April 26 2017

Briefs, Phrases, and Legal Terminology From Boston Legal Season 1, Episode 8


Thanksgiving= THAFG
coma= KMA
privileged= PRIFD
office= OFS
reception= REFPGS
termination= TERMGS
connection= KEX
employer= PLOIR
ethical= TH*EBLG
violations= VAOILGSZ
evidentiary= AEFT/RAO*E
hearing= HAERG
malpractice= M-P
improve= KBROF
relationship= ROIP
therapist= THAERPT
therapists= THAERPTS
license= L-NS
disclose= SKLOES
injunctive= KB*UFNGT
innocent= N-NT
denied= D-ND
violence= V-LS
murder= MURD
illegal= ILG
treacherous= TREFP/R*US
college= KLEJ
physical= FIS
restraining order= STRAENGD
schedule= SKELD
background= BAUGD
dismayed= SMAID
social security= S-S
wager= WAIRJ
disgusting= SGUFGT
Vulgar= VURLG
serious= SAOERZ
operative= PRAIFT
exposure= SKPAOUR
victim= VIM
objective= OFBT
Part time= POIM
employment= PLOIMT
downside= DO*UNDZ
employees= PLOES
dirty= DOIRT
instant= STANT
reiterate= RIT
constitution= STAOUGS
at this point= THIPT
confidence= K-FNS
in the meantime= NAOENT
exemplary= XEMT/PLA*ER
thank you, sir= THAUNGS
conflict= KIKT
my name is= MAOINS
African American= FRIM
discriminated= SKRIMTD
impersonate= KBERNT
apologize= JAOIZ
humoring= HAOURMG
proclivity= PROE/KL*IFT
testimony= T-M
summation= SMAIGS
occurrence= KURNS
terminated= TERMTS
tolerance= TLANS
confidential= K-FL
hysteria= HIS/TER/YA*
homicide= HOM or HOMDZ
what happened= WHAPD
self defense= SD-FNS

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April 4 2017

Briefs, Phrases, and Legal Terminology From Boston Legal Season 1, Episode 7


deposition= DEPGS
anything else= NILGS
emergency room= MAOM
questions= QES
surgery= SURG
as soon as= SNS
witnesses= WNSZ
docket= DOKT
endangerment= SBAIJT
probation= PRAIBGS
criminals= KRINLS
guilt or innocence= GOINS
tenants= TANTS
landlord= L-LD
plea= PLAOE
building= BL-G
electrical= LEBLG
property= PRORT
opinion= P-N
robbery= ROIB
assault= SAULT
possession= PEGS
informant= NFNT
bullet= BULT
precedent= PR-NT
cited= KRAOITD
consent= SKENT
procedure= PRAOER
legitimate= JIT
puncture= PURNGT
inquiry= KWOIR
transcript= TRIPT
conditional= K-NL
compliance= KPLAOINS
intrusion= SBRAOUGS
tissue= TIRB
suspect= S-PT
anesthesia= STHAOEZ
hypocapnia= HOIP/KAP/NAOE/YA*
hypotension= HOIP/TENGS
incision= KB-FGS
recovery= ROIFR
amendment= AEMD
solely= SLEL
nerve= NEFRB
cardiac arrest= KAURKT
solicitation= SLIFGS
ambulance= BLANS
police= PLIS
emergency= M-J
beg your pardon= BURPD
as a matter of fact= SMAFT
plea agreement= PLAOEMT
discipline= SPLIN
stitches= STIFPS
colleague= KLAOEG
pursuant= PRAOUFNT
jurist= JUFRT
presentation= PRENGS
judicial= JURBL
contempt= KEMT
discreet= SDRAOET
casino= KAOFN
influence= FLUNS

