February 18 2015

Stenspiration™: Chops Maintenance

Since court reporters are often compared to musicians, I thought this quote was interesting and apropos:

“I use to practice so much, and I developed a theory that when you practice all the time, you really remember ten percent of whatever you’re working on; the other ninety percent is about chops maintenance. So if you practice a hundred things, you’ll absorb ten of them, and if you practice a thousand things, you’ll absorb one hundred, and if you practice ten thousand things, you’ll have a thousand. I figured the more I absorbed, the less chance there was that I’d run out of ideas, and if I had a lot of licks in my bloodstream, I could just bounce from one thing to another, and it’d sound okay. And I think it works. Sometimes, I’ll be on a long gig, like six hours over six sets, and I’ll never run out of licks.” George Benson speaking to Miles Davis

Love, Speed & Accuracy,

Elsie Villega

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Posted February 18, 2015 by Elsie Villega in category "Inspiration

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