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Nov 06

Briefs And Phrases From National Geographic: Skin

National Geographic Skin

there is= THR-S inside= N-DZ itches= IFPS aches= AEKS miraculously= MIRBLG/L*UFL millennia= MA/LEN/YA* tattoo= TAOUT amazing= MAEGS situation= SWAIGS culture= KLUR person= PERN all the= AULT protects= PROEKTS unites= YAOINTS divides= DWAOIDZ microscopic= MAOIRK/SKO*PK cellular= SLAOUR system= ST-M you= U navigate= NAFGT extreme= STREM customs= KUFMS culture= KLUR what is= WHAS ignoring= GORG hundreds= HUNS …

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Oct 19

Briefs And Phrases From National Geographic: How To Build A Beating Heart

National Geographic How To Build A Beating Heart

imagine= MAJ you need= UFRN years old= YAOERLDZ heart= HART she needs= SHEFRNS transplant= TRANLT patients= PAIRBTS option= OPGS replace= PLAEFR organ= GORN we could= WEKD I think= AOING regenerative= JEFRNT body= BOED organs= GORNZ vision= VIGS to do= TAOD really= R-L replacement= PLAEFRMT transplanted= TRANLTD simply= SOIM finger= FIRNG extremity= STREMT object= OBT eventually= …

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Jun 16

Medical Briefs From House: Season 1, Episode 8

disoriented= DOERNTD atropine= AT/ROE/PAO*EN or AT/TROE/PAO*EN naloxone= NA/LOX/SO*EN or NA/LOX/O*EN CAT scan= SKA*T infection= N-FX diabetes= DAOIBTS shigellosis= SHIG/A/LOE/S*IS or SHIG/LOE/S*IS or SHIG/LO*EZ bradycardia= BRAID/YI/KARD/YA* viral= VAOIRL tox= TO*X myocarditis= MAOI/O*E/KAR/DAO*ITS negative= NEF butanediol= BAOU/TAIN/DAOI/O*L diazepam= DAOI/AZ/A/PA*M or DAOI/AZ/PA*M bacterial= BABLGT contamination= TAMGS gastroenteritis= SGROE/SBRAOITS carbamates= KAR/BA/MA*ITS organophosphates= OR/GAN/O*E/FOS/FA*ITS or GORN/FO*S/FA*ITS or GORN/O*E/FOS/FA*ITS organochlorines= OR/GAN/O*E/KLOR/RAO*ENS …

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May 17

Medical Briefs From House: Season 1, Episode 7

electrolytes= LEK/TROE/LAO*ITS contagious= TAIJS neurologists= NAOURLGTS radiologist= RAOLGT inflammation= KBLAMGS primary= PROIRM irritable= IRT/-BL hypersomnia= HAOIRP/SOM/NAOE/YA* or HAOIRP/SOM/YA* irritability= IRT/-BLT depressed= DPREFD fever= FAOEFR spleen= SPLAOEN vasculitis= VARK/LAO*ITS parasites= PAR/SAO*ITS malaria= MA/LAIR/YA* Chagas= SHA/GA*S MRI= MR*I mesodiencephalic= MES/SOE/DAOI/EN/SA/FL*IK poison= POIFN anemic= A/NAOEM/*IK distortion= SDORGS cosmetic surgery= KMURG exam room= XRAOM pathology= THOLG lesions= LAOEFNS neurological= …

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May 11

Medical Briefs From House: Season 1, Episode 6

Socratic= SKARKT or SOE/KRA*KT or SA/KRA*KT method= MEF tongue= TOUNG disability= DABLT benefits= BEFS blood= BLAOD diagnosis= D-GS schizophrenia= SKITS/FREN/YA* medical= MEL signature= SIGT respiration= R-RPGS intubated= IN/TAOU/BA*ITD oxygenated= SHEN/NA*ITD pulmonary= PUL/NA*ER embolism= EM/BLIFM or EM/BL*IFM blood clot= BLAOKTS lungs= LUNGS oxygen= SHEN pain= PAIN vein= VAIN thrombosis= THROM/BO*EZ blood alcohol= BLOL schizophrenic= SKITS/FREN/*IK alcoholic= …

