July 22 2021

Theory Thursday: Learn English: “Absolutely” Sample Sentences

absolutely= SLUL
starving= STAFRBG
positive= POF
it was= T-FS
she is= SHES
devoted= DWOETD
knives= NAOIFS
lethal= LAO*ELT
pouring= PORG
husband= HUS
adores= DORS
I feel= IFL
certain= SERN
roasting= ROEFGT
in this= NIS
she was= SHAOEFS
furious= FURBS
with him= WH-M
this is= TH-S
doctor= DR-
riveted= RIFTD
by the= B*IT
story= STOIR
hotel= HOELT
filthy= FLOIT
quiet= KWAET
perfect= P-FRT
it’s= -TS

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March 18 2021

Theory Thursday: Easy English Cooking Verbs

pouring= PORG
tea= TAE
cup= K*UP
sipping= SIPG
toast= TOEFT
toaster= TOEFRT
butter= BURT
in the morning= NORNG
squeezing= SKWAOEGZ
lemon/ LEM/*ON
eggs= EGS
weigh= WAE
flour= = FLO*UR
measure= MUR
measuring= MURG
batter= BAERT
smooth= SMAOT
stove= STOEF
layer= LAIR
ketchup= KEFP
garlic= GLIK
taco= TA/KO*E
sprinkle= SPR*INLG
dish= DIRB
decorate= DRAIT
microwave= MAOIFRK
soup= SOUP
refrigerate= FRIRT
fresh= FRERB
vegetables= VEJS
freeze= FRAOEZ
maintain= MAINT
quality= KWALT
blender= BLERND
consistency= KAONZ
oven= O*FN
few minutes= FAOUMTS
roast= ROEFT
turkey= TURK/YI
sharpening= SHAERNG
seasoning= S-NG
flavor= FLAIFR
fish= FIRB
chef= SHEF
sifting= SIFGT
pizza= PIZ
grating= GRAIGT
cheese= KHAOEZ
delicious= DLIRBS
ingredients= GRAOENTS
carve= KAFRB
meat= MAET
mash= MARB
barbecue= BARB/KAO*U
Sauté= SAU/TA*I
boiling= BOILG
ladle= LAILD
taste= TAIFT
tastes= TAIFTS
remove= MAOF
steam= STAOEM
whisk= WH*IFK
pasta= PAS/TA*
champagne= SHAM/PA*IN
serve= SEFRB
restaurant= STRAUNT

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July 30 2020

Theory Thursday: Mark Kulek Learn English- Describing People

she is= SHES or SHAOES
athletic= TLEKT
she likes= SHEBLGS
watches= WAFPS
mother= MOER
father= FA*ER
are also= R-LS
tall= TAUL
young= YUNG
she goes= SHEGS
overweight= AUFR/WAET
he is= ES or
everyday= EFRD
school= SKAOL
handsome= HAFND
football= FAOBL
he just= EJT or HEJT
heavy= HEF
tell me= TL-M
about him= BHIM
he’s= HAO*ES
muscular= MUFBLG
about her= BHER
tomboy= TBOI
she’s= SHAO*ES
appetite= AP/TAO*IT
cook= KAOK
fashionable= FAFBL
environmentally= VAOIRMT/LI
friendly= FRENLD
business= BIS
woman= WOM

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