August 3 2019

Briefs And Phrases From Stranger Things- Season 3, Episode 3

Stranger Things Season 3 Episode 3
karate= KA/RAT/YI
quiet= QAET
do I have to= DOIFTD
victim= VIM
species= SPAOES
logic= L-J
emotion= MAOEGS
mystery= STRAOE
is that okay= STHA*K
perish= PER/*IRB
solenoid= SOEL/NO*ID
listening= L-NG
demagnetize= DAOE/MAG/TAO*IZ
brilliant= BRIL
I asked= IFKD
inventing= KB-FNGT
pouring= PORG
diesel= DAOE*FL
chemicals= KHEMS
article= ARL
in fact= N-FT
mysterious= STRAOERBS
ahoy= A/HOI
peanut= PAOENT
ballpark= BAUL/PA*RK
primitive= PRIFMT
popularity= POPT
cooler= KAORL
thunder= THURND
horde= HO*RD
do not= DWOT
telemarketer= TEL/MRARKT
electrocuted= LEK/KAO*UTD
Samaritans= SMARNTS
that’s right= THAERT
there it is= THR*TS
Gary= GA*ER
must not= MUFNT
where else= WRELS
whistling= WH*IFLG
we found= W*EFND
over the= O*EFRT
make sure= MAIKZ
oven= O*FN
Janet= JANT
I’m really= AO*IRL

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