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March 9 2017

Briefs, Phrases, and Legal Terminology From Boston Legal Season 1, Episode 6


neurologist= NAOURLGT
issues= IRBS
rheumatoid= RAOUM/TO*ID or RAOM/TO*ID
arthritis= THRAOITS
adrenaline= DRENL
denied= D-ND
bail= BAIL
Yale= YAIL
recommend= REM
matrimonial= MAT/MO*ENL
umbilical= UM/BIL/KA*L
blood= BLAOD
cancer= KAERN
delivery room= DLOIFRM
gesture= JEFRT
myeloma= MAOI/LOE/MA*
diagnosed= D-GD
chemo= KMOE
bone= BOEN
marrow= MA/RO*E
transplant= TRANLT
freezer= FRAOERZ
maybe= MAEB
lawsuit= LAUT
volunteering= VOE/-G
volunteer= VOE
deposition= DEPGS
manipulated= MIPD
second degree= S-D
calendar= KALD
breakfast= BREFS
cognitive= KOFNGT
impairment= KBAIRMT
tobacco= TBAK
colliding= KLAOIGD
brain= BRAIN
stimulator= STLAIRT
foreign= FOERN
expensive= XEFNS
citation= KRAOIGS or SAOI/TA*IGS
commercial= KMERBL
false= FALS
accusations= KAOUGSZ
speech= SPAOEFP
political= PLIL
analogy= NAOLG
injunction= NUNGS or KBUNGS
injunctive= NUFNGT or KB*UFNGT
relief= RAOEFL
government= GOFT
department= DEPT
slander= SLARND
gentleman= JA
defending= D-FG
judicial= JURBL
excruciating= SKRAOURBGT
victory= VOIKT
discouraging= DURJ/-G
dominate= DOMT
superior= SYOR
coffee= KO*EF
urgency= URGZ
and I understand= SKPINDZ
transfusion= TR-FGS
biological= BL-L
literature= LIRT
representation= REPGS
instructions= STRUXZ
explicit+ XLIFT
memory= MEM
election= LEX
lobby= LOIB
machine= M-N
anticipate= PAET
contingency= TIJZ
weekend= WEND
especially= EP
attorney= TOERN
obligation= BLIGS
hazard= HAZ
media= DWRA
consultant= SKUNLT
downstairs= DOUNTS
cell phone= SLOEN
humiliated= HULTD
interview= SBAOUF
for a moment= FROMT
favorite= FAIFRT
movie= MO*EF
memorandum= MUMD
signature= SIGT
divorce= DWORS
transaction= TR-X
currency= KURNZ
forensic= FRENS
accountants= K-NTS
bottom= BOT
law school= LAOL
central= STRAL
ethics= TH*EX
committee= KMAOE
regardless= RARLS
sorry= SOR
notice= N-TS
inflammatory= KBLARMT
appellate= AEPT
I don’t understand= YONDZ
refrigerated= FRIRTD
oncology= AON/KOLG
candidate= KAND

