May 20 2016

Friday Phrases

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two lanes= TWOLS
three lanes= THRAOELS
four lanes= FOURLS
no-fault insurance= NAURNS
not to answer= NAONS
not to answer the question= NAONGS
ordinary person= OERP
ordinary prudence= OERPD

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May 17 2016

Medical Briefs From House: Season 1, Episode 7

House MD
electrolytes= LEK/TROE/LAO*ITS
contagious= TAIJS
neurologists= NAOURLGTS
radiologist= RAOLGT
inflammation= KBLAMGS
primary= PROIRM
irritable= IRT/-BL
irritability= IRT/-BLT
depressed= DPREFD
fever= FAOEFR
spleen= SPLAOEN
vasculitis= VARK/LAO*ITS
parasites= PAR/SAO*ITS
malaria= MA/LAIR/YA*
Chagas= SHA/GA*S
mesodiencephalic= MES/SOE/DAOI/EN/SA/FL*IK
poison= POIFN
anemic= A/NAOEM/*IK
distortion= SDORGS
cosmetic surgery= KMURG
exam room= XRAOM
pathology= THOLG
lesions= LAOEFNS
neurological= NAOUR/L-L
Ativan= AT/VA*N
seizure= SHURZ
aspirating= AS/PA/RA*IGT
suction= S*UX
glioma= GLAOE/OE/MA*
radiologists= RAOLGTS
contrast= KRA*S
postictal= POEFT/TIK/TA*L
disorientation= SOERNGS or SDOERNGS
Lyme disease= LAOIMDZ or LAO*IMDZ
rash= RARB
paraneoplastic= PA/RA/NAOE/OE/PLA*FK
molecular= MOE/LEK/LA*R
similarities= SLARTS
syndrome= SDROEM
antibodies= AOINT/BOEDZ or AEBDZ
malignancy= MALGZ
mammogram= MAM/GRA*M
calcifications= KALS/FA*IGSZ
treatment= TRAOEMT
immunoglobulin= KBAOUN/GLOB/L*IN
toxin= TOFN
hydrocortisone= HAOIRD/KORT/SO*EN
irritation= IRGS
sedate= SDAIT
sedatives= SDAFTS
infection= N-FX
immunotherapy= KBAOUN/THA*ERP
bacteria= BAKT
serology= SERLG
viruses= VAOIRSZ
trypanosomiasis= TRA/PAN/OE/SOE/MAO*IZ or TRAOI/PAN/OE/SOE/MAO*IZ transfusion= TR-FGS
tularemia= TAOU/LA/RAOEM/YA*
ulcer= UL/S*ER
aerosolize= AIR/SOE/LAO*IZ
respiratory= RERPT
cough= KAUF
serum= SERM
aplastic= A/PLAFK
inconclusive= IN/KL*UFS
consult= SKULT
implants= KBLANTS
blood pressure= BLAOPS
diagnosed= D-GD
medication= MEGS
transmitted= TR-MTD
formulate= FLAIT
folic= FOE/L*IK
acid= SDID
breathing= BRAO*EGT
chloramphenicol= KLOR/AM/FEN/KO*L
kilograms= KIL/GRA*MS
flushing= FLURBG
pulse= PULS
airways= AIR/WA*ES
pupils= PAOUPLS
coma= KMA
lymphadenopathy= L*IFRP/FAD/NOP/TH*I
prescribe= PRAOIB
syringes= SYRNGS
melarsoprol= MA/LARS/O*E/PRO*L
arsenic= ARS/N*IK
vomit= VOMT
abdominal= ABL
toxicity= TOX/T*I
arrhythmia= A/R*IT/MAOE/YA*
recalibrating= RAOE/KAL/BRA*IGT
centrifuge= SEN/TRA/FAO*UJ
thyroid= THROID
metastasized= MA/TAS/TA/SAO*IDZ
illness= INLS
dopamine= DOEP/MAO*EN
micrograms= MAOIRK/GRA*MS
hyperkinesis= HAOIRP/KA/NAO*EZ

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May 16 2016


“Do not waste a minute, not a second, in trying to demonstrate to others the merit of your own performance. If your work does not vindicate itself, you cannot vindicate it, but you can labor steadily on to something which needs to advocate but itself.” -Thomas Wentworth Higginson

Love, Speed & Accuracy,

Elsie Villega

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