August 8 2018

Legal Vocabulary: Proviso

Proviso is defined as follows: “A conditional stipulation; a clause, as in a contract or statute, limiting, modifying, or rendering conditional its operation.”


OPTION #1: proviso= PROE/VAOI/SO*E
OPTION #3: proviso= PROE/VAOIZ/O*E

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August 8 2018

Briefs And Phrases From Luke Cage- Season 1, Episode 7

Luke Cage Season 1 Episode 7
who you are= WHOUR
besides= BESZ
harassment= HARMT
determined= DERMD
although= AOL
persistence= PRIFNS
behoove= BHAOF
Amos= A/MOS
last night= LAFNT
everyone else= EFRNLS
Jamaicans= JA/JA/A*NS
Haitians= HAI/SHA*NS
Koreans= KRAENS
Dominicans= DOE/MIN/KA*NS
loyal= LOIL
do I get= DOIGT
luxury= LUX
steak= STAEK
on the= ONT
can he= KE
ledger= LEJ/*ER
testify= TEF
justice= JUS
if you want= FUPT
did you= SDU
gentlemen= JE
apron= A/PRON
advice= VIS
handcuffs= H-FS
Priscilla= PRIS/SIL/LA*
gadget= GAJT
promoted= PROEMTD
Dillard= DIL/LA*RD
party= PAERT
resign= RAOIN
question= QE
affordable= FAURBL
initiative= NIFRBT
categorically= KAGT/KLI
integral= SBRAL
movement= MOFMT
Harlemites= HER/LEM/AO*ITS
carpetbagger= KARPT/BA*RG
Stanford= STAN/FO*RD
infection= N-FX
contagious= TAIJS
aside= SOID
let me= LEM
support= SPOR
permits= PERMTS
hobby= HOIB
Marigny= MAIR/A/NAO*E
bartender= BAERND
destruction= SDRUX
restaurant= STRAUNT
suspicious= SPIRBS
single= SINL
upon= PON
career= KRAOER
balance= BAL
prodigy= PROJ/DAO*E
Juilliard= JAOUL/YA*RD
defend= D-F
disturb= DURB
crackle= KRABLG
husband= HUS
Salvador= SAL/VA/DO*R
inventive= KB-FNT/*IF
idea= Y-D
Maybelline= MAIB/LAO*EN
standing= STANG
talent= TAENLT
could have been= KOFB
flunky= FL*UNG/YI
sheriff= SHR-F
amongst= MO*NGS
America= MERK
better than= BERN
innocent= N-NT
secret= SKRET
refuse= R-FS
yacht= YAUT
charter= KHAERT
bakery= BAIK/RAO*E
I didn’t have= YIF
Thanksgiving= THAFG
turkey= TUR/KAO*E
school= SKAOL
David= DAIFD
Dinkins= D*ING/*INS
expo= EX/PO*E
politician= POLGS
powerless= POURLS
what do you think= WHAOUNG
defeatist= DPAOEFT
sympathize= STHIZ
half= HAF
cousins= KUFNS
uncles= UNGS
brothers= BROERS
Spanish= SPIRB
Puerto Rican= P-RN/P-RN
Lopez= LOEPZ
Blu-ray= BLU/RA*I
angles= AENLS
film= FIM
discretion= SDREGS
borrow= BROE
Colón= KOE/LO*EN
have you= VU
clothes= KLO*ETS
Hudson= HUD/SO*N
impact= KBAKT
against the= GENTS
what he wanted= WHAEPTD
downstairs= DOUNTS
photo= FOET
normalization= NOLGS
bank account= BA*INGT
Facebook= FAIB
figment= FIGT
imagination= MAJS
resign= RAOIN
energy= N-RJ
painful= PAIFL
buggy= BUG/YI
take care= TAERK
anything else= NILGS
woman= WOM
betrayed= BRAE/-d
slaughtered= SLAURTD
about you= BU
lecture= LURKT
arrested= ARD
council= KOUNL
councilwoman= KOUNL/WO*M
music= MAOUK
fourteen= FOURN
Pete= PAO*EL
sheltering= SHERLGT
diapers= DAOIRPS
junkie= JAOENG
CrossFit= KROS/F*IT
texted= TEGTD
highest= HAOIFT
vigilante= VIJ/YI
accessory= SKOIR
system= ST-m
enemy= NAOEM
anonymous= NOUMS
doghouse= DAUG/HO*US
picture= PIR
mustard= MUS/TA*RD
yellow= YOEL
canary= KA/NA*ER
Georgia= GA/GA
runway= RUN/WA*E
saga= SA/GA*

