February 23 2015

New Word: Ussie

Steno New Word Logo CroppedAn ussie is defined by Wiktionary as follows: “A photographic group portrait, especially one taken manually (not using a timer, tripod etc.) with a small camera or mobile phone by a member of the group.” This is like a “selfie” with a group of people.

Machine Briefs:

OPTION #1: ussie= US/YI

OPTION #1: ussies= US/YIS
OPTION #1: ussies= US/Y*IS

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February 23 2015

Medical Monday: Medical Briefs

bronchitis= BRAOITS
cellulitis= SLAOITS
cheilitis= KAOILTS
colitis= KLAOITS
arthritis= THRAOITS
gastritis= SGRAOITS
oophoritis= AOFRTS
phlebitis= PLABTS or FLABTS
neuritis= NAOURTS
appendicitis= PAETS or PAENTS
encephalitis= SNEFLTS
myelitis= MAOILTS
stomatitis= STOEMTS
enteritis= SBERTS
hepatitis= HEPTS
laryngitis= LAIRNGTS
meningitis= MENGTS

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February 20 2015

Friday Phrases

Friday Phrases Logo
expert testimony= X-MT or SPERMT
as best= SBEFT
as best as= SBEFTS
as best you recall= SBURL
as best you can= SBUK
to the form of the question= TOFGS
form of the question= FOFGS
Not that I know of.= NAIFN

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February 19 2015

Dictionary Builder: Parallax

Parallax is described by WhatIs.com with the following explanation: “The way an object’s position or direction seems to change depending on viewing angle. To experience this phenomena, simply cover one eye and focus on an object. Then move the cover to the other eye. Because each eye provides a different viewing angle, the object will appear to move.”

Machine Briefs:
Option #1: parallax= PA/RA/LAX
Option #2: parallax= PA/RA/LA*X
Option #3: parallax= PAR/RA/LA*X
Option #4: parallax= PAR/A/LAX
Option #5: parallax= PAR/A/LA*X
Option #6: parallax= PAR/LA*X

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February 18 2015

Stenspiration™: Chops Maintenance

Since court reporters are often compared to musicians, I thought this quote was interesting and apropos:

“I use to practice so much, and I developed a theory that when you practice all the time, you really remember ten percent of whatever you’re working on; the other ninety percent is about chops maintenance. So if you practice a hundred things, you’ll absorb ten of them, and if you practice a thousand things, you’ll absorb one hundred, and if you practice ten thousand things, you’ll have a thousand. I figured the more I absorbed, the less chance there was that I’d run out of ideas, and if I had a lot of licks in my bloodstream, I could just bounce from one thing to another, and it’d sound okay. And I think it works. Sometimes, I’ll be on a long gig, like six hours over six sets, and I’ll never run out of licks.” George Benson speaking to Miles Davis

Love, Speed & Accuracy,

Elsie Villega

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