August 8 2018

Legal Vocabulary: Proviso

Proviso is defined as follows: “A conditional stipulation; a clause, as in a contract or statute, limiting, modifying, or rendering conditional its operation.”


OPTION #1: proviso= PROE/VAOI/SO*E
OPTION #3: proviso= PROE/VAOIZ/O*E

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October 13 2017

Briefs, Phrases, and Legal Terminology From Boston Legal Season 1, Episode 13


tomorrow= TOM
nation= NAIGS
would you like= WOUBLG
to tell= TOLT
to tell me= TOMT
contractual= KR-LT
relationships= ROIPS
testify= TEF
bona fide= B-FD
routine= RAOUNT
impression= KBREFGS
bleach= BLAOEFP
against the law= GLAU
who else= WHOELS
access= SKES
let me understand= LEMDZ
business= BIS
magazine= MAG
publicity= PUBT
dispute= SDPAOUT
domestic= DMEFKT
you were= URP
did you feel= SDUFL
she was= SHAOEFS
obviously= OEFLS
criminal= KRINL
conviction= VIX
license= L-NS
prescribing= PRAOIBG
medication= MEGS
annoying= NOIG
compass= KPAS
mutual= MAOUFP
punish= P-RB
illegal= ILG
bias= BAOIZ
prescribed= PRAOIBD
medicine= MED
blood pressure= BLAOPS
cholesterol= KLES
diabetes= DAOIBTS
heart attack= HAURK
side effects= SFEKTS
memory= MEM
no further questions= NOFRGS
essentially= SERBL
successful= SK-FL
fission= FIGS
public= PUB
I can’t tell= YAT
what is= WHAS
is that= STHA
deceit= SDAOET
headache= HAEK
litigation= LIGS
proofed= PRAOFD
consents= SKENTS
patient= PAIRBT
potions= POEGSZ
preliminary= PREL
studies= STOIS
how long= HOUNG
prescriptions= PRIPGSZ
sexual harassment= SWARMT
competent= KPE
I like= AOIBLG
muscle= MUFL
cramps= KRAFRPS
absolutely= SLUL
salacious= SLAIRBS
issue= IRB
ultimately= LULT
destroyed= STROID
is to believe= STOBL
orientation= OERNGS
deception= SDEPGS
cardiac arrest= KAURKT
rimonabant= RA/MON/BA*NT
imminent= KBIMT
status= STAUS
clinics= KLINS
reveal= RAEFL
more than= MORN
fatal= FAILT
benefits= BEFS
coronary= KOIRN
ignore= GOR
circumstances= SIRKS
measures= MURZ
you think= AOUNG
beg your pardon= BURPD
arrogant= AR/GA*NT
exalt= XAULT
selfish= SFIRB
alliance= LAOINZ
history= HIFT
hinted= HINTD
affair= AIFR
coincide= KWOINDZ
money= MUN
cause of action= KAUX
ride= RAOID
detriment= DRIMT
financial= F-NL
professional= PROEFL
considering= K-RG
media= DWRA
coverage= KOFRJ
deliberating= DLIBG
defrauding= DPRAUGD
influence= FLUNS
cocaine= KOIK
objection= OX
your Honor= URN
trivialize= TRIFLZ
cravings= KRAIFRBGS
profiled= PROILD
billion dollar= B-LD
industry= STRI
racket= RAKT
market= MARKT
under the= N-RT
physicians= F-GSZ
doctor= DR-
accordingly= KWORLG
severity= SWAOERT
insult= SNULT
sanctioned= SANGS/-D
migraine= MAOIRNG
migraines= MAOIRNGS
agency= AEG
Congress= KO*NG
catastrophe= STROEF
Alzheimer’s= ALZ
I wouldn’t know= YAON
losing= LAOUGZ
dextroamphetamine= DEX/TROE/AEFM or DEX/TROE/A*EFM recognition= R-GS
productivity= PROUFT
government= GOFT
tell me= TL-M
continue= T-N
members of the jury= MEJS
verdict= VERD
Commonwealth= KW*ELT
Massachusetts= MAS/MAS
dismissed= DMIFD
at this time= TIT
adjourned= JOURND
courthouse= KHOUS
surprised= SPRAOIFD
conversion= KWERGS
victory= VOIRKT
investigator= VERGT
satisfy= SAEF
midnight= MAOID
deceived= SDAOEFD
deceiving= SDAOEFG
deceives= SDAOEFS
amphetamine= AEFM
abuse= BAOUS
addiction= DIX
shrinks= SR*INGS
humor= HAOURM
acceptance= SEPZ
democrats= DMATS
republicans= RENS
humility= HUMT

