIS/LI
take care of it= TA*EFRKT
take care of= TAEFRK
all of it= A*UFLT
grocer= GROR
what you should= WHAURBD
like to= LAOIKTD
solidarity= SLORTD
best of my recollection= BAOIRX
I cannot remember= YA*RM
during this period= DRIPD
attorney general= TOERNG
concrete= KRET
Jacksonville= JAFNL
union= AOUN
legality= LAOELT
Nashville= NARBL
lien= LAO*EN
motorcade= MOERKD
Dallas= DLAS
you’re late= YO*URLT
work of= WOFRK
forfeited= FOFRTD
opening statement= OEPGS
bodyguard= BOERGD
other thing= OERNG
took care= TAORK
some people= SM-PL
cancer= KAERN

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October 15 2019

Briefs and Phrases From El Camino

El Camino Movie Poster
Cheeto= KHAOE/TO*E
frontier= FRAOERT
person of interest= PEFRNT
Sasquatch= SAS/SKWA*FP
Hilfiger= HIL/F*IRG
Victor= V*IRKT
magnets= MANGTS
precautionary= PRAURGS
detector= SDERKT
seat belt= SBELT
speed limit= SPAOEMT
outlaw= TLAU
accurate= KRAT
chaparral= KHAP/RA*L
insurance= SNAOURNS
sideway= SDWAI
poisoning= POIFNG
Houston= HOUFNT
critical condition= KR-N
Albuquerque= AL/BA/KW*ERK
Ficus= FAOI/K*US
horticulture= HORT/KL*UR
Easter= AO*EFRT
if we have= FWEF
soup= SOUP
encyclopedia= SKPAOED
show me= SHOEM
alphabetize= AFL/BA/TAO*IZ
engineering= GERG
pizza= PIZ
pepperoni= PEP/RO*IN
and I will be= SKP*IBL
lieutenant= LAOUNT
patrol car= TROEK
handwriting= HARNG
fingerprints= F-PS
Brita= BRIT/A*
when you were going to= WHURPGTD
colorful= KLOF
Kirby= KIRB/YI
filter= FIRLT
password= PAFRD
what are you doing= WHA*URD
overtly= OEFRLT
northbound= N*B
tattoo= TAOUT
eyebrow= AOIB
Broadway= BROI
fishplate= FIRB/PLA*IT
gussets= GUS/*ETS
welding= WELGD
for it= F*RT
be able to= BAIBLTD
I can’t believe you= YA*UBL
duffle= DUFL
Sinatra= SA/NA/TRA*
bromine= BROE/MAO*EN
pineapple= PAOIN/A*EPL
Alaska= AK/AK
Okinawa= OAK/NA/WA*
Wisconsin= WIS/WIS
social security number= SBS

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August 7 2019

Briefs And Phrases From Stranger Things- Season 3, Episode 8

Stranger Things Season 3 Episode 8
awake= WOIK
stay awake= STWOIK
cabin= KBIN
hub= H*UB
navigators= NAFRGT
navigate= NAFGT
handcrafted= HAND/KRA*IFTD
from all= FRA*UL
suffocate= SFOEGT
sloppy= SLOIP
lieutenant= LAOUNT
had it= H*T
do I know= DOIN
eagle= AOELG
when I need- WHIFRN
silence= SLENS
silent= SLENT
physics= F*IFKS
latch= LAFP
Miami= MAO*I
junction= JUNGS
thesis= THAOEZ
ask me= SK-M
frequency= FREKZ
standby= STBAOI
equation= QA*IGS
mathematical= MA*BLGT
in here= KBHAOER
out of time= OUFMT
sandals= SANLDZ
happy= HAEP
let’s go= L*EGTS
is to= STO
classics= KLAFKZ
pedestrian= PED
qualities= QALTS
high school= HAOL
Keith= KAO*ET
what you see= WHAUZ
conversation= K-FRGS
distant= SDANT
painful= PAIFL
remember the= RERT
let me go= LEMG

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August 6 2019

Briefs And Phrases From Stranger Things- Season 3, Episode 7

Stranger Things Season 3 Episode 7
U.S.A.= *UZ
marching= MAFRPG
good time= GAOMT
why are you= Y*UR
army= AERM
royally= ROIL/LI
surfing= S*UFRG
dilated= DLAITD
took the= TAOKT
displacement= SDPLAIFMT
watch it= WA*FPT
launch= LAUFP
that’s right= THAERT
boorish= BAOR/*IRB
have not= V-NT
bandage= BAEJ
skateboard= SKAIBD
eighteen= AEN
to tell= TOLT
all to= AULTD
too fast= TAOFT
batteries= BRAETS
which is= KH-S
ceiling= KRAOELG
Freud= FROID
by the way= BAE
we go= WEG
delicious= DLIRBS
concept= SKEPT
interrogate= SBROEGT
have you ever been= VUFRB
I didn’t even= YIFN
prom= PRO*M
I mean= AO*IM
Nashville= NARB/V*IL
ugly= OIG
decadence= DEK/D*ENS
illusion= LAOUGS
seat belts= SBELTS
against the= GENTS
plebes= PLAOEBS
resist= RAOEFT
northeast= NAO*EFT or NAO*ES
cave= KAF
tiger= TAO*IRG
lower level= LOERL
did we= SDWAOE

