May 12 2021

Briefs and Phrases From Without Remorse

Without Remorse
hostage= HOFJ
Syrian= SY-RN
I don’t see= YOZ
military= MILT
sweetheart= SWHART
water= WAURT
sugar= SHURG
tea= TAE
fancy= FAENS
retiring= RIR
combat= KBAT
twister= TWIFRT
you remember this= URMTS
24 hours= 24OURS
custody= KUD
scenario= SNAR
dirty= DOIRT
when I got= WH*IGT
give me= GIFM
Mr. Secretary= MREKT
talk to= TAUKTD
operative= PRAIFT
in your opinion= NURP
thank you, sir= THAUNGS
second floor= S*FL
proxy= PROIX
any further investigation= N*IFRGS
punctured= PURNGTD
on the matter= OERMT
think about it= TH*IBT
where I’m going= WRAOIMG
motorcade= MOERKD
classified= KLAFD
ideology= YOLG
lineup= LAOIP
sincerely= SNAOERL
state of mind= STAIFMD
penitentiary= P-NT
felon= FLON
modified= MOIFD
cargo= KARG
Germany= GAERM
Aleppo= A/LEP/O*E
can you repeat= KURPT
clearance= KLAOERNS
we’re good= WAO*ERGD
isn’t that right= SNART
airlines= AIRLS
aircraft= AIRK
Finland= FINLD
bodyguards= BOERGDZ
patriots= PROITS
12 o’clock= 12-K
police officers= PLOIFRS
it looks like= TLAOLS
time to= TAOIMTD
time to go= TAOIMGTD
lobby= LOIB
last week= LAEFK

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October 15 2020

Briefs and Phrases From The Boys: Season 2, Episode 4

The Boys Season 2 Episode 4
debate= DB-T
Marriott= MAR/YO*T
Carnegie= KARN/GAO*E
assassins= SNINS
change the= KHAINGT
Orlando= ORNLD
tribute= TRIBT
concerts= SKERTS
music= MAOUK
Vegas= VA*EGS
spoon= SPAON
fingernails= FIRNLGS
happy= HAEP
patriotic= PROIKT
pointless= POINLTS
regular= REG
laptops= LAPTS
last night= LAFNT
warpath= WA*RPT
contradictory= KIRKT
marriage= MAERJ
rehabilitating= REBLGT

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September 20 2019

Briefs and Phrases From The Boys: Season 1, Episode 8

The Boys Season 1 Episode 8 Part 2
hotbed= HOT/B*ED
shoplift= SHOPT
counterfeit= KIFT
tomahawk= TOM/HA*UK
Pulitzer= PUL/LITS/*ER
facilities= FAEFLTS
Montreal= MON/TRAO*EL
basketball= B-BL
alcoholism= KHOFM
howitzer= HOU/WITS/*ER
this time= TH-MT
about that= BHA
someone else= SWUNLS
useful= AOUF
awfulness= AUFNLS
and I figured= SKPIFGD
shotgun= SG-N
Belize= BAOELZ
right arm= RARM
just like= JUBLG
without me= WOUM
take care of= TAEFRK
sepsis= S*EPZ
trivia= TRIF/YA*
good thing= GAONG
never see= NEFRZ
day-to-day= DTD
futile= FAOULT
Poligrip= POL/YO/GR*IP or POIL/GR*IP
propofol= PROP/FO*L

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September 18 2019

Briefs and Phrases From The Boys: Season 1, Episode 6

The Boys Season 1 Episode 6
luster= LUFRT
social media= SDWRA
Panera= PA/NAOER/A*
Kennedy= KEN/DAO*E
Eastwood= AOEFT/WAO*D
kibbles= KIBLS
jumbo= JUM/BO*E
Drano= DRAIN/O*E
shortstop= SHORT/STO*P
tremendous= TRE
petite= PA/TAO*ET
Lazarus= LAZ/R*US
memoirs= MOIRMS
gratitude= GRAOUD
Noxzema= NOX/SAO*EM/A*
discretion= SDREGS
footprint= FAOPT
hybrid= HAOIBD
between you and me= TWAOUM
overdose= AURDZ
physical therapy= FAERP
torments= TORMTS
tattoo= TAOUT
divot= DIF/O*T
out of order= OUFRD
temperature= TEM
nitrogen= NAOIRNGT
I’m good= AOIMGD
mechanism= MEFM
self-respect= SFR-PT
Sandusky= SAN/DUFK/YI
sabbatical= SBABLGT
sincerely= SNAOERL
thinking of= THIFG
muscle= MUFL
Boston= BOFNT
terminated= TERMTD
birthday= BIRTD
bandages= BAEJS
invasive= KBAEFS
Teflon= TEFNL
soldier= SOERJ
extremist= STREFMT
indemnity= SBEMT
flatiron= FLAT/AO*IRN
good faith= GA*ET
and you should= SKPURBD
phoenix= FAOENGS
Australia= AUS/AUS
spineless= SPAOINLS

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September 14 2019

Briefs and Phrases From The Boys: Season 1, Episode 5

The Boys Season 1 Episode 5
where have you been= WR*UFB
I’m so sorry= AOIFMS
cheesecake= KHAOEFK
turkey= TURK/YI
Asian= AIGS
crunchy= KRUN/YI
Honda= HOND/A*
Xanax= SA*N/A*X
pinot grigio= PAOE/NO*E/GRAOEJ/YO*E
we believe= WEBL
headliners= HED/LAO*IRNS
what he said= WHAEDZ
preschool= PRAOL
neurosurgeon= NURN
Lopez= LOEPZ
physics= F*IFKS
Albany= AL/BA*EN
airplane= AIRP
pigtails= PIG/TA*ILS
soccer= SKER
Hindu= HIN/DAO*U
input= KBUT
accessory= SKOIR
sister-in-law= ST-RNL
tea= TAE
as you can see= SUKZ
aliases= AILSZ
Trevor= TREFR
there you go= THRUG
baptize= BAPZ
baptized= BAPDZ
Twitter= TW*IRT
online= AONL
across the= KRAOTS
platitudes= PLAT/TAO*UDZ
mastermind= MAFRMD
United States of America= UMS
noir= NOIR
all of them= A*UFMT
what’s wrong= WHAENG
eggs= EGS
pineapples= PAOIN/A*EPLS
harebrained= HA*ER/BRA*IND
to just= TOJT
expectancy= XEKZ

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September 11 2019

Briefs and Phrases From The Boys: Season 1, Episode 4

The Boys Season 1 Episode 4
Rachel= RA*IFPL
welfare= WAEFL
laundry= LOIRND Syria= SIR/YA*
some kind of= SMAOIF
sesame= SES/MAO*E
noodles= NAOLDZ
talk to= TAUKTD
stifles= STAOIFLS
what are you doing= WHA*URGD
rescue= SKWU
dolphins= DOL/F*INS
diversity= DWERTS
she asked= SHEFKD
gory= GOIR
Atlantic= TLAK
pumpkin= PUFRP/K*IN
intercept= SBEFPT
prom= PRO*M
maverick= MAFRK
Ezekiel= AOE/SAO*EK/Y*EL
music= MAOUK
worship= WOFRP
vindictive= VIFKT
ego= AOEG
imagery= KBARJ
asked me= SK-MD
you like= UBLG
Bohemian= BOE/HAOEM/YA*N
Urkel= URK/*EL
sporty= SPOIRT
posh= PORB
anorexics= AN/REX/*IKS
ginger= GINRG
eyeballs= Y-BLS
lawsuits= LAUTS
presumed= PRAOUMD
solemn= SLEM

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