Monthly Archive: November 2016

Nov 18

Medical Briefs And Phrases From Doctor Strange


oxygen= SHEN crash cart= KRARB/KART brain activity= BRAIN TIFT scientist= SAOINT nature= NAUR operating table= PRAIGT TAIBL wound= WOUND needle= NAOELD better= BERT acupuncture= AUK fibrillation= FIB/LA*IGS Western medicine= W*ERN/MED alive= LOIF cardiac= KARKD tamponade= TAFRP/NA*ID pericardial sac= PER/YI/KARD/YA*L/SA*K myocardia= MAOI/O*E/KARD/YA* myogenic= MAOI/O*E/GEN*G pressure= PRERB body= BOED heal= HAEL tissues= TIRBS stent= STENT artery= AERT …

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Nov 18

Friday Phrases

work injury= WOIRJ highway patrol= HOIPL in a= NA in a matter= NAIRMT in connection= NING in connection with= NENG in connection with the= NENGT in connection with this= NENGTS note my objection= NAOIB

Nov 14

Medical Monday: Faradism

Faradism is defined as: “The treatment of a nerve or muscle with a faradic (electric) current.” Machine Briefs: OPTION #1: faradism= FAR/A/D*IFM OPTION #2: faradism= FAR/RA/D*IFM OPTION #3: faradism= FAR/D*IFM

Nov 11

Friday Phrases

state your= STUR state your business= STURBS state your full name= STURFN state your full name and address= STURFNS state your name= STURN state your name and address= STURNS state your name please= STURNZ statement of fact= STOFT statement of facts= STOFTS

Nov 10

Briefs And Phrases From Ant Man


hope= HOEP attempt= TAEMT nerve= NEFRB instructed= STRUKTD particle= PARL science= SAOINZ research= REFO ferocity= FER/RO*FT mention= MENGS you said= UDZ tender= TERND formula= FLA building= BL-G scientists= SAOINTS long time= LONGT unless= N-LS left side= L-DZ goodbye= GAOIB what do you think= WHAOUNG definitely= DAFL deported= DPORTD I needed= IFRND introduce= TROU really= R-L …

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Nov 08


“Concentration is the root of all the higher abilities in man.” –Bruce Lee Love, Speed & Accuracy, Elsie Villega

Nov 07

Medical Monday: Erasion

Erasion is “the surgical scraping away of tissue, especially bone.” Machine Briefs: OPTION #1: erasion= AOE/RAI/SH*UN OPTION #2: erasion= AOE/RAIGS OPTION #3: erasion= AOE/RA*IGS

Nov 04

Court Reporter Spotted: Treme- Series Finale


Season 1 of Treme featured a court reporter using a Mira machine, and the series finale featured a court reporter using a Diamante. Cool!

Nov 04

Friday Phrases

bodily fluid= BLAOUD right ankle= RAOINLG left ankle= LEFNLG not to my knowledge= NAO*IJ traffic lane= TLAEN independent recollection= N-RGS screen door= SDAOR this fast= TH-FT how else= HOULS

Nov 01

I Love Steno Trivia Tuesday

QUESTION: What classic story do the words “Lilliputian” and “Brobdingnagian” originate from? ANSWER: Gulliver’s Travels, by Jonathan Swift. Lilliputian, which means, “very small,” comes from a locality in the tome, Lilliput, where very tiny people lived. Brobdingnagian, which means, “very large,” comes from a geographic location in Gulliver’s Travels, Brobdingnag, where giants resided. [Source: The …

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