August 16 2019

Friday Phrases

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I’m really= AO*IRL
I’m really sorry= AO*IRLS
I’m really sure= AO*IRLZ
if you believe= FUBL
if you believe the= FUBLT
if you believe it= F*UBLT
if you believe this= FUBLTS
if you believe it is= F*UBLTS
who made= WHOMD
who you made= WHOUMD
who made you= WHO*UMD

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August 15 2019

Medical Briefs From House: Season 1, Episode 21

House season 1 episode 21
tumors= TAOURMS
neurological= NAOUR/L-L
varicose= VARKS
pregnant= PREG
narcotics= NARKTS
ankle= A*INLG
osteogenesis= OFT/YOE/G*ENZ
imperfecta= KB-FRT/A*
myeloma= MAOI/LOEM/A*
vascular= VAFBLG
tendinitis= TEND/NAO*ITS
operate= PRAIT
degenerative= DEFGT
nodule= NOD/AO*UL
thyroid= THROID
inflammation= KBLAMGS
tendons= TEND/O*NS
herniated= HERNTD
Demerol= DEM/RO*L
inflammatories= KBLARMTS
biopsy= BAOIPZ
thyroxine= THAOI/ROX/*IN
epinephrine= EP/NEF/R*IN
gender= GERND
autopsy= AUPZ
bladder= BLAERD
urethra= AOU/RAOET/RA*
calcium= KALS
intoxication= SBOX
adenoma= AD/NOEM/A*
ionized= AO*INDZ
differential diagnosis= D*IFRNLGS
kinase= KAOINZ
myoglobin= MAOI/O*E/GLOEB/*IN
osteosarcoma= OFT/YOE/SK*OEM
cancerous= KAERNZ
amputate= AFRPT
saliva= SLAOIF
infarction= IN/FARKS
necrotic= NA/KR*OKT
femur= FAOERM
bypass= BIPS
cytokines= SAOIT/KAO*INS
organ= GORN
organ failure= GORNL
cardiac arrest= KAURKT
suction= S*UX
morphine= MOFRN
amputation= AFRPGS
gluconate= GLAOUK/NA*IT
tachycardia= TAK/YI/KARD/YA*
defibrillator= FRIB
health care= HAERK
reperfusion= RAOE/PER/FAO*UGS
injury= JER
chronic= KRO*NG

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August 15 2019

Briefs and Phrases From The Blacklist: Season 1, Episode 21

Blacklist Season 1 Episode 21
coughing= KAUFG
what time= WHAMT
backflips= BAK/FL*IPS
injured= J*URD
contagious= TAIJS
quarantine= QARNT
bureau= BRAOUR
through it= THR*UT
individual= VID
2010= TWEN
Georgetown= JORJ/TO*UN
whereabouts= WR-BTS
insisted= KBIFTD
accomplices= KPLISZ
infiltrate= KB-FLT
Christopher= KRIFRT
Danbury= DAN/B*UR/YI
deception= SDEPGS
rabbit= RABT
what’s your name= WHA*URN
follow me= FL-M
cautious= KAURBS
and he is= SKPES
that really is= THA*RLS
grievances= GRAOEFNSZ
hazmat= HAZ/MA*T
infected= N-FKTD
Cullen= KUL/*EN
tropical= TROPBLG
outbreak= TBRAEK
Africa= FRIK
assault= SAULT
biological= BL-L
superior= SYOR
elaborate= LAOEBT
outcome= OUK
sincerely= SNAOERL
virologist= VAOIRLGT
moratorium= MOR/TOR/Y*UM
airborne= AIR/BO*RN
pandemic= PAN/DEM/*IK
virus= VAOIRS
scientist= SAOINT
infectious= N-FKZ
speculation= SPLAIGS
discretion= SKREGS
disclose= SKLOES
syringe= SY-RNG
discretion= SKREGS
temperature= TEM
pathogen= PA*T/G*EN dedicated= DAETD
virology= VIRLG
delicate= DLIKT
as I recall= SIRL
precarious= PRAOERBS
Monique= MOE/NAO*EK
forefront= FOEFRNT
meningitis= MENGTS
what can you= WHA*UK
operational= PRAILGS
carbon= KBON
absorption= SORBGS
airport= AIRPT
habeas corpus= HAIRBS
indulgent= SBULGT
do you got= DO*UGT
reminiscent= REM/N*IFNT
elementary= L-RMT
preface= PREFS
classification= KLAFGS
Arlington= ARLG/TO*N
it to= T-TD
no matter= NORMT
sweetheart= SWHART
let me know= LEN
random= RAOND
in order to= NORTD
entity= SB-T
payroll= PAIRL
airline= AIRL
tactical= TABLGT
municipal= MUP
processor= PRORS
solitary= SORLT
confinement= KWAOIMT
cahoots= KA/HAO*TS
disoriented= SDOERNTD

