August 28 2015

Friday Phrases

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nine to five= NAOIFNT
under the influence of drugs= NUFLD
under the influence of narcotics= NUFNL
under the influence of alcohol= NUFK
under the influence= NUFL
medical department= MRPT
law department= LAUPT
left elbow= L*EBL
right elbow= R*EBL

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August 24 2015

Steno Fun Fact: How Many Words Are In The English Dictionary?

I Love Steno Logo (Cropped)The unabridged Webster’s dictionary has a reported 470,000 enteries. However, states: “There are about a million English words, maybe more. It is hard to see how even a conservative estimate of English vocabulary could go much below a million words. If you allow all of scientific nomenclature, this could easily double the figure. For example, there are apparently some one million insects already described, with several million more awaiting description. The two largest dictionaries – the Oxford English Dictionary and Merriam-Webster’s Third New International Dictionary – each include around half a million words.”

Dictionary-building from my Webster’s dictionary made me look this information up. I wanted to know how far I had to go. Lol.

Love, Speed and Accuracy,

Elsie Villega

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