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February 15 2017

Briefs, Phrases, and Legal Terminology From Boston Legal Season 1, Episode 5


suspects= SPTS
observed= OEBD
unoccupied= UN/OUPD
officer= OIFR
apprehension= PRAENGS
pandering= PARNGD
judge= JUJ
dismissed= DMIFD
civic= SIFK
politics= PLIX
Americans= MERNS
versus= V-S
trial= TRAOIL
testimony= T-M
cases= KAISZ
murderers= MRURDZ
motion= MOEGS
callous= KA*LS
pharmaceuticals= SKAOULTS
kind of= KAOIF
homicide= HOM or HOMDZ
criminal= KRINL
defense= D-FNS
prosecution= PR-GS
wanton= WAONT
intoxicating= SBOK/-G
class action= KLAS/-X
plaintiffs= PL-FS
offer= OFR
headaches= HAEKS
P. O. Box= PO*X
papular= PAP/LA*R
lesion= LAOEGS
tanapox= TAN/A/PO*X or TAN/NA/PO*X
virus= VAOIRS
diseases= D-SZ
hypochondriac= HAOIP/KON/DRAOE/A*K
biased= BAOIDZ
throat= THROET
collapsed= KLAPS/-D
objection= OX
sustained= STAEND
overruled= OEFRLD
suffocates= SUFKTS
police= PLIS
jury= JIR
in fact= N-FT
published= PL-RBD
newspapers= NUPS
witnesses= W-NSZ
your Honor= URN
employed= PLOID
malpractice= M-P
relationship= ROIP
friendship= FROIP
I feel= IFL
entitled= SBAOILTD
to be= TOB
honest= HONS
continuance= T-NZ
denied= D-ND
consolidate= SKLOD
attorneys= TOERNS
alternative= NAEFT
proceeding= PRAOEG
discharge= DARJ
quarter= QAERT
nuisance= NAOUFNS
enormous= NAOERMS
nauseous= NAURBS
wonderful= WUF
claiming= KLAIMG
arrested= ARD
problems= BLEMS
practice= PRA
patient= PAIRBT
mascot= MAFKT
condition= K-N
cold= KOELD
flu= FLU
bronchitis= BRON/KAO*ITS
diabetes= DAOIBTS
neglect= NEG
accommodate= KOMT
applaud= PLAUD
incapacitation= IN/KPAFGS
traditional= TRAL
migraine= MAOI/GRA*IN
psychosomatic= SKOE/SMA*KT
lawyers= LAURS
yes, your Honor= Y-RN
senior= S-R
citizens= SISZ
interlocutory= INT/LOEK/TO*ER
appeal= AEP
settlement= ST-MT
discussions= SKUGSZ
at this point= THIPT
excuse me= SKAOUM
I remembered= IRMD
definitely= DAFL
victim= VIM
encounter= KBOURNT
argue= GAOU
revenge= REFJ
Medicare= MAIRKD
generous= JERNS
injuries= JERS
opposition= PAOGS
parties= PAERTS
proposal= PROEPL
guarantee= GAERNT
district attorney= DAO
rejected= JEKTD
lethal= LAO*ELT
maneuver= MAOUFR
prison= PRIS
rubber= R*URB
prescription= PRIPGS
medical= MEL
supplies= SPLAOIZ
succinct= S*UNGT
succinctly= S*UNLGT
I see= IZ
clarify= KLOIF
yesterday= YED
charge= KHARJ
billions= B-LS
discriminated= SKRIMTD
driver’s license= DL-NS
percentage= PERJ
healthy= HOILT
poverty= POFRT
social security= S-S
overcharge= VARJ
million dollar= M-LD
verdict= VERD
members of the jury= MEJS
recuse= RAOE/KAOUS
contempt= KEMT
premeditation= PRAOEMGS
provoked= PROEFKD
trachea= TRAIK/YA*
assume= SAOUM
ills= *ILS
litigation= LIGS
frivolous= FRIFLS
software= SWA*ER
engineer= GER
depositions= DEPGSZ
examinations= X-GSZ
invoiced= KBOIFD
medical care= MAERK
doctor= DR-
psychiatric= SKAOERKT
alleviated= LAEFTD
defendant= D-FT
madam= MAMD
foreperson= FOERP
unanimous= NANS
murder in the first degree= M-FD
murder in the second degree= M-KD
adjourned= JOURND
congratulations= GLAIGSZ
in order= NORD
civil rights= SIRTS
idea= Y-D
incarcerated= KRAITD
burden= BURD
appealing= AEPG
bail= BAIL
not guilty= N-G
obliged= BLAOIJD
beg your pardon= BURPD
Alzheimer’s= ALZ
diagnostic= D-GT
evidence= AEFD
mistrial= STRAOIL

