September 11 2019

Briefs and Phrases From The Boys: Season 1, Episode 4

The Boys Season 1 Episode 4
Rachel= RA*IFPL
welfare= WAEFL
laundry= LOIRND Syria= SIR/YA*
some kind of= SMAOIF
sesame= SES/MAO*E
noodles= NAOLDZ
talk to= TAUKTD
stifles= STAOIFLS
what are you doing= WHA*URGD
rescue= SKWU
dolphins= DOL/F*INS
diversity= DWERTS
she asked= SHEFKD
gory= GOIR
Atlantic= TLAK
pumpkin= PUFRP/K*IN
intercept= SBEFPT
prom= PRO*M
maverick= MAFRK
Ezekiel= AOE/SAO*EK/Y*EL
music= MAOUK
worship= WOFRP
vindictive= VIFKT
ego= AOEG
imagery= KBARJ
asked me= SK-MD
you like= UBLG
Bohemian= BOE/HAOEM/YA*N
Urkel= URK/*EL
sporty= SPOIRT
posh= PORB
anorexics= AN/REX/*IKS
ginger= GINRG
eyeballs= Y-BLS
lawsuits= LAUTS
presumed= PRAOUMD
solemn= SLEM

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