October 20 2018

Briefs And Phrases From Iron Fist- Season 2, Episode 10

Iron Fist Season 2 Episode 10
beginning= GING
inevitably= NEFT/BLI
duality= DAOULT
coin= KOIN
rhythm= R*IMT
blues= BLUZ
opposition= PAOGS
challenge= KHAL
inspire= SNAOIR
each other= AOEFRP
complementary= KPLERMT
balance= BAL
at the= TE
heaven= HEFN
half= HAF
ceremony= SMAOEN
transfer= TR-FR
we go= WEG
Monday= MON or MOND
familiar= FAM
preservation= PREFRBGS
behavior= BAIFR
what I did= WHA*ID
admit= DMIT
human being= HAOUB
forgive me= FRIFM
or not= ORNT
toxic= TOX
woman= WOM
disappointed= SDPOINTD
arrival= RAOIFL
consolation= SKOELGS
gesture= JEFRT
linked= L*INGD
chakra= SHOK/RA*
return= RURN
bullets= BULTS
sweetheart= SWHART
goodbye= GAOIB
from me= FR-M
for me= F-RM
disciple= DA/SAO*IPL
strobe light= STROEBLT
and go= SKP-G
backup= BUP
compassion= KPAGS
is a= SA
easy= AOEZ
grasped= GRAFPD
comprehend= KPREN
powerful= POUF
upgrade= AUP/GRAID
shucks= SHUKS
effort= EFRT
little bit= BLIT
normal= NOL
sooner= SAORN
karate= KA/RA/TAO*E
public= PUB
taillights= TAILTS
everything else= EFRLGS
custody= KUD
struggling= STRULG
about him= BHIM
bargain= BARNG
alliance= LAOINZ
legitimate= JIT
naive= MAOEF
overnight= AUFRNT
backslide= BAK/SLAO*ID
brook= BRAOK
inference= N-FRNS
delicate= DLIKT
Wednesday= WENS
Friday= FRI
increments= KBREMTS
metric= MERKT
rural= RAOURL
awful= AUFL
estimated= STIMTD
relation= RAOELGS
equation= QAIGS
relationships= ROIPS
no one= NO*N
Bethany= B*ET/NAO*E
pronoun= PROE/NO*UN
I’m sure= AOIMZ
one of those= WUFNS
destiny= SDAEN
fate= FAIT
faith= FA*IT
how long= HOUNG
aflutter= A/FLURT
saddle= SALD
semblance= SEM/BLA*NS
concrete= KRET
torture= TAOURT
bloody= BLOID
fingerprints= F-PS
taste= TAIFT
influence= FLUNS
between us= TWUS
humor= HAOURM
medallion= MA/DAL/YO*N
silver= SIFRL
defeat= DPAOET
ancestor= AN/S*EFRT
fliers= FLAOIRS
I believed= IBLD
Asia= AEZ
supplied= SPLAOID
telephone= TEFL
simple= SIM
journey= JOIRN
forest= FREFT
expensive= XEFNS
boarding= BAORGD
rugby= RUG/BAO*E
irresponsible= IRBL
zen= S*EN
sake= SAK/YI
businessman= BAM
black market= BLARKT
Hokkaido= HOE/KAOID/O*E
a.m.= AM
Hancock= HAN/KO*K
container= TAIRN
Orson= OR/SO*N
Randall= RANLD
Jakarta= JA/KAR/TA*
Lumpur= LUM/P*UR

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October 19 2018

Friday Phrases

Friday Phrases Logo
you like= UBLG
you like the= UBLGT
you like this= UBLGTS
you like it= *UBLGT
for a long time= FLONGT
for how long= FHOUNG
and once= SKPWUNS
why you would= YULD
why would you= Y*ULD
care about= KAIRB
care about the= KAIRBT
care about it= KA*IRBT
care about this= KAIRBTS

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Category: Briefs | LEAVE A COMMENT
October 19 2018

