October 13 2019

Briefs and Phrases From Power: Season 6, Episode 8

Season 6 Episode 8
homework= HOERK
opposite= OPS
chaos= KHAOS
pencil= PEFNL
prosecute= PR-
penitentiary= P-NT
and how long= SKPHOUNG
library= LAOIB
Jefferson= JEFRN
accomplice= KPLIS
curriculum= KLIM
about you= BU
and you need= SKPUFRN
literally= LAIRL
tuition= TWIGS
soldiers= SOERJS
contractor= KR-RT
strategist= STRAJT
Long Island= LAOINLD
medical examiner= MAERX
hostage= HOFJ
undercover= NOFR
witness= W-NS
personality= PERNLT
criticism= KRIFM
diversity= DWERTS
Saratoga= SAR/TOE/GA*
insulate= SNAOULT
radioactive= RAOFKT
county= KOINT
laundering= LAURNGD
mortgage= MORT
you will be= *UBL
cooperation= KAOPGS
are you going to= RUGTD
why would I= Y*ILD
teammates= TAOEMTS
what you said= WHAUDZ
suburbs= SURBS
scare me= SKAIRM
law enforcement= LAUFMT
harassment= HARMT
suspension= SWENGS
expedited= SKPAOITD
basketball= B-BL
too far= TAOFR
birthday= BIRTD
alibi= AEB
narrative= NAFRT
pistol= STOL
corroborates= KROBS
they’re going= TH*ERG
I can’t let= YALT
is going to= SG-GTD

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October 11 2019

Friday Phrases

Friday Phrases Logo
is there any reason= STHRIRN
is there any reason the= STHRIRNT
is there any reason this= STHRIRNTS
is there any reason it is= STHR*IRNTS
is there any reason to= STHRIRNTD
is there any reason to the= STHR*IRNTD
is there any reason it is= STHR*IRNTS
and fracture= SKPRAUR
and fractures= SKPRAURS
and fractured= SKPRAURD
and fracturing= SKPRAURG

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October 9 2019

Briefs and Phrases From Spiderman Far From Home

Spiderman Far From Home

kind of thing= KAOIFNG
Venice= VEN/*IS
espresso= SKPROE
leaflet= LAOEFLT
taking care= TA*ERK
taking care of= TA*EFRK
cobbler= KBLER
singularity= SIRNLT
Paris= PARZ
orbits= ORBTS
primary= PROIRM
physics= F*IFKS
Italy= IT/LI
cyclone= SAOI/KLO*EN
aloha= A/LOE/HA*
elementals= L-MT/A*LS
antenna= AN/TEN/A*
superpower= SPROUR
superhero= SPROER
spider= SPAO*IRD
Spiderman= SPAO*IRMD
Italian= AOT/TAL/YA*N
tranquilizer= TWIRLZ
Morocco= MA/ROK/O*E
quantum= KWAUMT
upgrade= AUPGD
awesome= AUFM
multiverse= MULT/V*ERS
retinol= RET/NO*L
biometric= BAOI/O*E/M*ERKT
Peter= PAO*ERT
augmented= AUG/-MTD
protocols= PROELTS
satellite= SAELT or STLAOIT
Edith= AOED/*IT
vehicle= VAOEK
Audubon= AUD/BO*N
Prague= PRAUG
Parker= PRA*RK
tactical= TABLGT
drone= DROEN
sarcasm= SKAFM
opera= OP/RA*
enriching= KBRIFP
carousel= KAR/A/S*EL
avenger= AFRNG
Berlin= BERNL
awkward= AURKD
holographic= HOL/GRA*FK
therapeutic= THAERKT
weaponized= WEPDZ
illusions= LAOUGSZ
Europe= AOURP
electromagnetic= L-MG or TROEMGT
who cares= WHOKS
software= SWA*ER
casualties= KARBLTS
Janice= JAN/*IS
projector= PRORJ
paranoid= POID
in and out= NOUT
William= WL-M
costume= KOFM
London= LOND
Netherlands= N*ERT/LA*NDZ
as fast as= SFAFTS
atmosphere= SFAER
surfboard= S*UFRBD
last time= LAFMT
this time= TH-MT
Voltron= VOL/TRO*N
contingencies= TIJSZ
give me the= GIFMT
deception= SDEPGS

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