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October 2 2017

Briefs, Phrases, and Legal Terminology From Boston Legal Season 1, Episode 12


how bad= HOUBD
is he= SE
brilliant= BRIL
litigation= LIGS
enormous= NAOERMS
where is= WR-S
administrative= MIF
what was= WHAFS
elevator= L-FRT
did I= SDI
I wouldn’t know= YAON
at the same time= TAIMT
you wanted= UPTD
to see= TOZ
summary judgment= SMAERJT
negligence= NEJS
intentional= SBENLGS
infliction= FLIX
memoranda= MAUMD
plead= PLAOED
amend= AMD
constructive= KRUFKT
appeal= AEP
liberty= LIBT
I’m sorry= AOIMS
one of them= WUFNLT
are you= RU
outstanding= OUS
busy= B-Z
punitive= PAOUFNT
cause of action= KAUX
superintendent= SPR-NT
what kind of= WHAOIFND
senior= S-R
curriculum= KLIM
terminated= TERMTD
nonsense= NAUNS
closing argument= KLAOUMT
reason= R-N
reviews= RAOUFS
to do= TAOD
psycho= SKOE
mistake= MAEK
skeletons= SKENLTS
excellent= XLENT
victim= VIM
bludgeoned= BLUJ/O*ND
neighbor= NAEB
trauma= TRAUM
promised= PROMD
news= NUS
argument= GAOUMT
woman= WOM
police= PLIS
she said= SHAOEDZ
hearsay= HAOERS
arguing= GAOUG
defense= D-FNS
evidence= AEFD
stealth= ST*ELT
dispatched= DPAFPD
representing= REPG
declaratory judgment= DLAIRT/JUMT
discharge= DARJ
sexual harassment= SWARMT
sexually harassing= SWARGS
geographic= G-FK
arrested= ARD
technicality= TEBLGT
convincing= KWINGS
inside= N-DZ
premeditated= PRAOEMTD
calculated= KLAITD
insignificant= SNIG
on the floor= OFL
first time= FIRMT
alive= LOIF
interrogate= SBROEGT
I don’t know= YON
intelligent= TEJ
design= SDAOIN
evolution= EFLGS
mutually= MAOUFPL
exclusive= XLAOUFS
natural= NARL
supreme court= SKORT
theory= THAOER
scientific= SAOIFKT
exude= XAOUD
incriminate= KRIMT
species= SPAOES
voluntary= VO
desperation= DPRAIGS
education= JAEGS
political= PLIL
agenda= JAEND
nonresponsive= N-RP or N-RPS
science= SAOINZ
apologized= JAOIDZ
fair statement= FAIRMT
from you= FRU
jurisdiction= JURD
deftly= DEFLT
indeed= N-D
condemn= KEM
demotion= DMOEGS
explicit= XLIFT
secretary= SEKT
suppressed= SPREFD
pollution= PLAOUGS
religion= R-J
religious= R-JS
debates= DB-TS
creation= KRAOEGS
legitimate= JIT
endorsement= SBORMT
incrimination= KRIMGS
democracy= DMOK
what do you mean= WHAOUM
you remember= URM
I remember= IRM
what happened= WHAPD
to the= TOT
misunderstanding= MUNGD
common sense= KMONZ
also= L-S
I am= IM
squeezing= SQAOEGZ
out of= OUF
lawsuits= LAUTS
ridiculous= KAOULS
allegiance= LAOEJS
violate= VAOILT
good luck= GLUK
tonight= TONT
in fact= N-FT
profoundly= PROFNLD
what do you mean= WHAOUM
cigars= SGARS
official= FIRBL
evolved= EFLD
is it= ST-
advocacy= DWOEKZ
sexually harass= SWARS

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July 26 2017

Briefs, Phrases, and Legal Terminology From Boston Legal Season 1, Episode 11


intrusion= SBRAOUGS
fixtures= FURXZ
for the record= FRORD
New York= NORK
litigation= LIGS
temporarily= TRAERL
return= RURN
partner= PARN
practice= PRA
privileged= PRIFD
accident= SD-
ambulance= BLANS
cousins= KUFNS
futility= FAOU/T*ILT
passively= PAFLS
jurisdiction= JURD
Sudanese= SAOUD/NAO*EZ
United States= UNTS
complaint= KPLAINT
termination= TERMGS
wrongful= WROFL
agenda= JAEND
skillet= SK*ILT
premeditated= PRAOEMTD
accidental= SD-L
conceal= SKAOEL
alive= LOIF
tort= TORT
theory= THAOER
terrorism= TRIFM
financial= F-NL
awesome= AUFM
polygraph= POIL/GRA*F
malpractice= M-P
hospital= HOPT
disturbance= DURNS
excuse me= SKAOUM
excellent= XLENT
inquiries= KWOIRS
medical treatment= MAOEMT
respirator= R-RP
sovereign= SOFRN
immunity= KBAOUNT
genocide= JENDZ
life support= LORT
betrayal= BRAEL
first of all= FRAUL
consciousness= KONS/-NS
policy= POIL
Congress= KO*NG
rescue= SKWU
population= POPGS
bipartisan= BIFRN
advisement= VAOIFMT
cause of action= KAUX
sedated= SDAITD
liberal= LIRBL or LIBL
politics= PLIX
recognizance= ROGZ
million dollars= M-LDZ
schedule= SKELD
determination= DERMGS
hearsay= HAOERS
survive= SWAOIF
incriminate= KRIMT
declaration= DLAIRGS
exception= XEX
prejudice= PREJ
something else= S-LGS
international= SBAL
attorney general= TOERNG
Attorney General= TO*ERNG
media= DWRA