Briefs And Phrases From Iron Fist- Season 2, Episode 9

Iron Fist Season 2 Episode 9
mugger= MUG/*ER
maintenance= MAINS
doorway= DAOR/WA*E
Broadway= BROI
hone= HOEN
it became= TBAIM
clarity= KLAIRT
release= RAOES
for the most part= F-RMT
activity= TIFT
scanner= SKARN
heart= HART
Eldridge= RLD/R*IJ
mythical= M*IT/KA*L
beast= BAOEFT
more than= MORN
consider= K-R
to go to= TOGTD
south= SOUT
murdering= MURGD
mulberry= MUL/B*ER/YI
up and down= PO*UN
sirens= SAOIRNS
federal= FRAL
law enforcement= LAUFMT
weight= WAET
volition= VOE/L*IGS
teenagers= TAIRJS
sycophants= SIK/FA*NTS
armor= AORM
serendipity= SERN/D*IPT
brutalized= BRAOULDZ
squalor= SQLOR
what time= WHAMT
downtown= DWOUN
first of all= FRAUL
deputy= DPAOUT
chief= KHAOEF
apparently= PAERNLT
pattern= PAERN
discriminatory= SKRIRMT
negligence= NEJS
request= Q-
fancy= FAENS
you said= UDZ
marshals= MARBLS
downstairs= DOUNTS
name of= NAIFM
inform= N-F
pipeline= PAOIP/LAO*IN
papers= PAIRPS
replacement= PLAEFRMT
I don’t ask= YOFK
recognize= REK
fortune= FORN
brush= BRURB
comb= KOEM
pirate= PAOIRT
bow= BOU
sprint= SPRINT
legendary= LERJD
bedtime= BED/TAO*IM
New York= NORK
I don’t think so= YONGS
I made= IMD
consumed= SKAOMD
transference= TR-FRNS
Tebori= TA/BOR/YI
tattoo= TAOUT
conduit= DWIT
positively= POFL
respond= SPON
should have= SHUF
you were= URP
why not= Y-NT
I don’t even= YOFN
healthy= HOILT
melodramatic= MEL/O*E/DRA*UMT
lousy= LAOUZ/YI
shoulders= SHOURLDZ
how about=HOUB
safari= SA/FAR/YI
patricide= PAT/SAO*ID
necrocide= NEK/SAO*ID
classic= KLAFK
what kind of= WHAOIFND
sunsets= SUN/S*ETS
think about= THIB
bundle= BUNLD
blond= BLOND
magic= MIJ
false= FAULS
prophet= PRO*FT
moral= MORL
upstairs= UPTS
committee= KMAOE
innocent= N-NT
baton= BA/TO*N
what you have= WHAUF
parley= PAR/LA*E
martyrs= MAR/T*ERS
leaders= LAOERDZ
speech= SPAOEFP
what I think= WHAING
maybe= MAEB
civilians= SIFNLS
sedative= SDAFT
evacuate= AOEFKT
confiscation= KAUN/FIFBGS
show me= SHOEM
beyond= YOND
resilience= RILS
dozen= DOZ
magnet= MANGT
cripple= KRIPL
hesitation= HEGS
retrieve= TRAOEF
abandoned= BAUND
freeze= FRAOEZ
blink= BL*ING
assist= SIS
ketamine= KET/MAO*EN
crime scene= KRAOEN
wreck= WREK
unicorn= AOUN/KO*RN
dice= DAOIS
we can= WEK
knight= NAO*IT
topside= TOPDZ
ambulance= BLANS
idiot= ID/YO*T
artery= AERT
misery= MIZ/RAO*E
how do you feel= HAOUFL