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August 7 2018

Random Briefs

injunction= NUNGS
injunctions= NUNGSZ
perception= SPEPGS
residence= R-S or REFNS
residency= R-Z or REFNZ
atmosphere= SFAER
atmospheres= SFAERS
hemisphere= SFHAER
hemispheres= SFHAERS
reluctant= LUNT
reluctance= LUNS

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Category: Briefs | LEAVE A COMMENT
August 3 2018

Friday Phrases

Friday Phrases Logo
law maker= LAURK
law makers= LAURKS
approach the= PROEFPT
approach it= PRO*EFPT
approach this= PROEFPTS
is to get= STOGT
I don’t give= YOFG
I didn’t give= YIFG
I couldn’t give= YUFG
I wouldn’t give= YAOFG

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Category: Briefs | LEAVE A COMMENT
August 1 2018

Briefs And Phrases From Luke Cage- Season 1, Episode 6

Luke Cage Season 1 Episode 6
Trish= TRIRB
Sophia= SOE/FAOE/YA*
upside= UPDZ
news= NUS
sterling= STERLG
reputation= R-PGS
instead= STAED
I just= IJT
caller= KAURL
nobody= NOB
noteworthy= NO*ET/WO*IRT
personally= PLERNL
merely= MAOERL
conclusions= KL*UGSZ
boundaries= BOURNDZ
possibility= POBLT
inspires= SNAOIRS
ugly= OIG
pretty= PRIT
square= SQAIR
squared= SQAIRD
zeros= S*ERS
thousand dollars= THOUDZ
hundred= HUN
another= NOER
guns= G-NS
ghetto= GHOET
overtime= OIM
juice= JAOUS
peacock= PAE/KO*K
I believe= AOIBL
saturated= SAT/RA*ITD
genius= GAOENZ
permeates= PERM/YA*ITS
Phoenix= FAO*ENGS
ashes= ARBS
complexes= KPLEXZ
luster= LUFRT
fantastic= FAN/TA*FKT
of course,= -FX
criminal= KRINL
spinsters= SPIN/ST*ERS
narrow= NAIR
cousin= KUFN
threatening= THRENGT
Bobby= B*OB/YI
agree= GRAOE
as soon as= S-NS
handcuffs= H-FS
career= KRAOER
that would= THALD
giants= JAOINTS
famous= FAIMS
public= PUB
mask= MAFK
hero= HOER
slogan= SLOENG
what do you mean= WHAOUM
stupid= STAOUPD
insane= SNAIN
crashing= KRARBG
details= SDAILS
results= RULTS
interview= SBAOUF
today= TOD
focus= FOEKS
should be= SHUB
Canada= KAN/DA*
Geoffrey= GEF/RAO*E
