March 26 2020

Legal Vocabulary: Appurtenant

Appurtenant is defined as follows: “Pertaining to something that attaches. In real property law this describes any right or restriction which goes with that property, such as an easement to gain access across the neighbor’s parcel, or a covenant (agreement) against blocking the neighbor’s view.”


OPTION #1: appurtenant= A/PURT/NA*NT
OPTION #2: appurtenant= A/PERT/NA*NT
OPTION #3: appurtenant= A/PURNT
OPTION #4: appurtenant= A/PERNT
OPTION #5: appurtenant= A/PUR/TA/NA*NT
OPTION #6: appurtenant= A/PER/TA/NA*NT

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May 28 2019

Legal Vocabulary: Spoliation

Spoliation is defined as follows: “(1) Destruction; mutilation; alteration; specifically, the erasure, alteration, mutilation, or destruction of a paper to prevent its being used as evidence. (2) In English canon law, the taking of the fruits of a benefice under a pretended but illegal title, or a writ or suit brought on such grounds. (3) The destruction of a ship’s papers so as to conceal its nationality, the character of its trade, cargo, etc.

Machine Briefs:

OPTION #1: spoliation= SPOE/LAO*EGS
OPTION #2: spoliation= SPOE/LAOE/A*IGS

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April 19 2019

Legal Vocabulary: Replevin

Replevin is defined as follows: “(1) An action to regain possession of personal property unlawfully retained, on giving security to try the title and respond to the judgement; recovery of property by such action. (2) The judicial writ of process by which such proceedings are instituted.”


OPTION #1: replevin= RA/PLEF/*IN
OPTION #2: replevin= RA/PLEF/V*IN
OPTION #3: replevin= RA/PLEFN
OPTION #4: replevin= RA/PL*EFN
OPTION #5: replevin= RAOE/PLEF/*IN
OPTION #6: replevin= RAOE/PLEF/V*IN
OPTION #7: replevin= RAOE/PLEFN
OPTION #8: replevin= RAOE/PL*EFN

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August 8 2018

Legal Vocabulary: Proviso

Proviso is defined as follows: “A conditional stipulation; a clause, as in a contract or statute, limiting, modifying, or rendering conditional its operation.”


OPTION #1: proviso= PROE/VAOI/SO*E
OPTION #3: proviso= PROE/VAOIZ/O*E

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October 13 2017

Briefs, Phrases, and Legal Terminology From Boston Legal Season 1, Episode 13


tomorrow= TOM
nation= NAIGS
would you like= WOUBLG
to tell= TOLT
to tell me= TOMT
contractual= KR-LT
relationships= ROIPS
testify= TEF
bona fide= B-FD
routine= RAOUNT
impression= KBREFGS
bleach= BLAOEFP
against the law= GLAU
who else= WHOELS
access= SKES
let me understand= LEMDZ
business= BIS
magazine= MAG
publicity= PUBT
dispute= SDPAOUT
domestic= DMEFKT
you were= URP
did you feel= SDUFL
she was= SHAOEFS
obviously= OEFLS
criminal= KRINL
conviction= VIX
license= L-NS
prescribing= PRAOIBG
medication= MEGS
annoying= NOIG
compass= KPAS
mutual= MAOUFP
punish= P-RB
illegal= ILG
bias= BAOIZ
prescribed= PRAOIBD
medicine= MED
blood pressure= BLAOPS
cholesterol= KLES
diabetes= DAOIBTS
heart attack= HAURK
side effects= SFEKTS
memory= MEM
no further questions= NOFRGS
essentially= SERBL
successful= SK-FL
fission= FIGS
public= PUB
I can’t tell= YAT
what is= WHAS
is that= STHA
deceit= SDAOET
headache= HAEK
litigation= LIGS
proofed= PRAOFD
consents= SKENTS
patient= PAIRBT
potions= POEGSZ
preliminary= PREL
studies= STOIS
how long= HOUNG
prescriptions= PRIPGSZ
sexual harassment= SWARMT
competent= KPE
I like= AOIBLG
muscle= MUFL
cramps= KRAFRPS
absolutely= SLUL
salacious= SLAIRBS
issue= IRB
ultimately= LULT
destroyed= STROID
is to believe= STOBL
orientation= OERNGS
deception= SDEPGS
cardiac arrest= KAURKT
rimonabant= RA/MON/BA*NT
imminent= KBIMT
status= STAUS
clinics= KLINS
reveal= RAEFL
more than= MORN
fatal= FAILT
benefits= BEFS
coronary= KOIRN
ignore= GOR
circumstances= SIRKS
measures= MURZ
you think= AOUNG
beg your pardon= BURPD
arrogant= AR/GA*NT
exalt= XAULT
selfish= SFIRB
alliance= LAOINZ
history= HIFT
hinted= HINTD
affair= AIFR
coincide= KWOINDZ
money= MUN
cause of action= KAUX
ride= RAOID
detriment= DRIMT
financial= F-NL
professional= PROEFL
considering= K-RG
media= DWRA
coverage= KOFRJ
deliberating= DLIBG
defrauding= DPRAUGD
influence= FLUNS
cocaine= KOIK
objection= OX
your Honor= URN
trivialize= TRIFLZ
cravings= KRAIFRBGS
profiled= PROILD
billion dollar= B-LD
industry= STRI
racket= RAKT
market= MARKT
under the= N-RT
physicians= F-GSZ
doctor= DR-
accordingly= KWORLG
severity= SWAOERT
insult= SNULT
sanctioned= SANGS/-D
migraine= MAOIRNG
migraines= MAOIRNGS
agency= AEG
Congress= KO*NG
catastrophe= STROEF
Alzheimer’s= ALZ
I wouldn’t know= YAON
losing= LAOUGZ
dextroamphetamine= DEX/TROE/AEFM or DEX/TROE/A*EFM recognition= R-GS
productivity= PROUFT
government= GOFT
tell me= TL-M
continue= T-N
members of the jury= MEJS
verdict= VERD
Commonwealth= KW*ELT
Massachusetts= MAS/MAS
dismissed= DMIFD
at this time= TIT
adjourned= JOURND
courthouse= KHOUS
surprised= SPRAOIFD
conversion= KWERGS
victory= VOIRKT
investigator= VERGT
satisfy= SAEF
midnight= MAOID
deceived= SDAOEFD
deceiving= SDAOEFG
deceives= SDAOEFS
amphetamine= AEFM
abuse= BAOUS
addiction= DIX
shrinks= SR*INGS
humor= HAOURM
acceptance= SEPZ
democrats= DMATS
republicans= RENS
humility= HUMT