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Apr 20

Medical Briefs From House: Season 1, Episode 5

Dr. = DR-FPLT dermatitis= DERM/TAO*ITS or DER/MA/TAO*ITS or DERM/A/TAO*ITS DERM/MA/ TAO*ITS allergic= LERJ diphenhydramine= DAOI/FEN/HAOI/DRA/MAO*EN antihistamine= AOINT/HIFT/MAO*EN or AN/TA/HIFT/MAO*EN cortisone = KORT/SO*EN or KORT/TA/SO*EN or KORT/A/SO*EN over the counter= VOURNT diagnose= D-G asthma= SMA epinephrine= EP/NEF/R*IN or EP/PA/NEF/R*IN or EP/A/NEF/R*IN lungs= LINGS medicine= MED steroids= STERDZ adrenaline= DRENL or A/DREN/L*IN defibrillator= DAOE/FIB/LA*IRT allergies= LAOERJS respiratory= …

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Apr 14

Medical Briefs From House: Season 1, Episode 4

radiologist= RAOLGT pediatrician= PAEOD/TR*IGS lethargic= LA/THA*RJ Ativan= AT/A/VA*N or AT/VA*N seizing= SAOEGZ MRI= MR*I amnesia= AM/NAO*EZ or AM/NAOZ/YA* fever= FAOEFR seizure= SHAOEZ intensive care= SBEFK diagnosed= D-GD bowel= BOUL patient= PAIRBT NICU= NIK/AO*U OB GYN= OBG degrees= DREZ infection= N-FX illnesses= *IL/-NS maternity= MAERNT symptoms= STOMS blockage= BLOJ obstruction= OB/STR*UX doctor= DR- X ray= XRAI …

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Feb 16

Medical Briefs From House: Season 1, Episode 3

cough= KAUF symptom= STOM fever= FAOEFR contagious= TAIJS rash= RARB blood pressure= BLAOPS fluids= FLAOUDZ abdominal= ABL diagnosis= D-GS testicular= TES/TIK/LA*R or TES/TIK/AOU/LA*R Yersinia= YER/SIN/YA* infection= N-FX arthritis= THRAOITS vasculitis= VAFK/LAO*ITS nerve= NEFRB allergy= LAOERJ carcinoid= KARS/NO*ID or KAR/SA/NO*ID Absidia= AB/SID/YA* symptoms= STOMS sepsis= SEP/S*IS antibiotics= AEBTS Cort stim= KORT/ST*IM echocardiogram= EK/O*E/KARD/GRA*M or EK/O*E/KARD/YOE/GRA*M pituitary= …

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Feb 08

Medical Briefs From House: Season 1, Episode 2

clinic= KLIN waiting room= WAIRM or WAIRMT meningitis= MEN/JAO*ITS tumor= TAOURM specialist= SPIFT iodine= AOIND deficiency= DPIRBZ cretinism= KRAOET/N*IFM differential= D*IFRNL diagnosis= D-GS neurologists= NAOURLGTS examine= X- lesions= LAOEFNS neurological= NAOUR/L-L post traumatic= PRAUMT post traumatic stress= PRAUMTS post traumatic stress disorder= PRAUMTD trauma= TRAUM sexual abuse= SWBAOUS concussion= KUNGS ophthalmologist= MOLGT twitch= TWIFP myoclonic= …

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Jan 06

Medical Briefs From House: Season 1, Episode 1

seizure= SHURZ or SHAOEZ or SHAORZ deterioration= DRAEGS diagnosis= D-GS tumor= TAOURM diagnostician= D-FGS oncologist= ON/KOLGT or AON/KOLGT infectious= NFKT/SH*US cancers= KAERNS radiation= YAEGS dispositive= DIS/POF or DIZ/POF lesion= LAOEFN or LAOEFGS patients= PAIRBTS doctor= DR- CAT scan= SKA*T MRI= MR*I aneurysm= AN/R*IFM ischemic= IS/KHEM/*IK or IS/KHEM/M*IK syndrome= SDROEM Creutzfeldt-Jacob= KRUTS/FELD/JAI/KO*B disease= D-Z Wernicke’s= WERN/KAO*ES …

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