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June 14 2017

Briefs, Phrases, and Legal Terminology From Boston Legal Season 1, Episode 10


enjoy= GOI
tremendously= TREL
kidnapped= KIPD
custody= KUD
contempt= KEMT
husband= HUS
evidence= AEFD
gun= G-N
handgun= H-G
December= DAOES
Christmas= KMAS
ladies and gentlemen= LAIJ
executive= SKAOUFT
domestic= DMEFKT
police department= PLEPT
victims= VIMS
demeanor= DMAOERN
detective= DEKT
nuisance= NAOUFNS
what, if anything,= WHAFG
fingerprints= F-PS
psychiatrist= SKAOIRKT
homicide= HOM or HOMDZ
inconclusive= KBL*UFS
negative= NEF
weapon= WEP
withdrawn= WRAUN
burglaries= BLAERS
burglar= BLAR
burden of proof= BURP
fatal= FAILT
stomach= STUM
intestine= SBEFNT
to my knowledge= TAO*IJ
medical= MEL
probate= PROEBT
invest= VEF
kitchen= KIFP
what did you do= WAOU
temple= TEFRPL
memory= MEM
approach= PROEFP
up or down= POUN
amnesia= AM/NAO*EZ
catatonic= KAT/TO*NG
examined= X-D
medical certainty= *MS
posttraumatic= POEFT/TRAUMT
psychologically= SKLEL
intent= SBENT
conscious= KONS
manufactured= M*FD
affirmative= AFRMT
rehabilitate= RABLT
mistrial= STRAIL
elevators= L-FRTS
between you and me= TWAOUM
family= FAEM
forensic= FRENS
specialist= SPIFT
prosecution= PR-GS
reasonable doubt= -RD
not guilty= N-G
what happened= WHAPD
negotiate= GOERBT
sergeant= SAERNGT
shoulder= SHOURLD
rifle= RAO*IFL
suspect= S-PT
trauma= TRAUM
charges= KHARJS
murder in the first degree= M-FD
murder in the second degree= M-KD
Americans= MERNS

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June 14 2017

Briefs, Phrases, and Legal Terminology From Boston Legal Season 1, Episode 9


expert opinion= SP-N
analysis= NALS
handwriting= HARNG
samples= SAMS
similar= SLAR
original= ORJ
signature= SIGT
aggravated= GRAIFTD
manslaughter= MAURLT or MAUTS
hostage= HOFJ
expert witness= X-NS
yes, I do= YOID
negotiator= GROERBT
I didn’t think so= YINGS
clinical= KLINL
diabetes= DAOIBTS
medicine= MED
settle= SELT
videotaped= VAOPD
alleviate= LAEFT
continuance= T-NZ
professional= PROEFL
assure= SHUR
remark= RARK
accurate= KRAT
prognosis= P-G
clinicians= KLINGSZ
cigarette= SGRET
expert= SPERT
disease= D-Z
headaches= HAEKS
complications= KPLIXZ
vaccine= VAK/SAO*EN or VAX/SAO*EN
penicillin= PLIN
therapist= THAERPT
obvious= OEFS
discrimination= SKRIMGS
bartenders= BAERNDZ
number= NUB
pretrial= PRAOIL
factor= FAOK
memoranda= MAUMD
jeopardize= JEPZ
preface= PREFS
scientist= SAOINT
undercover= NOFR
reputation= R-PGS
hostility= HOFLT
no matter= NORMT
pursuing= PRAOUG
British= BRIRB
Columbia= KLOM
absence= ABS
summoned= SMOND
examine= X-
lecture= LURKT
federal= FRAL
checkpoint= KHEPKT
evacuate= AOEFKT
fire alarms= FLARMS
chambers= KHAIMS
justice= JUS
courtroom= KRAOM
efficiency= FIRBZ
obligation= BLIGS
safeguard= SAIFGD
integrity= SBEGT
pretext= PRAOEGT
excuse me= SKAOUM
confer= KWER
side effects= SFEKTS

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