October 16 2018

Medical Briefs & Phrases From, “Life Is Not An Accident” By: Jay Williams (Part 1)

Life Is Not An Accident
atrophy= TRAOEF or TROF
nerve= NEFRB
hip= HIP
therapy= THAERP
physical therapy= FAERP
physical therapist= FAERPT
tendon= TEN/DO*N
tendons= TEN/DO*NS
armpits= ARM/P*ITS
forearms= FROERMS
left foot= L*FT
right foot= R*FT
scope= SKOEP
range of motion= ROM
artery= AERT
knee= NAOE
kneecap= NAOE/KA*P
left knee= LAOE
recovery= ROIFR
femoral= FEM/RA*L
hospital= HOPT
doctors= DR-S
medication= MEGS
injury= JER
healthy= HOILT
joint= JOINT
arthritis= THRAOITS
sacrum= SKRUM

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September 10 2018

Medical Monday: Rachitis

Rachitis is rickets. Rickets is “A disease or early childhood, chiefly due to a deficiency of calcium salts as provided by vitamin D, characterized by softening of the bones and consequent deformity.”


OPTION #1: rachitis= RA/KAO*ITS
OPTION #2: rachitis= RA/KAOI/T*IS
OPTION #3: rachitis= RA/KAOIT/*IS
OPTION #4: rachitis= RA/KAOIT/T*IS

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June 4 2018

Medical Monday: Pinta

Pinta is: “A tropical skin disease caused by a treponeme (a spirochete bacterium that is parasitic or pathogenic), and characterized by patches of discoloration. Also called carate.”


OPTION #1: pinta= PIN/TA*
OPTION #2: pinta= PINT/TA*
OPTION #3: pinta= PINT/A*
OPTION #4: pinta= PAOEN/TA*

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