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October 18 2018

Briefs And Phrases From Iron Fist- Season 2, Episode 8

Iron Fist Season 2 Episode 8
ego= AOEG
overconfidence= AUFR/K-FNS
relentless= RAOE/LENLTS
Albert= AL/B*ERT
volunteers= VOES
viral= VAOIRL
sensei= SEN/SA*I
agility= A/G*ILT or A/J*ILT
amazing= MAEGS
compensate= KPEN
as good as= SGAODZ
technique= NAOEK
grandfather= GRA*ER
grandparents= GRARNTS
bushido= BAOU/SHAOE/DO*E
songbirds= SONG/B*IRDZ
serious= SAOERZ
frog= FRAUG
tanuki= TAN/KAO*E
Broadway= BROI
Clinton= KLINT/O*N
uptown= AUPT
dozens= DOSZ
embarrassment= KBRAMT
riches= RIFPS
if I can= FIK
jump= JUFRP
eye= AOI
faucet= FAUFT
mimic= MIM/*IK
which means= KH-MS
sergeant= SAERNGT
soldier= SOEL/J*ER
coordinates= KAORNTS
is that you= STHAU
simplistic= SIM/ST-K
program= PRAM
suicide= SWAOID
disaster= SDA*S
refrain= FRAIN
retaliate= TRAELT
as soon as= SNS
how many= HOUM
mistakes= MAEKS
more like= MORBLG
blueprints= BLUPTS
lobby= LOIB
average= AFRJ
square feet= SQAOET
glorified= GLOIFD
powder= PAURD
powder room= PAURMD
accept= SEP
methods= MEFS
component= KPOENT
purged= PURJD
apologize= JAOIZ
environment= VAOIRMT
captivity= KAP/T*IFT
redacted= RAOE/DAKTD
violence= V-LS
variables= VARBLS
integration= SBRAEGS
you should= URBD
wagon= WAG/O*N
recommend= REM
occupied= OUPD
I don’t have time= YOFMT
factory= FAOKT
Jersey= J*ERZ/YI
Sophia= SOE/FAOE/YA*
solid= SLOD
alarm= LARM
credenza= KRA/DEN/SA*
with the= W-T
emotional= MAOERBL
mutually= MAOUFPL
exclusive= XLAOUFS
no matter= NORMT
lesson= LEFN
necessary= NES
Rubicon= RAOUB/KO*N
access= SKES
database= D-B
teeth= TAO*T
who can= WHOK
punched= PUFPD
energy= N-RJ
solar= SOE/LA*R
cells= KRELS
alive= LOIF
breathing= BRAO*EGT
wrong side= WRONGDZ
stomach= STUM
I can’t go= YAG
detours= DAOE/TORS
money= MUN
go inside= G-DZ
that I ask= THAIFK
justice= JUS
corruption= KRUPGS
out of= OUF
all of this= AUFLTS
reject= JEKT
criminals= KRINLS
cancer= KAERN
anyone else= NINLS
buttons= BONS
match= MAFP
ribbon= RIB/O*N
emotions= MAOEGSZ
it has= T-BS
listen= L-N
application= PLIGS
careful= KAIF
as you think= SAOUNG
Chinatown= KHAOINT
chaos= KHAOS
parleys= PAR/LA*ES
balance= BAL
frustrated= FRUFTD
I remembered= IRMD
too fast= TAOFT
cycle= SAOIGLG
physically= F*IFL
power= POUR