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February 6 2017

Briefs, Phrases, and Legal Terminology From Boston Legal Season 1, Episode 4


at this time= TIT
discharge= DARJ
vested= VEFTD
confess= FES
confessed= FEFD
confessing= FEFG
murder= MURD
criminal= KRINL
she goes= SHEGS
represent= REP
company= K-P
assistance= SIFNS
ordinarily= O*ERLD
convicted= VIKTS
crime= KRAOIM
violates= VAOILTS
morals= MO*RLS
clause= KLAUS
contract= KR-T
exhausted= XAUFTD
conventional= KWENLGS
I don’t care= YOK
practice= PRA
gun= G-N
panic= PA*NG
life= LAOIF
sentence= SNENS
trigger= TRIRG
security= SKAOURT
officer= OIFR
defendant= D-FT
rules of= RAOUFLS
beautiful= BAOUF
allergic= LERJ
unfortunately= UFRNLT
reliable= RAOIBL
consistent= KAONT
with the= W-T
justice= JUS
widow= DWO
humanize= HAOUMZ
plea= PLAOE
strategic= STRAOEJ
doctor= DR-
undercover= NOFR
chief= KHAOEF
witness= W-NS
prosecution= PR-GS
first time= FIRMT
center= STR-
nervous= NEFS
weapon= WEP
office= OFS
gentleman= JA
precisely= PRAOIFL
information= N-FGS
dizziness= DOINS
confusion= KWAOUGS
courthouse= KHOUS
malpractice= M-P
inferiority= FAORT
complex= KPLEX
pity= POIT
anxiety= ANGT
cross examine= KR-K
nuance= NAOUNS
shadow= SHAOD
do you really= DO*URL
I do not want= YO*PT
associates= SOERBTS
religious= R-JS
positive= POF
police officer= PLOIFR
disciplined= SPLIND
privileges= PRIFS
suspended= SWEND
neurology= NAOURLG
trauma= TRAUM
extensive= STEFNS
delusional= DLAOULGS
suffer= SUFR
medical certainty= *MS
conceivable= SKAOEFBL
objection= OX
sustained= STAEND
police= PLIS
testify= TEF
regulations= RELGSZ
defense= D-FNS
allegiance= LAOEJS
brilliant= BRIL
reconcile= SKAOIL
do you care= DOUK
do you like= DOUBLG
pretending= PRENGD
license plate= LNLT
in the hospital= NOPT
conviction= VIX
lawyer= LAUR
coerced= KOERS/-D
for example,= FOERX
you could= UKD
have a= VA
clergy= KLERJ
arrest= AR-
investigate= VEGT
evidence= AEFD
forensics= FRENSZ
evidently= AEFLT
intimidation= SBIMGS
integrity= SBEGT
foreperson= FOERP
unanimous= NANS
verdict= VERD
first-degree murder= F-MD
members of the jury= MEJS
deputy= DPAOUT
retained= TRAEND
schedule= SKELD
adjourned= JAURND
appeal= AEP
transcript= TRIPT
honorable= HONL
closing= KLOEGS
alcohol= KHOL
device= DWAOIS
pattern= PAERN
forward= FAORD

