August 13 2019

Medical Briefs From House: Season 1, Episode 19

House season 1 episode 19
you feel= UFL
clench= KLEFP
virulent= VIRNLT
bacterial= BABLGT
meningitis= MENGTS
diagnosed= D-GD
exposed= SKPOEFD
diagnostics= D-GTS
quarantine= QARNT
take these= TAIKZ
pus= PUS
spinal= SPAOINL
canal= KANL
epidemic= EPD
lumbar= BLURM
infections= N-FXZ
rifampin= RA/FAM/P*IN
puncture= PURNGT
Novocain= NOEFK
gurney= GOIRN
bleeding= BLAOEGD
antibiotic= AEBT
blood= BLAOD
stomach= STUM
sedative= SDAFT
contagious= TAIJS
Lesions= LAOEGS
digestive tract= D-FJT
intestine= SBEFN
intestines= SBEFNZ
endoscopy= END/SKPAOE
blood pressure= BLAOPS
blood vessel= BLAOFL
Dieulafoy= DAOUL/FO*I
swollen= SWOENL
intussusception= IN/TUS/S*EPGS
intestinal= SBEFNL
abdominal= ABL
sepsis= S*EPZ
meningeal= MEN/JAO*EL
aspiration= SPIRGS
sterile= STERL
Ativan= AFNT
seizure= SHURZ
seizures= SHURSZ
barbiturate= BARBT
hemorrhoid= HEM/RO*ID
radiology= RAOLG
medicine= MED
med= M*ED
ultrasound= URLT/SOUND
neurology= NAOURLG
scrotum= SKROEMT
temporal= TEFRP/RA*L
neurosurgeon= NURN
surgeon= SURN
saline= SLAOEN
operating room= PRAOM
renal= RAOENL
kidney= KAOEND
urine= AOURN
uremia= AOURM
differential= D*IFRNL
allergic= LERJ
rash= RARB
cell= KREL
fragments= FRAGTS
blood cells= BLAOLS
red blood cells= BLAORLS
purpura= PA/PUR/RA*
thrombotic= THROM/BO*KT
thrombocytopenic= THROM/SAOIT/PAO*ENG
menopausal= MEN/PA*UFL
estrogen= STROENG
E. Coli= AOE/KOE/LAO*I (NOTE: Be sure to D-define with the format symbols Uncap Next and Sticky Space.)
pregnancy= PREGZ
biological= BL-L
vessels= VEFLS
clot= KLOT
plasmapheresis= PLA*FM/FA*RZ
antibodies= AEBDZ
abdomen= ABD
surgery= SURG
platelets= PLAILTS

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