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October 17 2018

Briefs And Phrases From Iron Fist- Season 2, Episode 7

Iron Fist Season 2 Episode 7
builders= BL-RS
trestles= TREFLS
gun= G-N
too much= TAOFP
at the= TE
eliminating= L*IMG
Grand Central= BRA*ND/STRA*L
fringes= FRINGS
effort= EFRT
bulletproof= BLAOF
swallow= SWLOE
yellow= YOEL
commissioner= KMIRGS
unis= AOUN/YIS
Harlem= HAR/L*EM
Bayard= BA*I/YA*RD
backyard= BARD
definitive= DPIFNT
recovery= ROIFR
cutting= K*UGT
and you know= SKPUN
honestly= HONLS
ledger= LEJ/*ER
increments= KBREMTS
debt= DET
forged= FORJD
rental= RENLT
possessions= PEGSZ
so I think= SOING
heirloom= HA*IR/LAO*M
compression= KPREGS
dance= DANS
victims= VIMS
crucial= KRAOURBL
attached= TAFPD
fists= FIFTS
do you mind= DOUMD
this time= TH-MT
ceremony= SMOEN
Tibetan= TA/BET/A*N
antiquity= AN/TIK/WA*T
I can’t tell= YAT
license= L-NS
taser= TAIRZ
precautions= PRAUGSZ
curator= KAOUR/RA*IRT
upstairs= UPTS
Bailey= BA*IL/YI
bottling= BOLGT
because of me= BAUFM
last thing= LAFNG
terrifies= TOIFS or TROIFS
crazier= KRAERZ
special= SPERB
ambiance= OM/BAOE/A*NS
addiction= DIX
banner= BAERN
Shirley= SHIRL/YI
Temple= T*EFRPL
hatchet= HAFPT
massage= MAFJ
parlor= PAR/LO*R
talents= TAENLTS
disposable= SDPOEFBL
back seat= SBAOET
poison= POIFN
speeding= SPAOEGD
process= PROS
Prada= PRA/DA*
procured= PRAOURD
very bad= VEBD
astronomically= AFT/NOM/KLI
professor= PROEFR
details= SDAILS
scroll= SKROL
all of this= AUFLTS
collector= KLERKT
Asian= AIGS
Tibet= TA/B*ET
Mongolia= MON/GOEL/YA*
Himalayas= HIM/LAI/YA*S
western= WERN
gorgeous= GORJS
language= LANG
too bad= TAIBD
chi= KHAOE
minute= MIN
tea= TAE
coffee= KO*EF
water= WAURT
how do you know= HAOUN
imagine= MAJ
negative= NEF
shading= SHAIGD
verified= V-FD
vital= VAO*ILT
images= KBAJS
transfer= TR-FR
crime scene= KRAOEN
objects= OBTS
measurements= MURMTS
placement= PLAIFMT
metaphorical= MET/FOR/KA*L
so I need= SOIFRN
overwhelms= WHOEMS
Oxy= OX/YI
Seconal= SEK/NA*L
first time= FIRMT
sudden= SUD
pregnant= PREG
addict= DIKT
Sokovia= SA/KOEF/YA*
surrender= SRERND
essentials= SERBS
been= B-N
counterpoint= KROURNT/PO*INT
understatement= UND/STAIMT
sore= SOER
friendship= FROIP
discount= SKOUNT
transference= TR-FRNS
auspicious= AU/SP*IRBS
destruction= SDRUX
embark= KBARK
dojo= DOE/JO*E
sensei= SEN/SA*I