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January 13 2017

Briefs, Phrases, and Legal Terminology From Boston Legal Season 1, Episode 3


jury= JIR
I don’t think= YONG
sincerity= SNAOERT
maintenance= MAINS
construction= KRUX
this is= TH-S
months= MOS
forehead= FHED
specialty= SPERBLT
champions= KHAONS
I do not need= YO*FRN
contribute= KR-BT
city council= SKOUNL
officer= OIFR
of the= F-T
capacity= KPAFT
facility= FAEFLT
procedural= PRAOERL
sexual harassment= SWARMT
basis= BAZ
disqualify= SQ-F
conduct= KUKT
eyewitness= Y-NS
litigation= LIGS
accident= SD-
so forth= SFO*RT
compromises= KPROMS
decent= DAOENT
eliminate= L*IM
distinction= DINGS
administration= M-RGS environmental= VAOIRNL
endangered= SBAIJD
species= SPAOES
president= P-T
romantic= ROEMT
at first= TWIRS
I think= AOING
lunches= LUFPS
pursue= PRAOU
eventually= VAENL
brokerage= BROERJ
ratification= ROIFGS
prospective= PROFPT
employers= PLOIFRS
depict= DPIKT
or not= ORNT
embarrassment= KBARMT
guilty= GELT
what happened= WHAPD
pictures= PIRS
cross-examination= KR-GS
research= REFP
testify= TEF
I didn’t see= YIZ
vicious= VIRBS
obstacles= STABLGS
trivialize= TRIFLZ
apologize= JAOIZ
outburst= TB*URS
unemployment= NROIMT
benefitting= BEFG
billion dollar= B-LD
lawsuit= LAUT
ladies and gentlemen= LAIJ
ladies and gentlemen of the jury= LAIJS
reasonable doubt= -RD
coffee= KO*EF
ugly= OIG
instincts= KBINGTS
enjoin= KBOIN
prima facie= PRAIRB
common law= KMOL
Atlantic= TLAK
variance= VAIRNS
restraining order= STRAENGD
restraining orders= STRAENGDZ
versus= VS
institutionalized= SNAOULDZ
dimensional- DMENLGS
not guilty= N-G
that’s right= THAERT
fifteen= FAOEN
paternity= PA*ERNT

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December 27 2016

Briefs, Phrases, and Legal Terminology From Boston Legal Season 1, Episode 2


on the= ONT
minutes= MINS
mental= MENL
hospital= HOPT
about= B-
tomorrow= TOM
how much= HOUFP
I can= IK
I don’t need= YOFRN
board= BAORD
will= L-
question= KWE
entirely= SBAOIRL
possible= POB
provoke= PROEFK
contrition= KAUN/TRIGS
to see= TOZ
I am= IM
ashamed= SHAEMD
Perhaps= PRAPS
sanity= SANT
punitive damages= P-DZ
Compensatory= KPENS/TO*ER
puny= PAOUN/YI
punitive= PAOUFNT
bifurcate= BAOIFRKT
compensatory= KPERNT
juries= JIRS
liability= LAOIBLT
damages= DAJS
deposition= DEPGS
commitment= KMIMT
proceeding= PRAOEG
hearing= HAERG
release= RAOES
wait a second= WAIKD
busy= B-Z
forgive me= FRIFM
psychiatric= SKAOERKT
treatment= TRAOEMT
crazy= KRAEZ
excuse me= SKAOUFM
concur= KRUR
intermittent= INT/MINT
disorder= DORD
protocol= PROELT
pharmacological= FARM/KOE/L-L
indeed= N-D
actually= TWAEL
obviously= OEFLS
I’m sure= AOIMZ
essentially= SERBL
institution= SNAOUGS
maybe= MAEB
New York= NORK
graduate= GRAUT
attorney= TOEN
intelligent= TEJ
each and every= AOEFR
each and every time= AOEFRT
milligrams= MIL/GRA*MS
antipsychotic= AOINT/SKOKT
thoroughly= THROL
medication= MEGS
scenario= SNAR
surgeon= SURN
transcript= TRIPT
corporation= KORPGS
conduct= KUKT
angioplasty= ANG/YOE/PLAEFT
allegation= AELGS
outcome= OUK
cardiac arrest= KAURKT
devastated= DWAEFTD
at this time= TIT
patient= PAIRBT
he had= ED
forty= FOURT
objection= OX
form of the question= FOFRMGS
more or less= MORLS
physical= FIS
condition= K-N
regularly= RELG
secretly= SKRELT
persuade= PRAED
progress= PROG
incident= DIN
insults= SMULTS
irrevocable= IR/RAF/KA*BL
isolated= SOELTD
repeat= RAOEPT
guardian= GAURND
affidavit= AFD
psychiatrist= SKRIFT
bias= BAOIZ
parole= PROEL
prison= PRIS
as you say= SUS
distance= SDANS
provided= PROID
legal= LAOEL
pathology= THOLG
reference= REFRNS
motion= MOEGS
sanctions= SANGSZ
control= KROEL
aspire= SPIR
intimidate= SBIMT
deteriorating= DRAEGT
service= SEFS
as much as= S-FPS
conversation= KFRGS
argue= GAOU
prevent= PREFNT
adamant= DMANT
early= ERL
goodbye= GAOIB
airport= AIRPT
forgiving= FRIFG
attacked= TW-KD
partnership= POIP
canceled= KAELS
lunch= LUFP
bar= BAR
complaint= KPLAINT
consortium= KON/SORT/Y*UM
mitigating= MIT/GA*IGT
factor= FAOK
legitimate= JIT
conducted= KUKTD
privacy= PRAOIFZ
courtroom= KRAOM
I object= IB
I object to= IBT
settlement= ST-MT
considering= K-RG
opponent= PAONT
demean= DMAOEN
profession= PROEFGS
warrant= WARNT
restraining order= STRAENG/ORD
is that= STHA
what you think= WHAUNG
congratulate= GLAIT
recommendation= REMGS
senior= S-R
person= PERN
he wants= EPTS
party= PAERT
tragedy= TRAJD
private= PRAOIFT
photocopy= FOEKT
machine= M-N
adjourn= JAURN
as soon as= SNS
outpatient= TPAIRBT
courthouse= KHOUS
precipitating= PRAOEPGT