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August 6 2019

Briefs And Phrases From Stranger Things- Season 3, Episode 6

Stranger Things Season 3 Episode 6
at a time= TAIT
thoroughfare= THRO/FA*ER
highway= HOI
patrol= TROEL
ketchup= KEFP
Slurpee= SLURP/YI
scratch= SKRAFP
yes, of course= YEFX
approximately= P-L
straightforward= STRAIFRD
ideology= YOLG
work for= WOFR
facility= FAEFLT
gelato= JA/LAT/O*E
good thing= GAONG
what part= WHAPT
consistency= KAONZ
smithereens= SM*IRT/RAO*ENS
penetrate= PRAINT
doorway= DWAE
whiskey= WHIS/KAO*E
vodka= VOKD
about that= BHA
Rambo= RAM/BO*E
fortress= FOR/TR*ES
warriors= WRAORS
deadly weapon= DWEP
substantially= SBL-L
scissors= SKIFRS
try again= TRAOING
laughing= LAFG
sophomore= SOFRM
while it= WHAO*ILT
July= JUL
beaches= BAEFPS
library= LAOIB
identification= AOIFGS
Philadelphia= FIL/FIL
patronize= PAIT/NAO*IZ
I like it= *IBLGT
scoop= SKAOP
calvary= KAEFRL
is that it= STHA*T
where were you= WR*URP
why not= Y-NT
when you are gone= WHURNG

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August 5 2019

Briefs And Phrases From Stranger Things- Season 3, Episode 5

Stranger Things Season 3 Episode 5
button= BON
elevators= L-FRTS
elevator= L-FRT
I can’t understand= YANDZ
sedated= SDAITD
where is he= WR*ES
try it= TRAO*IT
Illinois= IL/IL
works for= WOFRS
state of= STAIF
conspiring= SKPAOIRG
infiltrating= KB-FLGT
why me= Y-M
undercover= NOFR
bounty= BOUNT
listen to= L-NTD
right thing= RAOING
comrade= KMRAD
transport= TR-PT
promethium= PROE/MAO*ET/Y*UM
cyborg= SAOI/BO*RG
bionic= BAO*ING
mythological= M*IT/L*L
nuclear= NAOUBLG
Disney= DIZ/NAO*E
walkie= WAUK/YI
lightly= LAOILT
broadcast= BROKT
surface= SFAS
pumping= PUFRPG
I need to= IFRNTD
certifiable= SFAOIBL
gigantic= GAOINGT or GAO*INGT
first floor= F*FL
in the first place= FR-PLS
talk to= TAUKTD

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August 4 2019

Briefs And Phrases From Stranger Things- Season 3, Episode 4

Stranger Things Season 3 Episode 4
default= DPAULT
warrior= WRAOR
Amazon= A*M/SO*N
last thing= LAFNG
expectations= XEXZ
keycard= KAOE/KA*RD
one time= WUNT
paranoid= POID
schizophrenic= SKITS/FR*ENG
like it= LAO*IKT
Hawkins= HAUK/*INS
this fast= TH-FT
name of= NAIFM
motorcycle= MOIK
maintenance= MAINS
plumbers= PLURMS
powder= PAURD
prescription= PRIPGS
tuition= TWIGS
interns= SBERNS
gumbo= GUM/BO*E
Gumby= G*UM/BAO*E
samples= SAMS
degrees= DREZ
for sure= FORZ
fudge= FUJ
endangerment= SBAIJT
capitalism= KPAFM
butterscotch= BURT/SKO*FP
Jordan= JORND
if you believe= FUBL
green light= GRAOENLT
is that you= STHAU
granddaughter= GRAUR
Chinese= KHAOINZ
and go= SKP-G
I didn’t mean to= YIMTD
who made= WHOMD
activated= AFKTD

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August 3 2019

Briefs And Phrases From Stranger Things- Season 3, Episode 3

Stranger Things Season 3 Episode 3
karate= KA/RAT/YI
quiet= QAET
do I have to= DOIFTD
victim= VIM
species= SPAOES
logic= L-J
emotion= MAOEGS
mystery= STRAOE
is that okay= STHA*K
perish= PER/*IRB
solenoid= SOEL/NO*ID
listening= L-NG
demagnetize= DAOE/MAG/TAO*IZ
brilliant= BRIL
I asked= IFKD
inventing= KB-FNGT
pouring= PORG
diesel= DAOE*FL
chemicals= KHEMS
article= ARL
in fact= N-FT
mysterious= STRAOERBS
ahoy= A/HOI
peanut= PAOENT
ballpark= BAUL/PA*RK
primitive= PRIFMT
popularity= POPT
cooler= KAORL
thunder= THURND
horde= HO*RD
do not= DWOT
telemarketer= TEL/MRARKT
electrocuted= LEK/KAO*UTD
Samaritans= SMARNTS
that’s right= THAERT
there it is= THR*TS
Gary= GA*ER
must not= MUFNT
where else= WRELS
whistling= WH*IFLG
we found= W*EFND
over the= O*EFRT
make sure= MAIKZ
oven= O*FN
Janet= JANT
I’m really= AO*IRL

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