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Nov 03

The Dictaphone vs. The Stenographer

In Napoleon Hill’s, “The Law of Success,” he recounts a tale of a salesman attempting to sell him a Dictaphone machine while simultaneously demonstrating that a stenographer is a better option. While the stenographer in Mr. Hill’s story is a shorthand writer, I think the story is apropos to machine writers as well. The story …

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Apr 07

Practice Material: The Short And Tragic Life Of Robert Peace Audiobook

Robert Peace Audiobook

Oct 13

My New Mission In Life: To Be A BPL Power User


So, apparently, there’s a new thing going on at the Brooklyn Public Library where patrons who have more than 4,000 checkouts are awarded the designation of Power User. I WANT THIS TITLE!! Lol. I’m an avid reader, and I love the library! A librarian whom I queried about the Power User program told me that …

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Jan 31

Practice Material: Sidney Poitier’s Books On Tape

Sidney Poitier Books On Tape

My new practice material; and yes, it is read in his voice. Yay!

Jul 15

Currently Reading…

Deposition Handbook

“Nolo’s Deposition Handbook” By: Bergman & Moore

Mar 27

Friday Phrases

neurological examination= NAOURLGS life support= LAOIFPT or LORT Q. You allege= STKPWHRULG Q. You allege these= STKPWHRULGZ Q. You allege those= STKPWHRULGS Q. You alleged= STKPWHRULGD Q. You alleged the= STKPWHRULGTD Q. You alleged these= STKPWHRULGDZ

Sep 14

The Importance Of Drinking Water, Eating A Healthy Breakfast & Maintaining Your Glucose Levels

“Brain cells consume oxygen and glucose (a form of sugar) for fuel. The more challenging the brain’s task, the more fuel it consumes. Therefore, it is important to have adequate amounts of these substances in the brain for optimum functioning. Low amounts of oxygen and glucose in the blood can produce lethargy and sleepiness. Eating …

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Aug 22

I Love Steno: The Student Edition: Helpful Anxiety vs. Harmful Anxiety

As a student, the cycle of peaks, plateaus, and valleys can cause an emergence of nervousness and anxiety. This can be beneficial, or it could be detrimental. According to studies, there is “helpful anxiety” and “harmful anxiety.” In “How The Brain Learns,” the author David A. Sousa states the following: “[The] level of concern refers …

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Jul 23

I Love Steno: The Student Edition- Working On Speed & Accuracy? Get Your Emotions In Check

Going through court reporting school can evoke a cornucopia of feelings and emotions. It’s important to enjoy the ride and put anything that may be causing you stress into a perspective that makes it manageable for you. Remember, everyday is progress! Everyday you commit to bettering your skill is a step forward, no matter what …

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Jul 01

Sitting For More Than 20 Minutes

“When we sit for more than twenty minutes, our blood pools in our seat and in our feet. By getting up and moving, we recirculate the blood. Within a minute, there is about 15 percent more blood in our brain. We do think better on our feet than in our seat!” -From, “How The Brain …

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