February 9 2020

Briefs and Phrases From Power: Season 6, Episode 15

Power Vibe Magazine 2020

benefit of the doubt= BEFBT
evidence= AEFD
rival= RIFL
exoneration= XONGS
exposed= SKPOEFD
have a good= VAGD
give me the= GIFMT
influence= FLUNS
that’s good= THAEGD or THA*EGD
cooperation= KAOPGS
between you= TWU
between you and= TWUND
impugn= KB-/PAOUN
tenants= TANTS
Spencer= SP*ERNS
you’re late= YO*URLT
memo= MOEM
drug dealer= DRURLG
I can’t believe you= YA*UBL
Escalade= SKLAID
estate= STAET
nightclub= NAOIBLG
life insurance= LURNS
portfolio= POFRLT
scrutiny= SKRAOUNT
contradict= KRIKT
advocate= DWOEKT
off the record= OFRTD
marshals= MARBLS
diversity= DWERTS

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January 26 2020

Briefs and Phrases From Power: Season 6, Episode 14

Power Season 6 Episode 14
Tennessee= TEN/TEN or T*N
Nashville= NARBL
Detroit= DROIT
congressional= KO*NL
Michigan= MIFP/MIFP
entrepreneur= SBRAOUR
constituents= STWENTS
exoneration= XONGS
let me get= LEMGT
no more= NOERM
femur= FAOERM
retiree= RIR/YI
ego= AOEG
presidential= P-LT
last thing= LAFNG
black man= BLAN
you made= UMD
comeback= KBAK
black people= BLAP
broadcast= BROKT
nomination= NOMGS
invitation= VAOIGS
selfies= SEFL/YIS
reform= REFRM
proposal= PROEPL
subordinate= SBORN
concede= SKAOED
crossfire= KRAOIFR
councilman= KMA*N
wrong number= WRUB
sooner or later= SAORNL
wallet= WLET
maybe it= MA*IBT
we need to= WEFRNTD
what do you want= WHAOUPT
digit= DIJ
you’re going= YO*URG
random= RAOND
City Hall= STHA*UL
restrictive= RIFKT
fatality= FAELT
taxpayer= TAERP
pension= PENGS
victory= VOIRKT
is there something= STHR-FG
one more time= WUMT
State of New York= STAIFK
reversal= RAOEFRL
cardio= KARD/YO*E
lottery= LOERT
crystal= KRIFLT
expedient= XAOENT
Uber= AO*URB

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January 20 2020

Briefs and Phrases From Power: Season 6, Episode 13

Power Season 6 Episode 13
upstairs= UPTS
go upstairs= GUPTS or GOUPTS
network= TWORK
where do you think= WROUNG
insurance= SNAOURNS
keep it= KAO*EPT
New York City= NORKS
nightmares= NAOIRMTS
laptop= LAPT
when I said= WHIDZ
entrepreneur= SBRAOUR
delegates= DELGTS
Puerto Ricans= P-RNS/P-RNS
multiple= MUPLT
immunity= KBAOUNT
warehouse= WROUS
Brooklyn= BLIN
witness= W-NS
handcuffs= H-FS
they think the= THENGT
panicked= PA*NGD
recording= RORGD
backup= BUP
bodyguards= BOERGDZ
let me go= LEMG
grifting= GRIFGT
wiretap= WAOIRT
show-and-tell= SHOELT
Vincent= VIFNT
kidnapping= KIPG
let’s go= L*EGTS
diamond= DAOIMD
junky= JO*ING
jail time= JAILT
ankle= A*INLG
sideways= SDWAIS
surplus= SPLUS
are you okay= R*UK
where you just= WRUJT
about this= B-TS
fancy= FAENS
if you feel= FUFL
politics= PLIKS
councilman= KMA*N

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January 13 2020

Briefs and Phrases From Power: Season 6, Episode 12

Power S6 Ep 12
arrest warrant= ARNT
just a minute= JUFMT
out of your mind= OUFRMD
are you out of your mind= ROUFRMD
where am I= WR*IM
circulating= SL-GT
did you hear= SDHAIR
complicit= KPLIFT
indict= DAOIT
testify= TEF
perjury= PEJ
malfeasance= MAFZ or MAFLZ
prosecutorial= PR-L
trigger= TRIRG
conspiracy= SPIRZ
aiding and abetting= AIBGT
accomplice= KPLIS
affirmative= AFRMT
negative= NEF
autopsy= AUPZ
insulin= SLIN
shooter= SHAORT
concrete= KRET
heart attack= HAURK
anxiety= ANGT
violent= V-LT
violence= V-LS
salon= SLON
strategist= STRAJT
eyewitness= Y-NS
rejected= JEKTD
Congress= KO*NG
democratic= DMAKT
exhumed= XHAOUMD
expedite= SKPAOIT
take the stand= TAND
political= PLIL
same thing= SAIMG
she made= SHEMD
I went to= IFRGTD
gubernatorial= GAOURBLT
nightclub= NAOIBLG
worry about it= WO*IRBT
open this= OEPTS

