August 23 2021

Medical Monday: Psychosis vs. Sycosis

Sycosis is inflammation of the hair follicles, usually in the bearded part of the face, caused by bacterial infection. Psychosis is a mental condition that causes someone to lose touch with reality.


OPTION #1: psychosis= SAOIKZ
OPTION #2: psychosis= SKOEZ
OPTION #3: psychosis= SKOE/S*IS
OPTION #4: psychosis= SAOI/KO*EZ
OPTION #5: psychosis= SAOI/KOE/S*IS
OPTION #6: psychosis= SAOI/KOES/*IS

OPTION #1: sycosis= SAO*IKZ
OPTION #2: sycosis= SKO*EZ
OPTION #3: sycosis= SKO*E/S*IS
OPTION #4: sycosis= SA*OI/KO*EZ
OPTION #5: sycosis= SAO*I/KOE/S*IS
OPTION #6: sycosis= SAO*I/KOES/*IS

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August 2 2021

Medical Monday: Sepsis

Sepsis is defined as: “A serious condition resulting from the presence of harmful microorganisms in the blood or other tissues and the body’s response to their presence, potentially leading to the malfunctioning of various organs, shock, and death.”


OPTION #1: sepsis= SEP/S*IS
OPTION #2: sepsis= S*EPZ

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May 24 2021

Legal Vocabulary: Sponsion

Sponsion is defined as follows: “(1) The act of becoming surety or sponsor for another. (2) In international law, an undertaking on behalf of his state by a public officer not specifically empowered to enter into it.”


OPTION #1: sponsion= SPO*NGS
OPTION #2: sponsion= SPON/SH*UN

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January 18 2021

Medical Monday: Tracheitis

Tracheitis is inflammation of the trachea (windpipe).


OPTION #1: tracheitis= TRAIK/AO*ITS
OPTION #2: tracheitis= TRAIK/YAO*ITS
OPTION #3: tracheitis= TRAIK/YI/AO*ITS
OPTION #4: tracheitis= TRAI/KAOE/AO*ITS
OPTION #5: tracheitis= TRAIK/YI/AOIT/*IS
OPTION #6: tracheitis= TRAIK/YI/AOIT/T*IS

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