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Apr 28

Friday Phrases

like the= LAOIKT like this= LAOIKTS number of days= NUFDZ number of times= NUFTS would you repeat the question= WOURPGS could you repeat the question= KOURPGS can you repeat the question= KURPGS independent recollection= N-RGS

Apr 27

Theory Thursday: I Don’t Phrases (Part 3)

I don’t let= YOLT I don’t like= YOBLG I don’t like the= YOBLGT I don’t mean= YOM I don’t mean to= YOMT I don’t mean to say= YOMTS I don’t mind= YOMD I don’t need= YOFRN I don’t need the= YOFRNT I don’t need this= YOFRNTS

Apr 26

Briefs, Phrases, and Legal Terminology From Boston Legal Season 1, Episode 8

Thanksgiving= THAFG coma= KMA privileged= PRIFD office= OFS reception= REFPGS termination= TERMGS connection= KEX employer= PLOIR ethical= TH*EBLG violations= VAOILGSZ evidentiary= AEFT/RAO*E hearing= HAERG malpractice= M-P improve= KBROF relationship= ROIP therapist= THAERPT therapists= THAERPTS license= L-NS disclose= SKLOES injunctive= KB*UFNGT innocent= N-NT denied= D-ND violence= V-LS murder= MURD illegal= ILG treacherous= TREFP/R*US college= KLEJ physical= …

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Apr 26


“There are no easy methods of learning difficult things; the method is to close your door, give out that you are not at home, and work.” -Joseph de Maistre Love, Speed & Accuracy, Elsie Villega

Apr 20

Theory Thursday: I Don’t Phrases (Part 2)

I don’t get= YOGT I don’t give= YOFG I don’t go= YOG I don’t have= YOF I don’t have the= YOFT I don’t imagine= YOJ I don’t just= YOJT I don’t know= YON I don’t know the= YONT I don’t know this= YONTS

Apr 17

Medical Monday: Glottis

Glottis is defined as: “The part of the larynx consisting of the vocal cords and the slit-like opening between them. It affects voice modulation through expansion or contraction.” Machine Briefs: OPTION #1: glottis= GLOT/*IS OPTION #2: glottis= GLOT/T*IS

Apr 15

Briefs And Phrases From Logan


somewhere else= SWR-LS in the morning= NORNG I remembered= IRMD I think= AOING you understand= UNDZ thank you= THAUNG you’re welcome= YOURM did you do= SDAOUS I don’t want= YOPT I can’t just= YAJT when I was= WHIFS I believe= AOIBL must have been= MUFB of course,= -FX did you get= SDUGT such as= SUFPS …

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Apr 07

Practice Material: The Short And Tragic Life Of Robert Peace Audiobook

Robert Peace Audiobook

Apr 07

Friday Phrases

health care system= HAERKT health care= HAERK what did= WHA*D what had= WHAD that you received= THAUFDZ she received= SHEFDZ he received= HEFDZ have you received= VUFDZ do you receive= DOUFZ as you remember= SURM

Apr 06

Theory Thursday: I Don’t Phrases (Part 1)

I don’t= YO I dpn’t agree= YORG I don’t believe= YOBL I don’t believe so= YOBLS I don’t believe the= YOBLT I don’t care= YOK I don’t even= YOFN I don’t even know= YOEFN I don’t even see= YOFNZ I don’t ever= YOFR I don’t feel= YOFL I don’t find= YOFND I don’t forget= YOFGT

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