July 16 2019

I Love Steno Trivia Tuesday: Ghost Words

Trivia Tuesday PurpleQUESTION: What are ghost words?

ANSWER: According to Grammarly, ghost words are non-existent words that have no meanings. These words only exist because of printing errors committed in the process of manufacturing dictionaries.

According to Grammarly, an example of a ghost word is “dord”; a word that erroneously “appeared in the dictionary for eight years in the mid-20th century.”

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June 5 2018

I Love Steno Trivia Tuesday: Shakespeare-Invented Words

Trivia Tuesday PurpleQUESTION: How many words did Shakespeare Invent?

ANSWER: According to the website Shakespeare Online, Shakespeare invented over 1,700 words.

Some of the words he coined are: swagger, academe, barefaced, compromise, frugal, skim milk, gust, impartial, blushing, courtship, eyeball, obsequiously, moonbeam, mountaineer, marketable, gloomy, equivocal, elbow, cold-blooded, buzzer, excitement, lackluster, radiance, fixture, circumstantial, hobnob, majestic, champion, birthplace, zany, gossip, bandit, luggage, blanket.

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