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Aug 28

Medical Monday: Fornix

The fornix is: “The bands of white fibers beneath the corpus callosum of the brain, connecting the two hemispheres of the cerebellum.” Machine Brief: fornix= FOR/N*IX

Aug 21

Medical Monday: Hypobarism

Hypobarism is: “A condition brought about when the pressure of the gases within the body is in excess of the atmospheric pressure.” Machine Briefs: OPTION #1: hypobarism= HOIP/BAR/*IFM OPTION #2: hypobarism= HOIP/BAR/R*IFM OPTION #3: hypobarism= HAOI/POE/BAR/*IFM OPTION #4: hypobarism= HAOI/POE/BAR/IFM OPTION #5: hypobarism= HAOI/POE/BAR/R*IFM OPTION #6: hypobarism= HAOI/PA/BAR/*IFM OPTION #7: hypobarism= HAOI/PA/BAR/R*IFM OPTION #8: hypobarism= …

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Aug 02

Legal Vocabulary: Hotchpot

Hotchpot is defined as: “A commixture of property made in order to secure an equable decision.” Machine Briefs: OPTION #1: hotchpot= HOFP/PO*T OPTION #2: hotchpot= HOFPT/PO*T

Jul 26

Dictionary Builder: Propitious

Propitious is defined as, “giving or indicating a good chance of success; favorable.” Machine Briefs: OPTION #1: propitious= PROE/PIRBS OPTION #2: propitious= PROE/P*IRBS OPTION #3: propitious= PROE/PIRB/*US OPTION #4: propitious= PROE/PIRB/SH*US OPTION #5: propitious= PROE/PIRB/SHUS OPTION #6: propitious= PROE/PIRB/YUS OPTION #7: propitious= PROE/PIRB/Y*US

Jul 25

Rules Of Grammar: Hew vs. Hue

Hew is defined as: “To make and shape with blows of an ax.” Hue is defined as: “The particular shade of a color; that in which one color or shade differs from another.” Machine Briefs: hue= HAOU hew= HAO*U

Jul 24

Medical Monday: Heteroplasty

Heteroplasty is defined as: “A plastic operation in which the portion grafted is taken from an organism or person other than the patient.” Machine Briefs: OPTION #1: heteroplasty= HET/ROE/PLAS/T*I OPTION #2: heteroplasty= HET/ROE/PLAS/TAO*E OPTION #3: heteroplasty= HET/ROE/PLAFT/YI OPTION #4: heteroplasty= HET/ROE/PLA*EFT OPTION #5: heteroplasty= HET/RA/PLAS/T*I OPTION #6: heteroplasty= HET/RA/PLAS/TAO*E OPTION #7: heteroplasty= HET/RA/PLAFT/YI OPTION #8: …

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Jun 03

Legal Vocabulary: Habendum

Habendum is: “The clause in a deed beginning ‘to have and to hold,’ which determines what interest or estate is granted by the deed.” MACHINE BRIEFS: OPTION #1: habendum= HA/BEN/D*UM OPTION #2: habendum= HA/BEND/D*UM OPTION #3: habendum= HA/BEND/*UM

May 22

Medical Monday: Ketosis

Ketosis is “excessive formation or secretion of ketones in the body, as in acidosis, diabetes, etc.” Ketones are acids that are built up when the body doesn’t have enough glucose to create energy, so it burns stored fats instead. MACHINE BRIEFS: OPTION #1: ketosis= KAOE/ TO*EZ OPTION #2: ketosis= KAOE/ TOE/S*IS

May 08

Medical Monday: Fremitus

Fremitus is defined as follows: “A vibration or tremor, resulting from a physical action such as speaking or coughing, felt by hand and used to assess whether the chest is affected by disease.” Machine Briefs: OPTION #1: fremitus= FREM/A/T*US OPTION #2: fremitus= FREM/MA/T*US OPTION #3: fremitus= FREM/T*US

Apr 17

Medical Monday: Glottis

Glottis is defined as: “The part of the larynx consisting of the vocal cords and the slit-like opening between them. It affects voice modulation through expansion or contraction.” Machine Briefs: OPTION #1: glottis= GLOT/*IS OPTION #2: glottis= GLOT/T*IS

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