December 2 2019

Medical Monday: Stasis

Stasis is defined as follows: “(1) Stoppage of the blood in its circulation, especially in the small vessels and capillaries: caused by abnormal resistance of the capillary walls, rather than by any lessening of the heart’s action. (2) Retarded movement of the intestinal contents due to obstruction or muscular malfunction.”


OPTION #1: stasis= STAIZ
OPTION #2: stasis= STAI/S*IS
OPTION #3: stasis= STAIS/*IS
OPTION #4: stasis= STAIS/S*IS
OPTION #5: stasis= STAS/*IS
OPTION #6: stasis= STAS/S*IS

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September 30 2019

Medical Monday: Splenitis

Splenitis is inflammation of the spleen.


OPTION #1: splenitis= SPLA/NAO*ITS
OPTION #2: splenitis= SPLAOE/NAO*ITS
OPTION #3: splenitis= SPLA/NAOI/T*IS
OPTION #4: splenitis= SPLAOE/NAOI/T*IS
OPTION #5: splenitis= SPLA/NAOIT/*IS
OPTION #6: splenitis= SPLAOE/NAOIT/*IS
OPTION #7: splenitis= SPLA/NAOIT/T*IS

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August 18 2019

Medical Briefs From House: Season 1, Episode 22

House season 1 episode 22
belly= BLAOE
exploratory= SPLORT
operating room= PRAOM
recovery= ROIFR
neurogenic= NAOUR/G*ENG
epilepsy= EPLZ
tremors= TRERMS
peristalsis= PER/STA*LZ
axonal= AX/NA*L
Alzheimer’s= ALZ
protein= PRAOEN
genetic= G*ENGT
encephalitis= EN/S*EFLTS
dementia= DMEN/SHA*
serology= SERLG
health= H*ELT
neurotoxicity= NAOUR/TOX/S*IFT
metabolic= MET/BL*IK
cerebral= KRAOEBL
limbic= LIM/B*IK
paralyzed= PARLDZ
paresthesias= PA/RA/STAI/SAOE/A*S
Coombs= KAO*UMS
agglutination= A/GLAOUT/NA*IGS
Gullian-Barré= GAOE/A*N/BA/RA*I
fatal= FAILT
virus= VAOIRS
reaction= RAOEX
abnormal= BORL
blood work= BLAORK
syndrome= SDROEM
porphyria= POR/FAOER/YA*
hematin= HAOEM/T*IN
synthase= SIN/THA*IZ
embolism= KBLIFM
Ativan= AFNT
catheter= KA*ERT
vasospasm= VAI/SOE/SPA*FM
glucose= GLAOUKS
hematin= HAOEM/T*IN

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August 15 2019

Medical Briefs From House: Season 1, Episode 21

House season 1 episode 21
tumors= TAOURMS
neurological= NAOUR/L-L
varicose= VARKS
pregnant= PREG
narcotics= NARKTS
ankle= A*INLG
osteogenesis= OFT/YOE/G*ENZ
imperfecta= KB-FRT/A*
myeloma= MAOI/LOEM/A*
vascular= VAFBLG
tendinitis= TEND/NAO*ITS
operate= PRAIT
degenerative= DEFGT
nodule= NOD/AO*UL
thyroid= THROID
inflammation= KBLAMGS
tendons= TEND/O*NS
herniated= HERNTD
Demerol= DEM/RO*L
inflammatories= KBLARMTS
biopsy= BAOIPZ
thyroxine= THAOI/ROX/*IN
epinephrine= EP/NEF/R*IN
gender= GERND
autopsy= AUPZ
bladder= BLAERD
urethra= AOU/RAOET/RA*
calcium= KALS
intoxication= SBOX
adenoma= AD/NOEM/A*
ionized= AO*INDZ
differential diagnosis= D*IFRNLGS
kinase= KAOINZ
myoglobin= MAOI/O*E/GLOEB/*IN
osteosarcoma= OFT/YOE/SK*OEM
cancerous= KAERNZ
amputate= AFRPT
saliva= SLAOIF
infarction= IN/FARKS
necrotic= NA/KR*OKT
femur= FAOERM
bypass= BIPS
cytokines= SAOIT/KAO*INS
organ= GORN
organ failure= GORNL
cardiac arrest= KAURKT
suction= S*UX
morphine= MOFRN
amputation= AFRPGS
gluconate= GLAOUK/NA*IT
tachycardia= TAK/YI/KARD/YA*
defibrillator= FRIB
health care= HAERK
reperfusion= RAOE/PER/FAO*UGS
injury= JER
chronic= KRO*NG

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