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December 14 2016

Briefs, Phrases, and Legal Terminology From Boston Legal Season 1, Episode 1


I’m sorry= AOIMS
territorial= TERLT
I know= AO*IN
Chicago= KHI/KHI
what about= WHAB
good morning= GORNG
I’m sure= AOIMZ
is a= SA
urgent= URGT
discovery= SKOIFR
Monday= MOND
contact= KAKT
worry= WOIR
relax= RAEK
Boston= BOFNT
office= OFS
I need= IFRN
discrimination= SKRIMGS
prejudice= PREJ
justice= JUS
attorneys= TOERNS
precedent= PR-NT
practice= PRA
dramatic= DRAUMT
husband= HUS
cell phone= SLOEN
negotiating= GOERBGT
diversity= DWERTS
leverage= LEFRJ
medical school= MAOL
beautiful= BAOUF
uniforms= UFRMS
residency= REZ
New York City= NORKS
hearing= HAERG
withdrawal= WRAUL
conflict- KIKT
opinion= P-N
letter= LERT
counsel= KOUN
partner= PARN
persuasive= PRAEFS
legal= LAOELG
sexual harassment= SWARMT
prosecuting= PR-G
offense= OFNS
profiling= PROILG
facilitate= FAFLT
customer= KMER
observation= OFRX
suspect= SP-T
derive= DRAOIF
little bit= BLIT
fungible= FUJ/-BL
identity= AOID
crisis= KRAOIZ
category= KAGT
would I be= WOIB
court= KORT
argue= GAOU
specific performance= SPEFK/P-FNS
holiday= HOILD
weekends= WENDZ
custody= KUD
enroll= KBROL
program= PRAM
outrageous= TRAIJS
lifetime= LAOIFT
English= GLIRB
firm= FIRM
ego= AOEG
trophy= TROEF
affirmation= AFRMGS
guardian ad litem= GLAOIMT
dismantle= SDMANLT
primary= PROIRM
accordingly= KWORLG
discretion= SKREGS
protection= PROEX
clause= KLAUS
amendment= AEMD
civil rights= SIFLTS
violation= VAOILGS
equality= KWAELT
weapon= WEP
weapons= WEPS
relevant= RAEFLT
do I= DOI
happy= HAEP
disturb= DURB
tawdry= TAUD/R*I or TAUD/RAO*E
proclivity= PROE/KL*IFT
pistol= STOL
controversy= TROEFZ
hearsay= HAOERS

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