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January 5 2020

Briefs and Phrases From Power: Season 6, Episode 11

Power S6 Ep 11
London= LOND
Vegas= VAEGZ
felony assault= FLOINLT
felony= FLOIN
democratic= DMAKT
urban= YURB
minority= MOIRNT
minor= MOIRN
constituents= STWENTS
jeopardy= JEP
talked about= TAUBD
lieutenant= LAOUNT
governor= GOFR
Serbian= SERB/YA*N
shoulder= SHOURLD
industrial= STRIL
enlightened= KBLAOINNTD
larceny= LARS
entrapment= SBRAMT
persistent= PRIFNT
under those= N-RS
parole= PROEL
scholarship= SKLARP
proverbs= PROFRBS
expansion= XANGS
in the first place= N-FRPLS
untraceable= UN/TRAIFBL
accessory to murder= SKOIRMD
access= SKES
and I have to go to= SKPIFGTD
duplicitous= DPLIS/T*US or DPLIFT/*US or DPLIFT/T*US
pressure points= PRERPBTS or PRERBTS
positive= POF
perforate= PREFRT
surplus= SPLUS
gubernatorial= GAOUB/TO*ERL
Christmas= KMAS
anything to= NIGTD
transporter= TR-RPT
Rikers Island= RAOIRLD

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November 3 2019

Briefs and Phrases From Power: Season 6, Episode 10

Power Season 6 Episode 10

break the law= BRAEBLGT
out of your mind= OUFRMD
gubernatorial= GAOUB/TO*ERK
New York State= NORKT
constituents= STWENTS
exoneration= XONGS
FBI agent= FWIGT
bureaucracy= BRAOURKZ
this time= TH-MT
just a minute= JUFMT
nomination= NOMGS
counteract= KRAKT
preview= PRAOUF
reconciliation= SKRILGS
gentrified= JENT/FAO*ID
bankrupt= BRUP
awake= WOIK
Kool-Aid= KAOL/A*ID
search warrant= SWARNT
that morning= THARNG
aspirations= SPIRGS
defense attorney= D-RN
affidavit= AFD
perjury= PEJ
I would have= *IFLD
prospects= PR-PTS
emblem= KBLEM
testament= TEFMT
more time= MORMT
conclusive= KL*UFS
credenza= KRA/D*ENZ
background= BAUGD
when I’m= WHAOIM
Rikers Island= RAOIRBLGS
at the end of the day= TEFNTD
after all= AFRL
let me go= LEMG
multiple= MUPLT
make it= MA*IKT
Vincent= VIFNT
about her= BHER
I can’t tell you= YA*ULT
everything is= EFRGS
trust me= TRUFM
you’re going= YO*URG
and you go to= SKPUGTD
have told you= V*ULTD
should have known= SHUFN
you go to= UGTD
none of this= NOFNTS

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October 28 2019

Briefs and Phrases From Power: Season 6, Episode 9

Power Season 6 Episode 9
racketeering= RAK/TAO*ERG
emotional= MAOERBL
genius= GAOENZ or JAOENZ
expansion= XANGS
adaption= DAPGS
lieutenant= LAOUNT
governor= GOFR
your part= YOURPT
peace= PAES
if this= F-TS
emphasis= KBIS
and then= SKPHEN
scorched= SKOFRPD
severing= SWEFRG
babysitter= BAERBT
daycare= DAERK
supervisor= SPR-FR
boulevard= BLFD
narcotics= NARKTS
warehouse= WROUS
legit= LEJT
real estate= RAE
swivel= SWIFL
until the= N-LT
never told= NEFRLTD
just like= JUBLG
I can’t believe this= YABLTS
robbery= ROIRB
for a long time= F-RNGT
work for= WOFR
paella= PAOI/A/YA*
and these= SKP*Z
motivate= MOEFT
devastated= DWAEFTD
betrayal= BRAEL
humiliation= HULGS
I can’t say= YAS
LaGuardia= LA/GAURD/YA*
so let’s= SO*LTS

