September 11 2023

Briefs and Phrases From YNW Melly Trial (Day 3)

YNW Melly Trial Day 3
one hundred= WH*UN
one hundred percent= WH*UPS
expertise= SPAOERZ
serial number= SN*UB
ballistics= BLIFKTS
cartridge= KARJT
extracted= XRAKTD
ejected= JAOEKTD
discharge= DARJ
aperture= AP/TAOU*R or AP/T*UR
striations= STRAOIGSZ
triangular= TRAOIRNL
extractor= XRARKT
semi-automatic= SAUMT
right-handed= *RND
left-handed= L-ND/-D
deactivate= DAEFKT
rifling= RAO*IFLG
barrel= BAERL
give me= GIFM
muzzle= MULZ
gunpowder= G-PD
ammunition= AMGS
manufacturer= M-FR
parallel= PAERL
surface= SFAS
Taurus= TAURS
Smith & Wesson= SM*IT/SKP/W*EFN or SM*IT/AND/W*EFN
patent= PAENT
competency= KPEZ
scratches= SKRAFPS
be able to= BAIBLTD
projectory= PRORJT
variables= VARBLS
angle= AENL
case work= KAIRK
samples= SAMS
determinants= DERM/A*NTS
defense counsel= D-FNL
fairly and accurately= FAIRBLG
contamination= TAMGS
residue= SDRAOU

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September 1 2023

Friday Phrases

Friday Phrases Logo
serial number= SN*UB
serial numbers= SN*UBS
yes or no question= YORNGS
yes or no questions= YORNGSZ
believe otherwise= BLEFZ
suspicious circumstance= SPIRK
suspicious circumstances= SPIRKS
door jamb= DAORJ
door jambs= DAORJS

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