memorial= MAERL
proud= PRO*UD
I really= *IRL
care of= KAIFR
bulletproof= BLAOF
poison= POIFN
what about= WHAB
text= TEGT
what do you need= WHAOUFRN
girlfriend= GOIF
hospital= HOPT
Hell’s Kitchen= HELS/K*IFP
beautiful= BAOUF
apologize= JAOIZ
you remember= URM
shotgun= SG-N
mush= MURB
amazing= MAEGS
I don’t want= YOPT
whispers= WHIFRPS
alive= LOIF
evidence= AEFD
warehouse= WROUS
stolen= STOENL
Perez= P*ERZ
yes, ma’am= YEM
disappear= SDPAER
New York= NORK
ignore= GOR
weirdo= WERD/O*E
Waldo= WAL/DO*E
photographs= FOFS
accidentally= SDL-L
who the= WHOT
is this= STH-
overqualified= AUFR/Q-FD
disputing= SDPAOUGT
despicable= DIZ/PIK/-BL
human being= HAOUB
mortuary= MORT/WA*ER
permanent= PERM
spontaneous= SPAINS
Al= A*L/A*L
chivalry= SHIFL/RAO*R
arrest= AR
bumped= BUFRPD
patrol= TROEL
offense= OFNS
that much= THAFP
elevate= L-FT
asleep= SLAEP
conscious= KONS
obviously= OEFLS
surgery= SURG
how far= HOUF
downtown= DWOUN
plaza= PLAZ
testify= TEF
as you say= SUS
bottom= BOT
millions= M-LS
brownstones= BROUN/STO*ENS
Convent Avenue= KON/V*ENT/A*EF
Damon= DAI/MO*N
Stanford= STAN/FO*TD
partial= PARB
otherwise= OERZ
where else= WRELS
do I need= DOIFRN
lieutenant= LAOUNT
checkpoint= KHEPKT
is it= ST-
company= K-P
there he is= THRES
circle= SL-
Wendy’s= WEND/Y*IS
Bowery Street= BOUR/STRAO*ET
resisted= RAOEFTD
partner= PARN
dirty[ DOIRT
knight= NAO*IT
who is= WHOS
microphone= MAOIRK/FO*EN
video= VAO
corrupt= KRUPT
grandmother= GRO*ER
notorious= NOERBS
brother-in-law= BROERL
major= MAIJ
Stokes= STO*EKS
legitimate= JIT
how about this= HOUBTS
brutal= BRAOUL
assault= SAULT
promises= PROMS
office= OFS
describe= SDRAOIB
barrage= BRAJ
gunfire= GAOIR
beatdown= BAOET/DO*UN
I can’t say= YAS
media= DWRA
that you will= THAUL
you get= UGT
interrogation= SBROEGS
rapport= RA/PO*R
comment= KMENT
insured= SNAOURD
special= SPERB
what I mean= WHAIM
prominent= PROM/N*ENT
person= PERN
at that= TA
together= TOGT
wrong side= WRONGDZ