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October 13 2019

Briefs and Phrases From Power: Season 6, Episode 8

Season 6 Episode 8
homework= HOERK
opposite= OPS
chaos= KHAOS
pencil= PEFNL
prosecute= PR-
penitentiary= P-NT
and how long= SKPHOUNG
library= LAOIB
Jefferson= JEFRN
accomplice= KPLIS
curriculum= KLIM
about you= BU
and you need= SKPUFRN
literally= LAIRL
tuition= TWIGS
soldiers= SOERJS
contractor= KR-RT
strategist= STRAJT
Long Island= LAOINLD
medical examiner= MAERX
hostage= HOFJ
undercover= NOFR
witness= W-NS
personality= PERNLT
criticism= KRIFM
diversity= DWERTS
Saratoga= SAR/TOE/GA*
insulate= SNAOULT
radioactive= RAOFKT
county= KOINT
laundering= LAURNGD
mortgage= MORT
you will be= *UBL
cooperation= KAOPGS
are you going to= RUGTD
why would I= Y*ILD
teammates= TAOEMTS
what you said= WHAUDZ
suburbs= SURBS
scare me= SKAIRM
law enforcement= LAUFMT
harassment= HARMT
suspension= SWENGS
expedited= SKPAOITD
basketball= B-BL
too far= TAOFR
birthday= BIRTD
alibi= AEB
narrative= NAFRT
pistol= STOL
corroborates= KROBS
they’re going= TH*ERG
I can’t let= YALT
is going to= SG-GTD

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October 6 2019

Briefs and Phrases From Power: Season 6, Episode 7

Power Season 6 Episode 7

Rochester= ROFRPT
primary= PROIRM
bedroom= BERM
inventory= VEN
weekend= WEND
precious= PRERBS
high school= HAOL
college= KLEJ
Jason= JAIFN
in person= KBERN
coffee= KO*EF
when would be= WH*BLD
I’m not= Y*MT
Brooklyn= BLIN
credible= KREBL
reconcile= SKAOIL
misconduct= SKUKT
it wasn’t= TWAENT OR TWA*FNT
bureaucratic= BRAOURKT
website= WAOIT
reckless= REBLGS
dedicated= DAETD
romance= ROEMZ
White House= WHOUS
works for= WOFRS
she told= SHELTD or SHAOELTD
deploy= DPLOI
shipment= SHIMT
crates= KRAETS
warehouse= WROUS
if you were= FURP
going to= G-GTD
prospects= PR-PTS
that mean= THAM
for it= F-RT
unicorn= AOUN/KO*RN
New Yorkers= NRORKS
had to= H-TD
diverse= DWERS
syllabus= SIL/B*US
she knows= SHENS
casualty= KARBLT
congressional= KO*NL
Flatbush= FLAT/B*URB
according to= KWORGTD
Atlanta= TLAN
you’re late= YO*URLT
lawfully= LAUFL
like this= LAOIKTS
just because= JAUBS
apple= AEPL
under any circumstances= UNS
consolidating= SKLOGD
Derrick= D*ERK
gubernatorial= GAOUB/TO*ERL
tell me the= TL-MT
ankle= A*INLG
bracelet= BRAIFLT
peacetime= PAEFM
monitor= MORNT
device= DWAOIS
0collude= KLAOUD
elusive= LAOUFS
incompetence= IPS
legendary= LAERJD
pardon me= PARM
this off= THOF

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September 29 2019

Briefs and Phrases From Power: Season 6, Episode 6

Power Season 6 Episode 6
childhood= KHAOLD
stay out of= STOUF
leverage= LEFRJ
authenticate= THAIKT
do you really= DO*URL
one thing= WUNG
as much as= S-FPS
as quick as= SKWIKS
Alfonse= AL/FO*NS
24 hours= 24OURS
solidarity= SLORD
McCall= M*K/KA*UL
who are you= WHO*UR
Vincent= VIFNT
grassroots= GRAOTS
postponing= POEFNGT
raffle= RAFL
sponsorship= SPOIP
constituents= STWENTS
biological= BL-L
daycare= DAERK
coffee= KO*EF
call me= KLAUM
totaled= TOELTD
enlighten= KBLAOINT
should have known= SHUFN
technically= TLEBLG
Jason= JAIFN
I’m asking= AOIFK
make the= MAIKT
doorstep= DAORP
kidnapping= KIPG
precinct= PRAOENT
police station= PLAIGS
Yelp= Y*EL/*P
any of= NIF
accountant= K-NT
is that you= STHAU
plausible= PLAUFBL
feisty= FAOIFT
police officer= PLOIFR
college= KLEJ
law school= LAOL
Clemmons= KLEM/O*NS
and we will= SKPWEL
darling= DARLG

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