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August 15 2019

Theory Thursday: Prefix Briefs Part 4

I Love Steno The Student Edition (Cropped)
The following are briefs for prefixes: (Note: When d-defining, don’t forget to define the briefs with the format symbol for prefixes.)
{Prefix}micro= MAOIRK
{Prefix}mis= MIZ
{Prefix}neuro= NAOUR
{Prefix}non= NAUN
{Prefix}0= O
{Prefix}off= AUF or AOF
{Prefix}on= AON
{Prefix}or= AUR
{Prefix}out= AOUT
{Prefix}over= AUFR

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August 14 2019

Medical Briefs From House: Season 1, Episode 20

House season 1 episode 20
examining= X-G
examination= X-GS
wheelchair= WHAOERK
pupil= PAOUPL
teeth= TAO*ET
edema= A/DAOEM/A*
optic= OP/T*IK
nerve= NEFRB
ischemia= SKAOEM/YA*
tissue= TIRB
jawbone= JAUB
angiogram= JO/GRAM
peripheral= PRIFRL or PEFRL
vasculitis= VAFKTS
neuropathy= NAOUR/PA*ET
cardiac= KARKD
emboli= EM/BLAO*I
blood samples= BLAOFRPLS
clinic= KLIN
aphasia= A/FAIZ/YA*
needles= NAOELDZ
pulmonologist= PUL/NO*LGT
acupuncturist= AUKT
homeopathic= HOEM/YOE/PA*KT
chiropractor= KHAOIRT or KHAOIRPT
sensitivity= SNEFT
naturopath= NAT/ROE/PA*T
practitioner= PRAR
bruising= BRAOUGZ
prescription= PRIPGS
muscles= MUFL
measure= MUR
insert= SNERT
painful= PAIFL
toxic= TOX
mitral= MAOI/TRA*L
prolapse= PROE/LA*PS
valve= VAFL
aneurysm= AN/R*IFM
endocarditis= SBOE/KAR/DAO*ITS
carotid= KROTD
angiogram= JORM
medical evidence= MAEFD
vitals= VAO*ILTS
monitors= MORNTS
stethoscope= ST*ET/SKO*EP
blood clots= BLAOKTS
pharmacy= FARMZ
acetaminophen= A/SET/MAOEN/F*IN
treatment= TRAOEMT
surgical= SURL
strangulation= STRAINLGS
strangulations= STRAINLGSZ
coma= KMA
hospital= HOPT
nose= NOEZ
osteomyelitis= OFT/YOE/MAO*ILTS
blood tests= BLAOTS

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August 14 2019

Briefs and Phrases From The Blacklist: Season 1, Episode 20

Blacklist Season 1 Episode 20
language= LANG
Stepanska= STA/PAN/SKA*
member of= MEFB
depreciate= DPRAOERBT
whispering= WHIFRPG
Nebraska= N*E
scrupulous= SKRAOUPLZ
delightful= DLAOIFLT
Denver= DEFRN
pivotal= PIFLT
opposition= PAOGS
proclivities= PROE/KL*IFTS
victory= VOIKT
methicillin= M*ET/S*INL or M*ET/SIL/*IN
staphylococcus= STAF/LOE/KOK/*US
aureous= AUR/YUS
bacteria= BAKT
in return= KBRURN
accelerate= SLERT
thresholds= THREFLDZ
collision= KLIGS
generate= JAIT
kilonewtons= KIL/O*E/NAO*UNTS
Manhattan= MANT
salesman= SMAN
entry point= SBRIPT
luxury= LUX
minions= MIN/YO*NS
out of bounds= OUFBDZ
you’ve been= *UFB
Lancaster= LAN/KA*FRT
listen to= L-NTD
try to= TRAOITD
concussion= KUNGS
vehicle= VAOEK
destination= SDMAIGS
heroic= HOIRK
hero= HOER
Patrick= PARKT
sympathy= STHI
dissipate= SDPAIT
stippling= STIPLG
primarily= PROIRL
decadence= DEK/D*ENS
Belarus= BEL/RAO*US
hospital room= H-RM
Charles= KHARLS
telephone number= TEB
schematics= SKAMTS
do you see= DOUZ
breaching= BRAEFPG
election= LEX
vacancy= VAIKZ
calling the= KAULGT
vacate= VAIKT
politician= POLGS
delegation= DELGS
few minutes= FAOUMTS
conspiracy= SPIRZ
update= PAIT
misery= MIRZ
medical examiner= MAERX
monster= MOFRNT