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July 28 2018

Briefs And Phrases From Luke Cage- Season 1, Episode 5

Luke Cage Season 1 Episode 5
mattress= MAT/TR*ES
classic= KLAFK
lobby= LOIB
yes, sir= YES
slammer= SLAERM
fresh= FRERB
Kennedy= KEN/DAO*E
Bill= B*IL
Clinton= KLINT/O*N
governor= GOFR
father= FA*ER
Obama= O/BA/MA*
Jenelle= JA/N*EL
Monet= MOE/NA*I
social= SOERBL
figures= FIGZ
profits= PROFTS
reading= RAEGD
Robert= ROBT
Moses= MOEZ
Bronx= BRO*NGS
expressway= XROI
politics= PLIX
conditions= K-NS
Moynihan= MOIN/HA*N
Nixon= NIX/O*N
benefit= BEF
benign= BA/NAO*IN
neglect= NEG
nickel= NIBLG
recoup= RAOE/KOUP
million dollars= M-LDZ
amateur= AM/TAO*UR
junkyard= J*UNG/YA*RD
dishwasher= DWARB/*ER
boulevard= BL-FD
stupidity= STAOUPTD
services= SEFSZ
memorial= MAERL
dapper= DAP/*ER
Mike= MAO*IK
Mitch= MIFP
Green= GRAO*EN
beauty= BOIT
appreciate= PRAOERBT
smock= SMOK
messages= MEFJS
strictly= STRIBLG
at this= TI
Blackmar-Diemer Gambit= BLAK/MA*R/DAOE/M*ER/GAM/B*IT
I mean= AO*IM
Estelle= ES/ST*EL
Charlene= SHAR/LAO*EN
neighborhood= NAEBD
diagonal= DAOINL
bishop= BIFP
enthuse= THAOUS
Thursday= THURS
apartment= PARMT
upstairs= UPTS
whoa= WHAO
Lenox= LEN/O*X
championship= KHAOP
uptown= AUPT
displays= DPLAIZ
boyfriend= BOIF
you understand= UNDZ
snitching= SNIFPG
Raleigh= RA/LAO*E
as good as= SGAODZ
crime scenes= KRAOENZ
property= PRORT
shooting= SHAOGT
innocent= N-NT
ignore= GOR
consultant= SKUNLT
gangster= GANGT
real estate= RAE
like this= LAOIKTS
Percy= PERS/YI
Sutton= SUT/TO*N
reputation= R-PGS
legacy= LEGZ
expensive= XEFNS
deductive= DUFKT
reasoning= R-NG
autopsy= AUPZ
Louisa= LAOU/AOE/SA*
anywhere else= NIRLS
New York= NORK
amplified= AFRP/FAO*ID
mumbo jumbo= MUM/BO*E/JUM/BO*E
priestess= PRAOEFT/*ES
silver= SIFRL
monsters= MOFRNTS
Russian= RURB/YA*N
Ukrainian= AOU/KRAIN/YA*N
European= AOURP/A*N
military= MILT
forensic= FRENS
metal= MAELT
earth= *ERT
incident= DIN
Judas= JAOU/DA*S
baptize= BAP/TAO*IZ
do I get= DOIGT
how much= HOUFP
too many= TAOM
he told= ELT
normal= NOL
phone calls= FOENGS
officially= FLIRBL
dirty= DOIRT
salty= SALT/YI
explosion= SKPLOEGS
forty= FOURT
unsupervised= Un/SPR-FD
protocol= PROELT
clairvoyant= KLAIR/VO*INT
gyro= JAOI/RO*E
raffle= RAFL
tickets= TIKTS
goodbye= GAOIB
employees= PLOES
lunch= LUFP
think about= THIB
where you are= WRUR
Jackie= JAK/YI
Robinson= ROB/*IN/SO*N
respect= R-PT
at what= TWHA
captain= KAPT
investigated= VEGD
evidence= AEFD
what do you do= WHAOU
suggest= SUG
doughnut= DOE/N*UT
payroll= PAIRL
Nicky= NIK/YI
Fritz= FR*ITS
groceries= GROIRS
ladies= LAEDZ
Azie= A/SAO*E
what about= WHAB
autographs= AOT/GRA*FS
baby= BAEB
listen= L-N
conception= SKEPGS
everybody else= EFRBLS
anyone else= NINLS
mentor= MERNT
evolved= EFLD
pasture= PAS/TAO*UR
zone= SO*EN
artistry= ART/STRAO*E
Strayhorn= STRAI/HO*RN
Billie= B*IL/LAO*E
concrete= KRET
shooter= SHAORT
promise= PROM
attacked= TW-KD
foreign= FOERN
interlopers= INT/LOERPS
yes= YE
ugly= OIG
presence= PRENS
uniform= UFRM
I didn’t want to= YIPTD
forgot= FORGT
precious= PRERBS
jewels= JAOULS
diamonds= DAOIMDZ
pressure= PRERB
daily= DAIL
basis= BAZ
talk about it= TA*UBT
I don’t believe= YOBL
what it= WHA*T
what it is= WHA*TS
I believe this= AOIBLTS
embarrassing= KBRAFG
public= PUB
confuse= KWAOUS
battle= BALT
with the= W-T
damaged= DAJD
impression= KBREFGS
compliment= KPLIMT
in the first place= FR-PLS

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