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October 2 2017

Briefs, Phrases, and Legal Terminology From Boston Legal Season 1, Episode 12


how bad= HOUBD
is he= SE
brilliant= BRIL
litigation= LIGS
enormous= NAOERMS
where is= WR-S
administrative= MIF
what was= WHAFS
elevator= L-FRT
did I= SDI
I wouldn’t know= YAON
at the same time= TAIMT
you wanted= UPTD
to see= TOZ
summary judgment= SMAERJT
negligence= NEJS
intentional= SBENLGS
infliction= FLIX
memoranda= MAUMD
plead= PLAOED
amend= AMD
constructive= KRUFKT
appeal= AEP
liberty= LIBT
I’m sorry= AOIMS
one of them= WUFNLT
are you= RU
outstanding= OUS
busy= B-Z
punitive= PAOUFNT
cause of action= KAUX
superintendent= SPR-NT
what kind of= WHAOIFND
senior= S-R
curriculum= KLIM
terminated= TERMTD
nonsense= NAUNS
closing argument= KLAOUMT
reason= R-N
reviews= RAOUFS
to do= TAOD
psycho= SKOE
mistake= MAEK
skeletons= SKENLTS
excellent= XLENT
victim= VIM
bludgeoned= BLUJ/O*ND
neighbor= NAEB
trauma= TRAUM
promised= PROMD
news= NUS
argument= GAOUMT
woman= WOM
police= PLIS
she said= SHAOEDZ
hearsay= HAOERS
arguing= GAOUG
defense= D-FNS
evidence= AEFD
stealth= ST*ELT
dispatched= DPAFPD
representing= REPG
declaratory judgment= DLAIRT/JUMT
discharge= DARJ
sexual harassment= SWARMT
sexually harassing= SWARGS
geographic= G-FK
arrested= ARD
technicality= TEBLGT
convincing= KWINGS
inside= N-DZ
premeditated= PRAOEMTD
calculated= KLAITD
insignificant= SNIG
on the floor= OFL
first time= FIRMT
alive= LOIF
interrogate= SBROEGT
I don’t know= YON
intelligent= TEJ
design= SDAOIN
evolution= EFLGS
mutually= MAOUFPL
exclusive= XLAOUFS
natural= NARL
supreme court= SKORT
theory= THAOER
scientific= SAOIFKT
exude= XAOUD
incriminate= KRIMT
species= SPAOES
voluntary= VO
desperation= DPRAIGS
education= JAEGS
political= PLIL
agenda= JAEND
nonresponsive= N-RP or N-RPS
science= SAOINZ
apologized= JAOIDZ
fair statement= FAIRMT
from you= FRU
jurisdiction= JURD
deftly= DEFLT
indeed= N-D
condemn= KEM
demotion= DMOEGS
explicit= XLIFT
secretary= SEKT
suppressed= SPREFD
pollution= PLAOUGS
religion= R-J
religious= R-JS
debates= DB-TS
creation= KRAOEGS
legitimate= JIT
endorsement= SBORMT
incrimination= KRIMGS
democracy= DMOK
what do you mean= WHAOUM
you remember= URM
I remember= IRM
what happened= WHAPD
to the= TOT
misunderstanding= MUNGD
common sense= KMONZ
also= L-S
I am= IM
squeezing= SQAOEGZ
out of= OUF
lawsuits= LAUTS
ridiculous= KAOULS
allegiance= LAOEJS
violate= VAOILT
good luck= GLUK
tonight= TONT
in fact= N-FT
profoundly= PROFNLD
what do you mean= WHAOUM
cigars= SGARS
official= FIRBL
evolved= EFLD
is it= ST-
advocacy= DWOEKZ
sexually harass= SWARS

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