June 29 2017

Theory Thursday: Practice Video- Measurement Terms

For years, I’ve loved to practice to “Learn To Speak English Videos” on You Tube. Here’s one that includes measurement terms:

clock= KLOK
measuring cup= MURG/K*UP
meter= MAOERT
metronome= MET/NO*EM
microscope= MAOIRK/SKO*EP
pipette= PIP/*ET
protractor= PROE/TRA*RKT
quart= KWART
ruler= RAOURL
scale= SKAIL
sextant= SEX/TA*NT
speedometer= S-PD or SDORMT
stethoscope= STE*T/SKO*EP
stopwatch= STOP/WA*FP
barometer= BARMT
sundial= SUN/DAO*IL
syringe= SY-RNG or SRING
tape measure= TAIP/MUR
telescope= TEL/SKO*EP
thermometer= THERMT
windsock= WIND/SO*K
yardstick= YARD/ST*IK

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June 18 2015

Theory Thursday: Practice Dictation (60 WPM)

Here are some briefs from the video:
minimum= MIM
number- NUB
envelopes= NFL
eight= AEGT
did you= SDU
notice= N-TS
success= S-K
succeed= S-KD
getting= GEGT
in the= N-T
successful= SK-FL
entry= SBRI
she is= SHES
in our= NOUR
because= BAUS
puzzle= PULZ
piece= PAOES
it is= T-S
your are= UR
building= BL-G
referring= REFRG
cover= KOFR
photo= FOET
and we= SKPWAOE
we need= WEFRPB
first of all= FRAUL
during the course of this= TKO*UFRTS
amount= AMT
that was= THAFS
fuel= FAOUL
parties= PAERTS
admit= DMIT
burning= BURNG
concur= KRUR
began= GAN
occurred= KURD
that is= THAS
contend= KEND
smaller= SMAURL
already= L-D
made= MAED
difficult= DIF
mortgage= MORT
how much= HOUFP
payments= PAIMTS
financing= F-NG
August= AUG
income= N-K
second= S-KD
hilt= HILT
house= HOUS
have you= VU
properties= PRORTS
thinking= THIG
president= P-T
establish= BLIRB
new= NU
company= K-P
principle= PRIN

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