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October 17 2018

Briefs And Phrases From Iron Fist- Season 2, Episode 6

Iron Fist Season 2 Episode 6
lemons= LEM/O*NS
lemonade= LEM/NA*ID
worthless= WO*RLTS
chat= KHAT
mutual= MAOUFP
how far= HOUF
no idea= NY-D
according to= KWORGT
cocktail= KOK/TA*IL
carfentanil= KAR/FENT/N*IL
haloperidol= HAL/O*E/PER/DOL
inclinations= KBLINGSZ
inches= N-FPS
above the= BOFT
hip= HIP
serrated= SER/RA*ITD
Czech= K*EK
military= MILT
issue= IRB
idle= AO*ILD
Wisconsin= WIS/WIS
ancient= SHENT
tattooing= TAOUGT
yakuza= YA/KAOU/SA*
triangle= TRAOINL
slumber= SLUM/B*ER
calvaries= KAFL/RAO*ES
babysitter= BAERBT
animal= ANL
deranged= DRAENGD
liquid= KLID
investments= VEFMTS
equation= QAIGS
Henry= H*EN/RAO*E
mulberry= MUL/B*ER/YI
sustenance= SNUNS
success= S-K
truffle= TRUFL
glaze= GLAIZ
rollatini= ROL/TAO*EN/YI
vegetarian= VEJ/TA*IRN
conspiring= SKPAOIRG
meditate= MED/TA*IT
distance= SDANS
lunatic= LAOUN/T*IK
virtue= VIRT
terrific= TRIFK
half million dollars= HAFMDZ
league= LAOEG
dossier= DOS/Y*ER
confirm= KWIRM
deny= D-N
gym= JIM
clockwork= KLOK/WO*RK
email= AOEM
news= NUS
ouch= OUFP
desperate= DPRAT
desperation= DPRAIGS
Habanero= HA/BA/NAOER/O*E
teriyaki= TER/YA*EK
doughnuts= DOE/N*UTS
cookies= KAOK/YIS
chocolate= KHOKT
gum= GUM
sugar= SHURG
podcast= POD/KA*FT
banal= BAINL
picture= PIR
do you see= DOUZ
captain= KAPT
police= PLIS
character= KHARK
first time= FIRMT
this is it= TH*TS
enterprise= SBRAOIS
opioid= OEP/YO*ID
epidemic= EPD
rosé= ROE/SA*I
imposter= KBOFRT
exposed= SKPOEFD
hero= HOER
psychopath= SKO*EPT
twelve= TWEFL
protégé= PROET/JA*I
metaphorically= MET/FOR/KLI
so many times= SOMTS
complacent= KPLAIFNT
contingency= TIJZ
trigger= TRIRG
environmental= VAOIRNL
alter= ARLT
contrary= KRAIR
dissociative= SDOEFRBT
exposure= SKPAOUR
at that point= THOINT
Arizona= AZ/AZ
booming= BAOMG
boroughs= BROUGS
tattoo= TAOUT
ink= *ING
Tebori= TA/BOR/YI
warrant= WARNT
inked= *INGD
needles= NAOELDZ
syringe= SRING or SY-RNG
tactical= TAKT/KA*L
someday= SDAI
unbearable= UN/BAERBL
ashes= ARBS
in a= NA
goodbye= GAOIB
scarification= SKAR/FA*IGS
serpent= SER/O*ENT
rituals= RIFPLTS
reverse= RAOEFRS
alternative= NAEFT
specifics= SPEFKZ
precise= PRAOIF
after all= AFRL
plumbing= PLUMG
housekeeping= HOUS/KAO*EPG
youths= YO*UTS
bicycles= BAOIBLGS
vultures= VUL/TAO*URS
scavengers= SKAFRJS
Manhattan= MANT
bridge= BRIJ
cabin= KBIN
as long as= SLONGS
justice= JUS
burden= BURD
heritage= HERJ
culture= KLUR
validating= VAL/DA*IHT
resist= RAOEFT
single= SINL
faction= FA*X
opposition= PAOGS
overnight= AUFRNT
paragon= PAR/GO*N
ambulance= BLANS
Baxter= BAX/T*ER
petunia= PA/TAOUN/YA*
injured= J*URD
I didn’t mean to= YIMTD
what did you do= WAOU