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August 13 2019

Medical Briefs From House: Season 1, Episode 19

House season 1 episode 19
you feel= UFL
clench= KLEFP
virulent= VIRNLT
bacterial= BABLGT
meningitis= MENGTS
diagnosed= D-GD
exposed= SKPOEFD
diagnostics= D-GTS
quarantine= QARNT
take these= TAIKZ
pus= PUS
spinal= SPAOINL
canal= KANL
epidemic= EPD
lumbar= BLURM
infections= N-FXZ
rifampin= RA/FAM/P*IN
puncture= PURNGT
Novocain= NOEFK
gurney= GOIRN
bleeding= BLAOEGD
antibiotic= AEBT
blood= BLAOD
stomach= STUM
sedative= SDAFT
contagious= TAIJS
Lesions= LAOEGS
digestive tract= D-FJT
intestine= SBEFN
intestines= SBEFNZ
endoscopy= END/SKPAOE
blood pressure= BLAOPS
blood vessel= BLAOFL
Dieulafoy= DAOUL/FO*I
swollen= SWOENL
intussusception= IN/TUS/S*EPGS
intestinal= SBEFNL
abdominal= ABL
sepsis= S*EPZ
meningeal= MEN/JAO*EL
aspiration= SPIRGS
sterile= STERL
Ativan= AFNT
seizure= SHURZ
seizures= SHURSZ
barbiturate= BARBT
hemorrhoid= HEM/RO*ID
radiology= RAOLG
medicine= MED
med= M*ED
ultrasound= URLT/SOUND
neurology= NAOURLG
scrotum= SKROEMT
temporal= TEFRP/RA*L
neurosurgeon= NURN
surgeon= SURN
saline= SLAOEN
operating room= PRAOM
renal= RAOENL
kidney= KAOEND
urine= AOURN
uremia= AOURM
differential= D*IFRNL
allergic= LERJ
rash= RARB
cell= KREL
fragments= FRAGTS
blood cells= BLAOLS
red blood cells= BLAORLS
purpura= PA/PUR/RA*
thrombotic= THROM/BO*KT
thrombocytopenic= THROM/SAOIT/PAO*ENG
menopausal= MEN/PA*UFL
estrogen= STROENG
E. Coli= AOE/KOE/LAO*I (NOTE: Be sure to D-define with the format symbols Uncap Next and Sticky Space.)
pregnancy= PREGZ
biological= BL-L
vessels= VEFLS
clot= KLOT
plasmapheresis= PLA*FM/FA*RZ
antibodies= AEBDZ
abdomen= ABD
surgery= SURG
platelets= PLAILTS

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August 13 2019

Briefs and Phrases From The Blacklist: Season 1, Episode 19

Blacklist Season 1 Episode 19
epinephrine= EP/NEF/R*IN
adrenaline= DRENL
Washington, D.C.= WARBDZ
Washington= WARBGT
that happening= THAPG
Thai= TAO*I
in the course of= NOUFRS
Yugoslav= AOU/GOS/LO*F
to the best of our knowledge= TOURJ
dissident= SDIFNT
eighteen= AEN
immunologist= KBAOUNLGT
viral= VAOIRL
precaution= PRAUGS
aircraft= AIRK
rendezvous= ROFND
phone calls= FOENGS
ask you the= SKUT
should have known= SHUFN
walk the= WAUKT
point of view= POIF
filth= F*ILT
filthy= FOILT
front of= FROFNT
particulates= PLARLTS
they’ve been= TH*EFB
derivatives= DR*IFTS
driver’s license= D-LNS
credit cards= KRERKDZ
how many times= HOUMTS
Pagosa= PA/GOE/SA*
mustache= MUFPT
mustached= MUFPTD
chromatography= KROEM/TOG/GRA*EF
engine= N-J
tobacco= TBAK
ethephon= *ET/FO*N
exterior= XAOR
Ecuador= EK/DO*R
assembling= SBLEG
periodic= PERKD
avgolemono= AV/GOE/LEM/NO*E
yolks= YOEBLGS
that mean= THAM
that I had= THAID
Archimedes= ARK/MAOE/DAO*ES
buoyant= BOINT
formula= FLA
manifests= MEFTS
what you know= WHAUN
cargo= KARG
Chesapeake= KHES/PAO*EK
contraband= KRABD
thumb= THUM
handcuff= H-F
handcuffs= H-FS
banister= BAFRNT
is this all= STHAUL

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