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Sep 21

Theory Thursday: 10 Short Conversations (Practice Video With Steno Notes)

Elsie Villega Theory Thursday 10 Short Conversations Case CAT Screen Shot

Aug 10

Theory Thursday: Basic Body Parts Part 1

hand= HAND finger= FIRNG face= FAIS chin= KHIN forehead= FHED cheek= KHAOEK lip= LIP

Jun 29

Theory Thursday: Practice Video- Measurement Terms

For years, I’ve loved to practice to “Learn To Speak English Videos” on You Tube. Here’s one that includes measurement terms: clock= KLOK measuring cup= MURG/K*UP meter= MAOERT metronome= MET/NO*EM microscope= MAOIRK/SKO*EP pipette= PIP/*ET protractor= PROE/TRA*RKT quart= KWART ruler= RAOURL scale= SKAIL sextant= SEX/TA*NT speedometer= S-PD or SDORMT stethoscope= STE*T/SKO*EP stopwatch= STOP/WA*FP barometer= BARMT sundial= …

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Oct 20

Theory Thursday: One-Syllable Words & Stitching Practice (Part 1)

Yes, this is a children’s video, but it is also a great way to practice your theory words and stitching!

Oct 17

Medical Monday: Arm and Forearm Arteries

artery= AERT collateral= KLARL radial= RAID/YAL or RAID/YA*L anterior= AOR posterior= PAO*R inferior= KBAOR ulnar= UL/NA*R interosseus= SBER/ROS/Y*US brachial= BRAIK/YAL or BRAIK/YA*L recurrent= RAOE/KURNT profunda= PROFND/A*

Oct 26

Medical Monday: Medical Terminology Practice

Oct 01

Theory Thursday: Dione Gardner’s TH Words

Jul 02

Theory Thursday: States Drill

Jun 18

Theory Thursday: Practice Dictation (60 WPM)

Here are some briefs from the video: minimum= MIM number- NUB envelopes= NFL eight= AEGT did you= SDU notice= N-TS success= S-K succeed= S-KD getting= GEGT in the= N-T successful= SK-FL entry= SBRI she is= SHES in our= NOUR because= BAUS puzzle= PULZ piece= PAOES it is= T-S your are= UR building= BL-G referring= REFRG …

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May 28

Theory Thursday: Initial & Final V

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