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October 17 2018

Briefs And Phrases From Iron Fist- Season 2, Episode 5

Iron Fist Season 2 Episode 5
stupid= STAOUPD
knuckle= NUBLG
as quick as= SQIKS
falcon= FAL/KO*N
mercy= MERZ
hesitation= HEGS
chaste= KHAIFT
deficiency= DPIRBZ
mastery= MAEFRT
immortal= KBO*RLT
can I find= KIFND
Ditmas= DIT/MA*S
seventeenth= SFAO*ENT
before the= B-FRT
Mary= MA*ER
like the= LAOIKT
whatever happened= WHAFRPD
phone number= FUB
choices= KHOISZ
are you sure= RUZ
nowhere else= NO*RLS
whatever this= WHAFRTS
at least= TLAOEFT
24 hours= 24OURS
sunshine= SUN/SHAO*IN
erase= AOE/RA*IS
payment= PAIMT
satisfied= SAEFD
what I asked= WHAIFKD
funny= FOIN
so much= SOFP
text= TEGT
you know= YAOUN
advice= VIS
partnership= POIP
effectively= FEFL
message= MEFJ
manners= MARNS
specs= SP*EKS
Maserati= MAZ/RAT/YI
alias= AILZ
media= DWRA
circus= S*IRKS
instincts= KBINGTS
arrogant= AORNGT
how much= HOUFP
who cares= WHOKS
as long as= SLONGS
audition= AU/D*IGS
impressed= KBREFD
triad= TRI/A*D
triads= TRI/A*DZ
criminals= KRINLS
I can tell= IKT
Greenpoint= GRAOEN/PO*INT
pier= PAO*ER
medicine= MED
betrayed= BRAE/-D
failure= FLUR
I were= IRP
disagrees= SGRAOES
birthright= B*IRT/RAO*IT
outsider= OURDZ
champion= KHAON
proud= PRO*UD
rich= RIFP
furniture= FURNT
cash= KARB
coffee= KO*EF
baristas= BA/RAOES/TA*S
redhead= RED/H*ED
adult= DULT
relationship= ROIP
I should= IRBD
I can’t= YA
murder= MURD
arrest= AR
quota= QAOT
kind of= KAOIF
circle= SL-
hump= HUFRP
pricey= PRAOIS/YI
multiple= MUPLT
fatalities= FAELTS
silver= SIFRL
restaurant= STRAUNT
what happens= WHAPS
roof= RAOF
I got= *IGT
you wanted= UPTD
to see= TOZ
Walker= WA*URK
video= VAO
expected= XEKTD
jaunt= JAUNT
as far as= SFARS
shouldn’t= SHAOUNT
Paris= PAR/*IS
with this= W-TS
begun= GUN
fairly= FAIRL
riddles= RILDZ
compartmentalize= KPARMT/AO*IZ
pretend= PREND
I’m the= AOIMT
sacred= SKRAID
duty= DAOUT
generations= JAIGSZ
through this= THRUTS
what you are= WHAUR
ill= *IL
consequences= QENSZ
do you understand= DOUND
and I’m going= SKPAOIMG
sacrificed= SFIFD
soil= SOIL
realized= RAELDZ
tagalong= TAG/LAO*NG
carotid= KROTD
trauma= TRAUM
shattered= SHAERTD
spine= SPAPIN
caved= KAFD
witnesses= W-NSZ
escorts= SKOERTS
they said= THEDZ
about the= B-T
replace= PLAEFR
you believe= UBL
hundred dollars= HUNDZ
bluffing= BLUFG
crossed= KROFD
go= G-
am I= MI
totally= TLOELT
of this= -FTS
ceremony= SMOEN
standby= STAND/D-LS/BI
stabilized= STAIBLDZ
infection= N-FX
fever= FAOEFR
complicated= KPLIKTD
fingerprints= F-PS
military= MILT
database= D-B
Bethany= B*ET/NAO*E
vacation= VAIGS
eliminate= LIM
anesthesiologist= STHAOELGT
Machiavelli= MAK/VEL/TI
Dracula= DRAK/LA*
what he wanted= WHAEPTD
it feels= T-FLS
to believe= TOBL
booze= BAOZ
think about it= TH*IBT
quiet= QAET
talk about= TAUB
doorman= DAORM
detective= DEFKT

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October 16 2018

Medical Briefs & Phrases From, “Life Is Not An Accident” By: Jay Williams (Part 1)

Life Is Not An Accident
atrophy= TRAOEF or TROF
nerve= NEFRB
hip= HIP
therapy= THAERP
physical therapy= FAERP
physical therapist= FAERPT
tendon= TEN/DO*N
tendons= TEN/DO*NS
armpits= ARM/P*ITS
forearms= FROERMS
left foot= L*FT
right foot= R*FT
scope= SKOEP
range of motion= ROM
artery= AERT
knee= NAOE
kneecap= NAOE/KA*P
left knee= LAOE
recovery= ROIFR
femoral= FEM/RA*L
hospital= HOPT
doctors= DR-S
medication= MEGS
injury= JER
healthy= HOILT
joint= JOINT
arthritis= THRAOITS
sacrum= SKRUM

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October 16 2018

Briefs And Phrases From Iron Fist- Season 2, Episode 4

Iron Fist Season 2 Episode 4
I couldn’t see= YUZ
ambush= AM/B*URB
escalates= SKLAITS
any further= NIFR
diplomacy= DPLOEMZ
lotus= LOE/T*US
surveilling= SWAILG
ledger= LEJ/*ER
with it= W*T
circling= SL-G
paradox= PAR/DO*X
confusing= KWAOUFG
unfortunate= UFRNT
here’s= HAO*ERS
careful= KAIF
answer the question= AEGS
commodity= KMOD
sixty= SIKTS
he thinks= ENGS
assistant= SIFNT
sister= ST-R
preach= PRAOEFP
loop= LAOP
we go= WEG
lectures= LURKTS
using= AOUFG
taxi= TAEX
crappy= KRAP/YI
dealer= DLER
picture= PIR
I couldn’t= YU
instinct= KBINGT
channel= KHANL
awards= WAURDZ
I don’t think= YONG
Carlos= KARLS
dumping= DUFRPG
dirty= DOIRT
pretty= PRIT
mask= MAFK
Chinatown= KHAOINT
clown= KLOUN
we’ll= WAO*EL
permission= PERMGS
temporary= TRAER
alliance= LAOINZ
I didn’t mean= YIM
explanation= SPLANGS
debacle= DA/BA*BLG
sweeter= SWAO*ERT
golden= GOENLD
absence= ABS
Hong Kong= HONG/KONG
is he= SE
in and out= NOUT
consciousness= KONS/-NS
condition= K-N
had a= HA
coincidence= KWOINS
mutual= MAOUFP
furious= FURBS
I see= IZ
impotence= IFRP/T*ENS
irrelevant= IRT
violence= V-LS
futures= FAOURTS
centuries= SENZ
Hancock= HAN/KO*K
calm= KAUM
accident= SD-
bruises= BRAOUSZ
neck= NEK
throat= THROET
shoulders= SHOURLDZ
ancient= SHENT
techniques= NAOEKS
carotid= KROTD
subclavian= SUB/KLAIFN
arteries= AERTS
alley= LAEL
if he was= FEFS
can I get= KIGT
coffee= KO*EF
Scotch= SKOFP
they got= TH*EGT
undercover= NOFR
right hand= R-ND
Brooklyn= BLIN
Methodist= M*ET/D*IFT
faction= FA*X
leadership= LOIP
where the= WR-T
thunderer= THURND/*ER
transport= TR-PT
unit= AOUNT
shipments= SHIPMTS
resources= SRORSZ
each other= AOEFRP
decent= DAOENT
assessment= SEFMT
what I get= WHAIGT
crutch= KRUFP
what I mean= WHAIM
do you know= DAOUN
dissociative= DIZ/SOEFRBT
identity= AOID
disorder= DORD
episodes= SPOEDZ
disassociation= DIZ/SOERBGS
when you said= WHUDZ
vigilante= VIJT
weird= WERD
ignore= GOR
you should= URBD
where you are= WRUR
hungry= HOIRNG
upside= UPDZ
asinine= AS/NAO*IN
pity= POIT
I do not want= YO*PT
offend= OFND
manage= MANG
precautions= PRAUGSZ
headfirst= HED/F*IRS
police officer= PLOIFR
in the hospital= NOPT
capable= KPAIBL
vampires= VAM/PAO*IRS
vase= VAIS
too good= TAOGD
opposite= OPS
independence= N-PS
silent= SLENT
pathetic= PA*EKT
I don’t want to= YOPTD

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